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  1. lmao. whats everyone doing this morning? Guise? GYUISE?
  2. I had a friend who was Christian.I killed him and buried him under a pool.
  3.   Thank you for another insightful post by our resident anchorman, Clint. And now to Rhonda with the weather.   Omg that was amazing bro.xD going down , party time, my friends are gonna be there too. You guys like AC/DC? *insert yotube video here, im too lazey* yes  I know I spelled that wrong boiis ok im done.
  4. Sup guys,happy easter. blaze it dont praise it (420), or heil hitler!depending on your preference.
  5. Thank you MMX. Im ungrounded monday, Im excited.How are you guys?
  6. Lets not judge or Kill me. How About I join the discussion again? As a participator.Im not special.Dont talk about me.   Happy birthday Delta.   I cant recommend anything as I honestly dont play games all that much anymore.
  7. Alright,yes,I did that for effect. But, Im gonna behave myself enough to not get banned now. Im a bit of a troll yes, but the friendly sort, not the type to get perma banned. Therefore i wont. How are all of you guys? And hey man,I have contributed.Ive sparked a lot of interesting conversations.
  8. Banned because I havent seen all of fight club yet.
  9. Ive seen half of it,I plan to watch it fully in like 10 minutes.

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