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Welcome, slayers from all realms, to the number one Call of Duty community dedicated to the popular Zombies mode. Call of Duty Zombies has been in existence since Treyarch's 2008 hit game World at War and has grown into the largest and most officiated fan community in the franchise. This forum is dedicated to the players who want to theorize about the game, create concept map ideas, discuss the story, and much more. We welcome all to the site. 


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Title Minimum Posts Pips
Human 0 Icon
Zombie 25 Icon
Gas Zombie 75 Icon
Denizen 150 Icon
Space Monkey 300 Icon
Hellhound 500 Icon
Napalm Zombie 750 Icon
Ghost Lady 1000 Icon
"Him" 1500 Icon
Director 2000 Icon
Thief 2500 Icon
Panzer Soldat 3000 Icon
Agarthan Zombie 3500 Icon
Astro Zombie 4000 Icon
Cerberus 4500 Icon
Takeo 5000 Icon
Nikolai 6000 Icon
Dempsey 7000 Icon
Richtofen 8000 Icon
Announcer 10000 Icon


Call of Duty Zombies

Call of Duty Zombies started back in 2009 as the original Zombies community. With over 20,000 members and growing, CoDz remains the official community for Treyarch's beloved mode, giving fans the platform to contribute to discussions and help shape the foundation of what Zombies has become today.