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  1. I'd rather see zombies hold out to BO5 and be zombies again. Where zombies went in the main maps of BO3 was bad, but Chronicles and the cool PaP stuff helped save the game (unless you hated re-pap). But BO4 shit the bed completely. I've adored zombies since WaW, WaW and the BO3 reprints are my favorite zombies. BO4, I could delete and trade in, it's trash. Blundell needs to go or step down a notch or 2 to someone who loved what zombies was. Bring back what was. Zombies was easy, mass kdr, and killing (mostly) human (looking) beings. It was camping or training. Humans have a visceral love of seeing humans hurt, killed, maimed, and tossed. Kiling zombies filled this dark corner of our psych without guilt, or fear, or actually hurting anything. Now zombies is corny knock off creatures and endless, boring running. Every single corner, ceiling, wall is a zombie spawn point. The PaP system forces you early (round 10) to decide which guns to use for the entire match. DT2 allowed one to go to about R30 without having to necessarily PaP, and losing DT2 added this issue. Now Juggs we could actually live without (in the new system), but really we just needed the 4 perk cap removed, not to have Blundell brutally defecate on the whole zombie mode. Now zombies are fresh...well so is the crap I just took, and I don't want to play with either.
  2. Oooh, jingles. I play guitar somewhat. Technically for 30 years, as I (re)picked up guitar on 6.7.89 at 1:23am and 45 seconds and have played steady since. I was a month from 20, a bit too old to learn guitar, but I love it none the less. On the option of wonder pianist or guitar God: honestly guitar gods are a dime a dozen, a good keyboard/piano guy is always in demand. So piano guy is likely more economically viable. But it's damn hard to carry your piano to the campfire jam.
  3. Not bad at all. There is so much room here. I can usually circle the zombs and rush past BF and then just concentrate on taking him down. Also, by basically circling, he doesn't barf on anything of value except that 1 perk machine.
  4. About mid twenties they just burn for a bit and then go out (on normal difficulty). Nerfed maybe.
  5. Looking today at the xb1 store, 58% of reviewers gave BO4 a rating of 1 star out of a possible 5. Wow. I know BO4 sucks, but even I'm surprised it rated so low. I was going to rate it 2 stars...but I played it beforehand, so I only gave 1 star. I hope Acti/Trey get the message and do something. I'm not sure how they can unflush this turd, but I'd like to see it improve, rather than just go down.
  6. Hey anonymous, in bo4 they buffed grenades to be useful longer, which was one of the few upsides to bo4. Time bomb, I used this camping in the Buried courthouse. Every time you get a Max Ammo, just throw a new one. This way, you only go back a round or two, but you'll have all your perks and guns and whatnot. S mine? I'm drawing a blank. Did you mean Claymore? EMP gives you some box time, or revive time without killing the last zombie. It was worthy enough.
  7. Hey all! I'm trying to suss out the values of grenades and I would welcome any help. I've been doing some testing, but I'm usually dead before 40 on normal, so I don't know the staying power of some of these equipment. I'm also not in love with bo4 zombies, so I'm not doing as many tests or games as I normally would. Frag: What round will it start making crawlers? What round does it stop making crawlers? I really have not used this much and would welcome any knowledge of them. Wraith Fire: This seems to be the community favorite. 2 uses, it lasts a while, but by 20-something it is weakening zombies more than killing them. But Instakill + WF is always a win. A solid choice. Equip Mint can combo with it. Sentry Gun: 1 use, slow recharge. First impression is that it is poo. However, when using it while grouping them up, I quickly hit 100 kills with it, then 250, then 500. So this thing is actually a sleeper beast. Mid 30s, it clears the room. It only lasts 10-15 seconds and is a pain to run ahead of the train and set down, but once using it is mastered, this kicks more ass than it seems. What round does it become junk? Does it start making crawlers or anything stupid like that? Acid Grenade: 3 uses, very slow recharge. I thought these might be a hidden gem, but mostly they stick to zombies that I did not intend to hit, and damage me and my shield. The recharge is so slow that I'll just toss 2, then throw 1 whenever I have 2. Even Equip Mint can't save this in my opinion. Am I missing some great potential? Is it good in high rounds? I'll take facts or opinions. Please and thanks. Happy gaming!
