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  1. I feel especially bad for good old DJ Vahn, my heart aches every time I read one of his meltdown tweets. I hope they can bounce back accordingly.
  2. That would be the perfect solution.
  3. I highly doubt there will be a lack of content for the next Treyarch Call of Duty, cause if the second season of BO4 really won't be happening, then those maps will release with the 2020 game. Zombies Chronicles 2 will probably be a pre order bonus kinda like they did it back with BO1 and I wouldn't mind that too much.
  4. I only was able to watch the Microsoft conference, the pc show and Ubisoft. Way too many cinematic trailers, I mean not to be a party pooper here, but have we ever even seen proper gameplay from Cyberpunk? The only newly announced games, which I am looking forward to, are Zombie Army 4, a tiny bit of Watch Dogs and I guess the Lego Star Wars game. Other things I enjoyed, which already were announced are FF VII and Doom Eternal, but other than that I gotta say this years games weren't my cup of tea for the most part, but I enjoyed watching the conferences. So it is all good. Next year should be better though. Hopefully with Sony in the mix again as well, so we can have the good ol' d*ck measuring contest. Oh and Nintendo? Ehhhh... BOTW get's a sequel before we get a proper Mario Kart for the switch? Not happy about that.
  5. Early 2020. You gotta watch vids til the end, buddy. xP
  6. Sadly, the zombie army trilogy thread has been archived, so I had to make a new topic. Regardless here is some cool gameplay from the 4th part of the zombie army games made by Rebellion. Really looking forward to this one.
  7. Zombie Army 4!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay but fucking tune down the cgi trailers assault, please.
  8. I agree, WW II was a decent CoD. The campaign, while not that exciting, was a nice change of pace both in terms of the story and gameplay. They tried new things and I really like that. Of course they could have done more to make the ending better for example, but it was a fun experience if you ask me. The multiplayer, while having a rough start and terrible maps, for the most part, was decent as well, especially after the big division overhaul patch. The zombies I can't judge. It certainly is a bummer. I am also curious to see how Treyarch handles the themes they will go for, but as for right now, I don't want to speculate what it will be. I do think though that World at War was a good portrayal of that terrible war, while you were always playing either Dimitri on the russian side or the amercian soldier, I forgot the name of, you still got the fact that no side was 100 % wrong or right. Especially when Reznov got to Berlin and discovered the Diary of the guy who's character model is being used by Ultimis Nikolai. (Again I don't remember the name.) Sorry for the late reply.
  9. Isn't that kinda cherry picking? Doesn't there have to be some kind of common ground? Has Blundell or anyone at Treyarch ever commented on that?
  10. This makes me wonder: Are the Chronicles versions of the maps now the "canon ones" or are the BO1/WaW and Original Origins still the main ones when looking at the story?
  11. For me it is actually the other way around. DotN I really enjoyed, but Ancient Evil is more difficult for me to have fun on. I can't really put my finger on the reason for that. Maybe I just have to properly learn it? But still, in my opinion the two DLC maps, we got for BO4 so far, are better than the first two for BO III. I know, I know, Eisendrache is great, but ZNS really pulls it down. Hell I'd even argue that DotN and AE are better than Die Rise and MotD, which probably is concidered blasphemy in the community, but that is how I feel right now. I hope Treyarch can keep it up. It is just a bummer we probably won't get a second DLC season for BO4.
  12. Thank you very much. Learned a couple of things as well. You don't have to hurry through the cat walk and the special weapon just despawning the zombies. Thank you.
  13. Here is the schedule. Mario Kart 9 would be nice though and of course I am hoping for my sequel of POP 2008, as always. ^^

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