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Where did you get your username?
Yesterday an interesting discussion took place about our usernames and how they, and the avatars we choose, affect our behavior online. Then we started talking about the origins of our usernames, and there were some fairly interesting ones. @Tacsuggested someone should make a thread for it, so here it is! Share how you came up with your username, and if you'd like, maybe how you think it has affected your behavior and perception.
I'll start with my own: Zakpak was a family in-joke because when I was a baby I liked to ride around in a bag that my mother would carry and called the Zach-pack. I used that for a while, then in 2010 I setup my gamertag for Xbox Live, and Zakpak was taken, so I chose the first random suggestion that it gave me which happened to be RadZakpak; And so it has been ever since.
Most of the time people rarely pay attention to the 'Zakpak' portion and just refer to me as Rad, or if they do try to say it they just butcher it as something like RadZpak. Honestly the name has grown on me and I am glad I was randomly suggested that prefix of all things.
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Language Support
We have added a few language packs and now support the following languages


Come on over and join us & select your language to get involved - https://bit.ly/3uvSTTF

#codz #codzofficial #codzforum #codzcommunity #callofdutyzombies
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CoDZ Forums Writing Competition I
Greetings one and all. Today I've got something a little different to share - The First CoDZ Forums Writing Competition!
Anyone may enter Submissions should aim to be around 1000-1500 words . Submissions will still be accepted regardless, however please try to be sensible - we have to read this too. Submissions can be sent either as a response to this post or to me via Discord (Cal#8013) Submissions should be a Word Doc/Google Doc or PDF Submission deadline is February 26th 2021 (One week from now) Submissions do not have to use the below prompts, though their use is recommended Submissions that choose not to use the provided prompts and instead stray too far into fan fiction territory (e.g. Ultimis Richtofen goes to Burger King) will likely not be considered - if you're writing without a prompt, it better be good! Submissions will be judged by myself alongside judges from the CoDZ Forum community (T.B.D)  
CODZ Writing Comp I - Google Docs
DOCS.GOOGLE.COM CODZ WRITING COMPETITION EDITION I Prompt 1 You are a civilian who after witnessing an unexplained phenomenon, is now trapped in the Dark Aether. Finding a notebook and pencil in an abandoned department store...  
Good Luck to all Participants and Happy Writing!
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New Hall of Fame Members
It is with great honour to add the following members to the hall of fame group @The Clay Bird | @BlindBusDrivr | @Rissole25 | @83457 | @FatedTitan | @Dahniska | @Superhands | @TheNathanNS
Each and everyone of them deserve to be in the Hall of Fame group having provided CoDz with knowledge and understanding, friendship and more to many of the sites users both past and present. Some have gone on to other things but they'll always be respected on this site.
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Why Treyarch Should Make a Tranzit Remaster.
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Firebase Z Season 1 Intel
This thread will be updated as more are found.
Requiem (23/23)
Audio Logs (3)
 "Ravenov" (Location: The bottom floor of the data center.) - Maxis phones Weaver to let him know she has a contact inside Omega Group willing to provide valuable intel.
 "They Took Her" (Location: Up the stairs on a bench above pack-a-punch.) - Captain Ravenov -- Maxis's contact in Omega -- reveals to Weaver that Maxis has been captured.
 "Meeting Of Minds" (Location: Inside Military Command just after leaving the motor pool, on the left hand side.) - The Requiem senior staff discuss sending a rescue team to Outpost 25.
Documents (4)
"Outbreak Zones Timeline" (Location: Dropped from a mimic.) - CIA document detailing the appearances of dimensional breaches since Omega Group restarted the cyclotron at Projekt Endstation.
"Requiem Formation Memo" (Location: Dropped from a mimic.) - Director of Central Intelligence Casey informs President Reagan about the newly created CIA Office of Requiem.
"Requiem Staffing Announcement" (Location: Location: Dropped from a mimic.) - CIA document announcing the appointments of Weaver, Carver, Grey and Strauss to the Office of Requiem senior staff.
  "C Cipher" (Location: Inside the Colonel's safe, acquired through a side quest.) - ???. (Solved here)
Radio Transmissions (12)
  "Omega's Advantage" (Location: On a table near Speed Cola.) - Weaver tells the team that Omega is pulling ahead in the Aetherium Arms Race.
  "This Is Personal" (Location: On a table near Speed Cola.) - Weaver stresses to the team that they need to rescue Maxis.
  "Peck" (Location: On a table near Speed Cola.) - Weaver has a few choice words about the despicable Doctor Peck.
  "Between Us" (Location: On a table near Speed Cola.) - Carver reminds the team to seize Omega's weapon research.
  "W.A.N.D." (Location: On a table near Speed Cola.) - Carver discusses one of his contributions to the war effort.



