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      Extra, extra! Read up on all the latest CoDz news and updates.

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      New slayer on the battlefield? Introduce yourself to other CoDz members!

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      Where the fates of players come together to clash for the title of "Zombies Champion". Rules/information as well as tournament announcements can be found here.

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  2. Black Ops IV

    1. Classified

      The Ultimis crew makes their next appearance in Classified, where tales of an alternate past in the overrun Pentagon resurface with both old and new horrors.

    2. Blood of the Dead

      The Primis crew develop a plan to secure their future and save the multiverse; however, the horrifying undead have different plans for them in a return of Black Ops II's previous installment in Alcatraz Island.

    3. IX

      Our time travelers are sent unexpectedly to ancient Rome, where dark magic eagerly awaits them with a scourge of the undead.

    4. Voyage of Despair

      Return to the 1910's on the infamous RMS Titanic - a once promising vessel that holds more dark secrets than it does its doomed passengers.

    5. Blackout

      "THIS IS BLACKOUT" - Read in David Vonderhaar's voice.

    6. General Zombies

      Discuss any general zombies topics that covers the overall mode in Black Ops IV.

    7. General Discussion

      News, information, and general info covering Treyarch's upcoming installment, Black Ops IV.

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      Lounge out with other slayers about anything that doesn't fit in other sub-forums.

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      A place to discuss all types of games & officially released news.


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  • Recent Status Updates

    • JJMFP

      Looking to do BOTD EE.  Need two.
      · 0 replies
      1. This update has no replies.
    • Electric Jesus

      Carpenter for President 2020
      · 2 replies
      1. anonymous

        I always used to think the announcer screamed "HAMMER TIME" instead of "CARPENTER". Guess I'm not that good in English

      2. Boom115

        Not my president. 

    • Castun50

      thinking pentagon thief has to be boss, also how do we start this EE and why is it so difficult when EEs have been done even after 3 hours of DLCs being released. seriously mind numbing that this one is so difficult
      · 12 replies
      1. RequixEclipse

        He did go to Five he (was) the Pentagon Thief.. in the 1950s. It’s 1963 in Classified 

      2. Spider3000

        Five and Classified are both set in 1963.

      3. jiipee95

        I'm not an EE hunter myself, but tbh it was pretty anti climatic when we used to have Easter eggs solved in hours. Of course too much is too much, but we also have 4 maps so not every EE hunter has been working on Classified all the time.

      4. RequixEclipse

        Absolutely! I have yet to touch IX 

      5. RequixEclipse

        Previous level: Kino der Toten (in-game/chronologically, Original Timeline)
        Classified (chronologically by date)
        Gorod Krovi (chronologically, Agonia Fracture) 


        Next Level: Dead Ops Arcade (in-game)
        Ascension (simultaneous)
        Call of the Dead (chronologically)

      6. Castun50

        Next lvl is moon tho?

      7. jiipee95

        Who would of thought the MDT was capable of time travel?

      8. RequixEclipse

        Remember we have different dimensions to factor

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    • RequixEclipse

      · 0 replies
      1. This update has no replies.
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