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Single Player Zombies...worth It?

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Hi everyone! AlphaOmega here to lay down some new questions for you. This time, I want to ask you a question that many of you probably either have a bias for or against. Some of you feel it is uneccessary and some feel that it is a good way to show diversity. So what is this wonderful question?


How did Black Ops II Zombies hold up in Solo Mode?


It certainly is a rather difficult question...for me. Personally, I have always loved solo because it is MY skills that are tested. It is all on me to do the work, meaning I don't blame anyone else for mistakes. I have always enjoyed doing most of the work on EEs, getting the wonderweapon, getting all the kills, etc. So solo mode is perfect for me. It was how I go Shotties =)


So now I ask you. Is it worth it to play all by your lonesome? Or do you feel that there needs to be a friend there to help you out or just for teh lolz.


AlphaOmega out.

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I  play solo zombies almost all the time.

I guess I am just a lone wolf.

Occasionally I play a few games with random strangers but that's it.


I have to say this though: Going to round let's say 36 doesn't feel like a huge waste of time if you do it with friends.

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Well let's see...


In WaW, zombies was really boring in solo. It didn't feel right to play at all (and the mechanics didn't work as well then, so a group was usually better and more fun)


Black ops was okay for a few rounds but then got boring


Black Ops 2 managed to hold my attention for more than a few rounds in some maps (ie: Origins).


I don't know, it's alot more fun in a group for me. It's not all running in circles and crap like that. It is occasionally, but that doesn't always work out. It's just nice having people to talk to and... teamwork, and friendship and stuff.


Basically, solo is boring and not worth it, group has so much more to it.

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Honestly, I like both. I probably played Solo most of the time, but that's because I had more freedom setting up and such, so it was much more easier and I liked seeing how far I could go.

That being said, I also spent TONS of time playing with my friends and Randoms. I like co-op for discovering things together, doing EE's together, going for high rounds when we all were specialized for something (ie. Medic, Main Killer, WW guy, distraction), or just to screw around.

Honestly, I think Treyarch delivered a lot for both modes, which I hope to see again. However, I do wish Custom Games played on Original with all the same settings could get you Round Records. Because 2-man matches were hard as freak to form unless you wanted to sound like a jerk and ask people to leave.

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I love playing both modes myself. I play solo mostly due to not always having friends on to play with, and I gave up on public lobbies completely back in the BO1 days.


For me, solo is best. I enjoy the freedom of going for high rounds while having the pause feature at hand for whenever I want to take a break that is longer that a minute or two. I also play at my best on solo I feel as I am playing at my own pace with my own strategy in mind.


My co-op games are mostly reserved for EE games, but I will still try and get high rounds for most co-op leaderboards too. I find 4 player games fun, but they drag on and tend to get rather tedious by the time the 30's are hit. 2 player is my personal choice for high rounds on co-op be it BO1 or BO2.


Either way, the introduction of the solo leaderboards was a god send for most of us.

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I dont have great internet and that is why I love solo. Plus I can get really angry at times and its good that I play by myself because I can only get mad at myself. Not that I yell at others because I'm usually a nice person. But sometimes people in multiplyer piss me off. And I'm pretty sure if people get that bad at zombies as they are in multiplayer I may snap one day :)

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This topic has been beaten many times and twisted many ways. However, each time answers are a bit different.

I think BO2 was designed to encourage more solo play, evident by the solo leaderboards and career stats, as well as the rage quit factor completely nullifies coop games.

Solo obviously is easier for high rounds and patching stats. Everything goes according to your plans and no surprises. It is the same reason why it's so boring, the game is so linear and so predictable.

Coop presents more of a challenge, but much more fun especially with your buddies. Getting to round 30 joking with your friends not only redefines entertainment, but with satisfying results. During my stints on BO2, I heavily prefer solo in fear of shitting my stats. En route to round 20 solo you amass 500+ kills easily, something coop may require round 30+ to do; a much tougher task with far more risks to go down. Although I have achieved more than 3000+ revives on 950 downs, I did it mostly on scrubs and immature imbeciles whom I purposely search for my stats.

I very much prefer coop, because it is more fun. With that said, BO2 was not as coop friendly as BO1.

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These days, I don't play solo much at all. Actually, the last time I played solo was a few days after Buried was released for PS3, I suicided on round 60 and it overall burned me out on solo, and the map itself to this day.

Mostly, if I play solo, I quit because someone has logged on and I want to play with them, so I don't bother attempting high solo rounds anymore, I'm pretty pleased with the rounds I've done anyway.


