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  1. Ever closer to playing some chronicles, an hour and 20 minutes, strange that I'm more excited to go in theater mode and comb the maps than I am to actually get high rounds.  Oh and also be high rez fat Nikolai! 

  2. Happy birthday to me.



    All I want for my bday is for everyone to accept Tranzit as the greatest map ever made.


    Money is also acceptable, I didn't get paid enough to type the paragraph above.

    1. DaveLo07


      Happy belated Halloween/Birthday! ?

    2. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Happy birthday bud, all the best.

    3. Lenne


      I am a bit late, but oh well... I hope you had a great day buddy. :)

  3. Whats up everyone, hope everyone is enjoying the new map! I haven't had a chance to play it yet, but I've spoiled as much as possible, got to say it looks pretty cool. I still lurk around the forums but I don't post anymore, not usually anyway. Excited to pick apart all the theories though, you all are doing a great job working out the details as usual, cya!

    1. Lenne


      The new map is pretty nice in my opinion. Not great, but definitely not bad and at least I didn't run into glitches yet as opposed to Zns.


      How are you doing, buddy?


      Why aren't you posting that much anymore, if I may ask?


      By the way I'm gonna try DSIII this weekend just testing it out to see if I like it. hehe

    2. Tattoo247


      Doing good! Just staying busy with work and I have a little boy now, he will be 8 months in a few days :)


      So basically that's why I haven't been doing any zombies or forum stuff in awhile, I still play my games but BO3 not so much, still getting my girlfriend into it lol


      I still read the forums at night though, lots of new faces now, and I was surprised to see the giant cyphers are still not cracked lol

      Once my buddy gets internet again, I may go ahead and get the new map pack, I just don't have anyone to play with and I've played with the same two people since BO1...


      Anyway, hope you like dark souls 3, I think its a really well put together game! So much hidden lore just like zombies.

    3. Lenne


      Good to hear that you are doing fine and congrats on the baby boy. :D


      Yeah finding the time to spend on the forum can be tough luckily I am now on vacation though for the rest of this week and the next two. 


      Tell you what: We should try to find the time to play together in the week of the 15th since you know we still haven't done that. Right now I am at my sis' who also has a baby boy by the way.


      If it is half as good as Bloodborne I'll probably buy it as well, but the setting is one I am not really interested in. I prefer Bloodborne over it in that regard already.


      Glad to see you are still checking in, friend. :)

  4. It's all subjective just remember that, try not to take too much offence ;) I agree with Poyuma, no zombies map have I actually ever hated, I don't play buried because of it being way too easy but other than that, I can't say they've made a map I hated.
  5. Koslans is just talking about how the DG4 used to do damage to players, all players. It counted as two zombie swipes, so it would negate juggernog for a little bit if you shot too close to your friends. This doesn't have anything to do with your problem but I just wanted to clear that up. My guess is like in some of my games, the shield doesn't block all incoming attacks, ESPECIALLY if you have it pulled in front of you. Ive had spiders attack me through it, as well as keepers, only in ZNS though. Next time it happens, just go into theater mode and pay attention to what is happening.
  6. I love this map. I've been playing it for a good week solid now and I can say I haven't felt so W@W-esque in a long time. It really feels like they made this map all those years ago and have just been sitting on it, waiting to release it. Of course that's not the case, but other than buildables and the plants, they've made the sounds, textures and ambiance of the map just reeks classic zombies. I'm actually a big fan of the plants, once you learn their recipes, having a crawler be held for a good period of time is perfect for all the small EE's they have scattered everywhere, and they even make it a crawler for you, how nice ^.^ The story is there, the classic feel is there, I'm more at home with zombies than I've been since BO1! If I had to complain about anything (I usually do...) it would be the loading times of power ups, weapon skins, and sometimes doors that look open, but are just invisible and still need to be bought. It's beyond annoying when I'm in the heat of a hoard, low on ammo, see a green glow and run into it hoping for the best, and it was a nuke... And lastly, does anyone else get a total frame crash when you buy the ICR off the wall next to the green 115 water? I haven't bought it from the bunkers yet but EVERYTIME me or my buddies buy it, it makes the game pause for maybe half a second. Not cools.....
  7. I think by now most people have guessed monty, and at this moment I have to agree. The one thing that bothers me, is it's such an obvious choice, yet he keeps being referred to as "M". One thing I do hope is they keep explaining how each perk is made, for fear of spoilers I'll leave it at that. We have definitely seen this time traveler feature in lots of lore since BO1, so to have this person be connected to "time/space travelling" perk machines would make sense to a degree, but it's all just so obvious, it almost makes me second guess.
  8. Hope everyone is enjoying the new map! My friend and I were lucky enough to build the shield, and find the song in our first game. I was so worried about the tunnles but so far its a decent place, not hard at all. Cant wait to see what all you find EE wise!


