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  1. I see some familiar names in Who's Lurking and lots of new ones - great to see the site still going!

    1. Lenne
    2. PINNAZ


      Good to see you drop in. 


      Are you in Oz?

    3. Chopper


      I am in Oz mate, the lifestyle here was just too tempting to not come back.


  2. If anyone can help me complete SOE on PC, I'd be much grateful.  I've made an LFG, hit me up there, here or on twitter...GMT school hours

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      If I was still playing and on PC bud, I would in a heart beat.

  3. Hello CODZ I have missed you 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Chopper


      @Hells Warrrior Move to Brussels 12/11, move to Aussie land next Feb or July, depending on visas and schooling!  TBH, I only got revelations like 4 days before PC and Xbox release, and I have the season pass for it!  Hadn't played any zombies since Der Eisendrache.  I'll make a post this weekend explaining what I've been up to!


      @Lenne It's frustrating to me, but I'm also torn.  On one hand I believe the engines should be shared, so Hamilton wouldn't have had that penalty, which turned out to be irrelevant. However, maybe Rosberg manages them better. What frustrates me is that Rosberg has now actually turned up, but I'd say for 70% of the season he has been far outdriven, on both the course and for pole. The failures have destroyed Hamilton.  TBH, I hope Rosberg just wins the next couple from pole to remove the luck factor.  If Hamilton wins the rest, I'm not sure what it will do for the championship but if Rosberg still won it wouldn't seem fair.  

      BO3 - really good, kinda.  I'll make a big post this weekend saying a lot about a lot!

      Kids are great, wife is great, so that makes my life great!

    3. DeathBringerZen


      Hey Ben. Nice to see you have been active lately. Hope all is well bud.

    4. way2g00d


      Welcome back Chopper! I have not touched zombies since Der Eisen either and have permanently migrated to PS4 Destiny.

  4. @Stop Mocking Me0 I actually posted that I understand COD points in zombies and MP are different. I never play MP so can only go by what others say but I understand they are vastly different. My whole opinion is based entirely around zombie COD points.
  5. Whilst this is for zombies as opposed to MP, here is why I will not be boycotting COD points.
  6. I think that the most recent change has affected how the zombies spawn from the Rocket Test site. I've heard very conflicting reports on it, but there's a chance this can no longer be done due to a lack of zombies.
  7. I pinned the one you linked, if you have any more to suggest let me know.
  8. Not a WR a Spanish friend of mine was on 93 last night 3 player. 80 plus co-op is always impressive though mate so well done.
  9. I've played the map for a grand total of about 15 minutes so I can't be 100% accurate on this. There are 3 machines, and 3 pads to activate. I believe he showed activating all the pads and using the machine just once. What I liked about the video was that it's all in one place, and there's a nice glossary to jump about. Once I actually start playing the map, this video is going to show me exactly where to go!
  10. I stumbled across this video earlier and it's one of the most impressive guide videos I've seen. It has a great glossary and is extremely clear. For an absolute beginner this video is pure gold. I tweeted it earlier but would like to have it here as a sticky.
  11. It's going to end up being called the Perkaholic con. Right now, the majority of people who aren't streaming as of yet are just getting Perkaholic and closing the app if they go down.
  12. @Exactice_808 Yeah mate abuse was the wrong word. Take full and complete advantage is what I mean. I used to be a power grinder. I did it on FF8, 9 and 10 but I wasn't the biggest fan of 7 tbh. It was the last one I played, and THAT part had been spoiled for me. Pretty much the only thing I never did to the max was luck on any of them, because it was just ridiculous. I'm never sure which of those 3 is my favourite, it almost depends on what mood I'm in when I asked. Right now Vivi is sticking with me, cos he's Vivi. I can't remember which weapon it is but one of them did an attack taking 1111 per materia equipped. 2 equipped equalled 7777. That must have been by design from the developers. I believe each and every Weapon from 7 onwards can be beaten in a very methodical and calculated way, however it could take hours and hours and hours to get into the requirements necessary. @83457 I never knew about that mate. Wow prepatch for WW that must have been ludicrious. I believe that's the only one though that can be done quite that high though?
  13. Reading this guide back it's amazing how much my strategy has changed since I wrote it. It's still valid but I've found a definitely more consistent way of doing stuff now, and have come into the camp of doing stuff early as. I'll try and sort it out tomorrow.
  14. No worries mate I've been on codeine for a good few days now and so wasn't sure if I was taking it the wrong way or anything!
  15. I feel like Alice about to go down a rabbit hole. I don't know what you want from me mate. I am literally only interested in playing zombies and talking about strategies, I know nothing about the storyline in anyway. I'm not sure if that makes me less able to talk about strategies or play zombies which I almost feel you are saying.
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