  8. Check out the Grand Staircase/Dining Hall combo. So much room there. I find Forecastle easier too. Both are further from the Shield though. Both are good spots for a key perk if you get downed too. Like Quick Revive for those faster heals.
  9. I'm posting my thoughts on running trains and opening the map. But, I suck at bo4, so I'd welcome any advice or better training strategies, if anyone has anything to offer. One can easily run the whole ship, but by playing it safe, one uses lots of ammo to kill 1 or a few zombies, so I usually play it up close and hectic and die mid 30s rounds while trying to merc whole crowds similar to the older zombie games played. (I usually run counter-clockwise due to giant hands and small controllers. It's just easier for me to push the 2 tiny sticks together). Stokers can fire homing missiles through any basic white walls of the ship (at least on xb1). The missiles seem to be stopped by any other surface, like pictures, railings, trim, any brown walls, et cetera. ####### Forecastle: I keep the 2 lower doors closed (to State Rooms). I open State Rooms from the Grand Staircase (only for the Shield Part), behind the Swordfish wallbuy. This also opens Millionaire Suites to State Rooms, 1 level down on the Staircase. With those Forecastle-to-State Rooms doors closed, Forecastle is fairly easy to run. Basically I group them up on the Perk deck, often going under the Starboard side steps (near State Rooms door), then I run up the other Starboard steps to the front of Forecastle, and wreck them on the steps as they group up to come up. I cross the top, and jump over the zombies coming up the other steps by the perk. Repeat as needed. ####### Dining Hall and Grand Staircase: I open from Grand Staircase to Dining Hall, and I leave the Galley steps closed (I'm not sure that that part matters). I group them in Dining Hall, then I enter the Staircase area and headshot at doorway, move around corner past Staircase (in front of steps), headshot more. Then I head towards Galley, headshot by perk. Repeat. This is fairly easy. (Stokers fire missiles through white central walls, be wary). ####### Poop Deck: After running several paths, I find the steps on either side of the Workbench to be fairly safe. I go up the starboard side, come down the port side (by Workbench). Then I'll either go across the lower deck of Poop Deck, or I'll cut into the top of Third Class Berths, and come back out heading to the starboard side steps again. I don't find the PaP area to be very safe, so I avoid that. (Stokers fire missiles through white walls of 3rd class berths, be wary). ####### Grand Staircase alone: Ive left the Dining Hall doors closed, and ran around (front and back) the Grand Staircase on this level. It is a bit hectic. Dining Hall alone: With the Grand Staircase door to Dining Hall closed, I have run the Dining hall with some success. Open from Galley/Mid Ships deck. Both of these are less than the Grand Staircase and Dining Hall together, in my opinion. ####### Mid Ships: This gets too hectic for me, I've not had much luck. Cargo Hold: This is terrifying. I can run real dangerous tight circles, but it is madness to attempt. This would probably be a decent 4 player camp spot as I think no zombs come from the portal side of the room. Engine Room: This stresses me out, yet does not seem to be too hard. The issue is turning to fire, only to catch on something or have a zombie appear behind you. I haven't given it too much attention because I don't feel comfortable with this. Camping near the portal (and PaP location) is not bad, with the portal as escape. Camping would be better with 2 or 4 players, so you can watch both sides. ####### Try these out, or offer me some pro tips, or just read and move on. Either way, happy gaming!
  10. Post the info that you find, please and thank you.
  11. As Lenne said...the numbers of the Beast. Hey, I made it into SoE, and bo4 has The Pit in IX. So, they must read my mad scrawlings. haha.