  9. Ooops...I did misread that, like 5 times lol
  10. Can someone explain why Richtofen from Origins, is somehow a future Richtofen , when the Giant Richtofen is in 1945?
  11. Forgive the begging, but does anyone have a code for a 2 day PS plus subscription? I would gladly do a SMALL commission sketch for it. I'm missing my zombies group lol 

  12. Any chance of getting back all the posts I made yesterday? Spent a good amount of time updating my art page and its all gone...

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      What time did you make the posts at? We are using the last update to the site, saved before the site went offline.

    2. Tattoo247


      They were all throughout the day, from about 4pm-8pm CT. If not it's ok, I'll put them up again another time. Site looks good btw.

  13. Wish I were home to test this, so does this move with each game, as the paintings move? This could be a little more info on the wolf king's involvement, for some reason I love this little bit of info about him that we have, I'd love to figure out more! Maybe he has a kid, or a long descendant that will come into the story later ^.^
  14. I hardly play multiplayer, but when I do it's always hardcore so yes, definitely add this!
  15. I'm starting to believe there is no way to change the colors in Giant. These four test subjects have been removed from their chamber, thus the lights are red. Our job is not to put them back, but to collect their souls. To me the light lets us know they're gone, the Mexican allegedly dies at Giant (maybe der eisendrach in this universe?) Dempsey at der eisendrach, and I'm sure we'll kill off the rest of them soon enough.
  16. My guess it was patched in to keep players from dying when standing in those areas as the PaP moves. Honestly it looks kind of cheap to me, makes no sense seeing a pile of metal and wood in those spaces.
  17. Did everything you asked except for ''jump from top'' dont know what you meant by that. Nothing worked... Granted I did it all before round 18, I tested LONG rounds on rounds 10-15, had an SVG and lightning bow, kept a good eye on the trams between my test rounds, no differences noticed on that either. I think I might actually let PaP eat my weapon and see if the trams change.
  18. You got it, taking my girlfriend to eat then I'm permitted to play lol. I actually haven't played SoE maybe 10 times (not a fan unfortunately) but I'll research that method for sure. Of course youre welcome to add me if you feel like joining in on the fun/frustration.
  19. I would say the images in the corner look more like a fluer de lis, which represents a lily flower, but was used for anything from war insignias, to religious symbolism. Also, I'm not seeing a warped monkey bomb head. That thing looks like a demon, with long sharp teeth. My guess is this could just be a early concept of a keeper, or something from their realm.
  20. In W@W/BO1, Richtofen had been ordered to kill Maxis, for some reason Richtofen didn't like Sam, so he had the intention to kill her too. It wasnt until after he discovered Sam had taken "control" of the aethers powers, that he made it a mission to kill her by swapping souls and killing her and our 3 other heroes. I know Sam isnt dead, there is enough story and forshadowing to prove that. My question was, was all these events predestined by the Keepers when this whole time we just thought it all an unfortunate coincidence?
  21. I can try those later. Also, building off your theories, instead of "charging" the gondola, perhaps we charge the divinium fuse itself, either through upgraded bows, or zombie souls. Lastly, try using the fuse WHILE the PaP is changing locations, I would need help testing this one.
  22. I doubt it has anything to do with Quick revive. Was the PaP built in this game? If it hands out PaP weapons, I'd start by toying around with building the PaP in different orders, or may not build it at all and test the gondola every 5 rounds. One more idea to try, dont pick up the powerups if you dont get the other one to work, remember the old myth if you dont pick up power ups they would spawn more in higher rounds? Its probably nothing but worth a try.
  23. So do we now think perhaps she doesn't accidentally run into the pyramid on moon? The keepers could talk to Richtofen, maybe they made him think he was killing her, just to get her close to the pyramid as it seems she was chosen by them in the first place.
  24. The only simularities I see, are they both have 3 heads, and they protect a sacred weapon. Other than that they are different beings from different realms. The dogs being from hell, either Cerebus, or Fluffy in her natural realm. And the dragons being from what I believe to be the side of the Apothicons. When we follow the keeper to his dwelling, there are three holes in the ceiling that tell me the dragon(s) were reaching to us from here, but ofcourse thats my own crackpot idea. Going outside the game, its pretty obvious this was a cookie-cutter "hey it worked the first time" kind of addition. I personally like the small challenge of filling souls in zombies but I hope they find newer ways to keep it fresh.
  25. I did the jump pad that leads from death ray to rocket test area and no jump scare, I've been all over this map with a SVG to no avail....
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