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Everything posted by TheBSZombie

  1. It looks great. Was worth the wait in my opinion. Im glad brains was brought back. I never got to experience it personally but heard great things about it.
  2. I just heard a quote from richtofen on origins where he said when he first started experimenting with element 115 he started to fall in and out of reality. What do you take from this? Doesn't this support an alternative reality. Can this show/support that samantha could control 115 so well that she could create an alternate reality? Edit: i found the quote and it is here at 2:18. It basically says that the element itself went in and out of reality. But I still suggest hearing it yourself. What does that mean mmx? Edit again to avoid posting twice Oh? I heard that quote but the quote itself did not say what he was referring to. He also has a quote about how the Mark II shouldn't exist since they only just now built the Mark I. So I think Richtofen's hypothesis that the Mark II's origins is Maxis's secrets is incorrect, as opposed to the real conclusion, that the Mystery Box pulls weapons from different eras. EDIT: MonkeyBomb, I'd say give it a week or so. I found the quote i was referring to. In the same video above, go to 25:27 He asks himself if maxis has kept the weapon secret to him. This could be likely because there are other weapons that maxis kept from richtofen.
  3. Ban for being part of the pc master race.
  4. Banned for banning a fellow monkey.
  5. I use color blind assist because there used to be a glitch on mw3 where you could see enemy stealth bombers if you had color blind assist on. Now im just used to the color scheme it has. I play 14 sensitivity with tactical layout.
  6. I have heard of richtofen's quote regarding the mark 2 in game before. It refers to him saying that maxis must have kept these plans away from him or something like that.
  7. My solo is 70 something, and then I got to round 87 doing the galva knuckle spot prepatch.
  8. Round 70, 4 player is a huge ass accomplishment. Would love to see proof of anyone doing that
  9. Got to round 36 solo. Pretty decent imo since I had a down on round 5 and decided not to restart. Then afterwards I went down to something then I went down because of a panzer spawned at the same time as the gem-zombies and I tried killing them both and it didn't end well. Then later I tried to look for perks in zombie blood and went down because the zombie blood went out as soon as 5 zombies walked into my path lolol. But I got the gold shovel round 15 and could NOT find a perk till the late 20s due to it being in the last place I would look. It was in the ire tunnel....
  10. I got to twenty-five with four but the guys wanted to quit sadly. But I learned a lot and I think my record will break 40 this weekend
  11. Omg same here. AP eco, calculus and physics wants to give me an hr of hw a day...
  12. You can only get one per round and it has to be snowing. Didn't know about the one per round thing
  13. Round 18 :evil: sooooo difficult. I haven't built the maxis drone yet or achieved all of the staffs yet. I have built the fire staff. I know where the thunder pieces are but I keep dying while trying to get into the robot. The ice pieces seem to just not want to show up after I get two of them. I have no clue where the third wind piece is.
  14. Only thing I know about the wall chalk is that "it appeared over night"
  15. I knew I was decent went I got to 38 on cord solo. I new I was good when I was in the 40s moon with 1 or no downs. I knew I was awesome when I got to round 100 on two maps . Hopeful I can get to master or elite status soon.
  16. What strategy was you doing? Im guessing the saloon method because round 99 took me about 18 minutes. A little less than that actually. My new record is 99. 3 zombies shy of 100 till my cat turned off my xbox
  17. got to 62 last night and 55 today. No proof though srry.
  18. More proof that tranzit was a cover up? Look at the wall guns. All the guns were old time guns. On the bus though is a b23r which is a futuristic weapon. How did it get there? It, just like the galva knuckles, were put there in case of an emergency by the government. Small evidence but just a way to explain why there is a futuristic bus in a small town. (I wanted to make a post on this but it didn't seem like it deserved a brand new post.
  19. When I saw the picture in ptg's video showing the "dreamcatcher" that was the first thing to pass into my mind. Why the hell would you call a three headed dog that ate zombies a dreamcatcher lol. I don't know if anybody though of this before so I am just going to say it here. From some of the greek mythology books like the perseus jackson series and other books, I have learned that in Hell their is the three headed dog. This dog was responsible for not letting the alive into hell, and to not let the dead escape. So isn't that what these three dogs are doing, eating the dead that has escaped and bringing them back to hell?
  20. Yea!!! Finally found something of use. But on day 1 I was calling brutus ferguson. Only because I hated hearing about ferguson's son turning 6 and it was annoying and brutus was annoying (he didn't kill me till about a week after the map was released) But that isn't really proof lol just a personal problem.

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