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  1. The only parts I do not know are the easter egg parts for the stuff in buried. and I know that all of the parts are in the general store but I don't know the exact location for each part cus I usually just make the Big Guy build stuff for me. All the other maps I know where everything is.
  2. I do both for the most part. Camp for the beginning and the. Train for the rest. In die rise, I either camp in the half broken column till the late 20s with an an94 PAP w/ double tap. Then Il switch over the escalator next to the QR elevator till the sliquifier becomes unpatched. In MOTD, il camp next to double tap so there are only two spawn points till the 30s. In buried you can camp to whatever round you want at jug. Origins you can camp to the 50s at a few different spots. But all these maps w/ the exception of buried I will end up training at one point or another.
  3. Die Rise. I have put so much time into that map. I dont know exactly why the map is my go-to map when I want to play but it just is. I cam easily get into the 40s without even trying and its fun to do it. Even though the bank and weapon storage was added, I don't use it since on local the game doesn't carry over to the next games. So the map is great to me and the problems everyone had with it never seemed to bother or affect me
  4. If there are any new maps coming out, which I highly doubt. I predict it will be called dead man's hand? Just something about how they zoomed in at the very end on that camo specifically.
  5. Couldn't all the characters hear maxis? And any of the characters could do the ballistic knife step on die rise. It was just glitchy at first which led to misconceptions of how to do it.
  6. The sweeper and blundergat w/ double tap is a one shot to the head of brutus every time. Two claymore will kill brutus every time if they are direct hits. The retriever and redeemer can kill brutus in two hits.
  7. I dont think you should actually be able to directly kill enemy players, i think that is what makes the game fun. Learning how to manipulate the game so the enemy goes down by the zombies. You see an enemy camping in an area getting littlee amount of zombies, get your team to hoorde them all and bring it to them. See an enemy training zombies, get up close and personal and shoot him to slow him down. Stuff like that is what adds to the fun. If you could just kill someone with a few clips of a gun then the game would get broke super easy. And another thing to take into account is the way health s calculated. Your health regens after 5 seconds of not taking any damage. It doesn't partially refill overtime. You can have 1 point of health left and as long as you survive for another 5 seconds you will go from one point of health back up to the original amount of health. But if you take any amount of damage before that 5 seconds the timer resets. If you could inflict damage to your opponents with one bullet, even though it would be a very miniscule amount, you could effectively make it where your opponent could never regain health. That is game breaking and can create a HUGE skill gap. Which I would personally like but would eventually kill the game.
  8. Setups are usually personal things anyways, mine was basically a skeleton for anyone new to the map to get used to. But no its impossible to power the laundry room without first opening up the door. And you can get the reedemer on round 12. Get the retriever on round 3-9. Preferably by round 8. You need a certain amount of kills. Lets call this amount of kills X. The X kills can be obtained anywhere on the map. You will know when the X kills are over when you hear the first notification sound. After that you have to go a full round on the gg bridge. Lets call that round the GG round. The GG round can not occur before round 10. You can go do retriever only for five straight round, 4-9 and you will not hear the sound notifying that you completed the step. On round ten you can complete the GG round. At the end of the GG round you will hear the second notification sound. You will then go ahead and leave the bridge and then throw the retriever into the pit. Then on the next round get the redeemer while in afterlife. So because f that the earliest you can get the redeemer is round 12. (Round 1-9, getting retriever and getting the X kills, round 10 getting the GG round, round 11 throwing the retriever, round 12 getting the redeemer)
  9. Fool its round 100 on mob of the dead. 99 is on buried. But that is because of a cat turning off my xbox with only ẅ zombies left.... Im only joking though. Its great to have you here to.
  10. I still haven't received my strategist medal *wink wink* But thank you. It's why I post them.
  11. Monkey, you didn't even cross my mind as some of the people that would be in front of the line to the gas chambers if the grammar nazis had another holocaust. There are a lot more people more terrible then you lmao.
  12. So yea.... its been a year today since I joined this wonderful community. And I am very glad that when I started looking for forums, that I found this one. Truthfully I joined the forum for two reasons. I really enjoyed zombies, and I wanted to share my youtube videos with everyone. After a while the second reason became irrelevant. And a new reason came up to why I stayed. I just loved talking about zombies to people that enjoyed it as much as I did. I started off strong. And I posted a lot and was becoming fearful that people may call me a post-padder because of my past experiences. But that is just who I am. When I enjoy something so much, I want to talk about it. Some of my posts weren't the best, filled with bad grammar and stupid stuff (I still don't think I am as bad as some of these other people....), and sime of them were great. My personal favorites were the mob of the dead tip of the day post that went for a while and the pack a punch by round one post back in buried. But sadly after a while I slowed down on the posting. This was kind of caused by several reasons. Site being down, addition of new games, school starting, stuff like that. And that is probably why I haven't reached the 1500 post milestone just yet. But I'm working on it and hopefully I can get some good stuff out there for everyone to see and read and take into consideration when murdering some undead. But here's to another year and plenty more posts.
  13. Here was my guide to mob of the dead first few rounds. It will help a lot. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/index.php/topic/155469-how-to-use-afterlife-to-its-full-extent/ It is a little bit outdated but this will also help. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/index.php/topic/154653-best-solo-strategy-total-description-no-video/
  14. I am with speedo on the jumping thing. Il jump 99% of the time if im not sprinting. An example that comes to mind is skyrim. I will go into 3rd person and jump then sprint, jump then sprint. When my cousin lived with me i would have one turtle beach on and the other one off so I could hear him. I must have my door closed when playing in my room. I don't know if thats a gaming routine or just my personal preference period.
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