  12. All I can say is that Treyarch must be aware of this ubiquitous issue and will fix it soon...right after Gorod Krovi probably. (83457 runs and hides).
  13. Just a heads up: I DL'd bo2 for xb1 and many of the MP settings in custom games are gone. Like number of lives per game, number of rounds in tdm, and a few others. On 360, I made a great game of 5 2-man teams, 1 life, multiple rounds, with 2 point kills (+1 for headshot) and -1 point per death. 35 points to win. I'd play with a friend or a bot on my team. Xb1 saves the game mode, but with the rules missing, the game is wrecked. No issue, I can still 360 it, but fyi, it is changed. In zombies, Die Rise, "walking" 2 trample steam parts, the Bellows got stuck in the debris on the floor near the qr elevator (top floor). So don't walk pieces around together in bo2 zombies. Just carry 1 at a time.
  14. Agreed. Also, I discovered some xb1 fixes which improved the gameplay for me. I played it the next day and it was much better. But of course everyone I know had downloaded Apex Legends at that point...haha. 1. When searching for a game (especially as I'm a night owl), I let it search until the second time the upper left says "expanding search". Then I back out and retry so I get a lower ping game only instead of playing against European players (I'm East US). 2. DNS settings. I was informed to change primary and secondary DNS to and respectively. This halved (or better) the in-game lag for 90% of gunfights. I was going 15 feet into houses, dying, and seeing killcams where I was shot running up to the house before I got in. That crap went away with these settings changes. (Edit: Use these same numbers for ps4 also). As of now, I'm okay with the game. With the proper settings it isn't nearly as bad as it first seemed, thankfully.
  15. Off the top of my head... (go to custom mutations if needed, all attachments are unlocked). Take the SAUG and put on dual wield and lots of attachments will become unavailable. They go dark or "greyed out" as I called it. Edit: this doesn't necessarily mean that I'm right about the hades hipfire. Maybe split screen 2 hades with different attachments on each screen, and compare the hipfire "reticle" size between the 2? What does laser sight 2 add over laser sight 1? I'm curious...does it hold steadier as you move, or are these laser sights shrinking the hipfire "reticle"? I'd love to know for sure, myself.
  16. My main feedback would be a common Treyarch issue: their lag compensation is sloppy, or everyone has 500 ping. I've got about 20 ping. So this means I need multiple seconds of lag added on for some reason. Often I'll shoot someone and get like 20 hitmarkers, and then they kill me and in the killcam, they took no damage. This is exactly why I stopped playing Treyarch CoD: terrible lag comp. For 2 years I played bf1 so I didn't have to deal with this CoD issue. Yesterday I tried Blackout for almost 8 hours. I had some fun but the super lag and stuttering players means I'll likely never play it again. I had no problems with the fact that I sucked, I expected that, but the game play quality is very low. BO3 and BO4 are very poorly made on xb1; constant crashes, missing graphics, and badly synced netcode. This code needs serious improvement. That's my feedback. I hope it improves for low ping players like myself.
  17. If I don't suddenly obsess and buy it. While it is fun to say "no" to the wanton obsessor in my head, I sometimes do lose these battles with myself. It is both entertaining and often confusing living in a constant state of flux.
  18. I think season pass is $50 in US. I've never minded paying for content if I'm going to play it. I'm so torn myself...I'd like to get the zombie maps but I'm just not in love with bo4 and find it hard to pay them for something I'm so disappointed in. BF1, I put in 1800+ hours, so the $ I paid was very much worth it. BO3's Arbgwaoth debacle stopped me from upgrading to xb1 at first, but when I eventually did, I got all of BO3 on xb1 for under $100 and it was well worth it, despite the bugs and crashes. Maybe I'll wait and buy all the bo4 content on sale in a year or two. That'll give me time to suss out if Treyarch will walk back some of the crap of BO4, or if they'll blindly stumble forward on this same ill-fated path that they've chosen.
