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  1. After playing with me, albeit a horrible game, which am I?
  2. I dont believe so.Bo1? Ballistic knife is definitely faster there.
  3. Thanks man,might cut that down a bit.
  4. Well Der Riese of course! Whats wrong with you? Der Riese above all other!
  5. How dare you tell me to contribute
  6. Oh alright.Makes sense. Well yolo guess ill get a sig then.
  7. I have a big empty black space.I dont want a sig atm.Can I delete this space or something?It's ridiculous.
  8. Its not happening mate.Been to long.Not a good economic decision on there part.
  9. The more I think about life, the more I see most religion as a way of dealing with fear and nihilism as a method of believing only in man,deism seems perfect for me.

    1. Boom115


      Just look at the flowers TAMB. Just look at the flowers.

    2. ThrowAmonkeyBomb
    3. ZombieOfTheDead


      I see what you did there, Boom. Bye bye, Monkey Bomb.

  10. Welcome to this wondrous site.Youll like it.Probably.
  11. Just so everyone knows, me and Slade have just been messing around

    1. Boom115


      Wow that is a hell of way for Samara to find out.

    2. ThrowAmonkeyBomb


      I LOL'd at that.Sorry Samara.But dayummmmmm slade;).

      you know what i mean Boom.

  12. I agree. xD But yes, newer member's do need time to learn the ways. So, basically, the whole point of this is just respond well.Flesh out your posts. Cool, good job, brains.
  13. Slade's to scared to respond in chicken sandwiches

    1. Slade


      People are too scared to join your army so I guess we're even.

    2. ThrowAmonkeyBomb


      Cant argue with that.....

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