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Welcome, slayers from all realms, to the number one Call of Duty community dedicated to the popular Zombies mode. Call of Duty Zombies has been in existence since Treyarch's 2008 hit game World at War and has grown into the largest and most officiated fan community in the franchise. This forum is dedicated to the players who want to theorize about the game, create concept map ideas, discuss the story, and much more. We welcome all to the site. 


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admin.png Admin are more "long term"; every new feature, or change to the site has to be checked and cleared by them beforehand. The admin are usually more behind the scenes, but can be found around the forums.
moderator.png Moderators operate with the "day to day"; keeping the community positive, dealing with spammers/problem users, and generally participating frequently across the forum & chat. If you have a question, comment or concern - then you'll want to direct it towards your friendly neighborhood moderator.
Technical Support Technical support are our AI companions in staffing duties. They do automated tasks like welcoming new members with important information to dig into the forum, and conduct beta tests for new features & cool stuff.
halloffame.png When you see a "Hall of Famer", you are seeing an exceptional user who has added to CODZ in monumental ways. Each individual is different, and it's quite hard to sum it up in once sentence - but basically anyone with this title has brought excellence & progress to CODZ in the form of content, back end work, overall presence, and knowledge.
veteran.png Veteran's have seen it all, been through their tour. They broke through to the other side, and often have stories to tell. These are our retired staff, the individuals who aided their abilities and gave selflessly for the good of the CODZ community.
vip.png These VIP's (or Affiliates) are essentially well known YouTubers & internet personalities whom are also members here on CODZ. Some are more active then others, but all have provided support to/for CODZ.
uotm.png The cream of the crop, there can be only one User of the Month per month... and whomever wears the mighty cyan is indeed someone to look up to. The User of the Month competition is a years old tradition here at CODZ, the next UotM could be you!
donor.png Without our donors, CODZ would not exist. From $1 to $100, we appreciate every donation and are proud to see so much blue across the forum.
member.png The bread and butter of CODZ: our members. They formulate theories, craft strategies - and best of all, slay zombies.

Call of Duty Zombies

Call of Duty Zombies started back in 2009 as the original Zombies community. With over 20,000 members and growing, CoDz remains the official community for Treyarch's beloved mode, giving fans the platform to contribute to discussions and help shape the foundation of what Zombies has become today.