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  1. Thanks for a good written walkthrough. I have missed good written EE walkthrough, always preferred them to videos.
  2. It will be interesting to see what direction they go with the WW's. We've seen that the maps with 4 elemental WW's do end up being extremely popular. But I am also a sucker for old school "get the lucky box spin" wonder weapons of old. Based on what we've seen in the trailer, my gut instinct is that Firebase Z will be similar to Die Maschine in that we'll have a base WW with some upgrades available, but that's just a hunch. I do miss the really unique WW's of the old days like the Wave Gun and the 31-79 JGb215 and even the Sliquifier
  3. Wow! That's about all I can say, I appreciate the honor and the recognition! Thanks to Craig and the rest of the Admin/Mod team for all that you guys do to make this site truly the best COD Zombies community out there!
  4. Thanks, I appreciate it, likewise to you and everyone around here I missed y'all! Zombies wise the game is pretty solid, other than the usual little hiccups. Personally I haven't had any technical issues. That said, you aren't really missing out on a ton yet since we're so early on in the season.
  5. Part of the issue I think, is starting with the Blundell era maps, they started taking the story too seriously. The story is all fine and good, but zombies was never a story driven mode, gameplay always drove the story. I'd like to see them get back to that. I believe gameplay in Cold War will continue to be top notch, but with EE's being really popular, I'd like to see them go back to what actually made them popular. I do like that there is a "fastest quest time" thing on the leaderboards, but just to get a better time isn't compelling enough for me to do it again, there needs to be some kind of tangible reward.
  6. Yeah, I finally did complete it last night. And Im glad I'm done with it. The problem with the easter eggs since BO3, is they are far too difficult (Die Maschine notwithstanding, even though there are some unnecessarily difficult parts), and they have absolutely zero replay value. Why on earth would anyone do this easter egg more than once? There is no in game benefit. There is no reward. Maybe there will be a super EE after everything is all said and done? who knows. But The contrast between the BO1 and BO2 easter eggs, and everything since is stark. And I still hate that the EE ends the game. Part of what made the Easter eggs so popular in the beginning, was that it helped you enormously toward the end goal of surviving longer. I'm probably just a stubborn old man who likes it better how it was "back in my day" but to this day I'd absolutely go back and do Moon or Shangri La easter egg again. They were creative puzzles, like an escape room. Now it is just kind of lame button presses that lead to some story info leading up to a boss fight and then its over like a campaign level. Lame lame lame. Thank goodness that the gameplay in Die Maschine is spectacular, and gives loads of replay value, because I don't see any reason why someone would replay the EE.
  7. I know I am in the minority here, but this is my annual gripe about "boss fights" in the zombies easter eggs. Die Maschine's easter egg is quite short and rather simple (which in general those are good attributes) but it still contains the biggest scourge on zombies easter eggs which have been a problem since BO3. The problem with the boss fight in zombies easter eggs, is that it can isntantly invalidate 1, 2, sometimes even 3 hours worth of work leading up to it. As a 35 year old married man with a family, job, and many other responsibilities, it is hard enough for me to clear my calendar for enough time to attempt a zombies easter egg, and it is very frustrating to spend in my case 2 hours last night with 2 friends, doing all the easter egg steps and then to have that time invalidated in about 5 minutes because of the boss fight. I generally get met with nothing but profanity and "get gud" when I post this gripe on other sites, but here at CoDz I think we have a much more refined and civil membership and maybe there is someone else that agrees with me. Yeah the boss fights are "epic" or whatever and are good for streamers because they are interesting to watch, but in a game like zombies which is not a campaign game, where there are no check points or save points, It is poor game design in my opinion. I am now 0/3 in the Die Maschine boss fight, 2 times I died during the defense, and one time i finished that and took a wrong turn in the evacuation and was instadowned. So now I have spent 5-6 hours trying to finish this stupid easter egg that has basically zero worthwhile reward, and I'm going to finish the stupid thing on principal now, but it is enough to where it is not the least bit fun, and very unrewarding, and the easter eggs were this way all throughout BO4, and Bo3 as well (even though BO3 at least had a worthwhile super EE for completing them all.)
  8. Hey @Lenne how are you!? Yeah, I definitely feel you on the skill erosion side of things. I was a lot better at 25 than I am now at 35. But overall I still have a lot of fun, and If it weren't for SBMM, I believe my friends and I would get our ass kicked so much we'd probably stop playing. It doesnt' bother me playing against other competent people, even though it means I will probably have less stupid-good games. I understand why great players don't like it, but I understand it is objectively a necessary element to a game that is played by such an enormous range and number of players
  9. See I respectfully disagree. I have had loads more fun so far in Cold War than I did on Modern Warfare's MP. The maps are miles better in Cold War so far. The TTK isn't something that I consider because I play 90% hardcore modes, always have. But yeah, MW multiplayer was very standard infinity ward. Not interesting to me at all.
  10. Doing fantastic @Hells Warrrior, how are you?? It's been a while but I'm still out here grinding zombies, tried the Die Maschine EE last night for the first time, and got my ass kicked in the "boss fight" in like 15 seconds lol so I'm back for tips, and to see how everyone is doing!
  11. I don't agree with this assessment of SBMM in this or any other COD. I have seen people claim they get these wild back and forth swings in lobby difficulties, but with 20-25 hours played now, I can confidently say that this is at best a gross exaggeration. SBMM is a good and necessary mechanic in public matches. Clearly there are business decisions at play here as well, and ATVI/Treyarch want to make as much money post launch as possible from battle pass sales and MTX sales in the store. In order to make the most money, you need to keep as many people as possible having fun, and thus more people having fun consistently = more people playing consistently. A lot of people in the community act as if it is some COD Law that noob level players are simply cannon fodder for the experienced players to beat the crap out of repeatedly, as if they are entitled to that because of their skill level or time invested in the game, and that is simply nonsense. There is no logical or logistical reason why high level players and low level players should ever be in the same lobbies, unless they are partied up in a group. It is even more important in warzone, since BR's are unique in that only 1 person/team wins out of 150 in each game. If there was no SBMM, none, and I mean zero zilch none, of my friends would still be playing the game. A game mode in which half or more of the players have simply no chance of winning before the game even starts, is poorly designed. I get that pubstomping is/was fun (for one side), but it isn't a sustainable strategy for growth and player retention. Not a popular opinion i know, but I believe it is the truth.
  12. I cannot stress how much I hope this doesn't happen, unless it is in some kind of second greatest hits ZC2 type pack that goes for sale. With all the zombies DLC being free for everyone this year, I believe we are looking at ending up with only 5 maps total maximum, and I'd really really hate for one of those to be wasted on Tranzit.
  13. Haven't really given a proper high round go to Die Maschine yet, and probably won't until I have all the weapons leveled up and camos done, but I've got a round 44 so far. This maps is such an interesting mix of easy to learn and easy to get going, but the difficulty ramps up pretty quickly once you hit 30-35. Great balance imo.
  14. Happy Friday folks!

