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  1. Grats on being one busy bee. Also glad you are feeling even more at home now with this small piece of the internet we are having. As for me, it just seems to get worse in a lot of regards, in some it is getting better, but it is a work in progress and I gotta take the good with the bad and vice versa. Gotta break some eggs to make the Pasta, you know? To quote one of my favorite musician's lyrics: "I'm the same, I'm the same, I am trying to change." Keyword is trying and as long as all of us do that, we are heading in the right direction, despite how long and dark the road is. Hang in there, Meh. We try to always be there for you.
  2. You being polite to game devs??? What is happening?
  3. If I had that money laying around, you'd get it from me. Truth be told, I don't have any passions, there are only three things that come close to even be considered passions of mine: (listening to) Music. (Watching and to some degree analyzing) Formula 1 And making people laugh, cause believe it or not in real life and under the right circumstances, I can actually be somewhat funny.
  4. Good guy Rad, or rad Rad, sticking to the schedule. I am looking forward to reading everything in full. Much love, hugs and thanks to you.
  5. Yup. Way too many people view that as weakness, you know opening up, showing emotions connecting to one another. Empathy is important. Even more for politicians, but very, very few actually show that, cause by most people it is viewed as a weakness.
  6. I hope it is well optimised as in no glitches, no crashes, not taking up 100 GB out of the box and another additional 100 further down the line. I expect nothing of the above, but I do expect a fresh start with some great new ideas. If some form of zombies is in there, don't do aether, don't do chaos, do something new, Treyarch. I also want a sick soundtrack and basically a great mix between WaW and BO1 in regards to campaign and in MP I want some good maps with no safe spaces.
  7. ? hope is a dangerous thing for cod zombies enthustiasts like us to have, but we have it... we have it ? (hopefully funny) musical references aside: This years CoD is a bit late in terms of it's reveal. I hope everything is going somewhat ok with the peeps at Treyarch.
  8. Dunno if that were to be allowed, since Rad, would have to deal with Activision/Treyarch then. . . Great job you are doing, Rad I am looking forward to reading the book in full. : -D
  9. Heya, always nice to see you check in. But have we played the same game with BO4? Pretty much every single viable high round strategy involves heavy camping. Same with BO3. Especially in BO4, cause some round after 55 the zombies run even just as fast if not even faster than you, haven't gone for such a high round in a hot minute, so that is why I am unsure. Camping also is way faster to get to round 100 to with. Quite frankly it bores me to death, shooting a rocket launcher at my feet every few seconds, I don't see how that can be considered more fun, than actually moving around and putting yourself at least in a bit of danger.
  10. Ahem... Fortnite ? jk maybe Old man, the emojis are repariert.
  11. Training really was the goto mechanic back in the old days and games. These days in BO IV and a lot in BO III as well it is camping. It feels like they never really nailed a middle ground for a whole game, which bothers me. Everyone has a different taste, but with the zombies games it is for the most part either this or that. Me personally I love training, cause I feel like it is more challenging than camping with a rocket launcher (BO4) or an overpowered gun (Ice Staff Lightning bow) of course there are always exceptions to the rule, but all in all, I think when you only run a train infront of the lighthouse in call of the dead for instance, then I can see why a lot of people say it is boring and what not, but you have to push yourself out of your comfortzone as well from time to time and try some new rooms/areas, maybe then you will view the trainings mechanic a bit differently. But I am biased as hell. Also hope my words made sense, my brain is melting. Regardless: Welcome to the site @Luke Nolin I hope you will have a good time on here, however the duration of your stay will be on here. :)
  12. This new Fiona Apple Album is pretty much what the doctor ordered for me.
  13. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the remake to rule them all. Absolutely loving this one. : ')
  14. I've been wanting to post this, ever since you made this thread EJ: Bitch, we are the game. :P jk ily
  15. Yo, @anonymous you got a VR Headset? :P

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