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  1. 83457

    Verrückt Camp Spot (Solo?).

    Posting a follow up here (camping strategy lower rounds for those who like to camp until dead sometimes. I often have more fun camping maps until 30, rather than running circles until bored and quit by 50). I've not found any worthy randoms to mic up with, and friends are all playing other games (my fault for buying 3 year old zombies, ha), but I've been wondering about this set up for 2-4 campers: We can haz wallbuys: Open Jugg side to power, leave kitchen closed. Open QR side to Speed Cola, kitchen closed. Camp roughly by Speed Cola window and Vesper wallbuy. This gives HVK, ICR, VESPER wall buys in the camp spot (and Speed Cola, which is 1 of 2 key camping perks along with DT2, in case you get downed at least SC is there). The trick is the pathing. Zombies want to run around the fenced stairs (I'll call it "the cage") past the Vesper. If you try to camp near the balcony side of the cage, zombies run around the cage behind you, but if camp by the Vesper, they won't round the cage unless you back up to the ICR, and even then it seems to just be the 'window by the balconey' zombies that comes in behind you (trip mines help). You can usually grab ICR ammo and only get 0-1 zombies behind the cage, which trip mines take out. So, 1 player can watch the SC window, and 1 can stand by Vesper. Both/all players can access ICR/HVK/VESPER. This should work well for 2 players. The issue would be SC window player moving to ICR to buy ammo (or Vesper stander moving to ICR or HVK) midround, causing balcony window zombies to path behind cage. A third player, could swap places and the ammo getter could clean up errant zombies. Or this third player could simply watch the balcony side of the cage. With 4, you could watch both sides of cage, the SC window, and always have a "shortstop" who can back up whomever needs backup, or swap with players who need to re-up their ammo. I feel that a four man might work best like this: 1 SC window, 1 balcony-side of cage, 1 by Vesper looking at left balcony door, headshotting most stairs/trap zombies, 1 by Vesper but along edge of cage, killing wall-hole zombs and watching over Vesper1 guy. Without mega GG, this should be campable to 20-30 rounds. The electric trap should be quite helpful. I suggest players have Speed Cola, DT2, W'sW, and likely Juggernogg. Happy camping!
  2. 83457

    83457's BO3 WaW Reprint Thread

    Hey guys, sorry that I was so assy. I was coming down with the flu and my post is half rambling and half incoherent mutterings. No offense meant to anyone. I can be jerky at times and influenza never helps (this flu bug made me furious at nothing and everything, I'm rarely even slightly mad, weird). I wished to simply describe some fun stuff on ZC for others who may prefer the reprints, and for my future self to look back and go "oh yeah, that's what I used to do" because memory fades but internet doesn't. Anyway, I feel like I was unnecessarily harsh because of my hatred of bo1 and bo1 zombies. Please forgive my transgression. I'll likely delete this thread and start a more cohesive and less tirade-laced one. It was meant for fun, now it's tainted by my anger and delusional ranting and players' responses to that. Nobody's fault but mine. Sorry. Happy gaming!
  3. 83457

