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  1. Yes, but just have your ray gun ready, sometimes dogs create a clusterf%ck in there. Otherwise, zombies only come from 3 ways: the box spawn, the steilhandgranates, and the dt area. Yeah I thought it would work good, you should usually be able to kill the dogs with the type 100 if there's just a few.
  2. Zombies should respawn if you go too far away from them. There is way to prevent this on black ops 1, but this feature was only added on Call of the Dead and after. If zombies are damaged, they will not respawn. On Black Ops 2, it works almost the opposite of this; if they are damaged, they will not only despawn but they won't respawn back so you can't leave a crawler like you could on Black Ops 1. Exactly, they should have survival versions of EVERY map, not just Tranzit. I hate all the stuff you have to do to set up. And then once you're all set up, there's no challenge because you have
  3. This is the regular strat: And the one for insta kill rounds is in the type 100 room with the type 100 upgraded dogs should be no problem 2-3 shots to kill em
  4. UPDATE #2: a small update, just added some new perk ideas
  5. Awesome, glad to see it works. Did you also test the insta kill rounds in the type 100 room?
  6. Exactly! You should not need a buildable to power another buildable! I dislike buildables, but the turbine is the worst!
  7. I have took it into consideration and you guys are right. Double Tap 2 should stay
  8. Double Tap 2 is overpowered, it needs to be separate in my opinion.
  9. I probably won't be covering Easter Egg related stuff because it's not really my thing, but I do have to agree with you that Black Ops 1 did have better easter eggs and easter egg rewards. The Black Ops 2 easter eggs sucked and had bad rewards. Mob of the Dead is the only easter egg I like as there is only a couple steps you have to do that are out of the way, and it's cool having an end game easter egg. Origins has an end game easter egg too, but it's just too tedious to be worth it.
  10. UPDATE #1: Added a new "Perks" section and edited the "Grief" section. Soon to add a "Maps" section
  11. I think youre right that's why I wanted your guys' feedback on that part of it. I think at least equipment should damage people especially claymores because they're useless in grief.
  12. Hello, this is going to be a work in progress, as I will eventually be covering everything there is on zombies. I will be comparing Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2 showing what they should have kept and what they could have changed. I will also throw in some new ideas that I think would be great. Maybe some of these things will come true in Black Ops 3 since Treyarch still has another year to make it. Also, once I finish this I might make it into a YouTube video so it can be better explained. Feel free to leave suggestions below, but I might not add them into my thread because this is what I perso
  13. Really good post. I like the different player classes
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