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  1. Thanks, Humphrey, for the review. I appreciate it.
  2. I got really sick of training zombies years ago and started camping for the joy of it, even though it would not last to high rounds. They added way too much busy work, so my friends and I still enjoy the simple early maps best (and the reprints in bo3). So maybe this cod will appeal to me, but after the bo4 disaster, I'm afraid to spend money on a cod game at all. In looking for opinions, so thanks for this post.
  3. Thanks. Even change changes. We'll all change, I like to believe I've been much better at being human with each passing year (it's taken over half a century to get this far). Do you recall how angry I used to get at Trollarch? Haha, wasted energy. I just really want to fix everything because of how right (I often believe) that I am. Mwuhahahaha. Yeah... Throw in the anonymity of the internet and "voila!" instant assh...let's say instant 83457.
  4. Well, gosh (blushes). Thanks all! I must admit that it feels good to get this surprise gift. Thank you for the kind words, Pinnaz. Do I get a funky colored name?(Edit: Ooo, I'm yellow now). P.S. I'm moving in with friends, hopefully I'll have some decent internets again and get back to new zombies! Happy gaming!
  5. While playing online multiplayer, I usually dislike maps that get played too often (please stop reprinting Noob Town and Failing Range, ha), because I played a lot and got sick of them. However, Standoff was a popular map that was built more like a square circle, which is often asked for, so as to avoid everyone just "running for the center", which is too common in CoD. So Standoff, I guess. In the past several years, I mostly play my own 5 2-man team game versus bots, and I love these maps for it: Raid, Rush, Slums, Standoff, and Hijacked. Raid being my go-to first ma
  6. I played it again recently. There is so much wrong with it, if they remade it, it would need some serious love to not just be reforgetable.
  7. Thanks RZP, for the feedback. I can't access my bo2 maps offline on 360, so I can't really do a back to back comparison myself. Ah poverty, forcing me to play old games. Sigh.
  8. Are there functional differences between (let's say) 360 BO2 zombies and XB1 BO2 zombies (and possibly the PS equivalents), or is it just controller improvements, or just my deranged mind? Does anyone have the technical knowledge of this? I've been playing BO2 on XB1 and it just seems to work much better. I can train areas that were impossible before, the zombies appear to spawn in quicker, and I can definitely see further/better in fog on TranZit. I loved BO1 when they were new, but they are my least replayed zombies due to solo difficulty. I wonder if BO1 became easie
  9. That's new to me, thank you for that. Edit: Added it and you reminded me of the permanent drops glitch, which is almost the same.
  10. Hey Richkiller, I was adding the bank unlimited points trick, Max Ammo trick, and infinite (well, max 7) perks from witches as you posted. I'm trying to get scattered ideas into one clearer post with tags on it for searchers. This map is so crazy easy, I'd put it second to WaW's Shi No Numa where anyone could break 100 with ease running Comm Room. Have fun!
  11. Hello zombieciders! I'm going to slowly add some retro stuff here for this old game, some tricks, some ideas, some "moar" stuff. I want to get it right so I won't rush it, so check back for updates. ####### Infinite Booze on round 1 (with Paralyzer): Get all perks and draw all chalk outlines. 1 hour round 1. Start map, get to 900+ points, drop down to Quick Revive, draw chalk gun for 1000, get to ?Box with 1900+ points. Hit box twice, if not Paralyzer, restart until you get it. If you're online, after a few restarts you'll get the bear on the box
  12. Edited: I did research and apparently BOCW released unfinished (like most games these days) requiring an update straight out of the box. The box warns (and was confirmed by Game Stop manager) that internet is required for even single player. It appears to not be a worthy offline purchase, if anyone seeks that right now due to finacial issues. Have a beautiful day.
  13. Now that I'm offline, I haven't seen the paralyzer. I used to spam the box twice, then restart. After a few of these, I get the teddy bear on the box and the good stuff comes quickly after that. Well, offline (not connected to web at all, not just playing local while wired up) I get no bear, no green flashes, no bonus stuff. Just for knowledge sake I posted this. However, it has given me a desire to "moar" this map and play it in various ways. Maybe I'll make a post for how to play buried wrong. And since I've been given the green light for glitches here, I
  14. My "space flower and rainbow" pic were painted by my gf in the 80s. We're still friends, I was at her wedding in 2019.


    From 1960-something to about 2000, the rainbow flag was the all inclusive symbol of acid freaks and usually dead heads (Grateful Dead). At the turn of the century, our flag and motto were usurped by the gay community, which was mildly awkward. I don't care at all if someone is homosexual, but my pic is the old school hetero acid freak flag for any who contemplate these things and wonder. 


    Note the diamond stars: "shall we go, you and I, through the transitive nightfall of diamonds" -Dark Star, Grateful Dead.


    Happy gaming!



    1. anonymous


      Good to hear you're still friends with your gf from the 80s!

    2. 83457


      Thanks,  I devote a lot of time and love to these lovely ladies, I like to keep them as friends after. Only 1 ex-gf had to be perma-dumped, due to her extreme evil.


      My last love was a 19 year relationship that ended over 6 years back (I'm too poor, she got fat. Sigh). We go for walks every weekend and talk and do sudoku and that's enough for both of us.


      From now on, I'm only dating wealthy ladies. If I have to put up with a woman full time again, I'm getting paid for it. Forgive my loving misogyny, ha.

  15. After not playing T for years, this was hard again. I knew each tp location as soon as I arrived back in the day, but when revisiting it, I was so lost.
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