    83457's BO3 WaW Reprint Thread

    I guess we can agree that zombies is maybe not what it should be. I've not tried BO4 yet, and given how buggy all xb1 games seem to be, I'm not that hyped. I personally love the silly easiness of BO3, though zombs destroy you quick if you do get too close and the constantly respawning zombies is a terrible mechanic. While many find the GGs cheesy, I love the variety it can bring (I'm 5th prestige though and have not used 1 mega GG on xb1 and I likely have between 1000-2000 Mega GG on 360). BO1, to me and my friends was the worst zombies (besides mecha-zombies, which we can just forget). Don't get me wrong; after playing WaW to death, BO1 was refreshing to get, but even the BO3 BO1 reprints suck. BO1 was so fucking annoying; getting past round 4 or like 7-8 was harder than getting to 40, once you survived the early rounds. Bowie knife fails to damage zombies, bad map designs (doors and weak guns mostly), zombies spawning underfoot, too many doors, too little ammo in the shitty BO guns (and the multiplayer cod of Bad Ops was one of the worst cods yet)... last zombies run at you and respawn which really hurt the gameplay and scariness, it was just corny. Nova crawlers, cosmonaut, monkeys of various sorts...ugh, BO1 zombies failed way too much. Friends and I still play WaW and BO2, we never put in BO1. Moon, even on BO3 is garbage, with 25 super annoying things and 2 fun things (wave gun and hacker). At least it is minutely more fun than BO1's Moon, possibly the most reviled zombie map ever, making Farm seem fun. (I do know that all 25 Moon fans on the Earth come to this site, no offense meant to this small clique). Shangri-La; on BO you could train zombies and headshot the train, in BO3 they keep respawning behind you, and the babymaker now slows you down while kicking babies, making it useless. So maybe this was better on BO1. So, bad map made worse. Ascension is better on BO3, since the sickle failed to damage zombies way too often on the BO version, at least I can use it on BO3. But the annoying monkeys should never have been, but at least on BO3 solo I can have enough points to rebuy lost perks unlike BO where you had to buy ammo for your gun 3 times per round, which was ridiculous. COTD was a huge layout, but too many doors, 3 zombies constantly spawn underfoot which lifts you up and you can't aim down at them or shoot them so you just die without recourse in solo (seriously, who came up with that shit idea?). And again, we have George, as if every map just had to be annoying and unfun. I said it at the time: Trollarch confuses annoyance with challenge and fun. Annoyance is not fun. Not 1 zombie player I know is nostalgic about BO1. It can rot in the past. As for hype for the WaW maps; it is because WaW was the best: you jumped in and played until dead, not much busywork. But you also had "crawler time" at the end of rounds. Like a good song, it waxed and waned. Now, the last zombie is literally in your ass as you try to do end round stuff (I solo often) and making a crawler, only to have it respawn, is pointless, less fun, and detracts from the atmosphere. Instead of a good song, zombies is now a constant cacophony of noise. SoE is a marathon, fun to get those 50+ rounds a few times, but then it is just too much work for "fun" (The 360 version is less buggy and has a solo camp spot, making it Infinitely better than xb1). I rarely want to play Origins or SoE or any big maps, when it is so much more fun to camp under the steps on good old SNN, or play with perks and GG on NDU, or rehashed Der Riese. I wish Trollarch would respect that the busywork and bullshit storyline is nothing compared to the original design: a few doors, a few perks, some camp and training areas and we are good to go. I certainly don't want to see BO1 style again, nor the elevators of BO2 and similar super unfun stuff. Trollarch, what was wrong with zombies being fun? BO1 was not fun, after WaW being so much fun. Being annoyed to death is not fun. /my view, nobody is forced to agree with. I still get triggered by how bad BO is, apparently. Happy gaming, even if you find happiness in BO. Each to their own, right? 🙂
  4. Hey slayers, old 83457 here on a dead forum for a 3 year old buggy game. I wanted to post some info for WaW zombie slayers who may have bought Zombie Chronicles as I did, and I found there to be very little talk on the reprints in general, and most video game videos would be better in text format, rather than ads, squeakers, bad info, and overly long videos as us YouTube's wont. At least you can skip my preamble without hearing crappy music. :) Recently I found myself throwing in the original WaW zombies because they are the most fun still: jump in and play, no busywork, but yet playable map designs (unlike bus depot, farm, town). So, in need of a new toy, I bought BO3 Zombie Chronicles to see the old maps rehashed in a good way (BO1 really sucked, of course, and the reprints are quite forgettable). I have BO3 on 360, so I knew that I would like the new GG and stuff in the reprints. I'm too verbose, so let me switch to actual game talk before my wall of text becomes a fortress.... ------- First, some filler for the new-to-BO3 folk: The game has GobbleGum machines that dispense 5 GG. You create this pack before the game and buy them from the machines which give a random 1 of 5, after all 5, it re-randomizes the 5. If connected online (even if playing offline), the first GG per round is free (if