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  1. I see some familiar names in Who's Lurking and lots of new ones - great to see the site still going!

    1. Lenne
    2. PINNAZ


      Good to see you drop in. 


      Are you in Oz?

    3. Chopper


      I am in Oz mate, the lifestyle here was just too tempting to not come back.


  2. If anyone can help me complete SOE on PC, I'd be much grateful.  I've made an LFG, hit me up there, here or on twitter...GMT school hours

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      If I was still playing and on PC bud, I would in a heart beat.

  3. Chopper

    It has been a long time...

    Welcome back my favourite person to passionately disagree with on certrain things. I miss that. I have hardly any time for the site anymore, and the lack of any strategy talk kinda killed it for me. BUT, I'm just actually getting into the storyline now and trying to understand it all. So I hover.
  4. Chopper

    Video game music

    @DaveLo07 I listen to a lot of classical music when I'm working. This is one of my favourite films, and shows genuis like not many others.
  5. Chopper

    Video game music

    I've been listening to tons of Jack White and Volbeat/Metallica (the lighter metal basically) recently. Not so much game music unless you count all the rocking 80's music on ZiS. Let me drop in my favourites
  6. Chopper

    Things I haven't seen talked about

    Hey there, welcome to the site. I've never been interested in EE before but for some reason Revelations and the craziness behind it has gotten me hooked. Problem is for a non EE junkie it's very difficult to get into. But I'm getting hooked for sure.
  7. Hello CODZ I have missed you 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Chopper


      @Hells Warrrior Move to Brussels 12/11, move to Aussie land next Feb or July, depending on visas and schooling!  TBH, I only got revelations like 4 days before PC and Xbox release, and I have the season pass for it!  Hadn't played any zombies since Der Eisendrache.  I'll make a post this weekend explaining what I've been up to!


      @Lenne It's frustrating to me, but I'm also torn.  On one hand I believe the engines should be shared, so Hamilton wouldn't have had that penalty, which turned out to be irrelevant. However, maybe Rosberg manages them better. What frustrates me is that Rosberg has now actually turned up, but I'd say for 70% of the season he has been far outdriven, on both the course and for pole. The failures have destroyed Hamilton.  TBH, I hope Rosberg just wins the next couple from pole to remove the luck factor.  If Hamilton wins the rest, I'm not sure what it will do for the championship but if Rosberg still won it wouldn't seem fair.  

      BO3 - really good, kinda.  I'll make a big post this weekend saying a lot about a lot!

      Kids are great, wife is great, so that makes my life great!

    3. DeathBringerZen


      Hey Ben. Nice to see you have been active lately. Hope all is well bud.

    4. way2g00d


      Welcome back Chopper! I have not touched zombies since Der Eisen either and have permanently migrated to PS4 Destiny.

  8. Chopper

    Solo Tips

    @ZombiesAteMyPizza! @boybad You've made me question myself now. I'm pretty certain that only opening the door to the area where speed cola is stops carpenters. I haven't tried it myself, but Scottie and Steve were explaining it to me the other day. Good chance I'm confused, I'll ask one of them a bit later for clarity.
  9. Chopper

    Solo Tips

    @Nieno69 find roxwrong on twitch and see his 211 game. Not sure exact round but thats pretty close. From what Steve and Scottie were saying you can go all the way to the death ray without activating windows. You go down the stairs at all or out the other door and they are active again.
  10. Chopper

    Solo Tips

    Not moving the box means no firesales, which leaves 1 less drop in the cycle, increasing the chance of max ammos. If you also play in an area where there are 3 or less windows active, you won't get carpenters either. The rocket site teleporter area and inside the power room are examples of this.
  11. Chopper

    COD points and Gobblegum

    @DaveLo07 the day i dislike someone simply because we have a different opinion on something is the day i become an arsehole. I cant disagree with any of your points, especially potentially encouraging this behaviour. As you say, its all about playing the gane the way you want. @DeathBringerZen its sad its become like this mate. Im just trying to make the best of the situation treyarch have created. If i played a straight pub game id not run perkaholic and use unquenchable instead. Its just perkaholic is so nice to ger on round 3, i cant get away from it!
  12. Chopper

    COD points and Gobblegum

    @Nieno69 I respect your opinion mate. There's a couple of things though that I feel you are missing from my point. Let's say I want to race to 100 for a quick full prestige (around 5 hours). My exact strategy would be. Get Perkaholic. Buy RK5. Get WallPower. Buy VMP from wall. Get Immolation Liquidation. Get Haymaker or Brecci to replace RK5, get monkeys. This will get me to round 30 in like 35 minutes. If I was to do it offline it would take a significant time to do the same thing. For a start, you have to sacrifice Mule Kick which makes the rounds more fun and quicker. You also have to get massive luck from the box and get monkeys and your shotgun from it before it moves. I don't want that hassle at the start of a game. I've done both SOE and DE offline to round 100. I'm happy with those accomplishments. That doesn't mean I want to do every game like that. By DB the only thing you lose is XP/divinium for the round you are on. So if I DB at the end of round 100, I still get everything I had received up to the end of round 99. Another thing is that I don't believe all divinium are created equally. I have around 16 perkaholics across my 3 systems, and all but 2 of those came from purchased COD points. I'm pretty sure I've obtained close to the same amount of divinium as earnt rather than purchased, yet my success rate in getting perkaholics from earnt divinium is nowhere near the same as purchased. That's not tried and tested, just a feeling I have from all the time I have played the game. I don't need divinium or gums, but I want them. The only gums I use are Perkaholic, Wall Power and Immolation. I have 4 perkaholics on my main system, and 40+ of the other 2. I would have no problem using wall power and immolation, as I will gain those back at the same rate I lose them. Perkaholic is entirely different, no-way I am losing any of those in a system which I believe isn't fair or equal. To finish, yes playing with DB is slightly less challenging than playing without, but I've done all my challenging stuff in zombies, will continue to play each new map offline to 100 at least once and then return to what I'm describing above. I don't feel I'm cheating anyone, including myself.
  13. Chopper

    COD points and Gobblegum

    @Nieno69 Can I ask why you don't believe DB is ok in a solo game?
  14. Chopper

    Cod points Boycott

    @Stop Mocking Me0 I actually posted that I understand COD points in zombies and MP are different. I never play MP so can only go by what others say but I understand they are vastly different. My whole opinion is based entirely around zombie COD points.
  15. Chopper

    Cod points Boycott

    Whilst this is for zombies as opposed to MP, here is why I will not be boycotting COD points.

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