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  1. Hello! Welcome to a recap of the events that transpired in Zetsubou no shima. I know this is a bit late, but for those who haven't yet done the EE or just want to know where the story is going, this is for you! NOTE: this write up only takes into account actual dialogue or scenes. There are no theories here. Just exactly what happened in the map. Zetsubou no Shima After the events of Der Eisendrache, the Origins 4 manage to find their way onto a vessel. However, they are quickly caught and detained. This is where the opening cutscene begins. They are quickly interrogated by the the vessel's crew. Through a twist of fate, the seas create a massive wave that unbalances the crew, allowing Dempsey, Takeo, Nikolai and Richtofen to escape. They manage to escape the ship just as it blow up. They regroup near an overturned life vessel and set their sights on a far off island. They are quick to discover that this island is most likely home to Division 9, a section of the japanese miliary that was dedicated to the advancement of technology, no matter the cost. They soon discover the wretched experiments of the division, ranging from the occasional zombie to spiders and even a large plant like creature. Takeo reflects that he feels a connection here, and that he remembers the experiments here, most likely a side affect of being in a universe that belonged to another Takeo. Or element 115, no one could tell anymore. Soon, they come across a massive altar. Richtofen makes note that he recognizes these symbols. They each take a bloodied skull from the altar. Returning to their original landing location, they place the skull on the altar. portals appear, allowing more undead to come through. The crew quickly dispatches them before they reach the altar. The crew then realizes they will need to discover more altars and dig further into the island. As they make their way inland, they encounter many strange sights; a small pond with massive cocoons hanging from the rocks. Near lab B, they find another small pond filled with green color. As they walk near the catwalk, a man begins to wail "HELP" from the other side of a door. Soon enough, a zombie scientist appears and drops a liquid vial. Richtofen says it may be useful for something later on. Having restored power to both lab A and B, they return to the massive bunker that was in between lab a and b. The doors unlocked, only for a massive monster to attack. They quickly dispatch it and continue onwards. They manage to restore power to the entire facility. However, growling noises and rumbling could be heard throughout the entire compound. They continue to fight their way through, completing rituals, discovering more of the twisted experiments of Division 9. They eventually come to a cavern flooded with water. As they navigate it, Dempsey notices a further flooded area with an odd plant. Harvesting it, he wonders what this may be used for. Meanwhile, Richtofen looks at some of the left over notes created by the scientists. He quickly deciphers a few and realizes he can extract the venom from a spider. Luring one to a cage, Richtofen traps it and proceeds to extract venom. The notes speak of a concoction that requires three elements: a special plant, a liquid solution, and the venom of a spider. Richtofen meets with Dempsey to attempt to recreate the experiment on a nearby work table. Their suspicions are confirmed when the final product emerges. They keep it close at hand, hoping that it may lead to greater yet discoveries. Once they had all completed their rituals, they all proceeded to meet back at the big altar. Placing down the skulls, a secret passage appears. At the bottom, they find a skull. Nikolai foolishly grabbed it, triggering a Keeper manifestation. They manage to fight them off and take the skull. It mysteriously manifests into 4 separate skulls. Takeo manages to find a secondary ability of the skull, one which shows secrets. He looks to a wall nearby and illumiates it. A mural appears; they others do the same and reveal 2 more. They discover that the people of the island worship the Keepers. Later on, Nikolai happened to glean upon blueprints that show that the facility had a lower floor. However, it seemed unaccessible without a gas mask. They proceed to make one, allowing them to inhale freely without worry of the spores around the island. As they investigate the elevator, they reveal the secret wall. The elevator is missing 3 cogs. The crew begins scouring the island for possible fixes. They are sure what they are looking for is at the bottom. Dempsey soon notices a plane flying low overhead. He begins to think that maybe shooting it down will allow them to salvage it for a gear. In the armory, a massive Anti Aircraft gun stood proudly. However, Dempsey could not find the ammo. Fortunately, a nearby growing glowing purple plant splits open. A massive AA shell pokes Dempsey's eye. Taking it and loading it into the cannon, Dempsey aimed carefully and took out the Airplane in one fiery explosion. However, he now had to find the part, to which he groaned... Meanwhile, Takeo and Nikolai find another cog at the docks, near