not plugged into internet, it is 500 points offline), and the price of the second or more GG per round goes way up. There are consumable rare GG that you unlock with Divinium in Dr. Monty's Factory. I can't get into all of these, you will have to earn and learn them, they can be crazy powerful or stupid effects, depending on what you use. But there are also basic GG that can be used over and over without them leaving your inventory. I'm gonna discuss a couple to get you started. You will start with some and unlock others as you level up (you level up in BO3). Learn to cycle these almost every end-of-round as it gives you time to do so, so that you always have the one that is most needed. Gold balls trigger, green are timed, blue last X rounds, purple are player-activated (Push d-pad up, console) and may have multiple uses. GGs of note: (Green) Sword Flay 5x melee damage for 2.5 minutes, great for early points, often becomes a 'dead draw' later. (Green) Stock Option lets you fire from stock bullets, no reload, for 3 minutes. (Purple) Anywhere But Here! Random teleport someplace else (2 activations). Can't leave unopened start room or enter unopened areas, but it will switch starting side in unopened start room of Verrückt. (Purple) In plain Sight, zombies ignore you for 10 seconds (2 uses). Besides saving your skin, this can be used to grant reload time, the zombs run away, then head back in an easy to headshot crowd. You'll likely be power-cycling through GG, so don't be afraid to use these often early, then hold them later in the game for emergency. (Purple) Alchemical Antithesis, each 10 points becomes a bullet in current in-hand gun for like 30 seconds(?). This works wonders on Squid gun from SoE, or Wunderwaffe, but also will keep regular guns from running out in a camp situation (2 uses). (Blue) Armamental Accomplishment gives 3+ rounds of faster reload, melee recovery, weapon swap, and item use. (Blue) Danger Closest gives 3 rounds of zero explosive damage. Good for Ray Gun, and Packed starting pistol. If you bought ZC, it came with 2 Whimsical GG, one makes zombies change color (Eye Candy) which can be a tremendous help (Green works best, I feel). As zombs die, they lose the color. Easy to see, easy to confirm kills, and it lasts forever (until activated 5 times or replaced). Surprisingly decent for what at first seems like a shit GG. By contrast, the silly noise whimsical gum is just shit. ------- New Perks: Widow's Wine (W'sW) is the only true new perk: You can't buy grenades, your grenades act as charges for the perk. If you get hit or throw a grenade (does not throw far) there will be an explosion that entangles nearby zombies, slowing or stopping them. Stabbing zombs also does more damage than normal and slows them as well (green streak on stabs). If you kill these slowed zombies, they may drop Spider drops, which replenish your grenades, the more ensnared, the higher the chance of drops. After getting many drops, the Spider drop turns reddish. I think these give more charges than the regular Spider drops (is anyone clear on this?). Good for camping, a disaster for training. I'll often camp with this, then replace it after I'm downed, for trains. Double Tap (shoot 30% faster) is now BO2's Double Tap 2 (shoot 20% faster and each bullet becomes 2, essentially doubling a bullet gun's damage output). Excellent perk, a must buy for the reprints. BO1's Stamin Up is back, letting you run further before "run 3 steps, walk 3 steps" occurs. Okay on small map trains, useless on Origins where it turns back to run 3, walk 3. Good for training if you dislike QR or used them up. BO1's forgettable Deadshot Daiquiri is back, only it is trash on console, actually pushing your reticle away from zombie heads unless they run straight at you. Don't ever buy this if possible. Juggs, SC, and Quick Revive work the same, but since BO1, QR can be bought solo 3 times for 500 points for self-revives, and you now take 3 hits (instead of 2) to be killed, so Juggs makes you take 5 hits (but don't worry, the zombies are way more brutal, with rapid-fire arm swings). And besides perk machines, BO2's Wunderfizz machine returns to give a random perk for 1500. On NDU (Upstairs) it gives any perk in BO3 (minus Electric Cherry). On Verrückt (room between power and DT2), and SNN (Storage), it offers SU, DD, and W'sW. Look carefully at the labels and memorize them, it wants to give you DD, don't let that happen (guy with a + reticle on his face). Note that the colors and even bottle may not render correctly, the game has severe sound and rendering issues. Der Riese (known as The Giant) is sold separately for $6. It has no WF machine, but hides either SU or DD in a secret spot. I recommend buying this if you bought ZC for the WaW reprints. Seriously, they should have included The Giant and made the shitty Moon reprint a separate buy for the tiny portion of zombie players that can even tolerate Moon, but I digress... ------- Random tips: Guns get levelled up and this makes a big difference. Early wall guns include RK5 3-burst pistol (500) which makes rounds 3-4 into "fire a burst, stab", and like 6-7 "fire 2 bursts, stab" making early rounds easier. The other start gun (500) is the Shieva, a rifle, that when maxed out is a headshot machine, not as valuable as the pistol, but paired with Stock Option is powerful indeed. In general, the new guns, maxed out, outperform old favorites, though some of these oldies are in the ?box or Wall Buys and some are