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  1. Anyone still playing Extinction on Xbox One? Anyone recently pick it up in the sales? If so hit me up. Looking for people to farm teeth and escapes on any map with. GT: DeathBringerZen
  2. The EE’s are very challenging, possibly the hardest of any game-mode to date but they definitely are solo friendly, especially Spaceland. That has the hardest boss fight I’ve ever tried lol. Spaceland is also in my top 3 maps of all time. It’s a brilliant map overall. I would definitely recommend trying the EE again on it but you will need to learn the boss fight strategy to a tee. The other maps are also great fun. I'm good mate, thanks. Definitely never expected to get back into zombies but this game has me hooked. It’s definitely the most fun I’ve had in a very long time.
  3. Finally unlocked Director's Cut by beating all of the EE's and then ran them all again collecting the talisman pieces to unlock the Mephestpholese boss fight, though we have not managed to beat him yet. This is easily the most fun I've had on zombies since the BO1/BO2 days. It is ridiculously good and it's a damn shame we never got to see a return in Modern Warfare. The rewards are incredible for completing all of the EE's and Treyarch really should take note. Anyway, offering help to anyone who needs assistance with doing the EE's and unlocking the Director's Cut. I'm on Xbox only
  4. I've been listening to a lot of MGMT lately. Been a big fan of them since their album Oracular Spectacular release and have been a big fan since. This is probably their most well known song...
  5. Hey @Kitsune If you're still trying to find team-mates me and my buddy Jay just recently got into it as well and we're currently powering through all of the EE's to unluck Director's Cut before going through them all again to get the final boss fight. If you play on Xbox feel free to hit me up.
  6. My first taste of zombies was playing World at War. I got the game for xbox 360 2 days before release and had my mate round taking shots each at it. On the second day we manage to complete it and while discussing how good it was during the credits we saw the words 'Nazi Zombies' appear and then the screen fades in to the player in a bunker. We played it, died on like round 4 or something and laughed about how mental a bonus one off mission it was for completing the game. It was over a week later another friend was round who explained to me it was a permanent unlock. I was instantl
  7. Thanks everyone who voted. It really is a great honour. I've been using this site since 2010 and eventually created an account a year or so later to actually participate (I was a bit forum shy before then) and loved every minute. I lost interest in the game mode around BO3. Just felt the game leaned on the Mob/Origins mechanics too much and all the maps felt the same. The variety that came with BO2 in particular was replaced with a generic style. The side quests were also mostly pointless story drivel and the mystery within maps non existent. The spoon fed story and bizzare turn i
  8. It's amazing to see Treyarch make a little EE in homage to this after all this time. Very cool indeed!
  9. Yeah, my bad there is 8. That is exactly what they remind me of too. The dull colour makes them look interactive and they look the appropriate size for the symbols to fit into. I feel they will link to them at some stage. The 'shock & denial' description makes me think of the mobsters dying by the chair and then respawning and being in denial of their fate. It's a tough step for sure.
  10. Makes me think the symbols might be related to the 6 blue monitors in the spawn. 6 might flash up and you need to zap them or something. They don't show in custom matches so they're definitely tied to the EE.
  11. What's the deal with Classified though?? Is it a sequel to moon or a prequel? Why is Richtofen not Samantha?? I stayed dark until release but if anyone can shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I got well stocked up and got several hours of playtime in and I'm still playing like a complete novice lol. Not a fan of zombies dying off over time though. Makes exploration on solo a serious challenge. Making crawlers is also a farce. Will definitely take a bit of time to adapt but I'm enjoying it nonetheless.
  13. As someone who is deep into fortnite right now I plan to get into the Blackout mode. The trailer looks good and definitely got me hyped up for it.
  14. I've seen you on it @Hells Warrrior but I assumed it was maybe your kid. I play it a lot these days, so much so I even got the battle pass and would be down to play anytime and that extends to anyone else who plays it on Xbox. Hit me up whenever Craig, I'm off for 4 days from today and plan on doing my week 4 challenges.
  15. Was at work when I posted my initial comment so couldn't expand as much as I wanted to but I want to give a big thanks to @Hells Warrrior aka Craig for being an amazing guy who literally saved this site and also a joy to game with. I genuinely have a lot of love and respect for you. I would also like to shout out @Covert Gunman who was a great friend to me for a few years while I was more active. You're a great guy Nick. Loved gaming with you and hope to do so again in the near future. I also wish to thank Shawn @Flammenwerfer for being a cool guy with the most sexual voice. @Infes
  16. I'm still around, lurking in the shadows but decided to take a back seat during the IW Zombies era and skipped WWII Zombies altogether so as to avoid burning myself out again and to stay fresh for the next Treyarch outing. Its my own fault really. I hit custom zombies hard and it killed the game-mode for me. BO3 was also a big letdown for me. No real innovation except for the micro transaction inspired GG's and the overall kid mode feel to the game-mode in general. I also found the map design to be poor on most maps. IW Zombies was promising but I never bought any of the DLC as they all looked
  17. Hey dude! I remember you from the ATVI forums lol. The MLG_EPICzZzZzZz username was hard to forget. Unfortunately I haven't been as active as I used to be due to working extremely punishing hours but I have to for now at least so gaming has pretty much been non existent. I have however managed to have it all pay off finally over the last 2 years of hard graft as I have been given a promotion with more money and less hours. Absolutely delighted! Took some effort to get there though lol. Anyway, with that in mind I will hopefully be able to start gaming a bit more. Absolutely choking to get a
  18. I'm not sure about it dying exactly. I mean, with Infinite Warfare having a zombie mode now it seems to be very much alive but the game-mode itself has evolved into a child friendly, clutch ridden mess when compared to the WaW/BO1 days. Micro-transactions now play a major role, offering kids and idiots with money the chance to gamble with RNG mechanics in the hope of making an easy game-mode easier. Earning LD in-game is a slow process designed to temp the player into parting with their cash, especially when the developers decide to abandon the creation of new perk machines and lock many possi
  19. This pretty much sums it up for me. I personally loved Tranzit at first and even now have very fond memories of it. It was a wasted opportunity though at the end of the day. The map itself was fantastic and very well laid out but the features within the map let it down badly and I put that down to limitations. If Tranzit came out on BO3 instead I think it would have had much more content and could have easily been one of the best zombie maps ever. As for the term 'Transhit', I hate it and I disregard the opinion of those who use it. I respect what they tried to do with it even if i
  20. I've already spoke to you privately regarding this and have told you I feel the same but while also feeling burnt out and deflated with zombies I have had a several month break from playing regularly but recently while having a bit of spare time in my busy working life I have started playing again here and there and while doing some solo high round strata on a few maps I have started to feel the spark again so I don't want to leave the scene quite yet. Maybe I just played zombies too much and got burned out on the whole thing but after a long break I can feel the passion creeping
  21. I've been logging on daily to trade out some poorer GG's but I'm still not a big fan of it because of my dislike for the GG's in general. It's still a neat addition though. Would have preferred an alternative game-mode though.
  22. I assume he is talking about seeing a pack-a-punch style machine before and he is referring to when they were in Origins and he saw the panzer and/or giant robots.
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