  19. I haven't seen technical stats for any of this, but I don't think that the lasers really effect hipfire so much as they make it theoretically easier to hipfire-aim due to the red line. I'd guess that steady grip and crossbar would work together. I may be wrong though, I've only tested them a small amount myself. Edit: I feel that the items that became superfluous would "grey out" and not be able to be used if they did not work together, since we see that with other attachments in game.
  20. I've had mixed opinions all along. Treyarch: I love these zombies most. I generally dislike Treyarch's way of thinking and doing things. I can't stand and never finish their poorly written, badly functioning Campaigns. WaW MP was meh, BO MP was among the worst cod MP ever made, BO2 MP was surprisingly fun, and I've not played BO3 or BO4 MP, because I'm not into it. My zombie rating: BO3 (buggy as hell, but lots of fun), WaW, BO2, BO1, and BO4's crappy knockoff zombies last. Treyarch MP maps are always trash and repeats of said trash. IW: Their Campaigns were fun and held you in captivity, worthy of replays. I've not played their zombies. I played MW2, MW3, and Ghosts MP, all of which were better, by far, than the Treyarch or Sludgehummer MP (though BO2 MP had enough toys to be fun). Extinction was worthy, but not as enjoyable to me as zombies. Sledgehammer: I had Advanced Wallbreach on 360. It still has wallbreeches in MP. The MP was literally unsynced and unplayable garbage. The campaign was forgettable. Exo zombies was just awful. Burgertown without survivors might have been something, but the flea suits and upgrade system were terrible. I feel like most non-little-children fps players left cod for Battlefield 1, which was much better than cod in every way except bugs (and DICE executives appear as blind and stupid as Treyarch when it comes to understanding their game and players). Children still want CoD's "shoebox formula" of tiny bad maps, gimmickery, and spawn kills; god forbid you go 15 seconds without action... So, in terms of CoD, the zombies were the key to holding the community together, but now Treyarch's new zombies just suck sess. So, who knows? Edit: I'm no "zombies story" guy at all. I have grown familiar with the og4 crew, but I was fine with Marlton, Tits, Russman, and Stuylinger. I am amused by the Chaos crew, except Diego and Bruno sound like the same voice actor, which is confusing. /my view and opinions.
  21. Preamble: You can upgrade Kraken with the distill table for 3000, then PaP for 5000, or you can PaP first (5000) and then do the upgrade for 6000. As far as I can tell from testing, the end result is the same. I posted this view in my VoD for Beginners thread, but I'd like to be informed if I'm mistaken about it. So, is there a good reason why one path costs 3000 more than the other? Thanks.
  22. Thanks! I'd love pictures too. I'm almost 50, mostly blind, crippled, and poor, so I only have my phone to post on...so I'm not really adept nor informed at adding pics to posts in an efficient manner.
