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  1. hi, long time no talk

  2. Oh we certainly did, didn't we? Staff chat was a lot of fun sometimes. I hope you've been well. @Lenne IW zombies helping at all? I've personally found it rather fun. Any thoughts or attempts at trying to broaden the scope of the site? I mean, I don't honestly know if it'd help at all with the existence of Reddit already sort of owning all Message Board populations. I just would like to see this place be busy like the good old days.
  3. Hey Lenne, I've been doing well! Currently living with a special someone, I have a job I really like, and I'm making slow progress towards my educational goals. Things are going well. How have things been here?
  4. Greetings CoDz, sorry that this isn't really a true introduction per say. To those who don't know, I used to do some stuff here. Anywho, the site looks absolutely gorgeous. I give mad props to the team. I see some familiar faces there. You guys have done great things here. Maybe I'll see y'all around, huh?
  5. Oh, I missed one. Classic: Sword Flay (**) -situational. The timer isn't long enough to be super useful past round 15, and even with a bowie, this stops being a one hit kill melee by 30 (a little bit before I believe). It can be nice to get around round 10-15 though where it'll essentially give you a whole round of one hit kill knifing.
  6. Read the OP. Pretty sure he only discusses real gobblegums and the usage thereof.
  7. Okay, so I'm going to give my ratings here and opinions on your ratings. First though if Phoenix up only gives perks back after bleed out on 360, then I'm fairly certain it is bugged. I've used it on Ps4 and was told it gave perks back. Never yet had it used on me though, I've always been the phoenixer not phoenixee. Okay so I'll stick with a * ** *** format as well to make thing comparable. I'll also make special note of the ones I use and when/why I use them. Classic: Always Done Swiftly (*) - Honestly, I think this is pointless. I'm not sure if it stacks with weapon Stock to make ADSing like walking normally, but even then the sensitivity drop still makes this pointless. I've only ever used it to fill a slot and only have ever grabbed it if I have no active effects while trying to get a specific gumball. Arms Grace (**) -I don't actually use this one much. I favor coagulant by far. However if you don't have many megas to use, and you expect to bleed out on occasion, it certainly is a nice jump start to your next life. Coagulant (***) -This is a must have in almost every co-op pack that I have, with randoms and friends. It is not usually the priority gumball, but I do think it is one of the best timed gumballs out there. Not being able to bleed out for 20 minutes is basically a combination of Impatient and Arms Grace. It can really save the game by not forcing you to start over, and not pressuring teammates to try and make risky saves. I once spent an entire round downed on the catwalk slashing at zombies with my bowie knife and shooting them with a Turned RK5. Me clogging and killing them was one of the reasons we pulled back from that blunder. Obviously though this is useless in solo. In Plain Sight (***) -Also in almost every pack I have, and almost a necessity gumball. If I have no specific need, this is the gumball I like to keep on me for emergencies. It doesn't always activate quick enough to save your ass from being cornered, but it can be reliably used to assist in reperking or to do a quick mid round ammo run or pack a punch if conditions are hazardous. This is probably my most used classic. Stock Option (**) -Honestly I'd give it a (*) because reloading a pack a punched gun with fast mags and speed cola isn't a big deal, and there are many gumballs I'd rather have than this one, but from a logic standpoint, not having to reload at all is better than even the quickest reload if you're camping. So I'll give it (**). Impatient (*) -Better than nothing, but I'd rather have either of the other two gumballs mentioned thus far that effect you when you're downed. It can help if you're playing with people who will take the round slowly at the end to let you set up, but otherwise it really doesn't make a difference if you spawn in as the last zombie dies or a few seconds before. Can be helpful I suppose if you're struggling through the EE though in any given map. I would have loved to have had this in Black Ops 1 during Moon or Shangri La. Anywhere but Here (***) -I don't use this one as often, but it can save you if you have enough time to realize you need to be saved. It isn't as effective at saving you as In Plain Sight, but it can through luck, help save a teammate from bleeding out, and as such I think it deserves to