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  1. hi, long time no talk

  2. MegaAfroMan

    It has been a long time...

    Oh we certainly did, didn't we? Staff chat was a lot of fun sometimes. I hope you've been well. @Lenne IW zombies helping at all? I've personally found it rather fun. Any thoughts or attempts at trying to broaden the scope of the site? I mean, I don't honestly know if it'd help at all with the existence of Reddit already sort of owning all Message Board populations. I just would like to see this place be busy like the good old days.
  3. MegaAfroMan

    It has been a long time...

    Hey Lenne, I've been doing well! Currently living with a special someone, I have a job I really like, and I'm making slow progress towards my educational goals. Things are going well. How have things been here?
  4. MegaAfroMan

    It has been a long time...

    Greetings CoDz, sorry that this isn't really a true introduction per say. To those who don't know, I used to do some stuff here. Anywho, the site looks absolutely gorgeous. I give mad props to the team. I see some familiar faces there. You guys have done great things here. Maybe I'll see y'all around, huh?
  5. The camo was a gift for any special edition. I got mine from buying the digital deluxe edition. The panzer in the calling card is just a carry over from the original weaponized 115 pack that Treyarch put in BO2. I'm all for recognizing when Treyarch does sneaky things, but it is a massive stretch to say that they chose this calling card in BO2 for release with a Micro pack in order to let it become a fan favorite so they could bring it back in special editions of BO3, just to foreshadow the return of the panzer in DLC 1 of BO3.
  6. MegaAfroMan

    Thoughts on Microtransations

    Something I think a lot of people don't think about much when they compare modern games to how things used to be, is both the change in how much space and detail goes into games as well as the changing value of money. A PS1 game was usually 50 brand new, but a dollar from those days would be worth around 1.50. Those games were measured kbs to mbs at most. Now games are on the order of gb. They are at minimum 1000 times larger. Sure it has become easier to work with that much data, but if you were to evaluate games based on data per dollar we are at an all time low. Now because of inflation since, a new game today should cost 75 USD brand new. They don't though. They only cost 60. So game companies give us games hundreds to tens of thousands of times bigger for only 80 percent the cost we used to pay. It makes a lot of sense why micro transactions DLC and especially season passes are almost mandatory. Personally micros are okay to me as long as they are purely cosmetic or purchase in game currency at fair rates. Mass effect 3 MP had micro for the currency used to buy weapon and gear packs however the in game earning rates were fast enough that 6 matchesbon lowest difficulty let you buy the most expensive pack. So spending real money didn't really save you much time or effort. CoD micros being purely cosmetic do not bother me.
  7. MegaAfroMan

    Should I worry about going down?

    Of course if you're XP grinding then yes maybe QR isn't quite as necessary considering you eventually will hit a point where kills per minute drops and your round survived bonus stagnated If you're going the distance though and trying for rounds, not having QR is just silly.
  8. MegaAfroMan

    Should I worry about going down?

    I'm going to say I wholeheartedly disagree with this. If you get above round 20 or so it is far nicer to have a do-over than to have to start another game. 40 is my top, not much but not bad. If I decided to ditch QR that game would have ended on 22. It really isn't that hard to reperk. The zombies continue to ignore you a few seconds after being revived, if you keep calm you'll make it out just fine. Pro Tip: Monkey Bombs, Lil' Arnies, and *IN PLAIN SIGHT* are your friend. Use them to distract while you recover. And always have QR.
  9. MegaAfroMan

    GobbleGum Talk

    Oh, I missed one. Classic: Sword Flay (**) -situational. The timer isn't long enough to be super useful past round 15, and even with a bowie, this stops being a one hit kill melee by 30 (a little bit before I believe). It can be nice to get around round 10-15 though where it'll essentially give you a whole round of one hit kill knifing.
  10. MegaAfroMan

    GobbleGum Talk

    Read the OP. Pretty sure he only discusses real gobblegums and the usage thereof.
  11. MegaAfroMan