  23. Moar of Zombie Chronicles. Making simple games simpler for short play times, and exploring weird game ideas. I've done every individual map except Gorod Krovi, so why not post my deranged ideas for ZC? ######################### All maps: Start Room only challenge: No need to type this for every map now. How long can you survive Start Room? I, candy: Only use Eye Candy GobbleGum. Box and Bottle revisited: If plausible, open to ?Box, shortest route possible, no other doors allowed afterwards. No power allowed. QR and Box until they leave your map. Anywhere But Here! GG: Ban this on small maps, or try to get put in an "ABH! Pit map" if it takes you out of the allowed map parameters. ######################### -------Nacht Der Untoten WaW III: No perks nor GG allowed. Back to basics. Whatthefuzz: You must take whatever the wunderfizz machine gives you. Random is fun or not. ?Boxed in: You must hit the box every round possible, and must exchange 1 gun. If you get Monkey Bomb, no exchange that round. May only hit box once per round. No wallbuys allowed. Wall Flower: No ?Box use allowed. ######################### -------Verrückt: (2 Start Rooms) Option, QR Side: Open Bootlegger Room only. Hall of the Dead: Open Juggs side to Kuda wallbuy, hold that hallway. Columns of Woe: QR side, open LCAR9 Room only. Short lived training session. Round Room: You must open 1 door per round, 1 door max per round. You must fight and stay only in that newly opened room that round. Once entire map is open, you win (go to bed, or may now play entire map). ########################## -------Shi No Numa: Bad Ops Shuns: Open Start Room steps, open Storage + Storage hut only. Camp by KRM or train. 5 perk options; QR, SU, W'sW, DD, and 1 random. Electric Trap option. Fishing Hurt: Open Start Room door, open Fishing Hut for perk. Camp under start Room steps or train. QR and random Perk. Flogger option, Electric Trap option. Doc Der Untoten: Open either Start exit, open DQ. Keep DQ Hut closed. Camp outside left of DQ Hut. No perks allowed. ######################### -------Kino Der Toten: Kino-sabe: No power switch allowed. Open map as desired otherwise. Half Fast: Pick a side, open only that side to power, no doors on the other side allowed. Round Room: You must open 1 door per round, 1 door max per round. You must fight and stay only in that newly opened room that round. Once entire map is open, you win (go to bed, or may now play entire map). ######################### -------Ascension: The Juggernogg's Bitch: Open Juggs room from Start, open above Juggs, open 1 door above to power and activate it. No other doors allowed. Wanderfizz (map build): Open Upper Start Room door. Open door by RK5/Kuda. Open (Fire Trap) door near KN44. Open either door to Power Switch and activate it. No other doors allowed. QR, W'sW, Wunderfizz perks, a few wallbuys. Trap option. (Option: open Jugger door for Juggernog). Wanderfizz 2: Open lower Start Room door, open door above Juggs. Open door above to power/Box. Open Kuda/RK5 door outside. Open door to Stamin Up. No other doors allowed. Juggs, QR, W'sW, SU, and Wunderfizz perks. Trap option. The Ascending Giant (map build): Open lower Start Room door. Open door above Juggs. Open door by Fire Trap. Open door to Speed Cola/Bowie Knife. Open door from above Jugger steps to Power. A high rise convoluted map of bad training, J, SC, and QR with Bowie Knife and temporary Box. Lander Pits (map builds): Open through Jugger and 1 door above to power. Buy Jugger (not QR). Ride Lander to random pad. No other door purchases allowed, no other Lander use allowed. 1. Jugger + Trip Mines. 2. Jugger, Speed Cola, Bowie Knife. 3. Jugger, W'sW, Wunderfizz perks. (Option: At Trip Mine pad, you may open door to Stamin Up and Trap). (Option: Allow unlimited Lander use. Still no PaP access. Add QR for long games. With this option, you could open to Power Switch through Fire Trap, and up past Mule Kick. This adds Fire Trap, Mule Kick, and PaP option). ######################### -------Shangri La: Shangri's Playground (map build): Open Start Room door near GGm. Open Start Room to Maze side door through to power, through KN44 Room, to the Waterspout Room (up to Mine Cart). No other doors allowed. Use cart, waterspouts, slide to get around map. You win the game when the Maze crashes the game, like any other bo3 SL game. PaP may be or become unavailable due to closed hallway. ######################### -------Moon: Pit 51: Get to Moon, get Power and Perks, come to Moon and fight in area 51. No QR allowed. No Power: See post above for details. Long game. Wrecked: You may not hack excavators. The Giant Moon: Get Juggernogg or Speed Cola at Start. Go to Moon. Open to Bowie Knife, and both tunnels allowed fully opened, no other doors allowed. QR option. (Option: Activate Power for DT2, and a shrinking map due to excavators. No Hacker allowed). Angri-la Moon: Get Start perk if able and desired. Get to Moon. Fully open both tunnels, nothing else. Activate Power Switch. Excavators eventually shrink map. QR option. Possible Box option. (Option: No Power, no excavators). ######################### -------Origins: Staved off: Activate generators, PaP, and train in Crazy Place (as above post). Long game. Shangorigins: Open both trenches from Start Room until they connect. No more doors allowed (nor ABH! GG). Speed Cola, QR options. Wanderfuzz: Open through Gen 3 (Speed Cola) to No-Man's-Land. Get SC, Jugger, and WF perks (until it leaves the map). No more doors allowed. QR option. ######################## Happy gaming wrongly!
