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  1. 1. I play some GTA, Fortnite, God Of War, and I've been playing some of the new Red Dead at a friends, hopefully gonna get it for Christmas cause what I've played so far has been amazing. 2. Honestly, it feels amazing performing. I get a huge rush of energy, especially to see people react to it in a positive way. It's really cool when I get to travel somewhere I've never been and there's a crowd of fans waiting for me. I understand the lack of enjoyment with rap, it definitely isn't for everyone. What genres do you listen to if I may ask? 4. I really appreciate that, that's real. As terrible as it was, I learned a lot from it and it reminds me to stay focused because tomorrow isn't promised. 5. Definitely understand the risk factors associated with it, I actually did research on weed for a year before I would touch it lol, I appreciate the warning though. Sadly too many people go into it blindly and I hate to see that, the lack of concern people have for the substances they are putting in their bodies, and in hand affecting their minds is disturbing. Harm reduction is key! That said, I definitely enjoy it. I just make sure to moderate my usage and frequently take breaks, as well as using it as an enhancer instead of the main activity. I missed you a lot too btw, how have you been Lenne? Thank you, I missed you man! Glad to be back
  2. Hello everyone, I'm sure there's many of you who have no idea who I am, as I haven't been active on here in a couple years. So nice to meet ya'll :) To everyone from back in the BO2-BO3 days, wassup? I've been missing this community, all the deep theories about maps/EEs; you guys were there for me at an important stage of my life when I was a teen who didn't relate to my peers who were more interested in rural town gossip than the stuff I cared about. And I'll always be thankful for that. Anyways, I thought I'd give those who care a recap of what I've been up to the past couple years: I stopped playing videogames as much - Other than having a lot less free time, idk what it is, but my interest has definitely went down compared to what it used to be: I used to be obsessed with gaming and spend hours upon hours each day dedicated to being the best, discovering secrets, etc. Now, I still enjoy videogames, but I play them more casually (2-3 times a week for a couple hours) though I am trying to at least do the Easter Eggs on BO4. I've continued to make strides with my music - My passion for Hip-Hop has increased exponentially, and I've done some pretty cool things with it. Shortly after my first mixtape, I started to make waves locally and got to perform all over town. After that, I went on to release 2 more, the latest of which I was able to get placed on Spotify and Apple Music. I also released my first music video, got my music played at several parties and tailgates at my University, and have been able to perform in Atlanta a few times which was lots of fun. Along with that, I've collaborated with lots of talented people and have developed my skill into something I'm finally proud of. Now, I'm working on learning how to produce my own instrumentals and I'm working with an EDM DJ to make some genre-bending music to perform at raves, as well as continuing to grind on my solo music. Each year things get so much better and I'm just excited to stay on this road. I've been going to University - I got accepted to Georgia Southern University shortly after graduating in 2017, and I've been enjoying it there so far. There's been a lot of good and bad times, but I've learned a lot of academic as well as personal knowledge. Met some pretty girls lol, partied some of course, but overall I've been focused on my grades and music. This past semester I got all As and impressed a couple of my professors which was pretty cool. I feel focused with the structure here and enjoy it much more than high school. I am currently majoring in Psychology, though I am contemplating adding a Marketing minor as that field interests me a lot and would also have the added benefit of helping me with my music career. I broke my collar-bone - On Halloween last year, one of my friends decided to take us dirt road riding in his jeep. He lost control after hitting a loose patch of dirt and the jeep flipped over. Me and a female friend both sustained broken collarbones, while another friend got a concussion and everyone else (luckily) was fine. The EMTs told us that realistically in that crash we should've all died, so that moment really shaped me. The hospital neglected me when I arrived sadly (they made me wait 3 hours for pain medication and would be joking around in the halls for 20 minutes at a time instead of checking on me, wouldn't notify my Grandma to come see me for over an hour until she complained because they "forgot", and then forcing me out the room once they did and making me put my sling on myself which wasn't even the right size). Along with that, I didn't get my pain medications prescribed for 3 days so I was forced to lay in bed immobile, with my broken bones popping out of place and rubbing against each other and feel the whole thing. My only solace until I got the prescriptions was some CBD oil my cousin brought over. Anyways, that event traumatized me pretty bad for a while, I would wake up after reliving the crash in my nightmares, and it took me over 6 months to be able to ride in cars without having a panic attack. I had to wear a sling for months and was very weak with my shoulder and arm for a bit. But it got better, and now I'm comfortable with everything. It was just a low point in my life. I experimented - I know this thing gets frowned upon by some, but yes I started smoking weed. Not all the time, but it helped a lot with anxiety and getting out my shell as well as with my creative endeavors. I actually started it before I ever drank alcohol. Now understand, I am not promoting either substance. You shouldn't rely on any substance for anything, and you shouldn't try anything just because I did. But for me personally, I enjoy the effects of THC and I know how to balance it with being a productive member of society. (If this stuff shouldn't be discussed on this forum I will gladly remove this section) There's obviously more that's occurred in the past couple years, but that's the quick summary. Anyways, I won't be able to post everyday but I wanted to return to this place and start posting occasionally again, to start getting familiar with the new members and catch up with the old ones, and maybe conquer these easter eggs. Thank you for reading all of this and thank you guys again for being awesome, Speedo Cola
  3. I know right lol. I wonder if Rick and the blonde chick are gonna start going together.
  4. Hey hey man! Thank You for the friendly add. Great to meet ya.