given attachments right out of the ?box. Bouncing Betties are replaced by Trip Mines which are far inferior. You may only have 2 on the map at once. However, they can be an early warning system, they can kill early hordes when rounded up, but mostly they are good for stabbing and moving; they have a high movement rate, so pull these out when stabbing or if you have 2 heavy guns and wish to walk/run quickly. You can run, hit B (xb1)/crouch button to slide. By hitting slide then jump, you can quickly move around a map better than run3walk3 or SU perk. The last zombies will always run at you and respawn in front of you if you get 50 feet away. Making crawlers is almost entirely pointless. While this has been a detrimental change to the game, we must deal with it as there us no option to return the more fun and scary functionality. Be prepared for this unfortunate game ruining mechanic. Why they keep doing this funsucking respawn and run is unknown. You think they would have learned from BO1, but yeah... ------- Map talk (finally). Note that hanging in the start room until 10k points is not too hard on these. NDU: The camp spots are the same, but easier. The WF machine giving Juggs, SC, DT2, and W'sW (or multiple QRs) make for longer games. Certain GGs can give you Packed and repacked weapons to really make it real long. I find the upstairs grenade room to still be the best option for starters, with the GG machine (GGm) and WF right nearby, but the start room with Steps open is also decent. Not much to say except "woot, perks and GG in NDU"! ------- Verrückt (formerly Zombie Verrückt): Compared to the original, some solo and team spots still work similar, like running around in the Thompson room or camping DT with friends. However, just like BO1, the zombie-free windows of WaW are gone; no camping SC or kitchen with a safe window behind you. But the power of the new guns and GGs gives you new options. The tiny room behind QR (Deplorable Bar room-not a typo) is fairly strong for a solo camp, with a 5000 point decent SMG (2500 ammo) in the BAR spot. IPS GG or Stock Option with Trip Mines near the back can make a fun camp. Probably the best solo camp if starting on the QR side. I'll often camp here until I get ABH! GG to get me to the Jugg side at start, which is generally easier/better, just like WaW. Juggs side: Because of the "nearby loads" loading scheme of BO3, camping the DT hallway is a little tougher in BO3 than WaW, I often move to the next room (stg wallbuy, Kuda smg wallbuy, WF machine) and walk back and forth, shooting window and hallway zombies until pointed up (10k+). Side note: this may be a decent multiplayer end-camp, 2 watching each way, DT2 balcony trap will still eat a majority of zombies. Once I've pointed up, I open to SC (turn on power on way) and buy it, then I head back to start, open room past QR (L-CAR 9 room, was Thimpson room), open Steps upstairs, and camp by Vesper/ICR1 wallbuys (door to SC closed on this side, Trip Mines by SC door). Zombies don't come behind you unless you back up to the ICR1. Stand facing the balcony trap/door and headshot. Trap is very effective here. If I can't afford those doors to upstairs, I'll camp the BAR room temporarily behind QR. As mentioned, you can open the Juggs side all the way around, but leave QR closed camp the LCAR9/(Thompson) room and circle them as needed. For multiplayer games, WF room, DT2 Blacony, 3 in SC/1 by Vesper, or all 4 in LCAR9 room are likely best, but I've no "mic'd team" experience with this yet. Holding the room behind Speed Cola means most zombies come right in that room and the kitchen window. This can make fast, intense rounds. Note that due to the zombie loads of BO3, you can literally walk around the entire asylum with zombies popping next to you but none in your way. So I could start a round by Vesper, walk around to SC, buy it, and then walk back to Vesper unhindered usually. Yes, the respawning zombies is a terrible and stupid mechanic. ------- Shi No Numa: This fun map has returned, but much harder than WaW (WaW SNN makes BO2 Buried look hard, ha), and much more fun than the BO reprint. The basic solo strategy starts the same; open Warning door at start and camp Comm(unications) room alcove early with the Comm door still closed. The go-to Thompson is replaced by LCAR9, which is a fair gun, especially maxed out, and the ?box still starts there. The main difference is that you can stay at start longer, making enough points to easily open a door and view or buy a perk right away. QR starts in the start room, so the 4 huts contain a randomized perk: Juggs, SC, DT2, and Mule Kick, with the WF Machine lurking just outside the Storage door. There is no way to know which perk is which area (until the last). DD, SU, and W'sW are in the WF. If camping, you really want SC and DT2. Grabbing W'sW is a good idea for camping, paired with QR, so that later you can change to SU/Juggs for training once camping gets too hard. If camping the Comm alcove, I usually open Fishing Hut first, keeping most zombies coming from the courtyard, then Doc's Quarters, finally Storage, at which point it can be easier shifting to a fire-right stance, rather than fire-towards-courtyard stance. Alternate solo start: Open steps or door at start. Downstairs, set up by GGm/KRM (shotgun) wallbuy. From here, it is best to open Fishing Hut or Comm first for easiest headshot trains. Once all 3 (not Doc's Q) other doors are opened, this requires more aim-changing than camping