a zipline. They figure that they could use the zipline to drop down and grab the cog. They attempt it several times but fail. The zipline is apparently magnetic and will not allow them to loosen their grip halfway through the trip. Takeo suggests that they electrocute the panel, which would allow them to fall down. However, where were to they to find a random electric source? Fortunately they noticed that the clouds overhead struck at random intervals. If they could pinpoint it just right, or predict where it might land, they could harness it with something like a piece of metal, maybe a pole. Nikolai suggests the shields they built. At that exact moment, lightening struck the altar. Nikolai grinned. Whey they investigate, the realized that all the poles had their symbols lit up. They crew was so used to killing zombies, they had passed the trials without even trying! Nikolai and Takeo hold their shields ready for a lightening strike. As the shaft of light descended from the sky realm, they managed to catch the electricity on the shield. Satisfied, they returned to the zipline and attempted they plan. Succesful, they take the cog piece back to the elevator... Richtofen stood amazed. Discovering a blocked off area in lab A revealed another floor filled with diagrams and notes about a topic any good scientist knew couldn't possibly exist today: dragons. Looking upon that notes, he realizes that Division 9 managed to discover these creatures and could have used them to turned the tide of the war, and most likely, the world. Nearby, he discovers cracked eggs, one with a cog piece inside. Taking it, he begins to leave the room as zombies beginning to groan. However, before he does, he sets the room ablaze, destroying the only research in the world capable of proving dragons were real... The team meets up at the elevator and put the cog. The elevator creaked and growned, opening for the crew to go inside. The pile in, squashed together. They descend to the bottom floor, putting on gas masks to ensure minimal exposure to the toxin. Massive vines block their path. However, their weapons and even the kt-4 are not strong enough. Richtofen remembers that there were notes that explained a possible formula that could strengthen the formula of the acid. Returning to the surface, they look over the notes. Nikolai began firing at anything he could. However, luck shined through brilliance. He happened upon a small cavern that lead to a massive cave. The crew slide down into the cavern, only to be greeted by the mother of all spiders. The massive arachnid fought viciously, spitting acid, slamming the floor, and giving quick birth to zombies. Finally, they conquer the massive monster. As they leave the tunnel, Richtofen rips off a piece of the mom spider's tooth. He figured if he could refine the formula with this, the effect would be twice as powerful. They locate another vial in a cage in Lab B. Dempsey tried his hand again at making a plant using some oil water he discovered during an unfortunate slide down a sewer tunnel. The result was a brand new plan, one with a weird smell. The team came back together and mixed the ingredients, creating a new serum with blue acid. They load up and return to the massive vines in the basement. After clearing the hallway, they arrive to a large metal door. On the other side, a massive monster creature lies dormant. They shoot one of the vines with upgraded kt4. The monster responded by slamming down a branch. Suddenly, monsters began to appear from the ground, attempting to protect their master. Thee crew fought valiantly, taking down as many of the monsters as they could. Once in a while, the massive monster would let its guard down, allowing them to fire another shot at its week points. Once the beast had had enough, it roared loudly and dissolved into disgusting puddles. In the main chamber sat a lone man. The man recognizes Takeo who, unsurprised, shares the same memory as this man. They had found the man they were looking for. Takeo 1.0 tells them his tragic tale: how his amazing feats and loyalty to his homeland and empoeror had ultimately lead him to be blinded. He reveals that the one who did this to him was none other than the Emperor himself. This revelation causes Takeo to be taken aback. Richtofen looked away. It truly was a horrible sentence. Takeo 1.0 understands what must be done. He takes Takeo's blade and prepares to commit the japanese ritual suicide of honor. Takeo honored Takeo 1.0 by being his Kyshunin. Takeo 1.0 slips the blade into his belly and cut horizontally. Takeo proceed to deal the final blow. The Summoning Key glowed with power. Now 3 souls resided in it. Dempsey told Nikolai to prepare. However, Richtofen interrupts say that there must be a set of events set into motion. They then begin to teleport to a different location. Upon return, they each of 2 blood vials. Dempsey: "Welp, didn't see that coming" Richtofen: "Think of it as our Insurance policy; in case we don't like where we end up" The heroes return to the surface, ready to face the unknown future. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you for reading! Please let me know if I left out any notes!