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Thoughts on the new map
Since Firebase Z has been out for a few days now, I wanted to see what everyone's thought were about it? 
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The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club
Have you ever seen a hilarious picture and wanted to share it with your pals on CoDz? Have you seen a video that you needed to show someone or you felt like you would explode? Do you have any unusual anecdotes or jokes or any other amusing bit of text to share? If you answered yes to any of these, this is the thread for you!
You can post any picture, any video, or any text you want! My intention was for this to be mainly humor and amusement oriented so try To gravitate your posts towards that genre, but as the title says, you can literally post Whatever you want here. Far too often do I find myself looking at a video and thinking "CoDz must knoooww!!!!!" but alas it is not worth making into its own off-topic thread! Here's my simple solution: make a thread for EVERYONE to be able to post that one video, that one picture, or whatever else you wanted to but couldn't!
Note: While somewhat off topic, this is intended to be a more community-oriented thread.
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Graffiti of Die Maschine
WIP. Posting as a draft to update
~ If you can read any of the graffiti or find the IRL images, please post your comment & I'll add it to the OP
~ Some of the large rectangular textures only use certain parts & the rest is faded out. I've included the complete texture rather than cutting it.
~ There is an ALAMY (Stock photos website) watermark on one of the textures meaning that some of the larger rectangular graffiti textures may just be IRL stock images.
Massive Credits to the following for the discussions on Discord ~
@Dizzie Bonkers
@Carnage Evoker
And who else have I shamelessly forgotten?

Yard Wall - Outside Living Room (Bunny Door)

From Left to Right
Top to Bottom








What does a skull with roses symbolize?
The skull represents life and death while the rose represents beauty and love.
Together, the skull and rose tattoo symbolize a struggle between the beautiful and the ugly in times of evil versus good.

You can see this alamy watermark in game. Found in the YARD next to the "Bunny Door"


Image of a PTRS-41 / Simonov anti-tank rifle (Nacht WaW & BO1 )

A reference to the broken Tank with pierced armor which requires repair in a step of the side quest
Could also be a reference to the Scoped Kar98k found in the cabinet of Nacht der Untoten? (WaW & BO1)






(Yellow "Los Angeles" on side of stairs)


LIVING ROOM (Bunny Door)
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Hello all, Tac here. I am posting the timeline from Treyarch's website here on CoDz. I intend on eventually having this page list out the various multiple endings to Black Ops Cold War and how they lead to other games, but for now it will just be some info from their site.
World at War - 7 intel

