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  1. Sorry, I've been MIA. I'd have to play a few games to get me my zombie legs back first.
  2. I got really sick of training zombies years ago and started camping for the joy of it, even though it would not last to high rounds. They added way too much busy work, so my friends and I still enjoy the simple early maps best (and the reprints in bo3). So maybe this cod will appeal to me, but after the bo4 disaster, I'm afraid to spend money on a cod game at all. In looking for opinions, so thanks for this post.
  3. Thanks. Even change changes. We'll all change, I like to believe I've been much better at being human with each passing year (it's taken over half a century to get this far). Do you recall how angry I used to get at Trollarch? Haha, wasted energy. I just really want to fix everything because of how right (I often believe) that I am. Mwuhahahaha. Yeah... Throw in the anonymity of the internet and "voila!" instant assh...let's say instant 83457.
  4. Well, gosh (blushes). Thanks all! I must admit that it feels good to get this surprise gift. Thank you for the kind words, Pinnaz. Do I get a funky colored name?(Edit: Ooo, I'm yellow now). P.S. I'm moving in with friends, hopefully I'll have some decent internets again and get back to new zombies! Happy gaming!
  5. While playing online multiplayer, I usually dislike maps that get played too often (please stop reprinting Noob Town and Failing Range, ha), because I played a lot and got sick of them. However, Standoff was a popular map that was built more like a square circle, which is often asked for, so as to avoid everyone just "running for the center", which is too common in CoD. So Standoff, I guess. In the past several years, I mostly play my own 5 2-man team game versus bots, and I love these maps for it: Raid, Rush, Slums, Standoff, and Hijacked. Raid being my go-to first map for it.
  6. I played it again recently. There is so much wrong with it, if they remade it, it would need some serious love to not just be reforgetable.
  7. Thanks RZP, for the feedback. I can't access my bo2 maps offline on 360, so I can't really do a back to back comparison myself. Ah poverty, forcing me to play old games. Sigh.
  8. Are there functional differences between (let's say) 360 BO2 zombies and XB1 BO2 zombies (and possibly the PS equivalents), or is it just controller improvements, or just my deranged mind? Does anyone have the technical knowledge of this? I've been playing BO2 on XB1 and it just seems to work much better. I can train areas that were impossible before, the zombies appear to spawn in quicker, and I can definitely see further/better in fog on TranZit. I loved BO1 when they were new, but they are my least replayed zombies due to solo difficulty. I wonder if BO1 became easier on XB1 too. If I had home internet I'd check it out. So, has anyone else noticed this or have any feedback on this topic? When I was online, but playing offline, I seemed to have infinite money in the bank. I could take money out but not deposit money (or maybe deposit was just glitched). Now I'm offline without internet, I can deposit money but it vanishes after the game ends. Even if I play another game immediately, no bank. Anyway, I'd take any knowledge that anyone has on this topic. Happy gaming!
  9. That's new to me, thank you for that. Edit: Added it and you reminded me of the permanent drops glitch, which is almost the same.
  10. Hey Richkiller, I was adding the bank unlimited points trick, Max Ammo trick, and infinite (well, max 7) perks from witches as you posted. I'm trying to get scattered ideas into one clearer post with tags on it for searchers. This map is so crazy easy, I'd put it second to WaW's Shi No Numa where anyone could break 100 with ease running Comm Room. Have fun!
