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  1. It could explain the gumball machines. Maybe Samantha is helping this group defeat their 'manifest sins' as a way to weaken the Vril-Ya/Great Evil. If so it must be the Origins Samantha in order to keep the former G935 timeline whole. This still bugs me that there are essentially 2 Samanthas in control at the same time, or at least that is an inevitability now. Hopefully more will revealed when we actually play.
  2. Nice theory. Seems very accurate. One issue though... Zombie eye color. Should be: Yellow=Samantha Blue=Richtofen Red=Vril-Ya I know in The Giant trailer we see yellow and so we should see red for Shadows of Evil, right? I'm thinking the trailer has those as yellow. Why? If SoE is the continuation of MotD, why are the zombie eyes yellow?
  3. The teleporter is being manipulated by Samantha from the Aether. The reason Origins Rich knows what to do is because Samantha reached back through time or dimensions to talk to Maxis and reshape the events of Origins. The Giant is the continuation of that reshaping, so maybe we have to stop the evil at Der Reise during the Eclipse and that's the EE we'll see in this map. Who knows, maybe there will be more maps to finish this arc.
  4. That is what I'm talking about. That radio log gives us a point in time because this trailer contains the real-time event of that radio log.
  5. This could be the sequel, sure. If so, that's the Origins Richtofen who kills his older self from the timeline we're all familiar with (this is suggested by the Maxis quote just before we see the older Richtofen). When the characters mention 'waking the other test subjects', I'm going to assume they mean their older selves, but could be wrong. Getting away from the clear signs in this trailer, let's compare this to the Origins EE cutscene like we're seeing if this puzzle piece will fit. In the cutscene we only see 'Eddy' and Samantha discussing and exercising their control over the zombies which suggests they're on the same plane of existence. We only hear Maxis, so I'm going to assume the cutscene was meant to represent the Aether. Eddy is actually just the immortal youthful projection of Richtofen. This means that the cutscene takes place after the events of Moon, but since time is irrelevant within the Aether, it doesn't matter that Origins occurs chronologically before in the physical realm. Furthermore we can take the events of the Origins EE at face value, Samantha is reaching across the void of time to contact Maxis and shape the outcome of events. I think if The Giant is the continuation of that point, it must be 'Maxis' Plan' that Samantha mentions in the cutscene. So far, Richtofen has already been eliminated by his younger self who apparently teleported there with the help of Samantha. What evil are they mentioning? Is this the same evil that Samantha mentions during Moon? The evil that's even worse than Richtofen? There are questions from this for sure, but if looked at as the sequel to Origins it truly does segue pretty well. What can be said about the chronology of the previous maps though? I'm thinking this sheds even more light onto the entirety of the story. SNN, Verruckt, etc. were different test sites for 115 and all followed the events of Origins. Our O3 are kept locked away until the test is commenced (which is endless waves of undead, apparently) which they subsequently lose control of and must flee to the next site via teleporter in classic comic book fashion. Now we'll see 2 sets of these characters and hopefully continue to face this evil they mention. With 2 sets of Origin 4 characters, The Giant will have some great Grief matches for sure.
  6. It's not you, DBZ. At least, not you single handedly. Several members have been involved with some form of content (either from their own words or through related media) that has caused controversy, sparked feelings in fellow members, lead to debate and possibly flames, and/or has otherwise blurred the grey areas of the CoC. We're a video game discussion site and community. We're also so niched we become elite and tight-knit. Therefore our discussion will naturally deviate from the game itself because we are so communally bound. Ultimately the discussion will lead to controversy, this is inevitable...However, with age appropriate content in mind, sometimes the forum must silence certain discussion. Even though this mode that the forum itself is centered around is a Mature game (from ratings), we would not have such a large community without many of our underage members. Regardless, the content on this site that is not related to the game may or may not carry with it mature content. The problem is that until now, the CoC has just been enforced on a case by case basis and Staff has made decisions in the better interests of the forum. Sometimes this has been good, other times I've felt that potentially great discussions have been derailed. I'd prefer a set system, one like I mentioned before. Although I feel some of the underage members are more mature than some of our adult members and could handle mature discussions, I think an age-restriction is the best way to define a system. This way the adult members have more freedom to express themselves, Staff included, but we also don't have to worry about offending people. If you click on a topic rated "Mature", be prepared and don't flame if you don't like it. If you're underage, you can't see it. It's a way to keep the family-friendly CoC intact while also allowing for more discussion that could potentially save the site. It makes sense this gets compounded as an issue during off-season. We know all there is to know about Zombies! How many posts are we telling noobs that such and such is just a myth? Lots! So, we should be able to discuss rape culture, or have candid talks about the government, international wars, etc.. However, we shouldn't let the children see this, and for some of those adults that still manage to make unecessary drama out of these mature discussions with immaturity: blind them to it also. You didn't start this, DBZ, the controversy has been brewing, but that topic does seem to be the straw that broke the camel's back. Or was it MMX's departure? I, for one, saw nothing wrong with the image. I saw several over reactions and MMX leaving is the biggest, but ultimately we can't stand to lose more valuable members like him. We need to address this issue about non-zombie content. Either we all bite our tongues while here, or we form a system to regulate the content. I vote for regulation because I like all of your minds and I want to discuss certain things freely with many of you.