  2. The first one beats me. That seems like a really far off quote. The second probably refers to the Wunderwaffe DG2.
  3. The beginning part did make me think of that king. But i feel it doesnt match the rest of the song
  4. Hello everyone! Welcome to another EE song analysis! I have been wanting to dissect this song for some time because of the sheer oddity of it. It isn't uncommon from rock songs to do away with classic ABAB or AABB patterns, but this song sounded...off. I then decided that perhaps the lyrics don't flow that much because they have a message in them So without further ado, let's break this down! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A wolf is at my door, I feel it I see it in my dreams A world of my design A forced enlightening reveals it I found a life that I malign and I feel it ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These first few lyrics are very descriptive. "A wolf is at my door" implies that something is hunting someone and that they are near. However, the odd part is that they "feel it". So this could entirely be their own mind AKA they are just imagining it. This person "Sees it in my dreams". The first person I think of is Takeo, who constantly talks about vivid dreams and prophecies. Again, on the 4th line "A forced enlightening reveals it" seems like something Takeo would say. However, both these lines, as well as the third and 5th, better fit Richtofen. He is the one of the 4 who seems to have the "whole picture". He can see the possibilities, especially when he knows that the Demspey test subject will "wreak havoc across the universe'. The last line is very interesting. 'Malign' can refer to 2 things: an evil presence or force OR speaking of someone is a really horrible manner IE "Don't malign her for her father's actions". Sure, the first definition is good, but it doesn't fit: I found a life that I "evil presence". Rather, "I found a life that I "criticize or hate". When taken in this context, it can mean a world of things; Richtofen's hatred of his future actions, Takeo's hatred of Richtofen's future actions. However, the ending is what makes all this uncertain. 'I feel it'. There is that phrase again. Once again, whoever is feeling this is just a hunch, nothing more. However, between Richtofen and Takeo, Takeo receives more cryptic messages. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I feel so strange; Like I'm everywhere and that no one was there We only want to live forever Repeat serial suicide and you can't find and you can't hide ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Another "I feel" line. Here we once again see the whole "Omni-presence" theme; "Like i'm everywhere and that no one was there". Once again, Richtofen fits this, being able to tap into other realities somewhat and see small parts of the future, due to his time travel exposure. The next line, however, is completely contradictory what the aim of Takeo, dempsey, Nikolai, or Richtofen. "We only want to live forever" sounds almost like it may be a completely different person or thought. The origins crew is on a mission to kill themselves and get their souls; completely contradictory to wanting to live forever. The next line even flip flops more with "repeat serial suicide". We know that technically, killing one's self from another universe is still suicide, as Dempsey says "Richtofen, why did you kill youself?" He could have said "Why did you kill that Richtofen" or any number of things, but he says "Why did you kill yourself?". There is definitely a piece missing here. I honestly don't know what to make of the last line here. It does fit back to the beginning about "a wolf at my door". This person cannot be found and cannot hide....okay nevermind I have no idea. However, this is one of the odd phrases throughout the song. Thoughts? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Am I dead? Is it all over? There is no pain here; my tree of life is hollow The tide has turned into rain. Beneath a waning light I see it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ An interesting question throughout this entire story is "Who is REALLY dead?" "who needs to die?" From Richtofen's note that can be pieced together in SoE (or was it giant?) it shows that all versions of the heroes must die. This is to end all possible timelines everywhere. In all honesty, this seems to be more foreshadowing of the future. Can they really kill themselves enough to finally end their journey? "There is no pain here; my tree of life is hollow". I wonder if it has something to do with the idea of multiple universes that these versions of the 4 from origins feel no pain when they kill themselves from another universe. The part about the tree of life seems interesting because it may refer to the forest we see in the loading screen. Very much when you see your character there, as well as in the Nikolai trailer, there seems to be a very somber mood, almost as if they feel hopeless and that their life is no longer theirs. The tide turning into rain seems to imply that a great change has turned into nothing more than a drizzle. Maybe Richtofen's grand plan to change the future will fail? It also talks about a failing 'waning' light. By definition, this means that something is slowly fading. Could it be Richtofen's resolve to fix the future? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A creeping shadow spire will bleed into the sky Carotid tightening conceals this mortality These moments freeze and fall away from duality ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The shadow spire reminds me of SoE when you look into the distance from the docks area, you can see the openings in the sky. The sky is particularly red. This part seems important foreshadowing for the future. The carotid arteries are blood vessels that carry blood to the brain. This line seems to be a bit more poetic. It talks about the mortality of a person, bound only by blood and flesh. Then, in a moment, all of it is over and the body that holds blood and keeps mortality fall away. This sounds very much like a sacrifice or killing. In SoE, to sacrifice a person, they are literally cut by the blades of the summoning key and their life force, their soul, their 'mortality' is taken. Again, this happens with Dempsey at the end of the Der Eisendrache story EE. (Bonus points for literally 'Moments FREEZE'...cuz dempsey is frozen...) