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  1. I agree with the jumping not being the best... I think what gets me is how slow Aqua is on her descent, it's very floaty. I'll get 1.5+2.5, but not till later. I don't plan on playing them again until KH3's release date is announced, since I intend on doing my series playthrough then. I'll probably end up trying to platinum the games again, too....
  2. Whattaya doin? No, lol. All you have to do is activate the ability when you get all of the other permanent abilities. And yeah, that pic was pretty cool. Here's to hoping we get something new soon.
  3. Proud minimum. It's only required because the Zero EXP ability is needed for only 1 trophy. Suggestion for flick rush: use Yoggy Ram, Tatsu Blaze, and Frootz Cat, and play defensively. When you block an attack with Yoggy and tatsu, you get mega flare which damages inactive dream eaters as well as the active one. When blocking with Frootz, you get an elixir to replenish HP and card stock. You'll get star ranks in most rounds pretty easily this way.
  4. You guys want to hear something pathetic? It's only been a week and a half since the game came out and... I already have DDD's platinum trophy.
  5. Use drop-me-nots, and you'll never have to worry about dropping again. I'm having a lot of fun with DDD. Definitely better than it was on the 3DS, and part of that has to do with enemies actually staggering. Played 0.2 and beat it first, which gives me hope for KH3. What's great even is that they patched it and completely removed many of the issues I had while playing it. Definitely the best combat system since 2, and the best level design since 1 by far. Also, dat last cutscene. We basically know where we're going first in 3. Back cover was enjoyable. Definitely can't
  6. They're new forms. Guard form is the yellow one. Power form is this We have no idea what they do. And yeah, that would be Olympus. Finally some new areas! On a last note, 1.5 + 2.5 will be 60 FPS
  7. You've reminded me of how frugal I am with my money-- I haven't bought a new game since Persona 4 Golden back in February. That game is god tier, by the way. Easily in my top 5. The characters are so relatable and fun, and a lot of that has to do with the way the game is structured. Sorta a life simulator with turn based dungeon crawling sections. Definitely recommend it if you have a PS Vita or PSTV (costs only like $40), or alternatively buying the original P4 off the PS3's store. I think I also got the Mass Effect Trilogy and Metal Gear Rising for my birthday if thos
  8. I'm the exact opposite. I think there's no way this game is going to be any good. Check out my post in my unpopular opinions thread if you really want to know why.
  9. Damn, that's a struggle, haha. Yeah, I've heard a LOT of complaints on the KH subreddit about that kind of issue, especially when the game first came out.
  10. Yeah, Willa does sound pretty good here. Much better than BBS, though I guess 6 years on she probably has a bit more experience. Music seems to be a lot of BBS stuff, but I can't tell if it's remastered or not. That would be cool if it was. DDD actually looks like it has a lot of nice changes. Looks like you can use dream eater links like you could D-Links--using the d pad to switch tabs. I don't know how they did the dream eater petting things and their minigames, but flick rush is done through buttons, and reality shifts are accomplished through a variety of different means. I as
  11. I don't think they're using the kingdom shader here, I think that might've been scrapped when they switched to Unreal 4. In any case, they get it right sometimes. Ephemera and the foretellers looks great in the X Back Cover footage, and Eraqus and Xehanort looks right in the trailer last year for 3. Even Aqua sometimes looks right. It's just... not all the time, which is the big problem here. They've got some issues to work out with that lighting. I don't mind if they don't get it right in time for 0.2 since it's kind of a tech demo in a way, but I expect 3 to be nothing short of their best wo
  12. In case you guys haven't seen it, here's the full demo for 0.2 that was at E3, voices and all. Gotta say, I'm worried about the lighting. Terra just looks BAD because of that. Aqua looks good in some shots, but in others, everything just shines very weirdly.
  13. So I think at this point it's fair to say that E3 was kind of a disappointment compared to last year, particularly conference-wise. As far as stuff not shown in conference, I was blown away. Zelda looks amazing, I'm more hyped for Kingdom Hearts 2.8 than ever, and I got some cool looks at persona 5. God of War and the new South Park game have also convinced me. I guess I take it back a bit, it's not a disappointing year, it just didn't blow my mind like last year.
  14. If you haven't seen it, you live under a rock, but here it is anyways
  15. Ayup. When it finally releases, it'll be so surreal, tho. Unchained X is kind of helping the emptiness, but not really.
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