the Comm alcove does, but can be easier to escape from and zigzag around that room or cut out to the Fishing Hut area for training. For this strategy, I recommend eventually opening both upstairs doors (warning and steps debris). Given these 2 best solo camp spots, you hope to leave the nearly useless Mule Kick permanently locked behind a door (D'sQ or Comm). If you get MK instead of a useful perk at a hut, you still must get SC and DT2 to camp or it will be a short camp. You can live without Juggs for camping, especially the Comm alcove. Try to use QR and W'sW for now. Once forced out of camping fun, W'sW sucks for training, and SC is much less necessary. One could use Juggs, DT2, SU, and QR (or Mule Kick if you dislike QRs, and prefer more ammo on hand for higher rounds). You lose the MK gun and gun slot if you go down (Mule Kick is still a poor replacement for WaW's infinite guns. I mean, for 4k, you should at least keep the gun and gun slot like WaW, so you could go down and get more slots) but with no QR, your solo game is over anyway. After camping or skipping camping, the training areas are not like WaW or BO; the Comm room is dead: big loop sucks, C shapes by far hut are dead, circling by main hut is dead due to water/mud. Just avoid the Comm room. This, and the easy alcove camping usually mean Comm is opened last or never in BO3, unlike WaW or BO, whete it was key. This is an oddly nice change. Fishing Hut loop or circles by Flogger are still viable, especially the Flogger area. Storage plays better than it did due to BO3 zomb loads, only you must run clockwise instead: go down center path (road), head down meteor-facing steps, immediately get to right side (less deep water) run on ground, slide jump water, walk through Kuda-wallbuy hut, circle and repeat. Oddly, the deep water path is not too slow, but getting to shorelines in BO3 slows you up (don't jump as in WaW as that basically stops you completely in BO3. Slide jump over water when able). Doctor's Quarters is easier to get in and out of due to strange zombie pathing near main hut, but still not a training spot. Downstairs of the main building itself is not bad, especially if the storage or D'sQ door is closed. If you can gather all zombies, you can go anywhere, but be wary of the stupid respawn mechanic that I warned of earlier. I generally run Flogger, just inside Fishing Hut area, then walk into main building (pre-D'sQ area), cut into pre-storage area, headshot the train, then head to pre-D'sQ and back to Flogger/repeat. Use flogger as needed. ------- The Giant (formerly Der Riese, which means the giant in Deutsche): While opening the "thompson" side is still usually the best strategy, as in WaW, opening either way is now viable. Double PaP: You pap a gun (5000), then throw it in again (2500) as many times as you like, to cycle between 5 Specialty Ammo types; "Turned": creates a zombie friend that kills for you, great for camping or training (slight monkey bomb effect on 360 version is even better). "Fireworks": small fireworks display with your current in-hand gun instakilling all zombies in its sight line in the middle. "Dead Wire" creates frequent small Wunderwaffe effects but you often kill them before it spreads. "Thunder Wall" this creates a mini Thunder Gun wind effect that blows away a couple zombies, good on an emergency shotgun to clear a path, but not awesome. "Blast Furnace" on xb1, it blinds you and kills a couple zombies. If BF triggers while circling a crowd, it kills 10 (on XB360 BF will kill the whole crowd if circling the initial fire, and it is not blinding. It is shit on xb1, and great on xb360). Perks are random, perk machine added to "thompson room" of WaW (Mule Kuck was there in BO) If you activate all 3 teleporters, get Monkey Bomb, then teleport and throw a Monkey in the TP, you get a weird scream. Do all 3 (in 1 round? Buggy?) and a laser in the start room (from robot head) will uncover a hidden perk (SU or useless DD) in the corridor that surrounds the start area. If you do the WaW Hide and Seek, you will be given the Annihilator pistol which is great for killing dogs, and recharges by killing zombies (rechargeable weapon is BO3 mp and Zombies new shtick). Shoot hidden things: under TPA in dark (hard to see xb1, visible on 360), in vats by TPB (left one as you enter the room, jump up and look in to see it), above Bridge in map center (on walkway, easy to see on 360, tiny dark spot on xb1). After shooting all 3 (with occasionally working voice prompts), go to furnace of "thompson" (VMP) room to grab Annihilator Pistol. Solo Camping (and camp and move) spots: Start room by RK5, leave door by TPA closed from start. As long you don't go up the steps near "Thompson room" or out of the start area, no zombies come over the fence. Camp and circle and camp. Catwalk is easier than ever. Open "Thompson" (VMP) room from the top, bottom door by trap closed, camp by barrels near trap, aim at VMP wallbuy and headshot (not viable in WaW). Training by TPC works well but the lightimg is shit (Eye Candy GG ftw). Training by power switch works well. ------- Well, that's a lot of text. I'll be glad if even 1 person actually reads this and benefits from it. I'll likely add more as I think of it. And most likely I'll be reading this in 5 years myself to remember how to play (I've recently had to read old posts here to remember how to Origins....too much busywork there for sure). Happy re-WaWing! (I'm sure that I've missed typos, sorry).
  5. 83457

