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  1. The gold glowing dog heads were proven to be a glitch when Alcatraz forst came out....right?
  2. I agree completely. BO2 EE or side quests were dumbed down imo. Bring back hidden radios, bring back EE without a step by step guide. BO2 was Great in a few ways but lack luster in most areas.
  3. I can verify 2 people can definitely have Mark 2 in buried. Just happened the other day. So I would assume as DBZ said all 4 players are able to get it.
  4. Great eye Lithium. That is why I love this site. So many in depth theories and discoveries to bounce around in between games.
  5. Yeah. Im not sure if we are gonna hear from the 04 or N4 again seeing them as toys makes that doubtful to me. Best case scenario I think is they start a "real" story of thd events that take place because of a zombie apocalypse. Who knows though...
  6. Isnt that what the colored towers are for? I am in belief that they are left over from a longer ee that was planned. Time to get into custom Zs. 2015 is a long way away.
  7. The whole different universes and time paradox thing ruined the zombie story imo. Both the 04 and N4 story had so much potential. The 04 had vril, alien, illuminati references that ended up meaning nothing. The N4 had the flesh, broken arrow, maxis vs R ichtofen, Samuel zombification, and much more. With buried both stories came to an end pretty much. Origins then changed or challenged all we knew about the storyline previously. For the peolle who have been involved since world at war the story almost became meaningless in BO2. Everything can be explained away as a child's game. The only other answer is alternate universes or time paradox which is an easy out imo. All the major questions I have about the 04 I have had since Bo 1) who is Samantha talking about being in the MOD with her? 2) what happens after moon ee? among others, N4 could have had an amazing story. Instead we got fed the absolute minimum. 1) the flesh, what exactly is their role in Samuels actions? 2) how was Marlon and Russmans involvement in broken arrow? 3) why can samuel hear richrofen but no one else? 4) whay does m arlton know about everything? Russmans as well. Those two seem to be the main characters. Many others. TO ME, its tough to care anout the storyline anymore. i feel we as a community cared more about it than the developersm PLUS alternate realities, time p aradoxs means anytjing cam happen without repercussion. I dont like that.
  8. Imagine the story as a movie. As soon as the climax happens (moon) you get a cetaceans to a whole different movie. Although that movies storyline may be good, you are wondering what happened with the original story. Once you get into the second storyline it cuts to the beginning of the forst storyline and changes all you learned originally. That is BO2 storyline in a nutshell.
  9. Good question... first, I hate that we didn't get any explanation of what happened to o4 after moon. (Except Richtofen if you did his side of EE through buried) next, the N4 story had so much potential, BUT because of the way we were left hanging with our 04 we as a community didn't give the N4 the chance they deserved imo. Because of the backlash it seems the N4 story was nixed. The story us long timers had come to love had no answers given. How we used to piece together the story (radios, ee, and character quotes to a lesser degree) were completely abandoned. We had one TV in transit. One tv in die rise, no story relevant in MOTD, and buried seemingly ended both N4 and o4 abruptly. Origins threw a wrench in all we have come to knowm maxis having his brain taken out? The 04 backstory of how they met completely changed. It was a disgrace story wise imo. Half assed amd rushed. I can accept it was a kids game all along. They have been hinting since Der reise. I just feel they got lazy and unimaginative with the story line.
  10. Man, tough to swallow . An extra year and this last installment was a failure in many ways. Tough year for Zombies. Imo
  11. I have no praise for the BO2 story..
  12. There is no such thing as personal property, especially playing with random, especially with no mic. I always assume the worst in that case.
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