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  1. At the beginning of march I played through GTA Vice city for the first time in my life (never beat the final mission previously) Shed a tear to be honest just like I am now. (He voiced Tommy Vercetti)
  2. Hello I came up with something after watching the ending. I miss the old 3arc, straight from Nacht 3arc Experiment on spleens 3arc, set on the fun 3arc I hate the new 3arc, the bad cutscenes 3arc The always serious 3arc, glitch the game 3arc I miss the funny 3arc, the wodkaklauenden 3arc I gotta say at that time I'd like to work at 3arc See, we influenced 3arc, it wasn't any 3arc And now I look and look around and there are so many 3arcs I used to love 3arc, I used to lovev 3arc I even have the fridge from 3arc, I thought I am 3arc What if 3arc made a game about 3arc Called "Call of 3arc", man that would be so 3arc That's all it was 3arc, we still love 3arc And I love you like Activi$ion loves money
  3. I feel like I remember you, @Cheesegrater28. I think, among other more important things, you also played the hangman game with us. Thank you for checking in.
  4. Thanks for the laugh, brother. There is just one question on my mind even after all this info. What is his favourite food? There can only be one answer. Then again can onions eat?
  5. You two are my pals. For the rest of you: friendship ended. jk
  6. Vote or get turned into a zombie! I don't want any coinflips at this stage.
  7. Ich muss meinen Senf auch dazugeben. 1. I am the Well. I would give my reasoning, but I am afraid most of you, would banish me in a dimension without internet or something. 2. Abracadavre. Still gives me the same chills as it did when I first heard it. 3. The one. Same, @Carnage Evokerit was and still kinda is so enchanting to listen to. 4. Shockwave. Cause it is catchy as f*ck for me. haha Sorry, pasta brother Rad, for not participating in earlier rounds this time around.
  8. Better late than never, @PoppaQuad I'll read about the meat shower only if there are spleens involved. : P
  9. Never change 83457. Or if you must, then only for the better. haha Thank you for sticking with us and great to read that a (better) internet connection is on the horizon, cause you deserve it.
  10. Very well deserved, Clay. : ) And of course to everyone else as well. I hope all of you are doin good, especially those who have not checked in for a while. Was also about to flip my shit when I saw that Shooter almost got snubbed again. haha but now all is well in the Aether.
  11. Heya welcome to the site and enjoy your stay, yell at me if you have any questions about the forums. : ) Who is your favorite character in the Treyarch Zombies mode?
  12. Mr. Pasta man coming through and contributing:
  13. Everything alright now! : )
  14. Doin good. Haven't even bought the game (yet) since I want to give Treyarch some time to iron stuff out with their game, so I can probably join the discussion when the games life cycle is done. I missed you tho and am glad you decided to check back in. Has always been a pleasure to read your posts. : )
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