  7. I hope this isn't too late to be brought up at the meeting... We don't need a new section and a mature tag is not going to stop the immature from reading and/or posting. Age doesn't always define maturity level, but it is the safest form of censorship available to herd discussion into the proper frame of mind. I propose we rate our own posts or just add in the ability to do this. If I create a post with the intention of having serious adult discussion, I may rate my post as mature. This thread should now be unviewable by anyone under the age of X. X could be 18, 21, 30, whatever the forum decides. As an obvious effect, no member under this age would be able to rate a topic as mature. Normal CoC would apply, however, we should create a CoC entirely separate for these "Mature" posts that allows profanity, NSFW images, and generally controversial subjects. Of course flaming would still be a potential, but it would also be reportable and if a member is discovered by Staff to be flaming during one of these "Mature" discussions, that member's Mature access will be suspended or restricted completely, depending on severity. With a system like that, your own level of maturity will be tested during heated discussion, so make sure you stay objective. What we should not do is allow senior members the ability to view mature content, regardless of tenure with the forum or how we perceive their level of maturity. Some clear line must be established and enforced. From my own personal experience with mature content and flaming wars on this site, I would rather just keep controversy to myself. However, that's because I don't feel the site has a good system for sharing it responsibly. Here's your system.
  8. HK G36 (wiki documentation) There are several variants of this gun, but pictured is the standard model. It can be fitted with various sights, underbarrel grenade launcher, extended mags, etc.. Normally it uses 5.56x45mm Rounds and the magazine can hold 30 rounds. It can fire 750 rounds per minute and has select-fire built in for semi-auto, 3-round burst, and full auto. It's on the lighter side for most assault rifles, the heaviest standard version weighing it at only 8 lbs. It's international, being used by various military across the globe. It's not a very commonly accepted weapon because it's had controversy in the past. The gun was overheating tons during some notable firefights. Investigators later determined it was due to faulty ammunition, but the gun's reputation ahd already been damaged by hasty judgements. I've used it a lot when I played Rainbow Six and used the NATO mod (which added 200+ real world guns) and I adored it. It felt as accurate as an M16, as light as an SMG, but it felt solid and powerful when it fired. No real ideas about a PaP variant as this is just a normal everyday gun.
  9. You've returned! Maybe now we can play some zombies together and make some more videos Are you tired of GTA V yet?
  10. Such is true. However, stick around and keep an eye out for the next tournament. We'll definitely be having more!
  11. Chinese Toy Rocket This would take the place of a tactical grenade and be only attainable from the box. Once obtained, the player will have 3 to use, but will only refill with Max Ammo, just like Monkey Bombs. They resemble small model rockets and are painted with bright colors. There is no cook time for them, so they can be infinitely held like an EMP. Once launched/thrown, the player will animate a quick pull from a small string at the bottom of the rocket and throw it. Before the rocket hits the ground, it will ignite and will randomly fly around the map, spraying out loud and colorful fireworks as it flies. The main use is that it distracts zombies. They will follow it around and it will be active doing this twice as long as a Monkey Bomb. However, unlike the Monkey Bomb, the Chinese Toy Rocket doesn't explode and take out zombies, instead as the fireworks are scattered, they may collide with a zombie and kill them. The fireworks randomly burst from the rocket as it travels around the map and usually will blanket a small area underneath the rocket, so there's a good chance many zombies will be killed with this tactical, if used properly. Be careful when using this near team mates, as the fireworks can also damage players. Due to its random nature, it's best to treat this weapon as "use then flee". If a player is in the same area (especially tight quarters) as an active CTR, they could go down quite easily. However, the CTR can be used to buy time for a downed team mate, just like a Monkey Bomb, but the player must be revived quickly. At first the CTR will be thrown quite a distance away before it activates, thus it begins to activate at a safe distance from the player and zombies will follow it as soon as it leaves the player's hands. It's during this window that the revive should be done because when it activates, it might come right back towards your location.
  12. Can we all just leave the "acceptable discussion" stuff for moderators, please? When one person says something like, "let's not talk about this because..." and then someone else is put off about it, it just leads to both parties looking rather douchey. That's just my opinion, of course, but the report feature is there for a reason guys and it's anonymous for a reason. If you feel something is not up for discussion or it just upsets you to see it being discussed, report it, citing that it doesn't advance discussion, or check out of the thread. I see too many debates begin over stupid stuff here, really. Anyways... I also had some time recently in TranZit and I can verify the Bus hasn't changed. Nothing has changed actually. Rode the bus a few times, investigated each stop, perused through boundaries of the stops and I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. The only variable I didn't stress was EE progress, but I observed no difference between either side, untested at this stage is an EE free (unpowered obelisk) run, but after wasting my time in this pursuit I came to an epiphany: No doubt that Treyarch can poll their servers and determine how many people are playing at any given time. With that in mind it's also likely someone somewhere is making usage/population reports over time of those servers. I'm sure this trending information is readily available to someone like JZ. So in conclusion I can assume that these trends may have been dipping recently and, being proud of his work, JZ wanted to see those trends rise. Not only does this further serve his pride (because he can see direct evidence that his words made an impact), but it also keeps the Treyarch CoD fresher in gamers' minds. Come 2015, Treyarch wants a homerun (can anyone say 3-peat?). I'm not spending more time on this because it's clear to me this is just a clever tactic to try and bring players back to Black Ops. What better way than a super vague and cryptic message that alludes to what we all crave: more EE's and undiscovered secrets. JZ is playing his fans like a fiddle, but I won't take another bite. I will, however, purchase the next Treyarch CoD as long as it has zombies mode. Isn't that enough for you, JZ? Why not just add some tech to the next game disc that seals everyone's disc drive so your game has to be surgically removed once inserted into the console? I mean, come on... /endrant
  13. Damnit, Zielinski's got us all by the balls...
  14. Flawed logic from a flawed tweet. I am not to blame for the assumptions that derive from JZ's tweets, but you're right...It could be any map, so we should all just stop feeding the troll. I bet Jimmy's laughing over this right now...
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