  11. Hello zombieciders! I'm going to slowly add some retro stuff here for this old game, some tricks, some ideas, some "moar" stuff. I want to get it right so I won't rush it, so check back for updates. ####### Infinite Booze on round 1 (with Paralyzer): Get all perks and draw all chalk outlines. 1 hour round 1. Start map, get to 900+ points, drop down to Quick Revive, draw chalk gun for 1000, get to ?Box with 1900+ points. Hit box twice, if not Paralyzer, restart until you get it. If you're online, after a few restarts you'll get the bear on the box and Paralyzer should show up after not too many restarts. But if you're completely offline (no internet), then this is going to be quite rare for you to see the Paralyzer. With Paralyzer in inventory, keep 1 or 2 slow zombies and walk them away from the Jail. Run back to Jail, grab the key, open the cell. Grab the Booze and give it to the Big Guy. Immediately start shooting him with the Paralyzer (tap fire to not overheat it). You must stop him from moving and breaking the Jail barrier. He will still make the bonk sound and react as if he hit the barrier, you can stop shooting then. Now, leave before the zombies show up. As long as the Jail barrier remains intact, Booze will keep spawning at the Jail or the Saloon, and Candy will not spawn. Open Saloon. Break every single barrier (Jail last) in the map (and smash the fountain) for fat cash, then you can draw all of the chalks for fatter cash. Get GalvaKnuckles, Juggernogg, et cetera. Remember; the further he runs to hit a barrier, the more points you'll get. Once the Jail barrier is broken, Candy will spawn in the candy shop once per round or can be bought for 1000. Note that you can enter the ground floor window of the Jail room by standing in front of it and shooting the ground with Paralyzer to fly up slightly and slip in the window (during the time that the Jail barrier is still in place). ####### NDU Buried + Pit Maps: NDU style is playing without perks (like NDU: Nacht Der Untoten from WaW, the first Nazi Zombies map), and "pit maps" are sections of the map to trap yourself in without buying doors as a challenge or for short gameplay, like "start room challenge" basically. NDU style in Buried simply means that you leave the Big Guy locked up. If you break no barriers, you can't access most perks, nor the PaP machine. No free perks from witches neither. Note that you can buy Quick Revive solo and if you get the Paralyzer, you can levitate back up for a second or third QR. With power on, you could buy it in an MP match this way, Speed Cola and Mule Kick are available with power on also. Pit Map 1 Start Room: Don't drop down. Olympia and M14 in map. Pit Map 2 QR: Drop down. Stay on Quick Revive level. Shotgun wallbuy and Quick Revive if solo. Pit Map 3 Box: Drop to bottom level. You have the box and the B23R pistol. No Big Guy allowed. Pit Map 4 Fountain: Get to box, get 2 weapons. Open Hardware store (where all of the parts are) and go up and drop off by the Candy Store in the fountain area in front of the witch house. ####### Buildables with no credited kills: Kill no zombies with gun nor knife. Fix 4 window boards at start, drop down to shotgun chalk and draw it. Drop to box level. You could hit box for Paralyzer and do infinite booze here, which will make everything super easy. Restart until set. Make Buildables, hide in dead end hallway of Saloon and get uncredited Buildables kills for as long as possible. Without Paralyzer: For the easy access way you need 2000 points to open the 1250 Sloon door and the 750 barrier inside the Saloon. The starting 500 + 40 (window boards) + Chalk 1000 + Big Guy breaking barrier (200), leaves you a little shy of 2000. So line up all zombies, fire into their legs for points, run to the other end of their line and do it again, shoot a couple of middle zombies in the line until you hit 2000 points without killing any zombies. Alternately you can take the tunnel from the Barn (under Quick Revive) around to the upper floor of the Saloon to avoid buying one of the doors/barriers. Go up Saloon to the roof, jump to building with chalks which is not always cooperative, get chalk and draw it for points on a ? symbol. Open a Hardware Store door, get a Trample Steam part, put it on the table near the ?Box, up the steps. Go through Saloon, jump to Candy Store, activate power and grab Candy. Have Big Guy finish the Buildable (give him candy by it), build the Sonic Cannon in the Saloon (because it breaks most often). Grab and draw as many chalk as you can. Place the Trample Steam in the dead end hall and let it finish the round. New round, grab and use Booze for money. As the rounds progress, build other buildables and purchase Juggernog from Booze/barrier points, use Candy if desired. Fix windows for points as applicable. Eventually camping the dead end with the Head Chopper on wall opposite opening by window, then Trample Steam, then