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  2. Hi all, My friends always talk about this forum. Therefore, I'm here. I think that I will have a nice time here! tiny fishing
  3. I remember i read long time ago. Waw wunderwaff when it came out it indeed could kill 24 zombies but they changed it to 10 but there is no proof if that shit is true
  4. Almost 10 years later and I can officially come here and confirm that it is not a hoax! I found this thread on Google because I wasn't sure what just happened. I'm currently playing Die Rise right this moment. I was just about to run out of ammo for my Olympia and went to refill just as the 4th round was starting. I hadn't purchased any doors or anything, and now I strangely have a Ray Gun. I only explain everything because maybe that's part of the trick, but it could just be a glitch. Still really fucking cool though!
  5. Yeah, on the discord at least they are. Site had been quiet recently, idk why.
  6. The veteran users and mods most likely do. Are they still around?
  7. its SUPER underated i sorta like iw multiplayer but LOVE iw zombs the maps are great and the features are fun play it please its GREAT
  8. hey there fellow zombers im pdubz11 i suck at zombies and i need help to get better also sub to apothos on youtube best cod zombies youtuber
  9. All the documents are up in the #story-resources channel in the Discord, and here's the link to that GK Documents Original IMGUR.COM Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from... But I have no idea about the audio. I'd be interested to hear it, I wasn't around back then so I didn't even know there was audio. But I'm sure someone else here has that archived?
  10. Hey there! Yes, I know the GKNova6 forum is dead at this point and the whole thing was a long time ago, but I wanted to make this thread since I'm trying to look for the lost 30-minute recording of the audio tape, and to an extent the remaining images of the Live Drop. The audio on YouTube was only the first part, the second is nowhere to be found and, and the link that was posted by carbonfibah on the Live Drop thread (http://callofdutyzombies.com/music/gknova6mc60tape.wav) doesn't work anymore, and I had no luck with the Wayback Machine either for the Drop Files; all the links to the audio just returned the four-oh-four. I'm deeply concerned the audio and the Live Drop pictures has become lost media at this point. If anyone has the 30-minute recording and the Live Drop contents archived, it'd be greatly appreciated, and I'd be glad to post the audio on YouTube and the Internet Archive aswell to ensure perservation.
  11. I was playing Keno with a couple friends. When I had ran into the room to hit the weapons box and I heard knocking and then I turned around and it was coming from the brown Door located in the firetrap door room towards the alley. It almost sounds like a knocking sequence to maybe an Easter egg. You know like the Easter egg Sophie's doll where you have to knock on the blue door in the alley using a number sequence made up of three numbers, then knife the door with the sequence that was knocked on the door, then go and find the dolls which I don't know other locations. But I started really listening to The Knocks and I couldn't figure it out. So I had two of my friends come over to where I was and have one of my friends keep a zombie alive and away from the door. They didn't even know what the knocking was coming from apparently that had been like the first time they'd even heard it too. They even said that it did sound like a number sequence, but didn't know what it could be to. So I'm just here trying to get answers on what that could be. I read other people's like thoughts on it and some people said that they could even hear talking behind the door but I never heard talking all her was knocks like banging on the door but never any words. So if anyone could possibly help me figure out what the knocking on that door it's from or why knocking is coming from that door that'd be awesome. I hope someone can, thank you for letting me ask the question and then also reading what I typed have a great day.
  12. Hello people, Couple of little Star Trek nods in BO4 I thought I would share. Not a Star Trek fan myself, but I'm sure some people here are and will enjoy these. 1) Deep Voyage I covered this mastercraft in another post concerning the morse code it flashes. But this easter egg is something different entirely. When equiping the FMJ attachment, you may notice the number 813 spelled out on the side. The NCC-813 is a Star Trek ship that is notable for having been destoyed by the squid like Narada (see image below). This is depicted in the 2009 Star Trek movie. This scene from the movie is paralleled on this mastercraft, where a squid destroys the unfortunate Spitfire "813". Along with the "Voyage" in the name (as in "Star Trek: Voyager" the TV show) I think this little Star Trek reference is pretty cool. 2) Stellar 92 "Stellar 92" is the Pack-a-Punch name for the "Saug 9mm". Stellar 92 "Undine" is a large asteroid in our asteroid belt. The reference here is not directly to the mythical creatures of the same name, who are water spirits. In this context it seems to be their depiction as "Species 8472" also known as the "Undine" from various Star Trek media. These creatures originate from an extra-dimensional realm known as "fluidic space" and formed out of the "organic fluids that populated their dimension". Sounds familiar. Some other things worth noting about fluidic space: It is the birthplace of other large lifeforms you may find familiar like the Argus IV Species and some Cosmozoans like Star Jellies (both pictured below). Also, this dimension has no traditional planets, but "organic based land mass clusters ... similar to planet". Also sounds a little familiar. Might actually be something worth investigating a bit more. Seems there might have been some Star Trek fans in the writer's room as well as on the weapon design team? I'll leave that up to you to decide. Thanks for reading
  13. CÆB