    Verrückt Camp Spot (Solo?).

    Not so much. BO3 pathing is different, and the fast mags on the modern guns are key; Speed Cola alone and the original Double Tap would not hold up either. On the flip side, WaW camp strategies don't work as well in BO3 either. To camp WaW Zombie Verrückt solo, open Juggernogg side through to Speed Cola room. As long as you don't open the Thompson room steps or the other Speed Cola door, no zombies will come to the Speed Cola room window. Camp in front of grenade wall buy, and headshot the kitchen zombies, window zombies will round the corner into the line of fire. You can fall back towards the unopened door or into the SC room and shoot through the door. Train in a C shape if needed, and bring betties. Escape through door if needed. If you spawn on the Quick Revive side, open through to Power room. No zombies come through Power room window. Stand by kitchen table along window wall and look towards Speed Cola. In both cases, bring Betties and have Speed Cola and Double Tap by round 10.
  6. I've not seen this mentioned online, and it is mostly for solo, or hanging by yourself apart from friends. I know most players on this site do 100 rounds on WaW NDU with just their knife, so this may not impress many here, but I hit Round 25 standing still in this spot, using only regular GG and wall buys, so maybe some players would like to try it. Open Jugg side through power to Speed Cola. Leave door by Trip Mines closed. Go around to Quick Revive side, open L-Car-9 room and the stairs to Vesper/ICR room. Buy Vesper and ICR (I recommend pimping them out with Fast Mags). Stand by Vesper Wall Buy, look at entrance to balcony. Line up the pole of the fence (that surrounds the steps) with the middle bar of the window that is just to the right of the balcony entrance. Standing there, almost all zombie heads align, except for the ones that come through the wall from your left. None come around the fencing behind you, though I chuck Trip Mines back there in case I get backed up or grab ICR ammo mid-round. After 20+ rounds, you need some lucky drops, but it is intense. My early strategy is to hold DT2 area until forced into Wunder Fizz area, then just walk back and forth shooting window and hallway zombies until pointed up enough (STG Wall Buy there, usually paired with MP40). DT2 and Speed cola are primary perks, then do Juggs and W'sW. I used GGs: Stock Option, Armamental Accomplishment, ABH!, IPS, Sword Flay (for early points). Happy camping!
  7. 83457