the Sonic Cannon, then set the Turbine (for Cannon) as needed. I hit 32 on my first attempt and had zero kills on the leaderboard. ####### Time Bomb and Tricks: The TB resets everything back to when you placed it. Everything is back at that point, the only exceptions are 'credited kills' remain on the leaderboards (Set TB, kill 2,000 zombies, trigger TB, you still have those kills) and any doors that are opened and any 'drops' that are on the ground as you trigger the TB (Z$, x2, perk bottles, et cetera). Make sure that you'll be able to get those drops because your location will reset. Normal Use: Push dpad down (I don't know pc keys) to take it out. Left Trigger sets it down, then Right Trigger will bring you back to this exact moment (usually pulled out and used later). The normal use is to set it just after a max ammo, while in control of the game, so if anything goes bad, just reset to that point. Each Max Ammo will give a new TB, throw it down and it deletes the previously set TB (so you move your reset point forward in time). ------- TB Bank Trick for Points: Requires GalvaKnuckles, lots of points already in bank, TB. (Big Guy or friend can babysit, or run away from crawler). In Bank, punch the keys by the tunnel with GalvaKnuckles. Set TB. Take about 60,000 or so from Bank, hit X/O (action button) by keys to create a large Z$ drop. Activate TB and the money is back in the Bank, yet the Z$ still exists, grab it. If your account was full, you can even check it to be sure that it's still full. Note that the Z$ will flash and go away eventually, so you're limited to about 60k by time, give or take. ####### Bank Max Ammo (and infinite witch perks with TB below): This should net you a Max Ammo for roughly 6000 points or less (depending on how many times you repeat this, it cycles through the available drops, including Carpenter if the box moved). Requires Paralyzer/(Petrifier), GK punch, Big Guy, Candy. Babysitter helps, but can be done with a crawler on solo, but the Big Guy might pick up the crawler, which you do not want, so try to drag the crawler away and punch Big Guy to get him to follow you quickly. Open Steps by Candy Store to Bank, open the Candy Store door across from these steps. The process: Punch the Bank keys with GalvaKnuckles (if not already punched). Here's the loop: Create 1000 point Z$ (costs 1100), *give BG Candy when he is next to the Z$ (he'll change it to a regular drop), immediately fly up and out (Paralyzer), run into Candy Store and buy Candy (1000), run back up Bank steps and drop in. See what he made the Z$ into, if not Max Ammo, go to *. Repeat until Max Ammo. Note that if you wait to see what he makes, you will not get to the Candy Store and back in time (you'll need to give another 1100 for a new Z$), so just give him Candy and run for more Candy and back, then look at what he made. This will also keep him from moving too far off. Time Bomb (max 7) Witch Perks: Note that this will allow you to get all Perks free from your first set of witches, if you have the Time Bomb and someone babysits the witches. Create a Max Ammo this way, drop TB, Babysitter kills witches but ignores bottle, activate TB (perk bottle and Max Ammo remain). Grab Perk bottle, grab Max Ammo. Babysitter babysits while you create new Max Ammo this way, then repeat. This is silly, but perfectly doable to get all perks. ####### Some Big Guy cheats: (Thanks to Richkiller): As Big Guy goes to pick up a crawler (because you gave him Candy by the crawler), shoot BG, he drops the Crawler who is glitched into the ground. RK suggests this for the last step of the Easter Egg to keep him out of the way. ------- Which reminded me of; Glitched Permanent Drop: Get a drop, give Candy to Big Guy to alter the drop, but shoot him as he starts to do so. This should glitch the drop so that it remains until you pick it up. It won't time out. ####### Get rid of Big Guy: You can shoot him and he'll hide in his cell until you have Candy/Booze (or Time Bomb into previous time). If someone gets into his cell first, he won't lock the door. ####### Speed Load Courthouse Camp: Leave the main doors (ground floor) closed. Use Tramplesteam to fling over the box to Speed Cola, or open the tunnel from Quick Revive to the Courthouse. In the courthouse: Upstairs near the lone zombie window is a break in the banister where zombies drop down to the first floor. Set a Head Chopper on the railing on the side away from the window to get the few zombies that walk past the drop down spot. Camp: Camp near the bottom of the steps, but forward so you can shoot where the zombies come through the small opening in the downstairs banister. Load the area by the main doors with claymores. This is good until the 30s, then open the main doors when it starts loading too many too fast. At this point, loop the map and camp at the steps again, or switch to your favorite latter game strategy. Happy Gaming!
