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  1. The Clay Bird

    What We Want: Treyarch Zombies 2018

    Im pretty certain it disables leaderboards, but still, anyone who uses that stuff is going to be unconcerned with the leaderboards anyway. It really diminishes the game mode, and the reason the mode became so popular in the first place is because the game flowed so well. You had to earn points to open doors and get better guns, and as you did the enemies get stronger, and you have to find better weaponry and or locations to survive. I mean how stupid and boring will these maps be with a mutation that allows you to start on round 1 with 50 grand? Custom games on BO2 weren't too bad because you chose the starting round, and then got some more points to coincide, but jeez all these maps will be opened and explored in 5 seconds if you just start round 1 with 50000 points. Ruins the whole concept of the mode imo
  2. The Clay Bird

    Which map will you play first?

    I'm going in on IX first I think. It seems like a really interesting setting, and I am actually intrigued now at how Jason Blundell can tell a story from front to finish, as opposed to him getting thrust into the middle when Zielinski exited the fray
  3. The Clay Bird

    What We Want: Treyarch Zombies 2018

    Long time no see folks. What I really hope to see this year is a return to a mode that is accessible to everyone, from those who play for 30 minutes while waiting for their friends to get on MP, to those like us here who are hard core fans. Blundell so far has completely alienated all of my friends who i used to binge zombies with in the BO1 days. Now part of that is us getting older and gaining more responsibilities. But much of it is that every map is so complex that you need to spend 3 hours studying youtube videos just to succeed on the map. Used to be you had to do that for the EE, but you could play the map without any real complex instructions. Now you end up doing 40% of the EE just to unlock the Pap machine. That's dumb as hell Now also i have seen some of the leaks of these "mutations". Dude starts a game of Voyage with 50,000 pts. WTF is that shit? fuck why even make doors or points at all? that is some big time bull shit. I think Jason Blundell is a decent story teller, sucks ass at making maps, and also should be a pariah for bastardizing the great story we had originally in zombies from WaW to BO2 Buried. He should have just started a brand new story when they had him to origins I know my opinions are not popular, but it isn't just 1 or 2 people I know who quit around the time of Origins. It's like 15 of my friends who I played zombies for hours and hours over the years with, and they all quit trying because it had lost the simple fun gameplay that made the mode so fun in the beginning.
  4. Miss you guys here at CODZ   Hope everyone is doing well, and would love to connect with you guys online soon.  Loving Infinity wards take on zombies, and still would love to dig in and do some BO3 zombies

  5. The Clay Bird

    The End Cutscene Discussion [SPOILERS] [SPOILERS]

    Absolutely could not agree more. He tried to appease us long time players by grasping for loose ties to the real story, but as far as I'm concerned, Blundell's story is nothing more than shitty CoD zombies Star Trek fan fiction
  6. The Clay Bird

    So overall, did you like Zetsubou No Shima?

    It has grown on me slightly. But it is still in my bottom 1/3 of zombies maps overall. It is just too far removed from what I fell in love with in the zombies mode. I know there is a lot of pressure from us toward the team these days to make things very cryptic and complicated, but at this point i have played enough games with randoms to realize that this map is just too convoluted for anyone other than the extreme die-hards. It is a niche map, and I'll get around to mastering it, but it is too odd and complicated to really appeal to me at this point
  7. Man!  Sorry I've been MIA but my company blocked CoDz!   Just wanted to stop in and say i love you all and LOVE all the content the members and forum channel have been bringing.  Excellent stuff guys.

    1. NaBrZHunter


      Aw! That's rough, man! Been there! So glad you've stopped in. Hope you can become regular again someday. 

    2. Lenne


      Clay! Buddy, I hope you are doing good... besides the CoDz situation of course. 



  8. The Clay Bird

    So overall, did you like Zetsubou No Shima?

    I, the clay bird, have found only the 2nd zombies map that i simply do not enjoy.... This map got too far away from what I consider the game mode that i fell in love with represents. GK looks to be somewhat back on track... Maybe I am just not good lol...
  9. So according to a new image released onto social media, it appears the new map name has been clarified, as they have changed it to "Der Eisendrache" That should clear up any doubt as to what the translation means, and we can assume that is "The Iron Dragon"
  10. The Clay Bird

    Supply drops vs. cryptokeys

    seemed like if you hadn't played in a while there would be like a bonus one immediately, but after that it's right on that 45 minute time. I recorded about 100 supply drops in my notes on my phone, ill post them in a minute :Edit: here it is. this was a night of consecutive TDM playing and the times are from right after the match in which i earned the drop
  11. The Clay Bird

    Supply drops vs. cryptokeys

    Yeah, they were triggered by either a kill or a death, but they only occured after a kill or deatht after ~45 minutes of in game play time
  12. The Clay Bird

    Supply drops vs. cryptokeys

    waaaaiiiit a minute. If you are remembering this correctly (i'm not saying you're lying) you got double the amount of supply drops than the average player. It was tested many many times by different people, and it was like clockwork 45 minuites on average. I'd get one every 4th or 5th game of TDM or Domination. Same for all my friends. If this indeed did happen to you, then you got to benefit from some awesome glitch
  13. The Clay Bird

