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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

The countdown has finished, Firebase Z has arrived!

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    • Yeah the amount of pillars in the areas is a much save for the Crash Site leading to the helicopter, and in a few of the times I've done it the amount of Megatons that spawn are just outright ridiculous. I've lost twice because I thought you could move through the beams at the expense of taking a lot of damage instead, but it's solid and stops you from moving past it forcing you along a specific path that you'd obviously have trouble getting through with enemies pushing you into the beams as is. On the bright side, this easter egg is fairly simple and quick if you're experienced with it (not trying to say git gud, but optimizing certain steps will definitely help a coordinated team/solo). The four upgrades don't take long and because Megatons don't count for rounds you can keep a pair of split ones (or preferably one whole one to keep better track) for the step to contain the two halves which is honestly one of the parts I get stuck waiting the longest because either teammates kill them inches away from getting pulled into the tank or we start the step the round after the last one spawned making us wait a few more rounds. 
    • Doin good. Haven't even bought the game (yet) since I want to give Treyarch some time to iron stuff out with their game, so I can probably join the discussion when the games life cycle is done. I missed you tho and am glad you decided to check back in. Has always been a pleasure to read your posts. : )
    • I know I am in the minority here, but this is my annual gripe about "boss fights" in the zombies easter eggs.   Die Maschine's easter egg is quite short and rather simple (which in general those are good attributes) but it still contains the biggest scourge on zombies easter eggs which have been a problem since BO3.   The problem with the boss fight in zombies easter eggs, is that it can isntantly invalidate 1, 2, sometimes even 3 hours worth of work leading up to it.  As a 35 year old married man with a family, job, and many other responsibilities, it is hard enough for me to clear my calendar for enough time to attempt a zombies easter egg, and it is very frustrating to spend in my case 2 hours last night with 2 friends, doing all the easter egg steps and then to have that time invalidated in about 5 minutes because of the boss fight.   I generally get met with nothing but profanity and "get gud" when I post this gripe on other sites, but here at CoDz I think we have a much more refined and civil membership and maybe there is someone else that agrees with me.   Yeah the boss fights are "epic" or whatever and are good for streamers because they are interesting to watch, but in a game like zombies which is not a campaign game, where there are no check points or save points, It is poor game design in my opinion.   I am now 0/3 in the Die Maschine boss fight, 2 times I died during the defense, and one time i finished that and took a wrong turn in the evacuation and was instadowned.   So now I have spent 5-6 hours trying to finish this stupid easter egg that has basically zero worthwhile reward, and I'm going to finish the stupid thing on principal now, but it is enough to where it is not the least bit fun, and very unrewarding, and the easter eggs were this way all throughout BO4, and Bo3 as well (even though BO3 at least had a worthwhile super EE for completing them all.)
    • @Robin TrybouAw shit man, that sucks. Round 150 is very high though, nicely done!
    • When will we ever be able to play without the constant miserie of games going into error or disconnection? We play a game solo instead of 12 people on multiplayer... A very disappointed hardcore zombieplayer. Wave 150.
    • I think I know what the issue is, it should be fixed now!
    • Everything in the original post except for the raid intel pics show me a broken image icon and the link gives me an access denied message. The Raid pics are visible just fine.   Must be something on my end then, I guess.
    • Images in other posts you mean? The ones here seem to be working fine
    • All, except for the ones you just added, kinda seem to be broken links/images you know what I mean.    Or is it just me?
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