I don't even play public, maybe 3-5 times since the game was released I have tried to do a public match, and they always end with me being angry from anything to attitudes to people leaving/trolling the game. I've done custom zombies about 95% of BO2 game play, with a few friends that I've played with since BO1, occasionally we have a 4th player, but we just do custom because we don't want to fuss with the hassles of getting a 3 person team to register on leaderboards.

I used to play nothing but solo when [email protected] and early BO1 days, but I strongly believe that if I had not picked up multiplayer, the game wouldn't have held my interest this long. That being said, I don't enjoy maps catered to multiplayers for easter eggs, and sometimes the size of the maps make it  annoying to do tasks alone, while trying to keep zombies from magically dying.


For me, solo zombies on BO2 doesn't hold so well, except maybe MOTD. The expanded size of maps, and the sometimes daunting tasks that require 3-4 players can sometimes make the solo player feel left out and that plays a big part on my answer to this question.

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I say yes. Although it varied for me personally from game to game.

World at War: No. Only for basic skills practice, or if you have the documatation abilities to attempt a World Record. The lack of a leader board, coupled with the way the mechanics punish the lone player (drag from zombies, frequent double slaps, no revives, Wonder Weapon weakens health permanently) make solo World at War zombies too much of a hassle for my taste. I'd only play it for a brief nostalgia session with the weapons. If I want to experience the map, I'd play the remake on Black ops instead.

Black Ops: Kinda. Still no leaderboards kinda makes your work seem for nothing, but with minor documentation you can still brag to your friends as long as it wasn't a World Record number. Then you'd need serious equipment. Black Ops Solo is however great for practicing anything from basic mechanics, to survival strategies, to how to use specific weapons properly, or learning the maps. I find it to be decently enjoyable. I just wish there was a solo leaderboard. I like seeing my rounds, seeing other's rounds, and comparing.

Black Ops 2: Yes, mostly. Leaderboards make me so happy. But 3 of the 6 maps aren't very great solo (for me). Nuketown is really tough, and frustrating. TranZit is too large and boring. Buried is just boring. These are all great on Co-op, but on solo they're not very worth while for me. The remaining 3 however are great, and now you can strive to be the top of your personal leaderboard, or be within a certain percentile on the global leaderboard. You can also try to focus on your stat leaderboards as well, using solo play to increase grenade kills or doors opened.

So, solo for me has become more appealing over the games. Although the best maps were availble in BO, your have more incentive in BO2, so it about evens out between the two.

When I solo, I can play completely alone, but only if I have the right mindset. Otherwise I try to find someone to talk to. Most of the time if someone else wants to play zombies and I'm in a solo match, I will quit to go join them. 2 Players is my favorite for serious games, however 4 is fun for quick matches.

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Good question AlphaOmega.


Here's how I look at it. 


Solo is very therapeutic to me, because I don't have to worry about anyone else affecting my experience. I can play the way I want to, and everything is on my own terms.

I really like playing solo at a slower pace, being able to pause and eat, drink, do things around the house, etc. and be able to jump back in whenever.  I also like the personal achievement aspect of being able to go for higher rounds since it is much more feasable to go for a 50,75, 100 round solo than co-op.


Co-op also has it's place though. I love co-op because it is so much fun to develop strategies with my friends.  Since I play with the same folks mostly, we keep track of high rounds and see if we can come up with an easier strat to beat those records.  Then there is co-op with randoms which is also fun sometimes because my individual skill usually shines through. I like being rather quiet and going along with whatever strategy the boisterous leader comes up with, and then when that inevitably fails, I can revive or clutch the round, and then once my respect has been gained, I can let them know what to do to stay alive longer.



Either way it is a win-win.   Although the maps in BO2 were lackluster in comparison to BO1 (in general, origins was fantastic as was mob of the dead) I think some of the innovations, as well as feedback from the community will make for an absolutely epic 4th installment in COD Zombies

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Zombies has different definitions.  I skew away from the traditional and prefer the down and dirty stuff in the long run.


I have somewhat of a routine regarding new map packs.  I generally will take 2 weeks after a map pack comes out and play it almost constant.

Solo in the day, coop at night.  This is the learning period.  Coop is only for fun, always 4 player with the same 3 others.

If I like the map, I will attempt a reasonable high round on it solo.  However, I will only play a map really high if I really enjoy it.


So for BO2 that was Die Rise and Origins.  The rest got real boring for me by round 40, especially MOTD (I even had to just look at the forums index to remember the name of that map, that's how much I hated it).

Coop high rounds are real one of events, I've only ever done 4 I think.  Origins, Buried, Die Rise and Bus Depot.


Above is my personal opinion, as stated within 2 weeks all I play are various challenges on almost all maps, with some getting a few solo attempts for various reasons.