keep a 3 star rating. Danger Closest (**) -Better than some, but honestly I don't use it much. Alternate Ammo Types are so nice, I don't feel the need to use Death and Taxes or the other Mustang and Sally clone. If I did, this would be great. But only lasting 3 rounds does make it a little less than reliable if you build your whole game around explosives. Armamental Accomplishment (*) -I honestly don't find use for it, but I suppose it could be useful. Fast Hands is probably the nicest part of it. As fastmags, pack a punching, and speed cola all reduce reload times so low that any effect this gum has is almost unnoticeable. Firing on All Cylinders (*) -Why would I need to shoot while sprinting exactly? Arsenal Accelerator (*) -I only use the Annihilator on Dogs, and that's only so it feels useful. The swords I could maybe see this being nicer with, but I mean, I'd still rather use many other gums than this one. Lucky Crit (*) -I want to like this one, but I only used it once, and it didn't make much of a difference while training and using blast furnace. Maybe while camping it'd be better, but I dunno. Only lasting one full round is a little short. Now You See Me (**) -This one is better than you'd think, as it can save teammates if you're really good at communicating, and can offer assistance in many tasks. Plus if you want to be a dick on The Giant, the spawn already gets a disproportional amount of zombies, so using this gumball in that spot will pretty much steal them all. Alchemical Antithesis (***) - This one is obviously useful. Ammo is more valuable than points after you hit a certain point, and it basically turns into infinite ammo for 60 seconds. This is in most of my packs. Mega Gumballs: In general a great Mega is probably better than a Great Classic, but EVERY mega suffers slightly from being a Mega. I'm much more hesitant to use them and I rarely have more than two or three in a pack. Aftertaste (**) -I want to like this one more, but in my opinion timing out after 3 rounds isn't great. I mean it is nice that it sticks around even after you down once and basically guarantees you'll have perks for those 3 rounds. But I don't get as much use out of it as I'd like to. Burned Out (**) -Absolutely better and stronger than you'd think but two hits isn't much. Dead of Nuclear Winter (**) -Spawning 2 nukes can be at least a return on points spent if used tactically in early rounds, and can be helpful in later rounds. Not great though. Ephemeral Enhancement (*) -This gum is pretty bad. 60 seconds of pack a punch isn't much and as a limited use Mega it's pretty disappointing. Would be better if it was a classic, but still pretty poor. Temporary Pack a Punch is just not very helpful. I'm Feelin' Lucky (**) -Random power up. Could be nice, could be bad. Two activations. Just kind of for giggles though. Immolation Liquidation (***) -I rarely get it, but it is fairly useful. Three activations is pretty great. Licensed Contractor (*) -It'll only be useful if you can spawn all 3 carpenters during a double points to rake in points in early rounds. Phoenix Up (***) -Absolutely glorious. Much more use when playing with randoms, but still a nice emergency gum to hang on too. If everyone goes down and you're having it hard, pop a bubble and everyone revives with their perks back! Pop Shocks (**) - Haven't used it, can't rate it much. Sounds rather ineffective, especially if the electric effect mimics Wunderwaffe or Dead Wire. Respin Cycle (*) 2 activations saves you 1900 points, but you need to spend 500 and give up this slot which could be used for far better gums to get it. So why bother? Unquenchable (***) -Pretty great, but sad when you down and lose those extra perks. Who's keeping score (**) -can be very useful if used early game, but I don't like to play early game with gobblegum dependencies. I'd rather play a set up that doesn't require random intervention. Two activations is fairly nice though. Cache Back (***) -Obviously nice. It's max ammo. Too bad it's only one activation though. I'd rather have Alchemical Antithesis anyday. Kill Joy (***) - two activations for instakills is always nice. No real complaints here other than it's a little boring honestly. On the House (***) -a free perk, especially one that can be added on after you hit the perk limit is fairly nice. Too bad it's random, but oh well. Wall Power (***) -Obviously nice, pack a punched wall gun is pretty nice. Too bad it is rare. Killing Time (***) -Tactically it's not as good as several other gums, but the effect is so cool it deserves three stars. Perkaholic (***) -duh.
  8. Does anyone else purposefully empty gobblegums to use in packs to guarantee one or two gobblegums are the only available ones in your machine?