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I hear my name In a voice like mine, that I hear in my mind The time has come to leave for never I peel the fabric back and see me hide I can't hide from I and hide from me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Someone hear's their name. However, it sounds like schizophrenia or dementia, as characterized by voices sounding like their own. Sounds much like Richtofen. However, we do see, from time to time, that the characters talk to themselves in-game. This is typically when their voice sounds more hollow, or they are surrounded by multiple characters but have their own thoughts. It is an interesting feature that I hope will be used to relay some of the secrets of these versions of the Original 4. 'The time has come to leave for never'. A very ominous tone, seemingly an indication that this may be the final chance for something to be completed or done. The next line about "peeling the fabric back" typically refers to "exposing the truth". However, the truth of this person is that they are hiding. And in the next line, it seems it gets even more schizophrenic: "I can't hide from I and hide from me". This could mean that this person cannot hide from themself and hide from the other person in them. This sounds very much like in psychology where there is the Id, Ego, and Superego. The id is the vasic desires of a person. The Superego is the ultimate righteousness that a person knows; their extremely moral side. And the ego is the mediator; the part of the self that regulates the id and superego. In this, the "i" is struggling with the "me". The "Superego" is struggling with the "id". The right path vs the wanted path. And in the end, the self hides from the truth that it must inevitably face. Very tricky passage. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Am I dead? Is it all over? Where is my pain now? In my head it draws me closer; will it know my name? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once again the question of death, the absense of pain (my tree of life is hollow...). The important part here talks about a "thing" in the mind of this person. And the person wonders of this "thing" knows who they are. The person seems to fear judgement, not wanting to face their retribution for their actions. The phrase "a name is everything" seems important here. It doesn't say "will it know what i've done?" rather, will it know my name. This could mean that this person, merely by name, is one that must be infamous in one way or another. Who they are is physically attributed to this name. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I feel it again and again I feel it I feel it when it's closing my eyes I feel it I see it again and again in my mind I see it when I look at the sky and I am Alive again ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A lot of sense are used here. This person seems to be feeling as if they are being watched or that a familiar feeling is happening again and again. However, they are also seeing something in their mind over and over again. And the final culmination of this is looking into the sky and they are born again. Not much I can really say about this section. Thoughts? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm alive; I feel the pain now I'm really here I'm alive now (x4) Now I die again, Yeah Are we dead? is it all over again? Yeah Where is the pain now ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The person here seems to become apparent to the fact that they are in fact alive. And once again, it brings up the question of death. Throughout this song, this fact has jumped back and forth. At one point, the person believes they are dead, but instantly, they are alive. Could it be that our characters are stuck in a sort of limbo, fully able to be alive but unable to die. The supporting factor of this may be that why did Richtofen not just kill those around him instead of hunting down Dempsey from another universe? Perhaps he need's their help for something else? Of course, that's just going off the theory of a limbo. However, this song seems to strongly emphasize a confusion between death and life. Perhaps the bigger questions throughout all of this song and story in general is "what does it mean to be alive" and "what does it mean to TRULY die?". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You lead and we'll follow Our tree of life is hollow The tide has turned into rain Are we dead? Did we cross over? What is our name now? Are we dead now? Are we dead now? Are we dead again? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Probably the most clue-type of phrases. Here for almost the first time, we get a collective thought. "we will follow". "Our tree of life is hollow". I feel that this is VERY important, as the entire song is focused on a single person and now, it seems that "we" have become a collective following. Could this be the other characters submitting to Richtofen's plan? Again, the "tree of life is hollow" is not preceeded by "My". It is now "our". Again, the idea of a tide, a change, has become rain. Honestly, if nothing else, this final section of lyrics are important in that it goes from "I/me" to "We". However, it is interesting to talk about the "did we cross over?" part. Again, we get a feeling that this group, these people are unable to fall into the category of death or life. So much so, they feel they are losing who they are. Interestingly enough, one of the side affects of Element 115 is memory loss. Could it be that these people have even forgotten their name due to heavy exposure? Or is this more of a psychological question "who am I really"? Or rather, "who are we really"? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you for reading! I know this was very long and has a lot of text, but I hope to see some responses and theories. I really believe that these songs contain key pieces of information that help explain the storyline, albeit it can be difficult to decipher. (PS this took a week to write)
  5. In all honesty, I think you are jumping the gun on this. Or, at least, how you went about doing this. I understand that it is very cool to discover an EE, but its best to just follow it and keep hunting before posting something. For instance, GlitchingQueen, when she discovered the Dancing Arnies, posted the final product of the mini EE rather than say "I FOUND SOMETHING OMG LOOK LOOK LOOK!" This was very smart because we saw the final product of her work and received immediate proof of it. Again, when PtG found the gold spork, they posted proof first, though they did tease, then explained how to get it. Its just a lot more believeable. I commend you for coming this far to find an EE, but you've got to be smoother on your publicity.
