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  1. Yes, but just have your ray gun ready, sometimes dogs create a clusterf%ck in there. Otherwise, zombies only come from 3 ways: the box spawn, the steilhandgranates, and the dt area. Yeah I thought it would work good, you should usually be able to kill the dogs with the type 100 if there's just a few.
  2. Zombies should respawn if you go too far away from them. There is way to prevent this on black ops 1, but this feature was only added on Call of the Dead and after. If zombies are damaged, they will not respawn. On Black Ops 2, it works almost the opposite of this; if they are damaged, they will not only despawn but they won't respawn back so you can't leave a crawler like you could on Black Ops 1. Exactly, they should have survival versions of EVERY map, not just Tranzit. I hate all the stuff you have to do to set up. And then once you're all set up, there's no challenge because you have everything, so the whole game gets tedious. I also dislike how you have to wait for elevators on Die Rise. They should have a hold x button like the Five elevators. They tried using the buildables feature too much, you shouldn't have to have a key for it to work. Tranzit buildables did suck badly. There use to be a glitch to make buildables invincible, and even then they were still pretty bad. And this is is the WORST map to Pack a Punch on. Half the time you get there after you placed the turbine and it's already closed. Tranzit was just a cluster of terrible ideas combined. I kinda like weapons like the sliquifier where it doesn't kill all the zombies in a path immediately like a thundergun would, but instead if you know how to use it, it can be even more helpful than one of those wonder weapons. Both are great though. I don't understand why they had to patch the sliquifier to not kill after round 100. The Paralyzer only kills to round 70 I believe. And 2 of the "ultimates staves" aren't even usable in high rounds. It's ridiculous, if you make a wonder weapon, make it kill forever, or at least do something like Mon of the Dead where the wonder weapon is more for support while you use the traps to kill. I've gotten use to zombie double swipes, and they usually don't bother me anymore. But there is perma-jug which is 4 hits until you down, but I know this is probably not what you are looking for. Knifing in Black Ops 2 is terrible, especially when they are behind barriers. They should have never added the technique that makes zombies die out and start the next round if they are damaged, Like I said above, it was the opposite in Black Ops 1. Why did you have to change it Treyarch? FailFish Everything on Black Ops 2 is just annoying, not challenging. Der Riese was a perfectly made map, yet they have never designed a map quite like it. It had a triangular design that just worked so well. Moon was so annoying because after the power room it is just all one path and especially the labs with those annoying teleporting crawlers. The regular crawlers are annoying enough, but they you have to make them teleport?! And plus you have those tiny hallways where you get the suits in that you always get stuck in. I don't think Origins' design was that bad, it was just the things on the map that made it bad, like the mud and the panzers. I like your comparison to Der Riese and Origins. I hope Treyarch sees that. This is exactly how you should respond, I thank you for long and thoughtful response
  3. This is the regular strat: And the one for insta kill rounds is in the type 100 room with the type 100 upgraded dogs should be no problem 2-3 shots to kill em
  4. UPDATE #2: a small update, just added some new perk ideas
  5. Awesome, glad to see it works. Did you also test the insta kill rounds in the type 100 room?
  6. Exactly! You should not need a buildable to power another buildable! I dislike buildables, but the turbine is the worst!
  7. I have took it into consideration and you guys are right. Double Tap 2 should stay
  8. Double Tap 2 is overpowered, it needs to be separate in my opinion.
  9. I probably won't be covering Easter Egg related stuff because it's not really my thing, but I do have to agree with you that Black Ops 1 did have better easter eggs and easter egg rewards. The Black Ops 2 easter eggs sucked and had bad rewards. Mob of the Dead is the only easter egg I like as there is only a couple steps you have to do that are out of the way, and it's cool having an end game easter egg. Origins has an end game easter egg too, but it's just too tedious to be worth it.
  10. UPDATE #1: Added a new "Perks" section and edited the "Grief" section. Soon to add a "Maps" section
  11. I think youre right that's why I wanted your guys' feedback on that part of it. I think at least equipment should damage people especially claymores because they're useless in grief.