    Hey there

    It’s been awhile… how has everyone been? I’ve missed you all. Just checking in
  14. unDane


    My greatest gratitude to you
  15. Rapt


    Welcome Here are all the decrypted ciphers from Cold War. https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/wiki/treyarch-ciphers/#wiki_die_maschine
  16. unDane


    Hello, finally decided to explore intels from Cold War Zombies, bu among them there're some ciphers. I don't have time nor experience to decrypt them. So, can anyone send me a link to decrypted notes?
  17. Seeing this makes me think there is some kind of meta commentary going on in the scrap papers from SoE / TG then. Or am I imaging things?
  18. There's more early Die Rise stuff the guys from the shadows obtained with early design docs. Also, here's a very very early Tranzit map layout after BO1's release if told.
  19. Interesting you mention this. I recall that somewhere in the past, someone made the rumour that Die Rise was originally intended to take place in Russia. I've never been able to retrieve this statement, neither on CoDZ Forum nor on its Discord server. Rumour could be untrue of course, but I'm certain someone once mentioned it. In the Die Rise quotes, there is an unused Stuhlinger quote referring to Russia: "Ah, Russia" - gripe_russia_d_0 Just that. But it is interesting since it is unused, may support the rumour. When looking at the inspirational photo at the bottom right of the Die Rise early version, do you have any idea what/where this is? Reminds me a bit of the Moscow metro, although that wouldnt make sense in a skyscraper map. There is also Russian writing on some bio tanks found in Die Rise, although the writing is reused from Ascension and can also be found in Tranzit, so I suppose it doesn't necessarily confirm that Die Rise was originally in a Russian city. And lastly, if the rumour would be true, what made the developers to change it to China?
  20. I forgot to add probably the most obvious / important one! The BO2 zombies menu where the player is able to hold and rotate the actual world. Here it is.
  21. Yeah the wiki says the mannequin jumping step is required for both BO1 and BO3 versions but I havent tested. It is a weird step, I'm not really sure if there's any reason behind the action. As for why the rocket egg even exists? It's just a teaser for the DLC map Ascension I think, which is the map that released directly after Kino.
  22. Those are Revelations ciphers reused in kino right? If so, no. There's been people working on those ciphers for a very long time though. We'd all love to see them solved.
  23. Hi everyone, Did anyone eventually decode these 2 ciphers? The first one is a base64 encoded LZ0 file (LZ0 = Compressed File) and the 2nd one is a hexadecimal representation of the actual hexadecimal message.
  24. Coming back to this in 2023 with BO3 having Kino in it. Looks like datamining BO3 revealed that the mannequin (with blood on it) is part of the Rocket Easter egg in Five room but it doesn't make sense why. For those wondering what I'm talking about, if you jump 5 times in front of the mannequin you can turn on the rocket in Five room. Surprisingly, the blood on the mannequin is not there in BO3, perhaps it was removed because it's misleading? Anyway, as I promised 8 years ago, I will forever keep thinking about the Easter Egg in Kino until the devs say on their death bed that there was never one Take care everyone
  25. it appears that Uni_project_Apr_2021 is password encrypted
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