    GobbleGum Talk

    Okay, so I'm going to give my ratings here and opinions on your ratings. First though if Phoenix up only gives perks back after bleed out on 360, then I'm fairly certain it is bugged. I've used it on Ps4 and was told it gave perks back. Never yet had it used on me though, I've always been the phoenixer not phoenixee. Okay so I'll stick with a * ** *** format as well to make thing comparable. I'll also make special note of the ones I use and when/why I use them. Classic: Always Done Swiftly (*) - Honestly, I think this is pointless. I'm not sure if it stacks with weapon Stock to make ADSing like walking normally, but even then the sensitivity drop still makes this pointless. I've only ever used it to fill a slot and only have ever grabbed it if I have no active effects while trying to get a specific gumball. Arms Grace (**) -I don't actually use this one much. I favor coagulant by far. However if you don't have many megas to use, and you expect to bleed out on occasion, it certainly is a nice jump start to your next life. Coagulant (***) -This is a must have in almost every co-op pack that I have, with randoms and friends. It is not usually the priority gumball, but I do think it is one of the best timed gumballs out there. Not being able to bleed out for 20 minutes is basically a combination of Impatient and Arms Grace. It can really save the game by not forcing you to start over, and not pressuring teammates to try and make risky saves. I once spent an entire round downed on the catwalk slashing at zombies with my bowie knife and shooting them with a Turned RK5. Me clogging and killing them was one of the reasons we pulled back from that blunder. Obviously though this is useless in solo. In Plain Sight (***) -Also in almost every pack I have, and almost a necessity gumball. If I have no specific need, this is the gumball I like to keep on me for emergencies. It doesn't always activate quick enough to save your ass from being cornered, but it can be reliably used to assist in reperking or to do a quick mid round ammo run or pack a punch if conditions are hazardous. This is probably my most used classic. Stock Option (**) -Honestly I'd give it a (*) because reloading a pack a punched gun with fast mags and speed cola isn't a big deal, and there are many gumballs I'd rather have than this one, but from a logic standpoint, not having to reload at all is better than even the quickest reload if you're camping. So I'll give it (**). Impatient (*) -Better than nothing, but I'd rather have either of the other two gumballs mentioned thus far that effect you when you're downed. It can help if you're playing with people who will take the round slowly at the end to let you set up, but otherwise it really doesn't make a difference if you spawn in as the last zombie dies or a few seconds before. Can be helpful I suppose if you're struggling through the EE though in any given map. I would have loved to have had this in Black Ops 1 during Moon or Shangri La. Anywhere but Here (***) -I don't use this one as often, but it can save you if you have enough time to realize you need to be saved. It isn't as effective at saving you as In Plain Sight, but it can through luck, help save a teammate from bleeding out, and as such I think it deserves to keep a 3 star rating. Danger Closest (**) -Better than some, but honestly I don't use it much. Alternate Ammo Types are so nice, I don't feel the need to use Death and Taxes or the other Mustang and Sally clone. If I did, this would be great. But only lasting 3 rounds does make it a little less than reliable if you build your whole game around explosives. Armamental Accomplishment (*) -I honestly don't find use for it, but I suppose it could be useful. Fast Hands is probably the nicest part of it. As fastmags, pack a punching, and speed cola all reduce reload times so low that any effect this gum has is almost unnoticeable. Firing on All Cylinders (*) -Why would I need to shoot while sprinting exactly? Arsenal Accelerator (*) -I only use the Annihilator on Dogs, and that's only so it feels useful. The swords I could maybe see this being nicer with, but I mean, I'd still rather use many other gums than this one. Lucky Crit (*) -I want to like this one, but I only used it once, and it didn't make much of a difference while training and using blast furnace. Maybe while camping it'd be better, but I dunno. Only lasting one full round is a little short. Now You See Me (**) -This one is better than you'd think, as it can save teammates if you're really good at communicating, and can offer assistance in many tasks. Plus if you want to be a dick on The Giant, the spawn already gets a disproportional amount of zombies, so using this gumball in that spot will pretty much steal them all. Alchemical Antithesis (***) - This one is obviously useful. Ammo is more valuable than points after you hit a certain point, and it basically turns into infinite ammo for 60 seconds. This is in most of my packs. Mega Gumballs: In general a great Mega is probably better than a Great Classic, but EVERY mega suffers slightly from being a Mega. I'm much more hesitant to use them and I rarely have more than two or three in a pack. Aftertaste (**) -I want to like this one more, but in my opinion timing out after 3 rounds isn't great. I mean it is nice that it sticks around even after you down once and basically guarantees you'll have perks for those 3 rounds. But I don't get as much use out of it as I'd like to. Burned Out (**) -Absolutely better and stronger than you'd think but two hits isn't much. Dead of Nuclear Winter (**) -Spawning 2 nukes can be at least a return on points spent if used tactically in early rounds, and can be helpful in later rounds. Not great though. Ephemeral Enhancement (*) -This gum is pretty bad. 60 seconds of pack a punch isn't much and as a limited use Mega it's pretty disappointing. Would be better if it was a classic, but still pretty poor. Temporary Pack a Punch is just not very helpful. I'm Feelin' Lucky (**) -Random power up. Could be nice, could be bad. Two activations. Just kind of for giggles though. Immolation Liquidation (***) -I rarely get it, but it is fairly useful. Three activations is pretty great. Licensed Contractor (*) -It'll only be useful if you can spawn all 3 carpenters during a double points to rake in points in early rounds. Phoenix Up (***) -Absolutely glorious. Much more use when playing with randoms, but still a nice emergency gum to hang on too. If everyone goes down and you're having it hard, pop a bubble and everyone revives with their perks back! Pop Shocks (**) - Haven't used it, can't rate it much. Sounds rather ineffective, especially if the electric effect mimics Wunderwaffe or Dead Wire. Respin Cycle (*) 2 activations saves you 1900 points, but you need to spend 500 and give up this slot which could be used for far better gums to get it. So why bother? Unquenchable (***) -Pretty great, but sad when you down and lose those extra perks. Who's keeping score (**) -can be very useful if used early game, but I don't like to play early game with gobblegum dependencies. I'd rather play a set up that doesn't require random intervention. Two activations is fairly nice though. Cache Back (***) -Obviously nice. It's max ammo. Too bad it's only one activation though. I'd rather have Alchemical Antithesis anyday. Kill Joy (***) - two activations for instakills is always nice. No real complaints here other than it's a little boring honestly. On the House (***) -a free perk, especially one that can be added on after you hit the perk limit is fairly nice. Too bad it's random, but oh well. Wall Power (***) -Obviously nice, pack a punched wall gun is pretty nice. Too bad it is rare. Killing Time (***) -Tactically it's not as good as several other gums, but the effect is so cool it deserves three stars. Perkaholic (***) -duh.
  12. MegaAfroMan