    1. Lenne


      To you as well, Clay. ❤️

    2. way2g00d


      Hi There! Nice to see you Clay!

    3. anonymous


      The bird flies

  15. Miss you guys here at CODZ   Hope everyone is doing well, and would love to connect with you guys online soon.  Loving Infinity wards take on zombies, and still would love to dig in and do some BO3 zombies

  16. Man!  Sorry I've been MIA but my company blocked CoDz!   Just wanted to stop in and say i love you all and LOVE all the content the members and forum channel have been bringing.  Excellent stuff guys.

    1. NaBrZHunter


      Aw! That's rough, man! Been there! So glad you've stopped in. Hope you can become regular again someday. 

    2. Lenne


      Clay! Buddy, I hope you are doing good... besides the CoDz situation of course. 



  17. seemed like if you hadn't played in a while there would be like a bonus one immediately, but after that it's right on that 45 minute time. I recorded about 100 supply drops in my notes on my phone, ill post them in a minute :Edit: here it is. this was a night of consecutive TDM playing and the times are from right after the match in which i earned the drop
  18. Yeah, they were triggered by either a kill or a death, but they only occured after a kill or deatht after ~45 minutes of in game play time
  19. waaaaiiiit a minute. If you are remembering this correctly (i'm not saying you're lying) you got double the amount of supply drops than the average player. It was tested many many times by different people, and it was like clockwork 45 minuites on average. I'd get one every 4th or 5th game of TDM or Domination. Same for all my friends. If this indeed did happen to you, then you got to benefit from some awesome glitch
  20. I can definitely tell you I did not get a supply drop after every match in Advanced warfare. Typically is was between 45-55 minutes of in game play time between supply drops. Not sure what mode you were playing that lasted that long, but that certainly wasn't a typical experience.
  21. Seems to be a "final boss battle" with a large keeper creature. It looks cool and all, but if beating this boss ends the game and shows a cutscene i'll be pretty pissed. Hate the "game ending" EE's. Zombies games should end in one way, and one way only.... getting eaten by hordes of the undead
  22. No that isn't it. I had a PS2 for years and freaking hated that thing. It's the shape, it is very uncomfortable to use for people with larger hands i'm thinking
  23. I'm so glad somebody else feels this way. It wasn't the only factor in my decision to get an Xbox One, but it was definitely a strong one. The controller is just Carpal Tunnel Syndrome waiting to happen. Maybe it works well for childs hands, but I don't even have extra large hands for an adult and I can't handle the PS controller. the thumb sticks suck, the triggers are WAY worse than XB controller. and the handles are very uncomfortable Sorry nothing to contribute to the thread obvs since i have xbox, but nice to let that little rant out lol
  24. I believe he was referring to Ms. SMG, as in Sarah Michelle Gellar
  25. What evidence is there to back up that claim. There is no way that they were intending to have 2 new maps available on release
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