  6. Thanks @NaBrZHunter and @Tac! I will add these revisions when i get back from classes
  7. Hello zombie slayers! With Der Eisendrache being released for well over 2 wees now, I think it is time to recap the events that have transpired in this new chapter. WARNING: Spoilers...obviously. Also, note that everything in this post will be based on quotes and the EE progression. THERE WILL BE NO SPECULATIONS IN THIS, Feel free to provide your own in the comments. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After the events of the Giant, the Origins Crew consisting of Dempsey, Richtofen, Takeo, and Nikolai are able to steal a giant robot and are now attempting to capture Nazi soldiers, presumably group 935, who have the cryo frozen body of Dempsey from this universe/timeline. During the chase, Group 935 is able to defeat the robot and escape with the body. The 4 heroes then travel to a nearby 935 facility known as "Der Eisendrache". This is where we pick up as we start the game. In the background, the rocket ship containing "the test subject" aka Tank Dempsey from this universe, lifts off. The crew notes that this is an unfortunate turn of events, but nonetheless, Richtofen insists that they must recover the body. As the rounds proceed, the 3 soldiers continue to pressure Richtofen as to why this matters so much, in particular Dempsey who is wary of Richtofen's intentions. The Doctor brushes it aside as they make their way deeper into the castle. Suddenly, a voice comes over the PA. Enter Dr. Groph, a fellow scientist. He is relieved to discover that Richtofen is alive, though not knowing that the Richtofen from Origins has killed the Richtofen of this universe. They continue their exchange until the team feeds the dragons. This prompts Dr. Groph to question Richtofen's motives. Further discovery of the Pack a Punch machine will result in Dr. Groph declaring he will stop Richtofen, though he does not understand why he is in the company of his enemies. About the dragons: According to Richtofen, these were already in place when 935 arrived. They seemed to have a malicious or vengeful presence. Richtofen notes, upon picking up the bow, that he has seen this before and that it will aid in their endeavors to recover the test subject. As the heroes begin completing their quest lines for the Wrath of the Ancients, Richtofen begins to wonder if there is a way to use the teleporter to reverse time. Once you complete the wisp step and go back in time, you will get a cutscene in which Dr. Groph places a journal and other items into a safe. The team then picks up a canister filled with blue liquid as well as a fuse. Takeo puts a plant down in curiosity if it was grow as time goes on. Dr. Groph notes how the progress they are making here will greatly impact the tide of the war. Once the team teleports back, they must enter the code into the computer near the death ray after using the death ray with the fuse as a means to power the computer. Upon completion, they go to the safe to retrieve 2 tesla coils. Once they are put inside each of the death ray pillars, they must be powered. The computer to the left closest to the death ray begins a code game. Once complete, the team wunderspheres to the rocket station to power up a computer as well. Having done so, and escaping a near fiery death at the hands of a rocket test, the team returns to the death ray and pushes a secondary function button behind the main controls for the death ray. With the powered up coils, the death ray fires a beam into the heavens, perfectly destroying Dempsey's rocket as it was making its way to the moon. This causes his pod to crash land in the courtyard unharmed. As the team attempts to investigate, Nikolai attempts to open the case but is electrified. Dr. Groph explains on the PA that he has the only code and therefore the only way to open the pod. Stumped, the team must then find another way to open the case. However, not all hope is lost. Near Dempsey's case is a rod of some sorts. It appears to be the Golden Rod that Richtofen in the original universe had received from the actor group in the Siberian 935 facility. The team takes this key and uses it on a pedestal that has a similar design back where they recieved the Wrath of the Ancients. A keeper manifests, apparently in need of energy. Following the ghost, the team comes to a tablet in the wall with the symbol of the Black Sun. The ghost urges them to feed the tablet souls. Unfortunately, as time goes on, they are unable to continue feeding the ghost because a tablet piece has gone missing. With no idea as to where they can find it, they resort to going back in time in an attempt to locate the piece before it has become lost. It is apparently in a safe near the teleporter in the past, probably taken for further study. Upon returning to the present, they are able to finally feed the Keeper, putting him back at full power. This allows the Keeper to teleport to the moon, attacking Dr. Groph who can be heard screaming over the PA. This causes the 4 tiles on the floor of the pyramid room to charge and teleport the MPD device from the Moon to earth. The team