    What would you like in the next Treyarch game

    Sadly, I've not seen IV or even much of BO3 yet...but I'm with Blurryface, along with the complex busywork maps, I'd like simple ones; play, die, repeat. Not chasing parts or killing zombies in tiny rooms to unlock something, dying on round 1-8 after an hour of busywork. Fixes; 1. Last zombies don't run (unless it is already a runner). The last zombie always running at you is simply less fun. It's just annoying. 2. Zombies don't respawn (with certain necessary exceptions). I've literally had nightmares over the last WaW zombie shambling after me no matter where I go. While on BO3, I can run 20 feet and turn to shoot the horde, only they respawned. Or a zombie is chasing me, then a zombie jumps out of a window in front of me, I kill it, and it is the last zombie that was just behind me somehow (ugh, lame). This really hurt the fun and scariness of the game quite a lot. 3. Game evolution. It used to be; early game farm points, then camp until overrun, then train. We need decent solo camp spots. I'm a great trainer/kiter, but I don't want to only run in circles for hours. The biggest thrill in zombies is standing my ground. Let the game evolve as the rounds go up. Sadly, the camp and move strategy of 360's SOE does not work in XB1's SOE, which really hurts the gameplay. (I love camping the KDT steps until overrun, or 360's SOE Canal-camp strategy, and I use it in my minimap SNN that I posted yesterday). 4. Reduced busywork. Origins was a marathon. Fun for us hardcore players, but it wears thin. Maybe once you've built some busywork items, they could be pre-built in future games (possibly an option that can be turned on/off). 5. Malleability: Let us shape the game (I hear IV has done this, and BO3 did this as well; you can make the game harder or easier with GG and such). Have a "leaderboard" mode, with set difficulties (no mega GG use, for example), and let us tinker with the rest. Again, I hear the BO IV has similar, which sounds good. 6. Small maps along with the large. Tranzit was poorly done, but the idea was almost right. (I've chopped up SOE into survival maps in my MOAR thread, it works beautifully for short games). But they don't need to be part of any main map, just make small maps with a few perks, a few doors, and some camp and training areas. Let 4 randoms hop into a game and camp a dead end until overrun/repeat, just like WaW. That's my views. To me, WaW is still the best maps (and maybe the BO3 reprints) for these reasons. Also, the gore, which I know won't return, but it is cool. Happy gaming all!
  8. 83457

    83457's SNN minimap.

    Thanks, Lenne. I've had it for nearly 2 years, but I've been battling in ww1. Very stressful. I've been bitten by the zombies bug again. I could have gone IV, but I had to get the reprints of WaW, as they are much better (to me) than the BO reprints had been. Sadly, money is an issue for me. This minimode has been pretty fun to try out, I mostly stuck to wall weapons to level them up. With only 1 lobe of the map open, it gets pretty harrowing quickly. So I only survive 20 something rounds, because it gets intense fast. Try playing with all lobes closed and it gets brutal fairly quick. It's like a new map as it plays so different. Happy gaming!
  9. 83457

    Wonder fizz : Only new or all perks? Poll

    I'm late, but I'll opine on this. With all perks in WF: In SNN for instance, one could simply buy Storage and get all perks for less than original price, while maintaining the best camp spots, effectively destroying the spirit of the map. I would have fun with it, but I can see why they passed on it. Ascension, you kind of have a point, but maybe they wanted Perkaholic to have that extra power. On Verrückt, it would make the game odd by getting all perks from WF, but I can't see much advantage map-wise in either direction. You just get all the perks in one spot for cheaper, which I can't see them designing it that way as it again defeats the purpose of opening the map up (like SNN). On NDU, it is fantastic to have the choices available, and MK is never too far away if you want it. But again, why give MK for only 1500 if it is already standing nearby in the map? Frankly, it would irk me to see it pop up in WF. I'm just glad these extra perks were added. I can play SNN sans QR and grab SU for training or W'sW for camping under the steps, without giving myself extra downs, while maintaining that "only 1 life" WaW survival feeling. That's my thoughts. Happy gaming!
  10. 83457

    83457's SNN minimap.

