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  1. 83457

    What would you like in the next Treyarch game

    Sadly, I've not seen IV or even much of BO3 yet...but I'm with Blurryface, along with the complex busywork maps, I'd like simple ones; play, die, repeat. Not chasing parts or killing zombies in tiny rooms to unlock something, dying on round 1-8 after an hour of busywork. Fixes; 1. Last zombies don't run (unless it is already a runner). The last zombie always running at you is simply less fun. It's just annoying. 2. Zombies don't respawn (with certain necessary exceptions). I've literally had nightmares over the last WaW zombie shambling after me no matter where I go. While on BO3, I can run 20 feet and turn to shoot the horde, only they respawned. Or a zombie is chasing me, then a zombie jumps out of a window in front of me, I kill it, and it is the last zombie that was just behind me somehow (ugh, lame). This really hurt the fun and scariness of the game quite a lot. 3. Game evolution. It used to be; early game farm points, then camp until overrun, then train. We need decent solo camp spots. I'm a great trainer/kiter, but I don't want to only run in circles for hours. The biggest thrill in zombies is standing my ground. Let the game evolve as the rounds go up. Sadly, the camp and move strategy of 360's SOE does not work in XB1's SOE, which really hurts the gameplay. (I love camping the KDT steps until overrun, or 360's SOE Canal-camp strategy, and I use it in my minimap SNN that I posted yesterday). 4. Reduced busywork. Origins was a marathon. Fun for us hardcore players, but it wears thin. Maybe once you've built some busywork items, they could be pre-built in future games (possibly an option that can be turned on/off). 5. Malleability: Let us shape the game (I hear IV has done this, and BO3 did this as well; you can make the game harder or easier with GG and such). Have a "leaderboard" mode, with set difficulties (no mega GG use, for example), and let us tinker with the rest. Again, I hear the BO IV has similar, which sounds good. 6. Small maps along with the large. Tranzit was poorly done, but the idea was almost right. (I've chopped up SOE into survival maps in my MOAR thread, it works beautifully for short games). But they don't need to be part of any main map, just make small maps with a few perks, a few doors, and some camp and training areas. Let 4 randoms hop into a game and camp a dead end until overrun/repeat, just like WaW. That's my views. To me, WaW is still the best maps (and maybe the BO3 reprints) for these reasons. Also, the gore, which I know won't return, but it is cool. Happy gaming all!
  2. 83457

    83457's SNN minimap.

    Thanks, Lenne. I've had it for nearly 2 years, but I've been battling in ww1. Very stressful. I've been bitten by the zombies bug again. I could have gone IV, but I had to get the reprints of WaW, as they are much better (to me) than the BO reprints had been. Sadly, money is an issue for me. This minimode has been pretty fun to try out, I mostly stuck to wall weapons to level them up. With only 1 lobe of the map open, it gets pretty harrowing quickly. So I only survive 20 something rounds, because it gets intense fast. Try playing with all lobes closed and it gets brutal fairly quick. It's like a new map as it plays so different. Happy gaming!
  3. 83457

    Wonder fizz : Only new or all perks? Poll

    I'm late, but I'll opine on this. With all perks in WF: In SNN for instance, one could simply buy Storage and get all perks for less than original price, while maintaining the best camp spots, effectively destroying the spirit of the map. I would have fun with it, but I can see why they passed on it. Ascension, you kind of have a point, but maybe they wanted Perkaholic to have that extra power. On Verrückt, it would make the game odd by getting all perks from WF, but I can't see much advantage map-wise in either direction. You just get all the perks in one spot for cheaper, which I can't see them designing it that way as it again defeats the purpose of opening the map up (like SNN). On NDU, it is fantastic to have the choices available, and MK is never too far away if you want it. But again, why give MK for only 1500 if it is already standing nearby in the map? Frankly, it would irk me to see it pop up in WF. I'm just glad these extra perks were added. I can play SNN sans QR and grab SU for training or W'sW for camping under the steps, without giving myself extra downs, while maintaining that "only 1 life" WaW survival feeling. That's my thoughts. Happy gaming!
  4. 83457

    83457's SNN minimap.