  12. Edited: I did research and apparently BOCW released unfinished (like most games these days) requiring an update straight out of the box. The box warns (and was confirmed by Game Stop manager) that internet is required for even single player. It appears to not be a worthy offline purchase, if anyone seeks that right now due to finacial issues. Have a beautiful day.
  13. Now that I'm offline, I haven't seen the paralyzer. I used to spam the box twice, then restart. After a few of these, I get the teddy bear on the box and the good stuff comes quickly after that. Well, offline (not connected to web at all, not just playing local while wired up) I get no bear, no green flashes, no bonus stuff. Just for knowledge sake I posted this. However, it has given me a desire to "moar" this map and play it in various ways. Maybe I'll make a post for how to play buried wrong. And since I've been given the green light for glitches here, I could add the "infinite booze round 1" trick and maybe clearly state the "7 perks from witches in 1 round" trick, and how to do the bank loop and buy infinite candy. There's "pit" maps, and "NDU Buried" maps, and speed camping the courthouse. You know, stuff for us losers who don't have BOCW yet.
  14. My "space flower and rainbow" pic were painted by my gf in the 80s. We're still friends, I was at her wedding in 2019.


    From 1960-something to about 2000, the rainbow flag was the all inclusive symbol of acid freaks and usually dead heads (Grateful Dead). At the turn of the century, our flag and motto were usurped by the gay community, which was mildly awkward. I don't care at all if someone is homosexual, but my pic is the old school hetero acid freak flag for any who contemplate these things and wonder. 


    Note the diamond stars: "shall we go, you and I, through the transitive nightfall of diamonds" -Dark Star, Grateful Dead.


    Happy gaming!



    1. anonymous


      Good to hear you're still friends with your gf from the 80s!

    2. 83457


      Thanks,  I devote a lot of time and love to these lovely ladies, I like to keep them as friends after. Only 1 ex-gf had to be perma-dumped, due to her extreme evil.


      My last love was a 19 year relationship that ended over 6 years back (I'm too poor, she got fat. Sigh). We go for walks every weekend and talk and do sudoku and that's enough for both of us.


      From now on, I'm only dating wealthy ladies. If I have to put up with a woman full time again, I'm getting paid for it. Forgive my loving misogyny, ha.

  15. After not playing T for years, this was hard again. I knew each tp location as soon as I arrived back in the day, but when revisiting it, I was so lost.
  16. Just ideas, as I've not thought on this in a while: Some way to tp to downed folk or distance-revive. Maybe GG or Elixirs, though nobody wants micro transactions. TP light teleport is reverse of bus route by 1 lamp post, instead of random. Random stuff should add fun, not be as bad as this was in this map. Actual training areas. Who designed this crap? Wallbuy in town. And generally better and/or more gun options. Better PaP option. AVOID BUSYWORK! Not everything needs to be in pieces scattered around the map. Limit buildables so we don't run around for hours in solo for no reason. Maybe multiple shield locations, or they switch over time so any area can replenish shield. Jet gun fix into something better than this. Maybe various WWs if we stick with the current bad map design, so folk can train better. Better seeing/graphics.
