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  1. I just checked the android store to see if there was an app released by treyarch... 

    We're reaching here. 

  2. Sorry my computer is in ruin and I hate using my phone for this stuff. anyways. If you've seen Milowaffle's latest video, he has this idea that Gersh hasn't arrived at this facility yet. I think that it would be awesome if time manipulation served a major roll in this map. Likewise, my only other parting word is that THIS DLC is pretty much our LAST chance to see the N4. (Please skip the "They died" and "They never existed" Nosense. Gersh is still here and etherial... ) I think it'd be super cool if through time manipulation, Gersh / Yuri meet their demise or happy ending,
  3. You have to throw or use all your grenades and repeatedly knife a zombie, it will slow down to a standstill.
  4. Babysitter plants are also good, but they take 3 rounds to set up, it's a good idea to plan ahead, but it is an annoyance that can't always be priority. And yeah, widows wine knife, SORRY forgot to mention that.
  5. OK, so my computer got smashed for reasons I will not go into (did NOT involve raging, it involved CARS) so I just got back to the site. Hello everyone! Either-way, for those solo-ers out there, you'll find that ZNS is a hell of a map, and it's REALLY hard to do everything you need to... Here's my step-by-step process to doing this. The first few rounds are about maximizing points. You should know the drill, 3 shots then knife. For added assistance, plant seeds but DO NOT WATER THEM. Even if you CAN get to the blue water, the water-less plant rewards will typically give yo
  6. *Rubs hands together 1- Obtain the flamethrower. Around the map there will be pieces of clogging in water ways, burn them all to fix the waterworks on the map, which will now transport 115 water across the map to various locations. 2- Around the map, there will now be a few objects now fueled/doused by the 115 which will begin to float periodically. Using this to your advantage, use the floating objects to jump to the otherwise of a previously in-accessible gorge. 3- The other side of the gorge is the nesting ground for a beast. A dragon, mechanized and enslaved by 935
  7. It's relative. Dempsey quotes it in the giant. Exposure to 115 causes his memory to slip and causes him to rage at richtofen. Simply put, Tank gets angry, Nikolai gets drunker, and Richtofen loses his grip on reality.
  8. Well considering how treyarch work it doesn't necessarily have to work that way. Like in BO1 with the WAW maps. Originally richtofen and co. weren't even at Nact or Verruct. Now they are.. They could also do a fan-favorite-for-fun map. Like my idea for a Kino remake staring the main singers for the zombies series. set in hell and what not.
  9. Cool. A round 50 easter egg. Not exactly zombie Hitler but hey, I'll take what I can get... (Which isn't a high round on a map I don't have so...)

  10. Here's a new one: Nessy. In zetsubou no shima, capture a picture of the beast:
  11. Things to do today: -Plant seeds of Doubt.... Check. -Orchestrate the burning of millions.... Will do... Later... -Milk... Check.... -Post Checklist online.... And...DONE :) -Checklist of EEEEEVVVIIIILLLLLLL
  12. Sadly, I don't trust IFW as far as I can throw them.... Not in space.... I DO NOT think this will go well, and I've got exo-zombies two in the back of my mind.... I think extinction, I think "survival" mode (MW3/AW), and I think "Nope".... Likewise, for expense reasons, I will not be buying this game.
  13. Holy sh..... You don't think IWF is replacing it do you? :O Nah, jk. THAT's not happening on my watch...
  14. Let's not be absurd. The map IS ridiculously glitchy, but hopefully that will pass. Asside from that it's one of the harder maps in BO3, in a good way. Personally I'm hoping for a harder map in DLC 3, and then DLC4 can be a wild card. But come on. It's not as bad as tranzit.
  15. Splash is also really good to partake in the main central arena of sniper-cock-blocking. Rise is also a good place to try this out. I can't speak for the DLC 2 maps however...
  16. Well the weasel IS dead. Make no mistake about that. I doubt even 935 could just capture a... Oh right the soul canisters....
  17. Considering that the only way to even read the code is a complex process of extracting information from a PS4.... I'm going to go with data mining was NOT how the easter egg was solved. Even if they really wanted to. It was less then 24 hours before the easter egg was solved. They couldn't datamine that at THAT speed. It's more likely people just F** around with the mesmerize function all over the map after they saw what it did in the keeper's room. That's 50% of the easter egg right there: Just mesmerizing everything with the skull. Then they just started smacking thi
  18. They should add it just for people who bought the seasons pass in an update. Right now the customizables (proper term, or at least better then upgrade) are randomized. If they add weapon kits, the weapons can be set accordingly, and possibly be added to previous maps. Which would explain the razor back in the DE trailer.
  19. Are there? I don't know because I don't have the map, but from memory and from footage I've seen I've yet to see tripmines or the wallbuy in ZNS.....
  20. In hindsight,we probably should have put it together there was something. I mean there had to be a reason this was the first map without trip-mines. (It is the only map right? Tell me I'm remembering this correctly...)
  21. Can we be sure of that? How can we not be sure that the image simply doesn't contain takeo? Apart from that there's not much evidence that points towards Takeo being in those chambers... We can only say for sure that Tank and PROBABLY Nikolai are in the chambers, and the 4th one APPEARS to be empty. There still is NOT much evidence that TAKEO is in that 3rd chamber. Remember, up til about the time of Der Eisendrache, 935 haven't even mastered opening the MPD. Are we to suggest that they are even CAPABLE of snagging another Takeo from another universe?
  22. That's how you get the friendly thrasher. To do so, you will need to have the Kt-4 or the massamune, the shoot the vines, and then a blue mist will appear. Bring a zombie into that and it will make a thrasher that will help you.
  23. Ah, Ah, Ah. The Mexican test subject was captured and KILLED before they even set out to find the 4 named in file 44. So they didn't swap out the Mexican test subject for him. The rest of that fits the bill laid out so far... But I'm not set on that pod being empty... Although it would explain why the last one doesn't appear to have any pipes attached to it...
  24. The contradiction (which I skipped over saddly :P) was that there are 4 pods in the picture... But only 3 living subjects. Nikolai's brother died, so surely there's no need to put him in the chamber.... So...Who's in the 4th chamber?
  25. -I know, I was confused earlier. That's why I needed clarity. -Missed this cipher... So if Nikolai's brother is the 4th test subject, there's still the issue of the contradiction. The 4 originals were Nikolai, Takeo, Tank, and the Mexican. NOW it appears that the Mexican is in another group.... Who else is in this primary group?
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