    A pack with 4 empty megas and Danger Closest acts like a PHD flopper that needs to be renewed every 3 rounds.

    1. Boom115


      Yep, I never use all five so I leave the ones I want in there.

  9. Gonna need some PS4 friends for the launch in 10 days!

    Add MegaAfroMan if you'd like to experience a legend in action.

    1. Lenne



      Will add you when I am back home,

      But we wont be able to play on launch since I already have a playdate with someone else, but down the line we sure can get some games in. :)

    2. MegaAfroMan


      Fair enough!

      I look forward to finally playing with our lord and master Lenne.

    3. RedDeadRiot


      Ew don't play with this guy 

  10. Something to keep in mind with Destiny as well, is they aren't marketing it the way they should be. It appears to be running a modified MMO marketing scheme. So unless you're willing to shell out up to 60-80 bucks each year for the game, it will slowly lock you out of high level content and then eventually cast you off in what would kind of be like the Free To Play land of most MMOs. Year 1 players who don't have all the DLC (Taken King specifically really, but that requires the other DLC) are now sort of locked out of mosy of the endgame. I fully expect year 2 to be similar. So in 5 months or so a $20 DLC will drop, and if you don't partake, you'll miss out on some new gear and the next 2 levels of XP. Nothing super big but it might start to take away from what you can do. Then another DLC a few months later will do the same. Then about a year from now they'll drop another big expansion which if you don't stay up to date with will cripple your endgame capabilities. If you think of this in terms of a hidden subscription then, it's actually fairly cheap at 5 - 7 dollars a month. As far as the actual gameplay goes, I had massive amounts of fun with the base game. I stepped out for a long while, and now I have the Taken King bundle deal on PS4 and I'm having fun again and I haven't even yet left the content I've played before on 360. If you like shooters, and you like gear games, and you especially like co-op games, then you'll like Destiny. Just be aware that if you aren't willing to keep up with expansions you will lose playability in some aspects a year from now. However before the first DLC even drops, if you like Destiny, I guarantee you'll sink more than 1 hour of enjoyment into the game per dollar you'd spend for it.
  11. Oh really? That must be why I ressurected this topic then. That must be why I am the only one here who has expressed distaste for this blatant disregard of site policy. Oh wait. I'm not. Are we all just challenging authority? Or perhaps, is there an actual point to be made. You cannot belittle my stance by claiming "he's just causing trouble like always". That is a distractionary tactic to draw attention away from the fact that the site policy is being disregarded because you guys want to talk about a cool leak. And I feel like discussing a zombies cutscene is great. Discussing an INCOMPLETE and LEAKED zombies cutscene is bullshit. That is why I joined this site. It had integrity. It had polite members, it had a strict anti leak policy, it had a strict anti-adverstisement policy. It was special, and it was respected. If you want to call out my opinion, that is fine, but then call out my opinion. Who I am, what I have done, and what I will continue to do does not matter in any way, shape, or form towards the soundness of my argument. If you feel compelled to tell me that I must just be doing this to challenge you, then you really do have a problem. Some commonheld misconceptions in the world today are about the value of opinions. Yes everyone has them. Not all opinions are equal however. The person with better reasons, the person with sound logic, their opinion is worth far more than someone either unwilling or unable to discuss and defend their opinion. Doubly so if their opposition's defense of the opinion includes irrelevent claptrap with the intent of discrediting or disgracing the opposite participant. If I purely just wanted to challenge staff, I'd be up much more frequently. No. I am speaking out against something I consider to be wrong. As far as I am aware, that is still my right and duty to the world, and more so to this website that I hold so dear. If I am wrong, then set me right. Don't come here and say "you don't belong on a zombies forum.
  12. Grill. To put this bluntly, if you feel that everything that Activision does and stands for is 'bullshit', then don't buy their games. Don't moderate a forum that specifically discusses a game within that game. By hyping up and diving so deep and becoming as obsessed with CoD Zombies as we do, we are enabling snd encouraging them to charge us $110 each time they release a game just so we can have 4-10 maps to play with. I don't care how you put it, until Treyarch releases it, until the only copy of the cutscene isn't terribly quality, incomplete, and hunted down by Activision, until it can be easily found through official channels; It. Is. A. Leak. There is no denying that. Times haven't changed, the convictions of those who run it have. For better or for worse the strict policy against leaks was smething that made CoDz unique. I'd argue it makes us more reputable. People can hold off on discussing and theorizing until the FULL and OFFICIAL cutscene is released to the general public via Activision.
  13. This is a leak. Treyarch has not posted the video officially. Activision is removing the videos whenever they can. To claim otherwise is complete bullshit. "This is a different time than when the policy was put in place" So what? The reason for the policy remains the same, and unless Treyarch themselves gives us some form of acknowledgement that says "we don't care if you take advantage of information we didn't want you to have yet", then it doesn't matter if other 'reputable' sources also cover leaks. Unless we've since decided we don't care if Treyarch is watching us. To allow any unofficially distributed content from the upcoming Treyarch games or game addons is allowing a leak. To allow leaks on CoDz now, would be, basically, bullshit.
  14. Any chess players here on CoDz?

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior


      Sorry bud, not for a long time.

    2. AlphaOmega


      Yea. Decent. Wanna play?

    3. Tasha


      @Slade and I love chess, one of the best ways to spend the night next to the fireplace.

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