  17. It is probably real cheap, so why not? Here's what to expect; Ghosts was not popular, but I found it to be decent. It has good bots, like BO2 did, these are the best 2 games for functional bots on CoD. Offline bot games can be fun. I make Infected games with bots where the survivors have Sentry, Vulture, and Loki (Loki; I call in the Armored Squadmate and a care package, wait until Squadmate spawns, then cancel Loki because the bots will hide while it's up, so you want them to come gets shredded by Mr. Sentryperson). It's just pointless slaughter for fun. Safeguard (not the BO3 game) is a hard game, but with even 1 friend, it has that WaW zombies camp-with-friend feel. Make sure you share good crate drops (guns and perks) including unique perks. The easy versions you must last 20 rounds, hard ones go 100 rounds with hellish enemies. Bots play TDM fine and you can adjust their skill (weak, regular, hardened, veteran, mixed). Edit: a cool feature is "Squads". You can go here, then choose "wargame" to play tdm (or any modes or saved modes that you create, even offline). What makes it special is that you can dress your bots to match and pick their head, set the load out that each bot will use (don't give them secondaries), and give them funny names that you'll see in-match, like Faye Smelter, Buster Teathin, et cetera. It gives you control over your team build. Extinction is hard as heck at first, especially alone. But it can be a real fun 2+ man team experience. You earn teeth (300 kills, completing missions, no downs, no failed challenges, et cetera) to buy upgrades which eventually make the game easy. But it gets repetitive, so best with friends as a passtime. In Extinction, you plant a drill to destroy a hive, this is like a timer and gives a skill point at end to improve the current games inventory items (your class, sentry gun, ammo, et cetera). You must protect the drill. You recieve a challenge on each hive (with exceptions like Barrier Hives), if you complete the challenge you get a second skill point (you want to succeed at all challenges) (accuracy 75%, kill Leper, spend 6000 points this round, stuff like that). You kill cryptids during this time. You have 4 classes to choose, and eventually (1000 teeth to buy) you can have 2 classes at once. Without a friend, MP bot games are still good but soloing Extinction or Safeguard is rough if you aren't familiar with them. Good luck if you try it.
  18. Here's some PoC thoughts from someone who played this awful game too much. I've asked if cheats were okay these days, and given the green light, I'll give some tips. ####### Feral sight all match: In the first area, buy the Sniper and fire at the large neon sign. In a timely manner shoot 3 shots at L O L on either side of the sign to get LOL to appear on your screen. If it doesn't work, give it a few seconds and try again. It must be with basic ammo and no attachments on the sniper, usually hitting the background color is fine, you do not need to hit the neon tubes themselves. This makes the critters explode into glowing alien dolls for a while. The cheat is to throw ferals (wolf face item) during this time. Then, as long as you do not get downed nor use the Weapon Specialist upgrade ability nor throw ferals again, you (and all who pick it up) will have the feral sight outline around critters for the whole game. At end of game, throw out built up ferals for the run home and its speed boost. This saves you the hassle of building ferals up early when you'd rather do class or sentry/vulture. Note that this also works during the snowmen easter egg of the second map, and on...one other map during an easter egg...which I forget right now (sorry, I'm talking PoC here). Edit (I forgot to type it); Electric Knife glitch: If you have the electric knife ability (purchased with teeth in armory), you can hold down (X, Square, PC equivalent) to have unlimited zaps instead of a few second cool down. This limits your movements (ties up my thumb on console at least), so stand in a crowd of Craptids (like by drill), hold that button and keep stabbing for continuous zapping/stunning as you kill. I forget the correct name for the zap knife, I'll edit it in later. ####### Save Propane tanks for fun: In the second area, if not using the tanks to destroy the barrier hive (they're no good at it if you are not Engineer, for example). Take them to the road section between the first and second areas. Here, middle and right side are immune from the game's "erase all Propane Tanks" command at the end of the second barrier hive. It's just for fun. You can set these up in the road by the vehicle after the barrier hive dies, then use them as a Rhino trap on the way out. If you really like to toy around you can bring them to the end hives to blow up random