then puts the canister back in place, completing the necessary amount of blue liquid (probably souls or element 115) to release the pyramid, revealing a Keeper. It turns out that this keeper has become corrupted and must be cleansed. The heroes recharge their Ragnarok DG-4s and attempt to recharge the tiles by using the secondary function of the DGs that release mass amounts of element 115. They succeed as everything goes white. The four heroes awaken in a room with a large Keeper and several skeletons begin to spawn. As they fight, the Keeper begins to weaken, eventually being defeated despite help from Group 935s robotic abominations. Once they return to the pyramid room, all the power released from the corrupted keeper transfers into the Summoning Key which has appeared in the console of the MPD. Taking it, Richtofen plays it in the console near the death ray machine, giving it enough energy to launch every rocket near the facility into the moon. Dr. Groph speaks one last time, warning Edward that this will not change the outcome of the war, that what he is doing will enevitably be futile. As the rockets hit the moon, Richtofen contemplates the dark future ahead, though he knows the path. However, with the moon destroyed, the relay that electrified Dempsey's pod is also destroyed, allowing the crew to open it. As they get near, Richtofen remarks how the test subject is still alive. Untrusting of him companions, Richtofen uses the summoning key to suspend them in the air. Dempsey once again iterates that he should never have trusted Richtofen. The doctor rebuttals that he should be trusted as he is the only one who knows of fix the universe and time. He says that if the subject lives, he will cause havoc across all the dimensions. He cannot be allowed to live. Dempsey then decides that he should be the one to kill himself. He unfreezes the cryo chamber, ending the life of the subject. Richtofen explains that the Summoning Key has the power to preserve souls but only recently after death. He places the key over the body, adding Dempsey's soul to the Summoning key, along with Richtofen's soul from this universe. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` I hope you enjoyed this block of letters. Please let me know if I missed any details and add your own!
  8. I'd say its a good guess, but doesnt really hold. We know that Nova Crawlers were a deformity due to exposure to element 115. Keepers are literal beings created to keep the universe in balance.
  9. Thanks! I was just so hyped that i got something right xD i've only predicted something like twice so when it happened I was giddy! And thanks for the encouragement! I've just been lurking fort he past 2 years but with BOIII I will be returning with some more theories and guides, if I can manage. Hope to see you around! (PS: I AM HONORED TO BE ACKNOWLEDGED BY PINNAZ)
  10. Hi everyone! I'm here today to talk about the backstory behind each bow, as it seems that each quest line has some indication that these bows are each bound to a different story. The Dark Void bow: This one seems to have the clearest story. A person of unknown origin is locked inside the arrow. He asks you to free him. By gathering sacrifices and calling out his name, you can obtain his power. From what we can deduce, it seems that this voice has a more malicious tone. It is noted that you must pick up skulls that have a passing resemblence to the keeper (sharp teeth, weird head). The most fascinating part in my opinion is the part of his name. Since it uses Apothicon symbols to spell out the name, I am willing to bet that this creature is possibly a Keeper, or at least BOUND by a keeper to the Arrow. Another way to look at this is to remember what Blundell and the map description says: "This is a site of unspeakable atrocities". Perhaps the person locked in the bow killed someone or sacrificed people to demons. This may explain the more foul nature of this quest, getting skulls and having them eat crawlers. Also, whoever this person is, we can probably assume they lived at the castle at some point. They happen to know the symbols on the armor. An interesting weapon, if a little under powered. The Wolf bow: According to Takeo "The Forgotten King has graced us with a gift". This one is very interesting. Starting the quest with the paintings is really cool because they actually tell a story. As you go through them, you see in most of them knights. Possibly one of these portrayed the king. As the paintings go, the strangest one is the Cthulu attacking the castle and the king/knight has been slain. Later on, you go to the crypt section to shoot into a room that contains a skeleton. The wolf seems to be the sigil of this warrior/king. I need to research more on this one, but it is obvious that this guy has a very interesting backstory. The Fire bow: Again, Takeo notes when using this bower "The earth's rage consumes you". This one doesn't seem to hold too much backstory. Please comment with some theories! The Electric bow: Agan, not much backstory. Just seems like mother nature is not happy. Please comment with some theories! Have a nice day everyone!