  12. Hello, this is going to be a work in progress, as I will eventually be covering everything there is on zombies. I will be comparing Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2 showing what they should have kept and what they could have changed. I will also throw in some new ideas that I think would be great. Maybe some of these things will come true in Black Ops 3 since Treyarch still has another year to make it. Also, once I finish this I might make it into a YouTube video so it can be better explained. Feel free to leave suggestions below, but I might not add them into my thread because this is what I personally would have liked to seen. [member name] = credit to person for the idea Perks I have thought of some ideas for new perks, and ways to make the perks we love even better. Improvements to Old Perks Speed Cola - aim down sights faster Stamin Up - unlimited sprint Deadshot - remove auto aim to head (very annoying in most situations), no weapon sway, no recoil, very good hip spray accuracy, added effects of vulture aid, 4x headshot damage (is this too much?) Mule Kick - switch weapons faster, change cost to 3000 Tombstone - keep your perks after you down (works for solo too) New Perk Ideas Dollar Dew (3000, white, looks like Vulture Aid) - triple knife speed and +10% more points Tufbrew (2000, pink, looks like Double Tap 2) - double damage Ammo-Matic - not an actual perk, machine where you can keep buying ammo for 10% more than wall ammo price Grief I've been playing a lot of grief lately, so I have been able to come up with some good ideas on how it could be improved because I think it's a really great idea. Power Downs First off, I think there should me no power ups, only "power downs" or negative power ups. We already have on in the game and that is the meat, but even that it's not really too useful.. If you throw it on someone maybe there's a small chance he'll go down? But anyways the power downs basically make all our normal power ups and make them effect the other team negatively instead of helping your own team. Double Points - Half Points Insta Kill - Enemy team does 0 weapon damage for 30 seconds Nuke - Randomly downs someone on enemy team (doesn't work if 1 player is left) Max Ammo - Makes all enemies lose a clip of their weapons and makes them have to reload (similar to the power up on turned) Points - Takes 10% of each player's points on the enemy team [Delta] Perk Bottle - Takes a random perk from each player on the enemy team [Delta, Awful Lawton] Enemies won't know when you have pickup a power down, so they will be quite surprised. The guy who goes down from the nuke will know why he went down though, just so they don't think they died for no reason. Bullets, knives and equipment hurt enemies! I'm not too sure about this one, so maybe you guys could decide if you would like to see this. I've already come up with a way to determine how much damage everything does, I think it's pretty balanced. Knife - 10 damage Ballistic knife - 15 damage Galvaknuckles - 20 damage Grenade/semtex - 25 damage each Claymores - 50 damage each Most weapons - each clip does 30 damage LMGs/Explosives/Wonder weapons including ray guns - each clip does 100 damage Pack a punch doubles the damage I think this would make grief pretty interesting, but it also might ruin it so I'm not too sure about it. Scrapped this idea because it would probably ruin grief. [TheBSZombie] Grief Maps There should definitely be more grief maps! I do have one thing to say first.. GET RID OF BURIED GRIEF! It's not even a real grief map, there is no way to get people downed on this map at all, you just stay alive til they die, I hate playing grief like that. I want to be able to down them like I can in Cell Block. And the one buildable that would have been awesome to use on grief, the head chopper, is the one that they don't have on buried grief! So just get rid of buried grief. Also, do not make tranzit grief. That would just be awful, WAY too big of a map. Nuketown is more of a survival map also, I couldn't see it being a grief map. Town is an okay map for grief. The lava and galvaknuckles make it interesting, but it's still not as grief-friendly as farm or cell block. Bus depot! Bus depot would be so amazing for grief! No perks, noobs spamming the box away, 8 players in that first room! That would probably be the best map. Die Rise would also be fun as the trample steam and sliquifier are both very good for griefing around. You could make puddles with the slquifier right near an elevator shaft and knife them into it or launch them out the map with a trample steam. I think if the whole map was open it would be too big though, so maybe split it into two separate maps, such as the rooftop with claymores and semtex, and then the spawn area. I hear people all the time saying they want origins grief. Like, die rise though this map should be split into two or three separate maps. Maybe one of them could have the wunderfizz only for perks. the panzers would dominate noobs in grief. Maybe we could also try out the zombie shield on this map for grief. and the maxis drone would go scout for enemy players and shoot them to slow them down and get trapped.
  13. Really good post. I like the different player classes
  14. I was talking to this guy in an xbox live party today. That picture is all he has and he thinks it is somehow an easter egg or a "challenge". It's just a graphical glitch that he probably found when going through one of his games in theater mode, and how hes spreading these fake easter egg rumors. Don't listen to him, he's a phony.
  15. Novas spawns in the stage no matter what when you turn on the power. You can control if they spawn in the first room and mp40 room though. For coop random games, I would do first room. It's much faster but not as easy as stage but still fairly easy. You just do the normal fire trap strategy, just without nova or pack a punch.
  16. Awesome post! This is basically what I do for speedruns and high rounds.
  17. Round 48 in grief?! That's gotta be the world record!! Do you have that on YouTube?
  18. Okay thanks, I'm deciding if I want to do 200 attempt on Ascension or Der Riese. I think if that insta kill strat works then I'll do Der Riese
  19. I was testing it, dogs only take about 5 shots max with the upgraded type 100 so you just focus on a dog when it spawns in.
  20. Where do you go for insta kill rounds? I had an idea of camping type 100 with type 100 upgraded.
  21. Good strategy, this is what I do for my speedruns. My only problem is I never know when to hit the box doing this because doing it mid round is too risky and leaving a zombies is too slow I hate leaving zombies and even on dog rounds there is not enough time.
  22. All I usually play is solo! You could try doing some speedruns they really help you get better at going through the rounds. If you want you can go to my thread: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/index.php/topic/158334-zombie-speedruns/
  23. I see a chat option on one of your photos. Is that coming to the site soon?
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