critters. With Claymores (inventory or random box on ground) + Propane, you can set a trap if you know the likely paths that the Leper runs, or for certain Scorpion lofts. You could do this during the second or first area without using the 'save propane tanks' trick above. Trophy + Propane: Set Trophy in a known Scorpion perch, set 1 or more Propane tanks by it. Scorpion fires, Trophy responds, Propane explodes for dead Scorpion and momentary fire trap. Leper is pronounced "Lepper", and is short for 'one who has leprosy'. Apparently craptids get it and lose their broght face color. Burning, as well as the propane tank booms, can shorter barrier hives. This includes Incendiary and Cryptid Slayer Ammo. So, if Engineer, you can toss most propane tanks into the lower part of the large bulb of a barrier hive, then blow them up during that barrier hive fight (helicopter battles). For best results, have fully upgraded Engineer shoot them with a Sniper with the Sniper Upgrade, or have him hit them with explosives. All players can hurt barrier hives. Best with Incendiary or Cryptid Slayer ammo for the fire effect. 4 CS ammo LMGs with Arks attached can melt the barrier hive in seconds. ######## Flares and Master Scavenger: Master Scavenger gets you nice stuff, but you won't get Arks/Extended mags unless you grab a primary weapon (not just secondary pistol). Conversely, you could avoid getting a weapon to get more flares with MS, which may help if you're new or doing 'pistol only'. MS must be bought with Teeth at the armory in your Loadout (200?). Note that you can carry Flares or Hypno Knives or Trophies to another area and swap them. If you are new to this and solo, this game is hard, so carrying a Flare to the End, swapping it with a Trophy on the ground gives you a flare on the ground that you can use later (set the Trophy by last hive or as needed before leaving for another Flare/Hypno Knife). Run back and grab another Flare from another area. Repeat if possible and needed. It is best for Medic to do this due to his movement rate. ####### Trophy Tip: Last hive is longest. So set any Trophys found by the last hive, near the drill spot. They won't normally get used up there, but if you need to fix the drill, you'll be safe from Scorpion piss as you do. Sentry Tip: If 2 Sentries, set them in traps (best as Engineer) and/or facing each other, such as the last hive on PoC. Babysit them and the trap. They do lots of work but get eaten if you aren't vigilant. The 5 Teeth Sentry upgrade is one of the best upgrades under 200 Teeth, they last like 3 times as long with something chewing on them. They cost 2000 each so watch them watch you. Sentry bullets won't fail the accuracy challenges. Vulture Drone tip: Watch the drill timer and know your area and the challenges, because this costs a lot for its short life span. Don't call it in needlessly as it wastes points (on PoC, later maps are busier). Get the upgrade for increased time and the occasional random missiles. Note that the Vulture bullets won't count towards accuracy challenges, but the missiles do, just fyi. Leper Tip: If you don't shoot, he follows certain paths, often running to the drill. Shots and booms make it go to shitty places, or hide where you can't kill it. It has no face color, just silvery grey. First area, always do the hive by the trees first if there is one there so you do not get the Leper Challenge there as the Leper goes behind the building, sometimes to unreachable spots. Easiest challenges to fail: Accuracy Challenge late in game or by early noobs with no understanding. Traps challenge at penultimate hive at end. Leper Challenge. There's usually 2 Accuracy Challenges, 75% and 50%, 1 each of the others, so if you get these in the first or second area, it is best. The end area can be worst for all of these, depending on the hive. ####### Nobody will care, I'm just having fun typing. Happy gaming!
  19. 51 on WaW or BO is quite beastly. 51 on BO3 is a bit more feasible, but quite nice. /my opinion. I also imagine pc mouse control to be much better than console, as is true for most games where I've played both versions. However, I've not played pc zombies, so I might be off. During BO2, I studied all the folk on the leaderboards, counting only those who played a map at least 100 times, so that you know that they tried. I found a very tiny percent made it past 30 in any map. I find most folk in random games try to camp and survive, which made Treyarch seem out of touch these last couple of games by forcing the training/kiting on folk. If they made zombies more camp friendly for early rounds (in map and spawn design, not in willy nilly perk design), it would appeal to a much larger audience, while still allowing 5% of players to do the long game training sessions. /my 2 pennies worth.
