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  1. It is probably real cheap, so why not? Here's what to expect; Ghosts was not popular, but I found it to be decent. It has good bots, like BO2 did, these are the best 2 games for functional bots on CoD. Offline bot games can be fun. I make Infected games with bots where the survivors have Sentry, Vulture, and Loki (Loki; I call in the Armored Squadmate and a care package, wait until Squadmate spawns, then cancel Loki because the bots will hide while it's up, so you want them to come gets shredded by Mr. Sentryperson). It's just pointless slaughter for fun. Sa
  2. Here's some PoC thoughts from someone who played this awful game too much. I've asked if cheats were okay these days, and given the green light, I'll give some tips. ####### Feral sight all match: In the first area, buy the Sniper and fire at the large neon sign. In a timely manner shoot 3 shots at L O L on either side of the sign to get LOL to appear on your screen. If it doesn't work, give it a few seconds and try again. It must be with basic ammo and no attachments on the sniper, usually hitting the background color is fine, you do not need to hit the neon tubes them
  3. 51 on WaW or BO is quite beastly. 51 on BO3 is a bit more feasible, but quite nice. /my opinion. I also imagine pc mouse control to be much better than console, as is true for most games where I've played both versions. However, I've not played pc zombies, so I might be off. During BO2, I studied all the folk on the leaderboards, counting only those who played a map at least 100 times, so that you know that they tried. I found a very tiny percent made it past 30 in any map. I find most folk in random games try to camp and survive, which made Treyarch seem ou
  4. No, my side button, necessary for screenshots on this model, broke years ago and every button remapping app I've tried has been pretty bad, so I lost the feature. I'm also poor and dying, so I'm not too focused on a new phone since everything else works fine on this one. As I answered to Slade, it happens once I type enough, it doesn't happen on a 2 line blurb. But now I'm just above (and now behind) the notifications bar as I type this. If you have a friend or family member with Android, try their phone maybe. I can always switch to another theme to type, o
  5. Did you do the Red Carbon (default) theme? That's the one that's doing it. I do lots of edits and jumping around my wall of text posts, so try this: move the cursor anywhere, then bring it back down to the end of your text. As you get past a certain amount (like right now, I'm texting behind the notifications bar) it goes down below the notifications bar. You just have to type enough and it should occur. Thanks for the reply and trying to help. Go text a paragraph or 3 on Red Carbon theme and see if you end up behind it.
  6. Yes, it does. Apparently only the red carbon has the notification bar issue. The other 2 don't. Also "theme" location moves from theme to theme. Can the notification bar be moved?
  7. Hi wonderful folk running this show! I'm running into a QOL issue with using my Android phone. When I'm typing, the 'notifications and such' bar is just above the keyboard, which is fine. But this means that whatever I start to type moves behind that bar and I can't see it without constantly dragging the screen up. Ugh...annoying. Can we adjust the phone typing cursor up by the height of the bar so that this issue is gone? If so, and it's a simple enough fix, then 'please and thank you' for doing so. Have a beautiful day or more.
  8. Get past 100 in Solo with ease (WaW only): I'm just tagging this on the end here for any who do not know this simple strategy. Requires WunderWaffe (lightning gun from box) and Trench Gun (Wallbuy shotgun, first floor of main building, by Storage door) and Bouncing Betties. No cheats required. Dog Rounds: Every 3-5 rounds (usually 5), dogs attack you and drop Max Ammo when they're all dead. I recommend fighting them while standing in the unused alcove between Storage and Doctor's Quarters. Use the Trench Gun (shotgun) as it will always 1-shot-kill dogs. Fill this area w
  9. WaW-only cheats for 360 and nextgen (and pc), but not BO nor BO3 reprints. 'Unique to Der Riese' 3 gun cheat, solo or MP: Even in MP, you do this unique cheat alone. Requires Bouncing Betties still in inventory (1 or 2, not zero). Requires Pack A Punch machine access (PaP, teleporters linked already). Requires 2 guns in inventory, at least one not PaP'ed (not upgraded), and at least 5200 points. This particular cheat can never give you more than a total of 3 guns/gunslots, solo or MP. These gun slots last until bleed out, simple downs will not take them away.
  10. WaW-only cheats that work on pc, oldgen, nextgen, but not BO nor BO3 reprints. I'll keep updating this first post with more cheats, so check back. 'Unique to Zombie Verrückt' multigun cheat, solo or mp: Requires EXACTLY ONE Bouncing Bettie in inventory (just drop the other somewhere), and points for a perk that you don't currently have. Be careful at end of round, because if a new round starts, you'll have 2 Bouncing Betties again, which will screw this up. Cheat: Get to desired Perk Machine, pull out BB. Hold right trigger (or pc fire button) down so that w
  11. Disclaimer: This is a WaW cheat, works on nextgen, but only WaW, not BO nor BO3 reprints. This cheat is hard to do on a regular basis, sometimes losing you better guns in an attempt to get 3+ guns. It works great with Bouncing Betties on ZV, SNN, and DR, which I've posted there (there are no Bouncing Betties in WaW NDU). But, if you must have 3+ guns on NDU, this is the only gun cheat on NDU of which I'm aware. Requires 2 players and 2 guns already in inventory. One Helper player must down themselves, which can lose them a small portion of points, just be forewarned.
  12. There's plenty more on the way when I get a chance to sit and type. These are all WaW only. They will work on nextgen consoles too, but only on WaW itself, not BO remakes, nor the BO3 remakes. Edit: The only gun cheat I knew after WaW, was in BO and patched immediately: if you install BO on a fresh console not connected to internet, or disconnect from web and delete all updates, this should work: BO1 Cheat (any map); hold both 'grenade' buttons (shoulder buttons on console), then buy a gun (X or square) while still holding the other buttons. It was the easiest glitch an
  13. WaW-only cheats for pc, or next and old gen consoles, but not for BO nor BO3 reprints. Basic 'unique to SNN' gun cheat to have more than 2 guns, solo or mp: Requirements; Have 2 guns (for Storage and Communications room, I recommend Start Pistol or Wunderwaffe as 1 of the 2 guns, for their movement speed). Spam the ?box until it moves to any hut. The 2 main building box spawns will be useless for this glitch. Then open the box, and make sure that it's a gun (not the Molotov or it won't work). Buy the perk and grab the box gun while drinking the perk. The gun
  14. Delgado means slender more or less. Jack Slenderman. Eeeek!
  15. Ah, then perhaps I'm just slightly less mad than the universe likes to portray me as. I would never have even noticed had those fellows not been so surprised by it.
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