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  1. Hate to break it to ya, but it's always been that way, since WaW. I don't sense a change for that happening anytime soon.
  2. @Zelkova How on earth is that silly? It makes perfect sense, and actually gets rid of a lot of unnecessary convolusion which is so prevalent in the storyline as is.
  3. What about "it's the same up until Richtofen is killed" don't you understand? I never said it was the same. I'm just saying it was the same up to that point.
  4. ....Okay? S0 why bother calling him radio Richtofen when he's the one we killed? A darker Groph? We don't really know the original all that well, so that point is moot. Right. 2 Dempsey's. I did not dispute that. In fact, you're going off on a tangeant, of course they used time travel to get from Origins to the Giant. I'm merely stating this is the same timeline from WaW to BO2, up until Richtofen 1.0 is killed. Origins makes it a bit trickier, but my guess is that their timeline was changed completely, and is separate from the main one.
  5. I'm not saying it's the same timeline, it changed as soon as Richtofen 1.0 (The Giant Richtofen mind you) was killed. This is their 4th or 5th attempt. Perhaps Richtofen realized he needed the summoning key to do whatever, and went back to that point in time again. Version of him in the radio? There ARE 3 Richtofens that we know of that were in this timeline, but there is not one on a radio. It's Origins Richtofen, original Richtofen, and Eddie. Eddie is long gone by this point, most likely has been sent to the past to grow into Origins Richtofen, or other shenanigans as I said. EDIT: I know what you mean by the radio richtofen now, I'm not sure of what that's about. A message from another attempt? I have no idea.
  6. That isn't really the case, though. Up until Richtofen 1.0 was killed, the timeline was pretty much the exact same. I'm guessing there's some shenanigans at work. Perhaps a younger Richtofen was sent to the future, or the past as an experiment.
  7. I wouldn't mind if it was just 2 player. I only have one active co-op partner, and our schedules don't exactly align very well. 4 is pretty much out of the question, lol.
  8. Oh hey, it's the thread that began my internet flame-warring, lol. Regardless, I'm glad that there's a likelihood that we'll be going to some place with connections to shi no numa.
  9. So now that my exam is over, here's sort of my pros and cons for this map from what little progress I've made for it + It's a simple map, but doesn't really feel like it + Great atmosphere, reminds me of WaW. Particularly verruckt in certain areas + The bows are fun to use +The true and triumphant return of scraps of paper! Oh, how I've missed these since WaW - The dragons. Don't get me wrong, they're cool, but they feel more tedious than any part of shadows of evil because you have to wait for the entire zombie to be chomped before killing another. I had the same problem with the hellhounds on MOTD. - It doesn't feel like it really brings anything new to the table - A supreme lack of WW2 weapons Not much so far since I haven't been able to get a co-op game going yet, but those are my current thoughts. I can see the lack of new things making me burnt out on this map pretty easily, though.
  10. It's not that it's awful, you are simply not used to it. I feel the same way about the xbox controller.
  11. Well yeah, I didn't really mean "rescue," but, you know, we'll be seeing him. Stalingrad, eh? Do we have proof in that one one of the other ciphers from the Giant or SOE? I was looking through the other day, and didn't find any related to Nikolai, just the other two.
  12. Sweet, so this basically confirms the next map is the island and we'll be rescuing Takeo. I am all for that
  13. Is it just me, or does this place feel dead? Usually there's so much more activity around a map pack....

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    2. Tac


      @ZombieOfTheDead, that too! I didn't even think of it, but the Off Topic, Member Lounge, Deep Thought etc were what made us all feel connected beyond zombies and we have since kinda lost that. Wouldn't be bad to revive it.

    3. shirtlesservice


      @Tac I remember when there was a thread where everyone like shared their everyday lives and had an irl pic of themselves. It made things better because I actually knew who I was talking to on an almost face to face level

    4. Tac


      Haha oh yeah I remember that! I'll tryo to find it :p

  14. Please no. Just... no. It already takes a long time to reach max prestige.
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