    If y'all recall, I used to break down maps into little maps or games for short-game fun. Well, I picked up ZC/BO3 for the original maps and I'm loving it. So here is a variable mini game which will likely be ignored since BO4 just lauched, but...if you need to kill a half hour before bed, try these; (play offline to protect stats, if needed). SNN: Wunder-Storage 1. Simple version: open both start room doors (effects zombie flow), open both doors in Storage. You may only use the Wunderfizz and the Storage-Hut perks (no QR). Camp by KRM/GGm, most zombies come from left. When pushed back, train in that room and by Flogger. Cut into the room leading to Storage to headshot the train, then reset to camp spot. Simple, and a fresh look at SNN. Perks: W'sW, SU, DD, 1 random. Guns: RK5, Shieva, L-CAR 9, KRM, Kuda, M8, the Trip Mine, and ?box. 2. WS Advanced: In this version, you must buy QR, the 2 Start Room doors, and only the first door to Storage. You must buy the 3 Wunderfizz perks. If you get downed 3 times (QR leaves), at that time, then you must purchase the SH door and random perk + WF drinks. So you always have exactly 4 perks in the map. These can be expanded by opening Comm Room for an extra perk and gun choices without effecting this game's gameplay too much. Zombies should flow a little slower too. You can camp under the stairs initially, but open the stairs when it gets too hectic, and move to the KRM/GGm spot. Happy gaming!
  5. 83457

    Chronicles missed a few things

    I'm late to this party, but this is exactly why I bought zc; to play basic maps without busywork. I'm loving ndu, verrückt, SNN, Giant as much as I loved the originals or possibly more. Just play, die, repeat. I loved the busywork maps, but they get old fast. I'm looking at you, Origins.
  6. 83457

    How is this map anyhow?

    In my opinion, BO3 Giant is more fun than the original Der Riese, and i loved the original (I was playing it recently). I feel the BO1 version was meh, at best. A fifth perk, plus the randomization of the perks, adds a little fun, but really it is the map play, gun choices, and the Alternate Ammo that raise The Giant's value. By map play, i mean that the players are basically smaller than in WaW (play Giant, then Der Reise right after, you'll see what i mean), giving more room to get around the zombies. Also, there are more solo options because of this and the change in zombie pathing. Zombie pathing: Solo, if you start a round in Mainframe, you can camp by the RK5 and just stand there (it gets rough by round 40). No zombies come over the fence behind you as long as you started in MF and didn't go up the steps by the 750 door. Best with the 750 steps-door open, and the ramp-door closed. Thompson Room (VMP Room): Keep door with trap closed here, open from the steps. Come down the steps, turn right, walk 10 feet, turn and face VMP wallbuy (where Thompson was), headshot. The zombies from the right window come from the VMP side of the barrels, unlike WaW. Go to TPC, stand by KN-44 (STG spot), headshot to around 30. Catwalk is even easier than WaW. Running TPC or Power areas are easier. The biggest letdown is that Trip Mines are turds compared to Bouncing Betties, but note that you can hold a TM in your hand for fast Bowie Knife stabbing. Sadly, like the bad bo1 bk, it only lasts for 9 rounds in BO3, unlike the 11-12 rounds in WaW. It's worth the $6, IMO.
  7. Thanks for the pic. I don't think that's a clock, just the round frags of the recent cods. Score is actual $, not points. Maybe you buy tickets for rides or something similar. Ghosts was a decent game that nobody bought, yet everyone hates, ha. So i fear what drastic (crappy) superficial elements will be added to 'improve' this game, based on the fail sales of ghosts. Between aw's flea suits, and the cartoony bo3, i can't see cod becoming a real game again. So, i guess they really need to nail the side games now.
  8. 83457

    The alternative to camping the Catwalk

    Is this different on next gen? (Last gen) What i find is that, if I start the round in the start room, no zombies come over the fence (after round 10) at all. Tested to round 39. If i am anywhere outside of the start room, zombies come over the fence, but stop once I've stayed in start for a bit.
  9. 83457

    The buff and non-buff (last gen)

    I'm last-gennning it still. The WW works fine, but if you also have dead wire on your other gun, dw only kills 1 zombie and zaps a few, which survive. Or possibly dw is just randomly broken and it may not be ww related. Sometimes dw is great, but often it kills only 3-4 zombies per trigger out of a crowd. The ww itself is a little slow in triggering, as it won't save you if trapped as it did in waw. However, it takes out a decent batch, it is just hard to see the effectiveness sometimes, but with the right view, you will see the work it does: camp the catwalk and fire at zombies by power and watch the train vanish. Blast furnace was great, then didn't work as well, and now serms to work great again for the past couple months. It lags some mp games, but great for solo.
  10. 83457

    What is the Worst Glitch?