    If y'all recall, I used to break down maps into little maps or games for short-game fun. Well, I picked up ZC/BO3 for the original maps and I'm loving it. So here is a variable mini game which will likely be ignored since BO4 just lauched, but...if you need to kill a half hour before bed, try these; (play offline to protect stats, if needed). SNN: Wunder-Storage 1. Simple version: open both start room doors (effects zombie flow), open both doors in Storage. You may only use the Wunderfizz and the Storage-Hut perks (no QR). Camp by KRM/GGm, most zombies come from left. When pushed back, train in that room and by Flogger. Cut into the room leading to Storage to headshot the train, then reset to camp spot. Simple, and a fresh look at SNN. Perks: W'sW, SU, DD, 1 random. Guns: RK5, Shieva, L-CAR 9, KRM, Kuda, M8, the Trip Mine, and ?box. 2. WS Advanced: In this version, you must buy QR, the 2 Start Room doors, and only the first door to Storage. You must buy the 3 Wunderfizz perks. If you get downed 3 times (QR leaves), at that time, then you must purchase the SH door and random perk + WF drinks. So you always have exactly 4 perks in the map. These can be expanded by opening Comm Room for an extra perk and gun choices without effecting this game's gameplay too much. Zombies should flow a little slower too. You can camp under the stairs initially, but open the stairs when it gets too hectic, and move to the KRM/GGm spot. Happy gaming!
  11. 83457

    Chronicles missed a few things

    I'm late to this party, but this is exactly why I bought zc; to play basic maps without busywork. I'm loving ndu, verrückt, SNN, Giant as much as I loved the originals or possibly more. Just play, die, repeat. I loved the busywork maps, but they get old fast. I'm looking at you, Origins.
  12. 83457

    How is this map anyhow?

    In my opinion, BO3 Giant is more fun than the original Der Riese, and i loved the original (I was playing it recently). I feel the BO1 version was meh, at best. A fifth perk, plus the randomization of the perks, adds a little fun, but really it is the map play, gun choices, and the Alternate Ammo that raise The Giant's value. By map play, i mean that the players are basically smaller than in WaW (play Giant, then Der Reise right after, you'll see what i mean), giving more room to get around the zombies. Also, there are more solo options because of this and the change in zombie pathing. Zombie pathing: Solo, if you start a round in Mainframe, you can camp by the RK5 and just stand there (it gets rough by round 40). No zombies come over the fence behind you as long as you started in MF and didn't go up the steps by the 750 door. Best with the 750 steps-door open, and the ramp-door closed. Thompson Room (VMP Room): Keep door with trap closed here, open from the steps. Come down the steps, turn right, walk 10 feet, turn and face VMP wallbuy (where Thompson was), headshot. The zombies from the right window come from the VMP side of the barrels, unlike WaW. Go to TPC, stand by KN-44 (STG spot), headshot to around 30. Catwalk is even easier than WaW. Running TPC or Power areas are easier. The biggest letdown is that Trip Mines are turds compared to Bouncing Betties, but note that you can hold a TM in your hand for fast Bowie Knife stabbing. Sadly, like the bad bo1 bk, it only lasts for 9 rounds in BO3, unlike the 11-12 rounds in WaW. It's worth the $6, IMO.
  13. Thanks for the pic. I don't think that's a clock, just the round frags of the recent cods. Score is actual $, not points. Maybe you buy tickets for rides or something similar. Ghosts was a decent game that nobody bought, yet everyone hates, ha. So i fear what drastic (crappy) superficial elements will be added to 'improve' this game, based on the fail sales of ghosts. Between aw's flea suits, and the cartoony bo3, i can't see cod becoming a real game again. So, i guess they really need to nail the side games now.
  14. 83457

    The alternative to camping the Catwalk

    Is this different on next gen? (Last gen) What i find is that, if I start the round in the start room, no zombies come over the fence (after round 10) at all. Tested to round 39. If i am anywhere outside of the start room, zombies come over the fence, but stop once I've stayed in start for a bit.
  15. 83457

    The buff and non-buff (last gen)

    I'm last-gennning it still. The WW works fine, but if you also have dead wire on your other gun, dw only kills 1 zombie and zaps a few, which survive. Or possibly dw is just randomly broken and it may not be ww related. Sometimes dw is great, but often it kills only 3-4 zombies per trigger out of a crowd. The ww itself is a little slow in triggering, as it won't save you if trapped as it did in waw. However, it takes out a decent batch, it is just hard to see the effectiveness sometimes, but with the right view, you will see the work it does: camp the catwalk and fire at zombies by power and watch the train vanish. Blast furnace was great, then didn't work as well, and now serms to work great again for the past couple months. It lags some mp games, but great for solo.

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