  24. Hello and welcome to my SoE Parts text tutorial. I'll cover the Shield, Apothicon Servant (A.K.A. AS or Squid Gun wonder weapon), and the location of the Civil Protector Fuses, Fuse Box, and his Summoning Switches. I'll also walk you through the Sword and Sword Upgrade. I've added the Trip Mine Upgrades. A Quick Reference Guide will be followed by a longer text description after. ######################### ------Quick References for parts: Fumigator: A fumigator is needed to open the Pod Plants. 1 Fumigator will be at Start (back of truck, or on wall near closed Steps up, or by Beast Fire on boxes). You can find 3(?) locations in Junction and each district as well, if playing 2 or more players. It stays with you all game. You can open pods with this for guns, drops, or Rocket Shield Recharge Tanks, and one Purple Pod will eventually give the Apothicon Servant Part. I will not discuss the Fumigator after this except to mention it for getting the AS Part later. -------- 3 Shield Parts: Each part has 3 locations, each of these 3 locations will be in the small upstairs Perk area of each of these Districts: Waterfront, Footlight, and Canals. ------- 3 Civil Protector Fuses: Each CP Fuse has 3 locations, each of these locations will be in the section between the Perk area and the Tram/Train Station of these Districts: Waterfront, Footlight, and Canals. Fuse Box: in Subway near Rift to Footlight (right of FL Rift if looking at Rift). Put fuses in here, 1, 2, or all 3 at once. Once all 3 are in place, CP Summoning Switches are Live. CP Summoning Switches: 1. Junction: Between Easy Street and Waterfront. 2. Footlight, near Statue. 3. Waterfront, near GGm near Rift to Subway. 4. Canals, across canal from Ruby Rabbit. Note that each location is in the first area when you open the door from Junction to a District, (except the Junction Summoning Switch of course). Call in a CP here for 3000 points. He will kill, revive, and pick up 'drops' (x2, max ammo, et cetera). ------- Apothicon Servant: 1. Heart from first dead Margwa. 2. Tentacle from Purple Pod (round 12 or higher). 3. "Xenomatter" (bright green part) dropped by Parasite (flyer) or Meatball. (Round 7 to much higher rounds). ------- Workbenches: 1. Footlight, on walkway above, across from Black Lace Burlesque (ritual area). 2. Waterfront, behind The Anvil (ritual area), near HVK30. 3. Canals, by Ruby Rabbit (ritual area), Tram Station, and M8A7. Build Shield and Apothicon Servant at the Workbenches. ########################## Longer text descriptions: Shield Parts: Drop Steps to Perk area with Beast (or backtrack from steps if you opened from Tram Station). S1. Shield Part Footlight: Go up steps to perk machine. SPFa is straight out from perk, against railing. SPFb is 2m left of perk if looking at perk, by railing. SPFc is further left of perk if looking at perk machine, in the doorway by the steps, on a comfy chair. S2. Shield Part Waterfront: Go up steps towards perk machine, but at the top of the steps, make the left bend close to the left side SPWa may be at the top of the steps (a Fumigator location may be here too). Continue towards the perk, SPWb may be on the wall to the right, if facing the perk machine (directly right of perk). Continue into room with Statue (Large box if not Beasted open yet) and on the right side wall, left of the 1250 door, may be SPWc on the floor by debris. S3. Shield Part Canals: Go up steps toward the perk, as you enter the "4 Lions" room, SPCa may be immediately on your right by this entrance. Continue towards perk, SPCb may be against the left rail of the connecting bridge (outside, walkway). Get to perk machine, SPCc may be directly across from the perk machine (right of 1250 door). With all 3 parts, build the Shield at a workbench. ########################## Civil Protector Fuses: Each is between perk area and Tram Station in Footlight, Waterfront, and Canals. 