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  1. Hello! Welcome to a recap of the events that transpired in Zetsubou no shima. I know this is a bit late, but for those who haven't yet done the EE or just want to know where the story is going, this is for you! NOTE: this write up only takes into account actual dialogue or scenes. There are no theories here. Just exactly what happened in the map. Zetsubou no Shima After the events of Der Eisendrache, the Origins 4 manage to find their way onto a vessel. However, they are quickly caught and detained. This is where the opening cutscene begins. They are quickly interrogate
  2. Back when I first started zombies, I really didnt know about EEs until I read up on the story. Then Call of the Dead happened, with the probably one of the most notable EEs, since it was the first to have an achievement. At that point, I started just waiting for guides, watching updates from channels; I didn't participate much. Fast forward to BO2, I started to hunt a little. Never found anything, but it was fun nonetheless. Even then, I still waited for guides to come out. Now Advanced Warfare. That's when I started hunting EEs unintentionally. On carrier, I like to think that I wa
  3. The first one beats me. That seems like a really far off quote. The second probably refers to the Wunderwaffe DG2.
  4. I think there isn't enough info here to make a full case or theory. Yes, we could hypothesize about it for days without end but I feel like that will only tangle up the web. As I see it, for now, there is some other force at work here. It isn't Maxis, The Shadow Man, or even Monty. Honestly, we should look at one important thought: How do we know 'M' is someone who begins with the letter M? Whose to say that 'M' is just a placeholder for a different name? Just food for thought. Something that i've been wondering since SoE that no one has ever clued in on is one of the Shadowman
  5. So as dlc 1 finally reaches its end, its time to start promoting dlc 2. Many people seem to be under the impression that the next map is an island. I will not post any potential spoilers as to the reason why it may be, but just look up blops 3 dlc 2 zombies and most youtubers will give you a detailed explanation of this POSSIBLE next map. what i would like to address is that this is WAY too simple. I mean, just "some island"? Cmon, i feel treyarch can try a little harder...unless perhaps... the island was FLOATING. (DUH Duh DUH!) no but seriously, why not? We've seen
  6. The beginning part did make me think of that king. But i feel it doesnt match the rest of the song
  7. Hello everyone! Welcome to another EE song analysis! I have been wanting to dissect this song for some time because of the sheer oddity of it. It isn't uncommon from rock songs to do away with classic ABAB or AABB patterns, but this song sounded...off. I then decided that perhaps the lyrics don't flow that much because they have a message in them So without further ado, let's break this down! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A wolf is at my door, I feel it I see it in my dreams A world of my design A forced enlightening reveals it
  8. In all honesty, I think you are jumping the gun on this. Or, at least, how you went about doing this. I understand that it is very cool to discover an EE, but its best to just follow it and keep hunting before posting something. For instance, GlitchingQueen, when she discovered the Dancing Arnies, posted the final product of the mini EE rather than say "I FOUND SOMETHING OMG LOOK LOOK LOOK!" This was very smart because we saw the final product of her work and received immediate proof of it. Again, when PtG found the gold spork, they posted proof first, though they did tease,
  9. Thanks @NaBrZHunter and @Tac! I will add these revisions when i get back from classes
  10. Hello zombie slayers! With Der Eisendrache being released for well over 2 wees now, I think it is time to recap the events that have transpired in this new chapter. WARNING: Spoilers...obviously. Also, note that everything in this post will be based on quotes and the EE progression. THERE WILL BE NO SPECULATIONS IN THIS, Feel free to provide your own in the comments. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After the events of the Giant, the Origins Crew consisting of Dempsey, Richtofen, Takeo, and Nikolai are able to steal a giant robot and are now attempting to capture Nazi soldi
  11. I would advise going straight to prestige. You get xp for every weapon lv so its best to use them towards something. I think theres like around 100k xp in weapons just by leveling them and doing optic sights challenges
  12. Hi everyone! Today I wanted to point out some interesting aspects about the Keepers that no one has really talked about. Starting off, let us look at the general Keepers that attacked you in SOE. These beings seem to have minimal power, simply attacking you with their bare hands. On top, their clothing does not seem to be as elaborate as my next point. If you remember from the end of SoE, a Keeper gives you the Summoning Key, only to be stolen by someone else. Notice that that Keeper looks not only different from the other Keepers, but also appears in Der Eisendrache as a co
  13. Hi everyone! Just wanted to see how many MP we have around here. I found about 20 on the reddit, 6 in a facebook group, and have seen 1 so far in zombies. Not looking to make a brag thread, just wanna see who has gotten this far already :) have a nice day!
  14. I'd say its a good guess, but doesnt really hold. We know that Nova Crawlers were a deformity due to exposure to element 115. Keepers are literal beings created to keep the universe in balance.
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