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Everything posted by ZombieOfTheDead

  1. I've come back here after months to say: HA, in your face people who didn't think Dempsey was one of the marines we played as in Verruckt! But seriously, this thing is a treasure to anyone who has stuck around since WaW. So glad they finally did it.
  2. I agree with the jumping not being the best... I think what gets me is how slow Aqua is on her descent, it's very floaty. I'll get 1.5+2.5, but not till later. I don't plan on playing them again until KH3's release date is announced, since I intend on doing my series playthrough then. I'll probably end up trying to platinum the games again, too....
  3. Whattaya doin? No, lol. All you have to do is activate the ability when you get all of the other permanent abilities. And yeah, that pic was pretty cool. Here's to hoping we get something new soon.
  4. Proud minimum. It's only required because the Zero EXP ability is needed for only 1 trophy. Suggestion for flick rush: use Yoggy Ram, Tatsu Blaze, and Frootz Cat, and play defensively. When you block an attack with Yoggy and tatsu, you get mega flare which damages inactive dream eaters as well as the active one. When blocking with Frootz, you get an elixir to replenish HP and card stock. You'll get star ranks in most rounds pretty easily this way.
  5. You guys want to hear something pathetic? It's only been a week and a half since the game came out and... I already have DDD's platinum trophy.
  6. Use drop-me-nots, and you'll never have to worry about dropping again. I'm having a lot of fun with DDD. Definitely better than it was on the 3DS, and part of that has to do with enemies actually staggering. Played 0.2 and beat it first, which gives me hope for KH3. What's great even is that they patched it and completely removed many of the issues I had while playing it. Definitely the best combat system since 2, and the best level design since 1 by far. Also, dat last cutscene. We basically know where we're going first in 3. Back cover was enjoyable. Definitely can't be used to get the full story of X, but it was fun. The Master of Masters is already the best character in the series from what little he was seen in there.
  7. Ah, I forgot to reply. I'm making a review of it, might post that here later. Also, the Pitioss Ruins... I'm a little dead inside after that dungeon.
  8. Up to chapter 8, I've been intentionally holding off on progressing to do some side stuff. Just got all of the optional Royal Arms, so I'm about ready to head for Altissia. Have to say I'm enjoying the gameplay more than I thought I would. I just wish the story matched that a bit more. Everything seems to point to the game being a bit rushed, or in some cases, being told through DLC (like where the hell Gladio went during that one chapter, so obviously a DLC moment). I am quite enjoying in the game, but as I suspected in recent months, it's not the god tier game that it could have been, like it looked like when it was still Versus XIII.
  9. Dead. But no. Don't have the game, getting it for Christmas since the hype died down for me awhile ago (only to resume recently). It looks damn good. It definitely missed some of the potential of Versus XIII, but I'm just going to play it for what it is.
  10. They're new forms. Guard form is the yellow one. Power form is this We have no idea what they do. And yeah, that would be Olympus. Finally some new areas! On a last note, 1.5 + 2.5 will be 60 FPS
  11. To be fair, Shi no Numa only gets a small section as well. It's practically combined with Verruckt!
  12. We need to keep this thread rezzed. Much as I hate to admit it, the off topic stuff is most of why I've stayed on this site, and I'm barely here due to lack of activity. On the zombies side of things, the codz reddit is a lot more active, and news gets there faster. This site has become so slow... it's so depressing.
  13. Can't say I really liked it. I like the idea of the map, but the characters and the vibe I was getting wasn't drawing me in. I didn't really have an intention of picking this one up, though. Only buying treyarch CoDs by this point.
  14. So far, they're just rumors. Not a huge deal to me, though. I've gotten kinda apprehensive about the game after the last demo so I may or may not hold off on it.
  15. You've reminded me of how frugal I am with my money-- I haven't bought a new game since Persona 4 Golden back in February. That game is god tier, by the way. Easily in my top 5. The characters are so relatable and fun, and a lot of that has to do with the way the game is structured. Sorta a life simulator with turn based dungeon crawling sections. Definitely recommend it if you have a PS Vita or PSTV (costs only like $40), or alternatively buying the original P4 off the PS3's store. I think I also got the Mass Effect Trilogy and Metal Gear Rising for my birthday if those count... MGR actually kinda sucked, and I can't keep my attention on ME1. Not gonna give up on it until I at least try ME2, though.
  16. 5'7" I'm short, but not where it counts
  17. You just need to get into the rhythm of things. Once you do, it isn't that hard on the canon fodder enemies. Just dodge, and try to be aggressive when it comes to certain enemies. What really sucks is the boss fights since you have to run past everything when you die, making things needlessly tedious. I like Bloodborne for the most part, but it has a lot of shortcomings that hold it back. A lot of it is the artificial difficulty (like running back when dying to bosses). It's combat feels really great, though (my second favorite combat system in a game), and the aesthetic and minimal storyline is pretty damn cool. Generally speaking, I'd give it an 8.5/10 or so.
  18. Oh dear lord, I feel so bad for you people in the south. Dominoes is shit tier. FROZEN pizza is better than that depending on the brand. The more local chains or standalones are usually the best, and there's a lot of those up near Chicago.
  19. I don't think those are correlated, tbh. Maybe you have a preference for a certain type of map, but that doesn't guarentee you'd dislike another type.
  20. What, you can't like two unlike things? Welp, guess I better stop loving Kingdom Hearts since it's so different from zombies.
  21. Same. It's actually pretty decent, I've played a bit of it. Has a good sense of humor. But I'm not really a fan of those types of games, and the hype for it never really made sense to me. Also, it's fanbase is cancer. Reminds me of homestuck's for whatever reason.
  22. Back in the day, yes. If I remember correctly, the description for SNN back in the day mentioned combat happening during the course of the map or something of the like, so how can we really call reports by marines relevant? It's there as sort of a third party thing, not really relevant to what is at hand. The bios themselves, baring the marine thing, were later put in game and are very relevant because of that. However, that doesn't mean that it has to be the whole truth. It's just this conjecture since we don't have anything truly concrete, but I would like to think our characters weren't always horrible people at heart, since the Origins characters aren't presented as being all that bad. Nikolai likely would have begun his political shtick right after the WWI, I don't think I'd believe he would fall so hard so fast.
  23. I'm the exact opposite. I think there's no way this game is going to be any good. Check out my post in my unpopular opinions thread if you really want to know why.
  24. Their current personalities for one. Takeo is supposedly a very honorable samurai, going so far even as to draw the ire of the emperor himself, and is presented as a very decent human being both in origins form and his 1.0 form from ZnS that has all his memories. The bio says he cut off the tails of kittens when he was young, and one quote says that he slaughtered his own family for their insolence. Now, what honorable warrior does that? Richtofen-- all that stuff about him being a back alley doctor, and the "Beware the Doc" messages. With all he had on his plate regarding his experiments, it seems a bit much. The same goes with Nikolai, he's had like 50 different jobs and married like 10 women. It's just a little far fetched is all. It would make sense that it was either all in his head, or he had memory implants. Dempsey really doesn't have much to go off of to be perfectly honest. It might be a bit reaching, but it is just a theory after all.

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