To look at how BO2 stacks up with BO1 solo, just look at youtube and twitch.  People are back playing BO1, as for most BO2 did nothing for them.


Mato, Steve and Kingjaq - they all have or had records for BO2 solo, yet all of them only really attempted any map once.  I know that these guys will never ever attempt any of them again.  Yet they have all gone back and revisited BO1 (well KingJaq hasn't quite, but he is open to it).


BO2 dropped the ball IMO, but then my opinion is vastly different than the majority of the customers out there.

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Bo2 is ok in solo. Sometimes doing all the chores of building the buildables (tramplesteam) becomes a bit annoying, but there are ways around it. It is fun to play both solo and with friends to me.

I feel BO2 dropped the ball as well in some aspects. (Replayability and storyline)

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I much rather play by myself. I find that playing with people online i always get with a team that either A.) kills themselves or B.) tries to be macho and do everything themselves. i have two sides to this topic. 1.) i must rather play by myself if i just feel like killing zombies and doing a few things for what ever map im in. there are of course less zombies but still an decent ammount. you can do what you want at your own pace without people getting in the way. its easier for me at least to get a train going because no one is killing the zombies as youre rounding them up. 2.) its better to play with people when you actually want to do things within the story. example lets say 3 players distract the zombies while the other run around opening all the doors trying to turn on the power(depending on which map) its way easier because all the zombies arent directed all towards you. if you play with a team id suggest trying to get a team of friends that you know will communicate well and all get along without one trying to be the hero. (:

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I enjoyed BO:1 Solo. I could work the map at my own pace, didn't have to worry about people robbing my kills or diverting my trains. A much more technically efficient game, as efficient as I can be. However, it became boring easily. The reason I do not go for high rounds is beause my capacity for boredom is not high enough. I'm bored enough by level 15 Solo and have done everything cool by that point in any given map. Though, I enjoyed it for BO:1.


As for BO:2, mundane tasks were included into the experience, not created by trial and error in gameplay. Building things, waiting for elevators, buses, tanks, clearing debris, activating generators, etc.. There are so many tasks which must be completed to advance the game, the task of actually surviving in the game becomes secondary, to me. I lose focus. Doing it with friends is great because they usually do it for me while I focus on slaying. Now, in BO:1 I didn't have to worry about doing so much and could just kill zombies. To me, this is pure zombies.


So overall, Yes I enjoyed Solo in BO:1, but in BO:2 not so much. 

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Waw, solo, 2 man, 4 man camp are all excellent. Gun glitches made the game.

Bo1, solo was great, but easy. 2 man games were good. 4 man games sucked due to the uneven zombie loads. Not much fun in 4 man games. Interesting maps, terrible, unchanging, gun selection was a drag (not to mention, the glitchy annoying Moon fail-map). What a sour note to end on. Camping was dead.

Bo2, fun solo, but too easy to actually try for high rounds as it would go on longer than i cared to play. 2 man added some challenge and 4 man games were pretty fun. Camping is doable on some maps, which was nostalgic. Too much busy work in some maps. Too much annoyance added: Moon was annoying, didn't they learn? Denizens, elevators (why no simple button to call it? F the keys), stuff like that just add tedium, not challenge to the game. Origins was fun, but so glitchy and annoying too.

I would say solo is the go-to way to play zombies in each game (4 man in waw was the best mp for me). I won't play with randoms at all anymore and rarely do friends want to play nor did they usually share my work schedule...

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I prefer solo and always wanted BO1 to have solo leaderboards but got it in BO2 and was very pleased. Dont play for high rounds(unless solo) due to the fact someone could lag out or rage quit and the round will freeze there. I also hate playing with randoms because it usually doesn't turn out well someone always wants to run things and tell everyone else how to play or what they are allowed to do. Playing solo allows me to get to whatever round I want to and take as many breaks as I want to(pause) and dont have to rush back to my controller. The legnth of the rounds also makes me wanna play solo after 35 with a team the rounds just drag on too damn long and by then someone usually doesnt wanna play anymore or has to go.  I'm one hell of a team player believe me I just dont get the same treatment from team mates I usually have to open up all the doors cause they blow all there points on the box, stay alive,revive everyone just to get to round 15 and have someone quit out. So 95% of the time I just play solo don't have to worry about no one but myself.

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Plus, i would like to throw out the possibility of social psychology: most under 30 are on a stage where they crave human interaction. Most over 30 relish their alone time.

I feel that this definitely applies to me; i was always out to do something/anything everyday of the week, and now, don't care in the slightest about being social. A good friends or two in the comfort of my home beats a large gathering any day.

The same with zombies: give me my one online zombie pal, or my rl splitscreen buddy comes over. That beats a full lobby of randies any day.

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