3 locations each in this area, for each Fuse. Each Fuse glows bright blue and should be easy to spot. CP Fuse Box: Take all 3 Fuses to Subway near the Footlight Rift. Looking at FL Rift, Fuse Box is to your Right near steps (Vesper up steps). Put the Fuses in the Fuse Box. After this, you may call in CP from the CP Summoning Switches in Junction, Footlight, Waterfront, and Canals for 3000 points. ------- CP1. CP Fuse Footlight: From perk, go left up short steps, make left on top, go by Devil-O Donuts Cart. CPFFa may be on the corner of the rail by the walkway here. Continue along walkway towards the Workbench, CPFFb may be on railing of walkway on right before the workbench. Make right at Workbench, CPFFc may be on ground on the left. CP2. Civil Protector Fuse Waterfront: From Perk area, head out door by Pod Plant to overhead walkway. CPFWa may be on your left as you come up the first steps. Continue across the walkway towards the gun wallbuy, make left. CPFWb may be on a railing corner on your left. Continue towards Tram and CPFWc will be on boxes on your right just before the door on left to Tram steps. CP3. Civil Protector Fuse Canals: From the perk machine room head towards the Tram through the 1250 doorway. CPFCa may be immediately on your right outside of this door, continue on, CPFCb may be on your left on the cart by the window, CPFCc should be visible right by this window also. This is a tiny area, it should be quite easy to spot. ######################### Apothicon Servant Parts: ASP1: Kill the first Margwa, it will drop a Heart, take the Heart before it fades away. ASP2: Search Purple Pods with Fumigator (just hold 'interact' if you have Fumigator in inventory) after round 12 at the earliest (recommend round 14+) for a Tentacle Part. Take it before it fades away. ASP3: Sometime after round 7 (earliest I've had it) a Parasite flyer or Meatball will drop ASP3 which is a bright green mass called "xenomatter". Pick it up before it fades away. With these 3 parts, build the AS at any workbench. Afterwards, if you lose the AS for any reason, it now becomes a ?Box weapon. ######################### Swords: -------Symbols; (Only 1 player is required to get the symbols and open the Egg Chamber). Step 1: Go to Waterfront to Tram Station. Call Tram. Ride Tram to Footlight, then ride it to Canals. Using this Tram route, always look right out of the Tram window and in each District (WF, FL, and Canals) you will see a red symbol in a window. Memorize these 3 different symbols. Symbol memory trick: Count any large Triangle as a 10, count any small Triangle as a 1. Then call the symbol by its cardinal number (like 10, 14, 40, 22). You can view the symbols, in Beast Mode, in Subway, under the balcony (near brown box/statue), to have an idea what these look like before you ride the tram. (40, or 4 large triangles, is the highest number, next is 22, 2 large, 2 small triangles, as an example). All of the "Numbers" are 4, 10, 12, 14, 20, 21, 22, 40. Note that 21 and 22 can be easily confused due to the closeness of the "1"s. -------Egg; Subway Egg Chamber: Take these memorized symbols/numbers to Subway, activate Beast Mode and look under the balcony (between GGm and the Beast Fire) for the arched door with these "Number" Symbols. Using Left Trigger (console), zap the 3 symbols that you saw on your Tram ride. If you mess it up, you must wait a round before trying again. If done correctly, this doorway will disappear and reveal 4 Swords and 4 Eggs. Holding 'interact' will pick up an Egg. (Only 1 player needs to open this, then each player may grab their own Egg). -------Egg Statues; (Each player is now on their own upgrade quest). 