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Easter Egg Song Bracket Round 4!
Welcome back, ladies and germs!. Here are the results of round 3...
... and the current bracket:

Round 4 is here! 
RULE TIME! Below I will list the competitors in this round using numbers. You will make your own list of numbers, with your choice next to the corresponding number and optionally an explanation why. So for example if the match-up is:
1. Sam vs Eddie
You would reply:
1. Eddie - Blue eyes are badass.
After 1 week I will tally up the votes and write up a post for the next round.
Let's get into round 4!
1. The One vs I Am The Well
2. Lullaby for a Deadman vs Pareidolia
3. 115 vs Abracadavre
4. Dead Ended vs The Gift
Rock the vote!
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"R-4808N 27 14 06 115 48 40"
I hope you're receiving this transmission, Peter. If you are not, then all hope is lost. You must know by now that we failed to contain the asylum, that we had to move the experiment here. Location. The numbers will guide you. The Giant must remain (static) at all costs, repeat, Der Riese must (static) at all costs. The DG-2 experiments continue. You'll be our only advantage now. Find Doctor Richtofen and Doctor Maxis, they may know what's going on. The use of Element 115 is dangerous at best. I'm not sure if we can continue here. We've lost most of our best (static). I hope you get this. I hope it hasn't happened there too, but I'm almost out of hope.
"60 54 06.96 101 55 44.94" 
— Cornelia in Revelations
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Honest Opinion After 11 Years
The following is based off the last 11 years of my life playing zombies.  I understand if you may disagree with some of my opinions, but all I can do is be as blunt and honest with you all. I enjoy this game very much and in no way does this represent my current enthusiasm for zombies. Its just what needs to be said so the questions that get me breathing irregularly  are those asking why the story is ending ? why the new story is not better? WTF is NEXTT? So I voiced in Discord...

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The Tunguska event was a huge explosion taking place near Stony Tunguska River, in Siberia, Russia, on the morning of 30 June 1908. Flattening 2000 km2 of trees. It is the largest impact event on Earth in recorded history.
There are many conspiracy theories about what exactly caused this huge explosion, involving Unidentified Flying Objects, an attack of the Thundergod and even an experiment of Doctor Tesla. But we, Meta Zombiologists, know what was the real cause: It was Earth's first by modern sources registrated contact with the Aether: the meteorite contained the metallic element One-One-Five...
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On Alpha Omega there are three radios, four punch cards, five maxis transmissions, five audio reels, and three Russman audio logs.
These transcriptions have been made using Nixaru's videos, so shout out to her. 
Radio #1: 
Radio #2: 
Radio #3:
Punch Cards
Card #1:
Card #2:
Card #3: 
Card #4:
Maxis Transmissions
Transmission #1:
Transmission #2:
Transmission #3:
Transmission #4:
Transmission #5: 
Audio Reels
Reel #1:
Reel #2:
Reel #3 (In this reel, Pernell's voice is altered similar to Hudson's in the Black Ops campaign when he is interrogating Mason in the cutscenes): 
Reel #4
Reel #5: 
Russman Audio Logs
Log #1:
Log #2:
Log #3:
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