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  1. Cant remeber if it was round 28 or 29 on easy, and i had built maxis drone and ice staff. But on the last 5-6 rounds i just ran trains behind the tank station lol
  2. I see the skulls everytime i throw the retriever/redeemer when it returns it has one clingin on to it. (you can clearly see its a blue skull and its not in afterlife mode) And by the way i have just gotten the golden spork (thanks to you guys) and went to round 34 (which is my new record, overall) so thank you all who helped me :)
  3. Its hard to pick a number 1 but i would say ice is the best in the long run. I really like the wind staff but the ammo is terribly low, so i would say lightning is 2 (really close to fire but i like lightning more), and then the wind staff on 3rd place because its really effective until the round 20's. So here it is: 1. Ice 2. Lightning 3. Wind 4. Fire But i have to mention that the fire staff does a good job killing panzers :)
  4. I will have to say thank you again. I did what you told me and it worked (the piano was a little screwed up still but i got it after some minutes and turned the power off the boxes (and once again, they did not spark), but it worked and i got the upgrade and went to round 29 (i consider that pretty good for me). But i could not have done it without you guys so thank you- MegaAfroMan, Boom, 83457, and Zombiesblood3 :)
  5. Well im gonna give it a go now and give you a message in some hours, to tell you how it went Thanks for all of your help everybody !
  6. Thanks i will try that when i get a chance :)
  7. What is your highest round on town? And what guns do you prefer? I personally have made it to round 33 on original and i normally use the rpd and the ray gun/galil (upgraded in higher rounds of course). But once in a while its fun to use the mp5 with ray gun, and also works out okay for me until around round 20 then i got to exchange the mp5 for something better. What about you guys ? :)
  8. Unfortunately no, im only on ps3 :/
  9. The quote is very real yes, but just to correct you its not only in the last steps he says it. I"ve heard it many times when i had only got some of the staffs. But like slade said its not actually a contradiction, but more like richtofen wants to see it for himself before he can decide what to make of it. But sometimes when a drop comes out of a zombie, richtofen will say something like "Are we feeling generous, samantha?" which must mean be believes that she does something to him from this mythical place, i think.
  10. I tried it today on solo and got bored around round 20 because i had a rpd and ray gun and wanted some hard challenge. So i bought the mp5 and a type 25. I lasted to round 23 because i felt i could do anything lol. But the early rounds are not hard, get jug, double tap, speed cola and then quick revive, doesn't matter with strategy early on, i had all perks and 2 good guns + galvaknuckles at round 10.
  11. Hey i just got an update for black ops 2, is this what you are talking about? I dont want this to happen to me :0
  12. Ah of course stupid me.. Wow i didn't knew that, so that means you dont need the retriever to do that first step?
  13. Of course, or else i would need boomhilda or one of the ray guns but rather a staff :)
  14. Guys help me, i tried to open the hole in the wall (where the poster is) with the hells retriever but i would not open. I kept trying in several other rounds but still the same. Am i forgetting something ? I thought the hells retriever was the only thing i needed. Help
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