4 Statues to place Egg on: Expose these 4 Statues, then place the Egg on 1 Statue and charge it with 10(?) Zombie Souls, listen for an audio cue at finish, you can also see the souls, so you can see when this ends. Then repeat for the other 3 Statues. Each player must do this separately, each with their own Egg, at each Statue. Multiple players can fill souls at the same Statue, but each player's zombie souls only count towards their individual Egg. 1. Subway Statue: Straight out from this Egg/Sword alcove is a large Crate. In Beast Mode, it appears to be on fire. In Beast Mode, hit the Crate (Right Trigger, console) to break it and reveal the Statue inside. Set Egg on it, charge it with zombie souls, repeat for each other Statue. 2. Footlight Statue: Under Perk Machine area. 3. Waterfront Statue: Upstairs, behind Perk Machine area. 4. Canals Statue: Corner of map on right side of Ruby Rabbit. -------Egg to Sword; After the 4 Statues, go back to the Subway Egg chamber. Place the charged Egg back in this chamber. Wait a few seconds, then you can draw your Sword (Egg in Sword) from this Egg chamber (interact button). Sword is a Special Weapon. Hold LB+RB to activate it. The charge wears down, once gone, kill zombies to charge it. -------Upgrade the Sword: -------Arch Ovum; Take the Sword to your character's ritual location and a Ghost Keeper will be at the Altar. Take the "Arch Ovum" from this Ghost Keeper. Cop = Ruby Rabbit Canals location. Boxer = The Anvil Waterfront location. Dancer = The Black Lace Burlesque Footlight location. Magician = Easy Street location above Junction. -------Margwa Ovum Rituals; Near each ritual location will be a red circle on the ground. Hold 'interact' button while in the circle to begin. Only 1 circle can be done per round. If it goes beyond 1 round, then you must wait for the current round to end and start a circle ritual the following round after. The glowing red circle will recharge your sword if you enter it (but headshotting is usually better than using the Sword to kill Margwas). Each player must do all 4 circle rituals. The first circle ritual has 1 Margwa, the other 3 have 2 Margwa each. Note that a random Margwa spawn may occur at any round as well, which may cause mild confusion. Killing your ritual Margwa(s) will cause an Egg symbol to appear on screen, slowly changing color with each ritual completion. -------Complete Sword Upgrade: After the 4 circle rituals, return to your character's Altar. Hand the Sword to the Ghost Keeper. In a couple of Seconds, take the upgraded Sword from the Ghost Keeper. It is finished. Now you may launch an autonomous Sword that will fly around and kill zombies until the charge wears down. You may put the in-hand Sword away while the autonomous Sword flies around. ######################### Trip Mine Upgrades: There are 2 Trip Mine Upgrades. Presumably, there is more to this which has not been figured out. Molly's Cream Cakes make donut explosions, and Devil-O Donuts makes cream cake explosions. Puchase the Trip Mine from the side of The Anvil (ritual area, Waterfront) for 1000 points, or you may be able to get it from the ?Box (950 or 10-fire sale). ---Molly's Cream Cakes Upgrade: Get a Trip Mine kill by each of the 3 MCC's Carts; Canals, across from Ruby Rabbit. Junction, near Stamin Up. Footlight, by Perk. Each kill will have an audio and visual cue. Completion of the third will trigger a character quote and refill your Trip Mine inventory. It is now upgraded. ---Devil-O Donuts Upgrade: Get a Trip Mine kill by each of the 4 D-OD's Carts; Junction, between Footlight and Waterfront. Waterfront, near Rift to Subway. Footlight, go up steps left of perk machine, make left. Canals, by the GGm near Kuda wallbuy. Each kill will have an audio and visual cue. Completion of the fourth will trigger a character quote and refill your Trip Mine inventory. It is now upgraded. ######################### (1.23.2019) Happy gaming!

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