    360 BO3 DE if i use the Death machine past round 42, the game ends in a black screen and i get the "failed to allocate from state pool" message. SoE: puiled off of Tram into death barrier is now common. Jump off of Ruby Rabbit into death barrier that shouldn't be there is annoying. Zombies couldn't find you (patched?). All time worst? BO1: the whole game was a stinky piece of programming failure. Bowie knife stabs quite often do no damage. Zombies spawn underfoot, lift you in the air and you can't shoot them, because you can't aim that low, so you get downed. Constant reload fails. Teleporting cosmonaut (this was the worst). Speed moonwalking cosmonaut. Hacker text stops working everytime your friend downs. Too many to name, glitches in BO1 are as ubiquitous as atoms are in the universe. ------ BO1constant Bowie Knife glitches and teleporting cosmonaut really sucked.
  11. Wait, SoE has no replay value now? I can't agree with that. That's Spike talk, the Timmy and Johnny player types enjoy SoE. It's the default map of the game and always has more players than the other maps for that reason alone. I understand your perspective, but disagree. Take Kino Der Toten, I'd say it is a bore fest, bland and meh, with the annoying Nova crawlers. But to many, it is a first map, great nostalgia, and fond memories. Being a default map, it will generate that many more fans, memories, and nostalgia. They will deem it a great map. In my opinion, it has little replay value, but i bet many would equally disagree with my opinion of that, compared to your opinion on SoE. I'd take SoE over Kino always. (Shrug). ------- We've been told that the AS can't be upgraded...in SoE. So, either; 1. Can't be upgraded at all. The strange Blundell wording ("...in SoE") was to reduce the backlash of putting it in SoE, then removing it and pretending that it was a glitch that their playtesters didn't find, which no sane person could possibly believe. "Treyarch shit the bed, again" scenario. 2. It will be upgraded in another map, it will not be upgraded in SoE, but presumably next dlc. Treyarch knowingly left 'the fake glitch' in to preview what would be, and then took it away from SoE. The "Foreshadowing" scenario. 3. It is upgraded...in another map, through some actions, but possibly (only?) playable in SoE. The "appease the angry mob with dlc" scenario. End with a bang. If this is the case, hopefully they will then fix the upgrade on last gen, which may not get more content at all. That's the possibilties that I see.
  12. Buried, i always hit the bank at start. Die Rise, i never ever use it. Tranzit, i played recently and forgot about the bank. It is almost necessary in Tranzit to hit the bank to allieviate that maps boring set up marathon, but i always forget it's there now. My fridge was always stocked, but i never used the gun in there.
  13. 83457

    New BUT.... Some How Old

    I think the solution would be a mix: First map and dlc 2 (or last dlc maybe) could be epic, with crazy builadables, easter eggs, and the lot. Think Origins, SoE, with story like Moon, Origins, et cetera. Dlc 1 and 3 could be 1-2 survival maps: no bizarre busywork or complex easter eggs. WW in box, grab guns perks, and play. Mostly zombies, no annoying creatures. Like SNN, Der Riese, maybe Kino without the 'Jews', maps like that. I've also heard this view many times before. --------------- Honestly, try DE, leave a basic Wrath of the Ancients in the Tomb room (for emergency 'no ammo' sitch, and it shuts the dragon heads up), then play either with alternate ammo for an SoE feel, or play without alternate ammo and DE feels like Der Riese mark 2, and there is no busywork. I often play mini WaW-esque games by breaking up SoE also (see Moar Zombie Maps Inside!).
  14. 83457

    The KN-44 theory

    Just a heads-up: 360 gets the KN-44 or a whitish rock under the Demon Bow Urn. As the Urn raises, there will will be a yellowish rock, or a KN-44 down there. I assume the rocket one also occurs, but can't confirm. My thoughts, in order of likelyhood: 1. Glitch (this is cod, and a Treyarch cod, so highly likely). 2. Pointless easter egg hunt. 3. Purposeful interactable easter egg. I hope for 3, but assume 1. Presumably, folk have tried shooting it with a KN-44, or PaP version?
  15. 83457

    Moon 2.0 ?

    I'm no story guy, and even my curiosity is piqued with BO3. I literally watch the intro to Giant completely, almost every solo game. Let me indulge my belief that they are trying to stop Moon from ever occuring. Mmmmmm. Ahhhh. It feels so right to me. Ha.

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