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  1. Most of my 360/PS3 friends weren't going to get this anyways, but the few ones that did pretty much canceled that plan. I feel bad for the 360/PS3 players, but honestly I think it's a sacrifice that has to be made so COD, as well as next-gen, can move on. Old consoles just can't support new games anymore.
  2. Looks dope until the tentacle monster lol. I'll give it a chance, it definitely beats TranShit. Collectors edition seems dope as well. I really hope the game ships with more than one map tho.
  3. Have fun! I bet it'll be amazing, oh and make sure to tell us about the playable demo that is supposed to be there!
  4. ​Exactly. Most MP players I know aren't even purchasing this game because of it being futuristic, which I say is stupid to do, but they're leaving COD behind nonetheless. Players hated Ghosts, and AW split players up, with half of the fanbase enjoying it, and the other half hating it and abandoning it. Some people had hope with BO3 being a Treyarch game, and being current-gen only, but now that's gone. To be honest, this is probably going to be a rocky launch for COD, and if this game isn't good, COD will probably have 1 or 2 more games before being done for.
  5. ​Thanks! It's nice to see the site all upgraded and stuff by the way!
  6. There appears to be many new members since I left, so I'm not sure if everyone will remember me, but for those that do, I'm back. And if you didn't, well I guess this is an introduction lol. Anyways, I disappeared because my music career has been taking off locally, and I've been devoting most of my time to recording and performing. However, I want to stay "in the loop" for Black Ops 3, and I miss the old days so I have returned. I won't be extremely active, but I'll post when I can, and hopefully, once I purchase the DLC for AW, I can get into that discussion also. Hope everyone's been doing fine. Oh, and I have a map idea I've been working on for a while that I will probably post in the coming months for those that are interested
  7. ^That's what I was thinking! Once I saw the test subjects snaps I knew it was connected lol
  8. I think perhaps the 3 is for 3 different settings, considering how diverse the snaps were. Past, Modern, and Future, thus appealing to all Cod Fans. Just imagine how diverse the MP would be, some maps are past, and you can have classes for the past maps, some are modern, so there are modern weapons, and then futuristic, which perhaps could have something to do with the bio-modification articles, or exos!
  9. Perhaps that's why Jimmy posted photos of some places a few months ago? Connect the dots time lol!
  10. I wasn't referring to the posts you guys were making, I was referring to the maps that are already out and how Treyarch typically do rock music EE'S lol
  11. Forgive me if this has already been said, but perhaps the reason the "Richtofen" image is "x"'d out is because he's in the MPD, or the body he is in is unknown due to some change?
  12. That's funny! Yeah no, but they won't do that, too much effort not enough profit. Well BO1 came with 3 zombies maps. I personally think the next game will have 4 maps on disc. They obviously have big plans.
  13. Perhaps the game will ship with multiple story maps such as remastered Der Riese and new locations, all with EE's
  14. Their ages confuse me tho. They'd be much older. I did like MMX's theory tho, about it being a result of Buried, therefore rewriting history, turning the story into a game.
  15. I want Eminem to make a song specifically for zombies. His wordplay and lyricism would make an awesome message to decipher!
  16. I think perhaps what Mark Lamia meant by "in the future" can be taken to mean either it will be next-gen exclusive, or the story will continue after Buried or Moon. I mean, Origins is obviously in the past, and why else would they be in the future? The way he said it, it has to mean something
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