    Shadows of Evil: Tips, tricks and Points of Interest

    I don't think I got to use the GG machine after a dead draw, but I do think it gave me a refund. I'll have to test again though. Okay, maybe the keepers from picking up the ritual object would change. I thought you meant the ones from the ritual. I'll check that out on PS4, I've never tried that.
  13. MegaAfroMan

    Shadows of Evil: Tips, tricks and Points of Interest

    I don't know if it works any different when you start the match with charges in the Megas and empty them in game, but I do know if you make a pack with 4 empty mega gums, you can and will spin dead draws. I do believe I got the 500 points back though, so it's still slightly more beneficial if you really only want one usable gum or two usable gums. This is on PS4. @83457, what do you play on? The flying creatures will occassionally respawn into other enemy types on primarily zombie rounds for me, but never, ever have the keeps respawned into zombies. Nor do new zombies load in beyond the round amount just for waiting. Zombies will despawn when you get too far away, it just won't end the round like it did for BO2.
  14. Greetings CoDz! A little over one week ago we got our first plays in of Black Ops 3, and boy were we excited. It had been an extra year longer in waiting than normal and the map director was confirmed to be the same as the mind behind Origins and Mob of the Dead, which in my opinion are the best playing map and the best feeling map respectively. With Shadows near completion (probably) and The Giant looking empty (sadly) I think it is a good time to share my thoughts about this unexpected treat we discovered in the acheivements and honestly this was probably the only slam dunk that far surpassed my hopes. There is no real Easter Egg involved, but all my other posts started with that section so I felt the need to include it here. Unlocking this mode isn't difficult. People said you had to do the first two missions, but I was taken to the safehouse before the first mission even began, so I don't know if Treyarch hotfixed that or if people just missed it but yes it is fairly easy to open up. The cutscene is forced but it is fantastic and I'd honestly watch it anyways. The gameplay is a slam dunk. The new power ups, the return of old ones, the mechanics, the challenge rounds, the locations, the enemies, all of it is just amazing. I honestly didn't expect anything like this to happen but I was blown away. It is honestly more tempting to play Dead Ops than Shadows on most days. If I had to complain, I would complain that it is not accessible from the zombie screen and that it doesn't appear to have any matchmaking. But honestly I play alone or with friends usually so I don't much notice the lack of matchmaking. Well this was brief but without raving on about simple things there isn't much else to say but 'well done'! If you have thoughts, I'd like to read em, so leave em below!

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