  20. No, my side button, necessary for screenshots on this model, broke years ago and every button remapping app I've tried has been pretty bad, so I lost the feature. I'm also poor and dying, so I'm not too focused on a new phone since everything else works fine on this one. As I answered to Slade, it happens once I type enough, it doesn't happen on a 2 line blurb. But now I'm just above (and now behind) the notifications bar as I type this. If you have a friend or family member with Android, try their phone maybe. I can always switch to another theme to type, or simply drag the screen up as it occurs, so it's not a disaster, just annoying. Thanks for answering and trying help, it is appreciated. If the notification bar was simply moved to the top of screen, the issue would be gone. I'm no computer programmer, so I don't know the difficulty (or not) of what I ask.
  21. Did you do the Red Carbon (default) theme? That's the one that's doing it. I do lots of edits and jumping around my wall of text posts, so try this: move the cursor anywhere, then bring it back down to the end of your text. As you get past a certain amount (like right now, I'm texting behind the notifications bar) it goes down below the notifications bar. You just have to type enough and it should occur. Thanks for the reply and trying to help. Go text a paragraph or 3 on Red Carbon theme and see if you end up behind it.
  22. Yes, it does. Apparently only the red carbon has the notification bar issue. The other 2 don't. Also "theme" location moves from theme to theme. Can the notification bar be moved?
  23. Hi wonderful folk running this show! I'm running into a QOL issue with using my Android phone. When I'm typing, the 'notifications and such' bar is just above the keyboard, which is fine. But this means that whatever I start to type moves behind that bar and I can't see it without constantly dragging the screen up. Ugh...annoying. Can we adjust the phone typing cursor up by the height of the bar so that this issue is gone? If so, and it's a simple enough fix, then 'please and thank you' for doing so. Have a beautiful day or more.
  24. Get past 100 in Solo with ease (WaW only): I'm just tagging this on the end here for any who do not know this simple strategy. Requires WunderWaffe (lightning gun from box) and Trench Gun (Wallbuy shotgun, first floor of main building, by Storage door) and Bouncing Betties. No cheats required. Dog Rounds: Every 3-5 rounds (usually 5), dogs attack you and drop Max Ammo when they're all dead. I recommend fighting them while standing in the unused alcove between Storage and Doctor's Quarters. Use the Trench Gun (shotgun) as it will always 1-shot-kill dogs. Fill this area with Bouncing Betties to make it easy. Edit: Fight at the front edge of your BB minefield, back up slightly as they go off, so 1 dog does not blow up too many BBs. Only back up if getting hit mostly (use discretion). Starting in the rear of the alcove, make a BB line down the center and then against each wall, then fill in more if applicable. Main Strategy: When you are ready, open the Comm(unications) Room door if not open already. Head out and walk counter clockwise around the boardwalk. You will need to do 2 loops until like round 40ish, when you can do 1 wide loop and gather all zombies. Eventually they load even faster so that you speed through rounds. Weapon use: each round when all zombies are behind you, carefully, slowly, fire 3 Wunderwaffe shots to kill all zombies as you near the main building. This will clear them all out. You get 18 shots, in 4 rounds (between dog rounds) you will use 12 shots on zombies, leaving 6 'emergency shots' over the 4 rounds if zombies block your path as you approach the end of a loop through the 2 small path-huts (this may kill enough that only 2 more shots are needed to clear the round, but maybe not, so be as frugal as possible). When dogs come, go to "Dog Rounds" tactic above. That's it. In just a few hours you'll pass round 100 bored out of your mind. Tip: Use the extra Bouncing Betty glitch above, ending each round in the main building so you can drop the unused bettie(s) and drop 1 at next round start. Good luck!
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