    Supply drops vs. cryptokeys

    I can definitely tell you I did not get a supply drop after every match in Advanced warfare. Typically is was between 45-55 minutes of in game play time between supply drops. Not sure what mode you were playing that lasted that long, but that certainly wasn't a typical experience.
  14. The Clay Bird

    Der Eisendrache - Main Easter Egg

    Seems to be a "final boss battle" with a large keeper creature. It looks cool and all, but if beating this boss ends the game and shows a cutscene i'll be pretty pissed. Hate the "game ending" EE's. Zombies games should end in one way, and one way only.... getting eaten by hordes of the undead
  15. The Clay Bird

    The Official Der Eisendrache Feedback Thread

    No that isn't it. I had a PS2 for years and freaking hated that thing. It's the shape, it is very uncomfortable to use for people with larger hands i'm thinking
  16. The Clay Bird

    The Official Der Eisendrache Feedback Thread

    I'm so glad somebody else feels this way. It wasn't the only factor in my decision to get an Xbox One, but it was definitely a strong one. The controller is just Carpal Tunnel Syndrome waiting to happen. Maybe it works well for childs hands, but I don't even have extra large hands for an adult and I can't handle the PS controller. the thumb sticks suck, the triggers are WAY worse than XB controller. and the handles are very uncomfortable Sorry nothing to contribute to the thread obvs since i have xbox, but nice to let that little rant out lol
  17. The Clay Bird

    ZA TRAILER IS HERE! (In dutchlands)

    I believe he was referring to Ms. SMG, as in Sarah Michelle Gellar
  18. The Clay Bird

    ZA TRAILER IS HERE! (In dutchlands)

    What evidence is there to back up that claim. There is no way that they were intending to have 2 new maps available on release
  19. The Clay Bird

    ZA TRAILER IS HERE! (In dutchlands)

    This is exactly why I was a little bummed. I feel like we liked the dog heads, and the gondola, and the Panzer (wait did anyone actually like the panzer?) because they were new and exciting. The only new thing I saw in the trailer were the Gravity spikes and the sparrow (which aren't really new to anyone who has played Multiplayer) So i'm not going nuts over this just yet. Obviously as an xbox user i have plenty of time to see what else the map has to offer, but it seems to me that Blundell and his team were really rushed for this one, and didn't have time to innovate new things, so they just cherry picked old features people liked from his maps, and set them in an Austrian castle. PROVE ME WRONG DER EISENDRACHE
  20. Possibly a trailer today??? 

    1. Abel!


      What makes you think that?

    2. The Clay Bird

      The Clay Bird

      my only thought is that in the past they have often released trailers on tuesdays, and we are 2 weeks exactly from der eisendrache PS release.   No actual intel lol sorry

  21. The Clay Bird


    @madgaz182 I kind of hope that it doesn't actually follow so closely the Der Reise design... Just since that is pretty iconic at this point, and I'd really like to see kind of a whole new style of loading screens while still fitting into the whole "comic book" vibe. Pretty cool design idea though nonetheless :)
  22. The catwalk glitch has been fixed fam.  Today was a good day

  23. The Clay Bird

    Glitching definitions

    Great post @Chopper I'm not aware of the method to remove margwa's from the map, but I'm going to assume that it isn't necessarily a design intentionally implemented by the devs, and I feel the Margwa's are an integral part of the map. In the spirit of the game, i feel like that would be considered glitching, whether or not it really has a tangible effect on reaching higher rounds. Now the flags max ammo thing, that is an intentional function in the game to assist in the flag steps, so i really don't see a problem with that. It is more of a problem in the easter egg design in my opinion, where I'd like to see more things like puzzles and riddles to be solved rather than "kill things here then kill things there" type of design Good food for thought though!
  24. The Clay Bird

    How to upgrade the Apothican Servant legit?

    I guess I would be ok with this, but I really think it should be clear to us the fans/players whether or not it is possible to upgrade. I know they love the cryptic "ohhhh maybe it is maybe it isn't ohhhhh wouldn't you like to know" stuff, but I really think it is unfair to the people who are working to find an upgrade if in fact none exists. I look at it like the ray gun mk 2. It got added in to the other maps via patch, and I think that was fine, but nobody was running tranzit streams every day searching for the Ray gun mk 2 for 6 months before lol.
  25. The Clay Bird

    How to upgrade the Apothican Servant legit?

    I am not ruling out that perhaps this really was the case, but that seems pretty uncharacteristic and rather shady does it not? It seems to me they would want you to have the same experience playing the map no matter whether you were playing it on launch day or in 3 years or today or whatever. Do you think then that perhaps there is a apothicon dictionary of sorts in the game that nobody discovered that would help us translate the directions? Or did they think that somebody would just upgrade it on accident in the first 6 weeks? Idk it is just quite puzzling that they would do it that way

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