Black Ops - 14 intel
Black Ops Cold War - 0 intel
Black Ops II - 12 intel
Black Ops III - 1 intel
Black Ops IV - 1 intel
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KNOW YOUR HISTORY // "Pawn Takes Pawn" Black Ops Cold War Viral
**Work in Progress, just submitted because I needed to get it somewhere**
Hey all, Tac here with a thread on the recent viral we've all been partaking in. I am so excited for this time of year to be back, especially having experienced the original GKNOVA6 and all the nostalgia that comes with that. This thread seeks to serve as a primary resource when looking back at the viral campaign.
Part One - Discovering PawnTakesPawn.com Through Summit
Part Two - Tangled Web
Part Three - EMC2
Part Four - 11th Hour
Part Five - Code Cave - Zork
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Almost four years ago, the entire community was told that we now had in our hands, the keys to decoding the Apothicon (and Keeper) languages. Now, with @EricMaynard (twitter: https://twitter.com/EricMaynardII), Bench https://twitter.com/bench_appearo, and myself (as well as several others) having spend an inordinate amount of hours on it over the past week, I tell you today that this was not the case. In fact, we had barely scratched the surface of the Apothicon Language. 
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Almost four years ago, the entire community was told that we now had in our hands, the keys to decoding the Apothicon and Keeper languages. Now once again, with @EricMaynard, @Bench_Appearo, and myself (as well as several others) having spend an inordinate amount of hours on it over the past few weeks, I tell you today that, just as with our previous venture into Apothicon, this was not the case. In fact, we had barely scratched the surface of the Keeper Language. 
At first glance, it would seem we had more information about Keeper than was the case with Apothicon. Indeed, @MrRoflWaffles had published the Keeper Word and Pronunciation grids, allowing for what many believed was total access to the language - as well as this, very brief allusions to grammar and the methods in which words were made up. At the end of this process, we can safely say there is far more - both in terms of the language at face value and for its lore implications. 
Firstly, each keeper word has a value in Base 9 - this is nothing new, as MrRoflWaffles had told us this, however it seems as though his reasoning was incorrect. In the real world, the Sumerian and Akkadian languages used a system "Cuneiform" - this is the oldest writing system in the world and appears in Origins, as well as being a clear inspiration for Keeper. These ancient cultures (as well as many more that followed and even some cultures today) used a different system to Base 10 to count, called Sexagesimal or Base 60. Look at your hand: On each finger (discounting your thumb) you have three visible fingerbones, and you have four fingers - this means with one hand, you can count to 12, just as today in the West, with one hand we count to 5. If you look at a Keeper's hand, they have three fingers, each with three finger bones - this means with one hand, they can get to 9.

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The tentacles of the Apothicans aren't really 'tentacles'. It's more that they're pieces of the being floating in and out of dimensions and that our mind can only comprehend them as tentacles. Carl Sagan's 'Flatland' describes this phenomenon fairly well.
In it he explains how a third dimension is not only inconceivable but impossible to perceive by the two-dimensional senses of the inhabitants of the flat land. When a 3D being enters the 2D realm, any 2D, which he calls Flatlander, can perceive only one layer of the 3D being, changing as it enters the 2D realm further. Here are videos of certain 3D fruits (starfruit, garlic, banana), going through a 2D layer (so you can see it as some kind of stop motion film of the intersection of the fruits). Notice how similar these things look like typical Apothican traits such as tentacles and multiple eyes.
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New Hall of Fame inductees
Hall of Fame
Class of 2019
Greetings everyone. Boomy, being the bright and fast thinking meme lord of CoDz, decided recently that it was time to award some new folks with the thunderous (hint hint) colour of the Hall of Fame from CoDz.
So after days and nights of thinking and battles til death we first and foremost decided to give our friends @DeathBringerZen and @GRILL the honour not only for their great contributions as staff members, but also because they always were a big part of this cosy little community.
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Die Rise is a Broken Arrow facility
In Alpha Omega, one can read about a Broken Arrow facility somewhere in East Asia. It is said to house both weapon testing and Bios experiments. Now the original Bios experiments were done in a facility already lost in the 1980s.
Its projects are transferred to other locations. The Alpha Omega map is from the 2020s, not the 1980s, so it appears that Die Rise might have been one of the other locations the Bios experiments were transferred to. It also makes sense for Russman to be there, as he was originally also involved in the Bios testing.
Now the main question: How could the American Broken Arrow have a facility in China? I have several explanations for that:
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“The Secret” (we made it into the game bois)
So, since before the map came out, people were curious about a trophy that popped up on PS4 for Tag der Toten. It reads: 
In Tag der Toten, find the secret.

welp, they found the secret. 
There’s a weird lonely iceberg with a pool of water that a few very lucky players have gotten to. I’ve seen people use Anywhere but Here and arrive there, but it seems like the “real” way to get there is to have the upper flinger throw you directly there. I’m not sure if it’s yet known exactly how to trigger this or if it’s RNG, but it has happened to some people. 
Anyway, after you get to the iceberg you can swim down into the pool, and you’ll actually have to swim a pretty lengthy distance through icy tunnels.
When you reach the other end and emerge, you’re in an all new area with its own unique skybox. And not just any skybox. 

If that wasn’t wild enough, when you approach the water, the orchestral version of the song “Pareidolia,” otherwise known as the score for the map Shangri-La, begins to play. 
So... there it is. 
The theory that Shangri-La is on mars is about as OG as it gets around these parts, and it has gotten an official nod from Treyarch. Somewhere Jimmy Z is smiling. 
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