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  1. I've been posting this one sense Zetsubo released: Fallout Shelter: Lasts until next nuke is aquired: One zombie killed by a nuke will respawn instead of dying. This is mean to keep the round from progressing.
  2. My sad but fleeting hope was that they were going to add in a weapon kit for the starting pistol that let you change between having the bloodhound, Mauser, M1911, and Mr6....
  3. While they're at it they should add in a weapon kit for the starting pistol that instead of attachments, let's you change between having an M1911, a Mauser, a bloodhound, or a mr6...
  4. I think you're hitting slightly left of the mark in understanding. (or I am with your explanation). Right now on moon with WW or in nacht with MK, the wonder fizz machine will never despence those perks because you can buy them elsewhere in the map. For the wonderfizz to work as I'd think it should be intended, all 9 of the perks should be in the wonderfizz. To be clear I'm not talking about the ethics of the perks being on the map at all, but rather, why are perks exclusively NOT on the map the ONLY perks in the wonder fizz. It'd be like pla
  5. Thats not really the issue here. With stamin-up and ww, those perks are outside in the open and will be taken either way, however jugg (and possibly a couple of others) are inside a completely sealed off room. MEANING, if you can get jug without opening either entrance to the perk, there isn't anything the monkeys can ever do to get it. As it stands currently there are only 2 ways to get jug without opening the room: Survive a monkey round without letting them steal any perks, then getting lucky. Or using one of the various gum balls. What this effectively means is th
  6. I'd really like to see the zombies in this game get used as a weapon. Have them there deliberately. People (Nazis) actively useing them to break enemy lines. Not just shambling about in abandon facilities. Something closer to gorod krovi than der reise.
  7. In zombies chronicles, most maps (Nact, verruct, snn, kino, ascension, shangri-la, and Moon) have it so all the perks in the wonder fizz are perks that ARNT on the map. I personally am against this as it makes it really easy to get perks like windows wine and stamin-up in verruct and shi no nu ma where they become quite OP. Also I feel it takes away a bit of the gamble in spinning the random perk machine. Furthermore it quenches certain strategies like how in ascension you could open neither way to jugg and get it from the wonderfizz, effectively making one less perk to guard on mo
  8. Even for the old maps like nacht and shi no numa because they have those fancy new doll easter eggs.
  9. Ok first order of business GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I've returned for a short while! Second order: What progress has anyone made on discovering new easter eggs in verruct, kino, ascension, shangri-la, moon, and Origins? I know about the fountain spewing blood, but what does that signify? Is that it or do we need the zombie vomit gobble gum or something? I'd also check out the buttons in the power room on moon, and the gears on stage in kino! I'd hunt myself, but alas I'm away from the ole play station for a few days.... Edit/update: There is appe
  10. Could be worse. He could start that horrible moonwalk sprint of death from the original moon! Oooooh those were the days...
  11. According to some the super ee is going to be patched in once the game releases on xb1 and PC. That could explain why the images didn't change. Also: The zombies community right now:
  12. Somebody.... Had better get that EFFING super easter egg done, and TELL ME that there's a better ending then THAT. 8 Years of hidden clues, HARRPS, nazi technology, cthulu rituals, ciborg russian zombies, blowing up the earth.... How... How can it all end like this. No lesson learned, no proper foretelling of the future or what happened. No betrayal, no fucking insight to shit. Just this bullshit character we were introduced to vaguely practically a year ago, who has gone from a nobody, to the guy who controls perks, to fucking god I guess. NO backstory, NO practicality. Then wtf is
  13. I just checked the android store to see if there was an app released by treyarch... 

    We're reaching here. 

  14. After listening to this the other day, I think this song would be a better fit for SOE. I mean in SOE we have a star, the law, a fighter, ect. and in the song, the shepard of fire is the shadowman leading the "weak". I don't have the lyrics in front of me and I can't really access the song right now to listen to it, but I'll try to update this thread later with my full analysis of the lyrics.
  15. By actually having an ending and not a new beginning....
  16. OK... So... Yeah. My bullshitometer has calmed. Are we getting remakes? No. But that intro shows us PLENTY of original area. Hopefully those areas will be the main focus of the maps. I must note this doesn't feel like a big finale final battle... This feels like a lulling battle. I think at the end of the map, everything will be OK. The apoticons will be vanquished, and the perfect world will resume.. The O4 can retire their stories, hang up their starting pistols, and live peacefully. However they will return. Eventually. But not... For a very long t
  17. If we get some remasters of these maps in a transit style sectioned off mash up that'd be really nice. It's not going to happen. But it'd be nice. I swear if they try to pass a mash-together of old maps, under the premise there's little to no between area, as the Grand finale. I'll be done with blundel. It's been a long time sense my bullshitometer has gone off, but it's off the charts right now and I am NOT OK with that. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, OR clinging to the sad idea of the DLC season being over, but for some reason I don't like
  18. I hate this. Nostalgia can do many things. It can not make a grand finale map. (Which, atm appears to be the case, with the changes to these locations) I swear if this ends up being the biggest cop out ever... "The last map is ALL maps! " Bullshit. Obviously I've yet to play the map, OR see it. But as of right now, I am skeptical, and I am NOT impressed.
  19. So. We have salvation... So far treyarch have been keeping it under HEAVY lock and key: Will DLC 4 be zombies based? I HOPE SO! But lets not forget mp will get some sort of content as well, likely a weapon of sorts or new specialist.
  20. Forgot I made this thread, lol. IT'S HYPETIME BOIS!
  21. I doubt it will come to fruition. Also this is the Gorod Krovi section...
  22. Before the Monty memories segment, I had previously associated Monty with being the formless one. We'd never seen him before, and he's been arround for a while. However, now we know Monty is an actual person of sorts. People have been theorizing about who he is, and one idea that came up was that he was Al Arlington. The Weasel. This started with the finger less gloves the two characters share. Here's where things get... Sticky... The weasel is the ONLY known character in the series to have written comic books... Like the loading screens from the b
  23. Fuck. I hate the "right thing for everyone" bullshit. It always goes against what was once our goal. Also I... Did actually picture Monty looking exactly like that. And it appears were finally getting a map IN the aether. Sounds ominous... Doesn't it?
  24. I'm not going to purchase Infinite warfare. Sorry, but with custom zombies coming out, I'd much rather pool all my expenses to building a proper gaming PC. That being said, I like the approach IFW has taken with zombies. They were smart to approach it from a goofy side as opposed to the typical serious, bad-ass look from normal DLC trailers.
  25. Fucking. Time. Trials. It took me forever to get that trophy. See I recently moved into my new apartment for college, and my roomate has a PS4. He isn't a zombies fanatic however, but he does have BO3 and the last 2 map packs. Long story short: He has no GG. Not even alchemical Antithesis. Time trials took me a while, but I did them just fine. Now onto the main easter...Egg.... aye-aye-aye....
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