  5. If that question is related to Zombies, wouldn't that mean that they are starting on zombies now, in the development process? We of course don't know if it is or not, but it's interesting to think that Zombs might be getting designed right now
  6. It's either unrelated, or in my opinion, something the N4 would say, particularly Samuel or Marlton. Perhaps, they're questioning why they aided Richtofen/Maxis's quest, after seeing the O4 and other stuff unfold, realizing they did a lot more than they thought?
  7. @ZombieOfTheDead I did this in spanish last week, so a good lie is "My name is ____ and I'm an alcoholic." Unless ur actually an alcholic lol. In other news, today is 1/15/15 lol
  8. I can actually see that. Subscription fee, $10 a month for MP, and one-time $20 fee for campaign, with micro-dlc every few weeks, and normal DLC. They could essentially make one COD that is constantly updated with purchaseable campaigns and shit. People would continue to buy like expansion packs and MP fees. It would be cool that everything from all 3 developers be together, but goddamn the subscription fee would suck ass. Sadly, people would pay the fee every month.
  9. Most people I know with last-gen systems only keep them for certain games like BO2 and GTA V. And GTA already has been remastered. And of those people who still actively play last-gen, they are almost all upgrading by next year. In fact, this Christmas most people on my list did. BO2, to me, is an example of how DLC could continue. Most of my Xbox 360 friends still play BO2 to this date, they prefer the MP, and love having Zombies on it. Ghosts was a failure to most people, and AW is a love/hate game, some play it, others think it's too different. Hell, I hopped on a couple of days ago and apparantly BO2 still has active league play seasons. I just think that Treyarch could easily do it. I'm sure they want to, too. I'd personally like more like 6 map packs per game anyways, but Zombies couldn't really interfere with IW's DLC or game. Extinction is a pretty different mode, at least gameplay wise to me. MP players all get the next game anyways, even though most I know never buy the DLC. If they want DLC for either game, they can get it. Both games have different styles of MP and co-op modes, so it would be down to personal choice. However, I could see how if a DLC included MP that it could interfere things, due to the competitive community, all that MLG shit and whatnot lol.
  10. Can't wait! This and Exo Zombies have me SOOO EXCITED lol
  11. The Polar Express Elf The Grinch The Santa Claus Rudolph
  12. I got the game at like age 7 after beating The Precursor Legacy, and every time a hard level popped up, I would leave my house and drag my dad's friend over to beat it for me lol. It took me years to beat it myself, which weren't helped by the fact my younger brother always broke my discs. The story was amazing on it, and I wish I had a PS3 so I could just buy the HD version.
  13. What's up guys, I decided to set up a thread about my favorite game series of all time, Jak and Daxter. I've been watching Let's Plays of the series lately, and the nostalgia is killing me! I'm going to have to buy PS2 wires and all the games again lol. It's also gotten me mad that the series hasn't been brought back. So yeah, are you a fan? Hate it? This thread is for people to talk about the series, think up new game concepts, bring up news about the series, anything you want! Personally, I'm going to say what so many of us fans agree on: The Lost Frontier isn't canon.
  14. Anyone down for MOTD? Xbox 360 by the way

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      I have actually been itching for a game for a few day's now.

    2. Speedo Cola

      Speedo Cola

      @Hells Warrior Sorry I didn't get back to u, maybe tomorro? Would love it man

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