  11. Looks like i was right. when you grab the DG4, the prompt calls it an antigravity field. gg no re
  12. So some people may have noticed at the end of the most recent trailer that you can pull out SPIKES and slam them down like the GRAVITY SPIKES from multiplayer. However, with the way that the zombies acted in the trailer, they appeared to float, followed by Richtofen saying "What goes up must come down!". Therefore... These are ANTIGRAVITY SPIKES. My thinking is that this will immobalize zombies in mid air, allowing you to escape or shoot them. Would be a really cool either WW or specialist weapon. Thoughts?
  13. Oh, also, sorry about 2 posts, but it seems that matchmaking is better. Got into 2/3 games

  14. PSN update: Zombies got a bit weaker? Not too much triple hits


    1. RedDeadRiot


      Hot patch or an actual update?

  15. I just hopped onto PSN and some interesting things changed (or at least I thought it did) Zombies are less aggressive. I made many escapes on red with a large crowd. The Wunderwaffe chains damage better. Also no splash. But it seems really that the zombies are not as powerful as before.
  16. Entirely possible. Also since the execution takes place on the Golden Gate bridge
  17. hi everyone! So with SOE literally hours away. id like to discuss a final point that has always been something that has nagged me. We have a lot of confidence in saying that MotD and SoE are connected, but we haven't REALLY seen a concrete way (unless you have seen something in particular that is a spoiler, then dont say it here). Well today, I want to provide some insight. If anyone remembers the quotes from Mob of the Dead, oen of the more infamous ones is from the Directors Cut trailer, which is a cinematic style trailer. At the end, Salvatore "Sal" De Luca says to himself "do you feel it? eating you? nagging away at you?...What do you think youll find when you get outta here? You think the city will be just as you left it?". Gives me shivers every time. But now we might know what he is actually referring to. Morg City, as we know it, seems to have become some zombie ridden hell hole i dont even know tbh what it is. But, maybe we can hazard a guess that this is the city that Sal mentioned? It would also fit in about Finn of Leary's wife who was a "starlet" until she sold him up the river. Sounds like some thing the Femme Fatale would do. If anything, I really believe SOE is something they have been waiting for literally years to release. they knew, right from MotD, that this new story would alleviate them from the old screwed up one. In essense, MoTD was merely a guinea pig to see if the story style and attmosphere would work not only on a bigger scale, but to move away from the convuluted storyline that, TBH, was created by the community. Thoughts?
  18. I'll be playing it minute 1. Does anyone know when the game unlocks on steam? Steam: AlphaOmega, Level 70.
  19. My money is on: -a ritual -a power up -a special reward for killing marwagas
  20. im not here often much anymore, but way2g00 was a good member of the community and will be missed. Sorry to hear about this.
  21. I don't think we need to put spoilers on every thread. This trailer was officially released by Activision anyways, so I don't think anything here can be classified as a spoiler. But yes, the trailer is amazing. I really get a gritty noir feeling from it, and the city seems to be really big too. What happened to the characters at the end though? Is it possible they have died, and wake up in a Hellish version of the city they know? A clip of gameplay from the new sort of "Afterlife" mode is played too right after the characters go to sleep. It's possible they could've been drugged too. Really great cutscene overall though, and the longest one we've ever gotten in a Zombie map. The only thing though, is that for such a big city, there seems to be no bodies anywhere. Even Mob an Origins even had dead bodies hanging around the place, adding to the creepy atmosphere. It's possible there may be an in-game explanation however. I think it may have been better for Activision to release this cutscene on Halloween though, and get all the Zombie fans hyped up a week from release. Did you notice many of the zombies looked like the charcters themselves?
  22. DAMNIT BEAT ME BY A SECOND. I heard the audio before but seeing it in action...chills. Cant contain hype anymore.
  23. Hi everyone! Just saw this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiJFsOU9Fn8 thoughts?
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