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  1. 10 years too late, but better than never. edit: Nevermind, I thought you meant crossplay.
  2. Yep, thank you, makes it more organized which is always appreciated. Your work is awesome, so I wanna say thanks for sharing and you stumbling across our little corner of the internet
  3. What a nice surprise. haha Thank you very much for choosing to return. I hope life has treated you well since you have left. Have you also not played zombies since deciding to distance from the community? I am sure you won't have any, but just incase: If you have any questions, be sure to ask right away. Thanks again, buddy.
  4. You know, considering how Shangri La is the best map and Mars is the best planet (aside from ours) Shangri La being on Mars actually makes perfect sense. It is fate.
  5. Same, mate. Glad to have you back and enjoy your stay, however long it might be. Fingers crossed for no technical difficulties in the game and not too much monetization, then we are in for a treat content wise in my opinion. Much love Spiderooo.
  6. Hello everyone, hoping you have found your way into October without any complications. Just wanted to let you fine folks know that this month there won't be a proper user of the month. Activity just doesn't really warrant that, but don't worry if you have posted a bunch of stuff this month. Next time we will take this month into consideration as well, when nominating. So see you in November, wash your hands, wear a mask and look forward to Halloween. Truth be told I hate, but even I have to be a party pooper from time to time.
  7. It releases tomorrow for me and I just researched there is going to be a "proper" album as well?! Jeez... I am slacking. haha Thank you for the heads up.
  8. @Tac Is it out? I completely missed that, if that is the case.
  9. UB40? Ewww Schlager is the only or at least one of the few genres I despise. haha I got the Wilsen record I already told you about and Kanye West's "ye". Thinking of getting the new Gorillaz record coming up this month on vinyl, but haven't decided yet.
  10. 1. Thank you for being back, it was always a pleasure to interact with you. 2. Great to read you have been doing so good. 3. The next time you decide to leave for an extended period of time, let us know. Glad to have you back, if you have any questions be sure to ask them.
  11. Gotta say the light german accent might also be an indicator for this theory. Unless I am just hearing things wrong, which is entirely possible.
  12. Alles gute zum Geburtstag Tac. Eat some pasta, get some hugs, dish out some spanks. Do whatever you like.
  13. How many do you have by now? I still only have two. ;_;
  14. Gotta be honest, storywise that was part of the fun for me, back in the day.
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