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  1. Wishing it would have ended with that E. ;_; Regardless, Gimme a C and an R.
  2. Who knows what kind of advanced brooms they had in the Pentagon.
  3. Today was a glorious day, let's end it with a spicy E.
  4. And the award of longest thread title goes to:... I whole heartly agree. I think we can all universally agree, how Black Ops from a pure game mechanic perspective is the best zombies game. Ever since 2 the skill ceiling was so low that anyone could look good at the game. And it got worse from there with gums and elixirs.
  5. 1. The One 2. Where are we going 3. Lullaby for a Deadman 4. Pareidolia 5. 115 6. Abrecadavre 7. Dead Ended 8. Shockwave
  6. You mean in those videos in 4? If so, I am afraid I never checked them out. So I would not know.
  7. Sure, but he wrote "if there really is a connection" not how deep it goes. That is why I brought up the zombies appearing in the BO 4 3 campaign. Or am I not seeing something? Or I am just being a goof again. Ayayayaayayayayaayayayaay Have some spleens, both of you, but not mine.
  8. Is that still up to debate? I mean we literally had zombies in BO 4 3 campaign. Nice to see you again @Mattzs.
  9. The question is, are you playing on normal difficulty (or harder) like an honorable slayer, or have you resorted to playing ez mode? Just kidding. Thanks Boom.
  10. Truth be told I cared very little for them and it feels like I still do, of course they had their moments, like Nikolai in Gorod Krovi, but in my opinion these cutscenes and twists and turns feel very forced. I get why Treyarch did that, cause having Ultimis, while I love them very dearly, as the main characters for 4 games straight would have been way too much, regardless of how funny the jokes could have been. I would like to bring these two examples to the table: One is a meme I saw back when Der Eisendrache was solved and the cutscene was online. I can't find it right now, but it was basically a Titanic (The movie) Pic which said "when girls cried" and on the other half was Dempsey turning off the machine keeping one of his Ultimis counter parts alive, which said "when men cried" or something along those lines. It got tons of upvotes and comments saying how sad it was etc. etc. Which I truly didn't get and still don't get. I will explain one of the reasons why at the end of this post, but one other reason for me is that we knew what we had to do, from the beginning of The Giant. It worked out with Primis Eddy killing Ultimis Deutschmann, but only because it was a surprise, for me at least and I was actually a bit sad, cause of Ultimis Richtofen dying, but after that we all knew what was going to happen in the next three maps. The other example is the ZNS intro cutscene, specifically the shot in which the group save the summoning Stone from falling into the water, I remember lots of people saying something along the lines of: "They are a proper team now, they gained each others trust and now they are working together, that is so awesome." Again that is something that just felt forced and not natural to me. Of course now one could say: But Lenne, just fill in the time between the maps!" Kinda like we have to imagine them actually doing and talking (about) stuff, which actually makes them trust each other and what not. But I'd be like it's all or nothing. Either you show us more stuff (with more cutscenes for example) or you just keep it in the style of pre Origins where there wasn't a cutscene or two attatched to every map. And we all had to fill in the blanks. Okay now to my explanation of my main reason why I didn't care for most of the BO III story points. Somebody correct me, if I am wrong. There are literally an infinite amount of these characters running around and it feels like either I am missing the point or most of the other fanbase does and usually I'd say I am missing the point, but with this I am not so certain. In BotD so many people were gutted about how that primis Richtofen was dying and why he was etc. And then I see a tweet from Waffles, shortly before AO dropped asking how many primis Richtofen are there. Or something like that, I don't remember how exactly he worded it and I thought to myself, well an infinite amount. Of course Milo is like 500 x smarter than me, so I am probably just having a wrong view of these things. One more thing which is a bit off topic in this off topic chat we got going here: I blame Treyarch for that: They introduce the multiverse and all these different timelines, but they do almost nothing with it. Like where is the female version of Takeo killing zombies wearing a kimono and ofering sushi? Or the version of Ultimis Dempsey actually liking Richtofen... you know what I am getting at, right? Or I am just dead inside and don't have as big of a heart I always thought I had. haha Thank you for your fun write up and your opinion. Always appreciated. Grüßli
  11. X and Y. (I just want a hint.)

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