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  1. I've been posting this one sense Zetsubo released: Fallout Shelter: Lasts until next nuke is aquired: One zombie killed by a nuke will respawn instead of dying. This is mean to keep the round from progressing.
  2. My sad but fleeting hope was that they were going to add in a weapon kit for the starting pistol that let you change between having the bloodhound, Mauser, M1911, and Mr6....
  3. While they're at it they should add in a weapon kit for the starting pistol that instead of attachments, let's you change between having an M1911, a Mauser, a bloodhound, or a mr6...
  4. I think you're hitting slightly left of the mark in understanding. (or I am with your explanation). Right now on moon with WW or in nacht with MK, the wonder fizz machine will never despence those perks because you can buy them elsewhere in the map. For the wonderfizz to work as I'd think it should be intended, all 9 of the perks should be in the wonderfizz. To be clear I'm not talking about the ethics of the perks being on the map at all, but rather, why are perks exclusively NOT on the map the ONLY perks in the wonder fizz. It'd be like playing der eisendrache and only being able to get windows wine, dead shot, or electric cherry from the wonder fizz.
  5. Thats not really the issue here. With stamin-up and ww, those perks are outside in the open and will be taken either way, however jugg (and possibly a couple of others) are inside a completely sealed off room. MEANING, if you can get jug without opening either entrance to the perk, there isn't anything the monkeys can ever do to get it. As it stands currently there are only 2 ways to get jug without opening the room: Survive a monkey round without letting them steal any perks, then getting lucky. Or using one of the various gum balls. What this effectively means is that by poping perkaholic, even if you can't fend off any monkeys before they take all your perks, you're going to be left with jugg when the round ends (as well as double tap and dead shot). To me, that seems like having perkaholic specifically can give a massive advantage to high-round players as it allows them to focus on defending perks other than jug. What I purpose is to put jug in the wonder fizz (as well as the other missing perks). That way EVERYONE can do that same strategy without the need to bring in perkaholic, however they risk going down and not having instant access to jug due to it being locked behind a wall of RNG.
  6. I'd really like to see the zombies in this game get used as a weapon. Have them there deliberately. People (Nazis) actively useing them to break enemy lines. Not just shambling about in abandon facilities. Something closer to gorod krovi than der reise.
  7. In zombies chronicles, most maps (Nact, verruct, snn, kino, ascension, shangri-la, and Moon) have it so all the perks in the wonder fizz are perks that ARNT on the map. I personally am against this as it makes it really easy to get perks like windows wine and stamin-up in verruct and shi no nu ma where they become quite OP. Also I feel it takes away a bit of the gamble in spinning the random perk machine. Furthermore it quenches certain strategies like how in ascension you could open neither way to jugg and get it from the wonderfizz, effectively making one less perk to guard on monkey rounds at the risk of not having access to jug immediantly and possibly having to spend more for it. However I'm currious to how other people think about only getting perks that arnt on the map from the wonder fizz. Does this work better OR worse on previous maps and would you like that to change if possible?
  8. Even for the old maps like nacht and shi no numa because they have those fancy new doll easter eggs.
  9. Ok first order of business GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I've returned for a short while! Second order: What progress has anyone made on discovering new easter eggs in verruct, kino, ascension, shangri-la, moon, and Origins? I know about the fountain spewing blood, but what does that signify? Is that it or do we need the zombie vomit gobble gum or something? I'd also check out the buttons in the power room on moon, and the gears on stage in kino! I'd hunt myself, but alas I'm away from the ole play station for a few days.... Edit/update: There is apperiantly a CONTINUATION to the Origins Easter Egg involving using zombie blood to see a whisper within the staff room. This was first thought to be a visual glitch but is now considered a step due to Samantha screams and constant ability to recreate events. YO! I AM DOWN to hunt for easter eggs Thursday evening if this isn't found by then, and even then I'm 90% sure all maps have something like this in them now. We found Nact and SNN, let's get em all boys!
  10. Could be worse. He could start that horrible moonwalk sprint of death from the original moon! Oooooh those were the days...
  11. OK, so, I was thinking about the current state of the mod tools. I haven't properly used them yet (still building a PC), however, from what I've gathered, we've yet to secure the ability to add: -Custom Gumballs -Custom Weapon Kits Well I got to thinking, and I realized: Why do we need to edit the GAME'S files to get these features. From my layman's understanding of this, the game works like this: You start off selecting 5 gumballs: You go into a game, once the game has begun, the 5 gumballs you've chosen go into a file. You get a gum, it calls it's value (Ex. if you picked up an arm's grace, it'd say "Gumball_2", of course this isn't it's REAL name, but for clarity's sake, it's Gumball_2. ) Once the value is read, a certain effect is put into place such as "Upon Respawn: run "'Gumball_2'//Return guns" (again, this is NOT how the real game works it's much more complex but again, basic concepts) SO. Why would we need to alter game files to do this? Why don't we instead build a universal program that holds a database of a horde of custom gumballs. Like this: Instead of the game calling "Gumball_2", it calls "Groph File-> Gumball_2" which takes the pre-selected gum from the GROPH file as opposed to the game file. I got thinking and realized: We could build a whole expansion on this. SO, when you download and install this groph file, you can bring up this GUI, which shows something similar to the game, with some minor changes. So you only have two options to begin with: -Multiplayer -Zombies Multiplayer is where people can post their custom maps, custom weapons, and custom whatevers for multiplayer. Zombies has a significant amount more. It has an entire gumball data-base which has a LONG list of custom gumballs created by the community and neatly sorted to all contain a different value. So, if you wanted a gumball that just gives you 10,000 points, select it, and add it to your pack. This pack is what the game will recognize as your gumball pack in-game. There's also an expansive list of weapon kits to use: NOTE weapon kits work differently, the custom map requires a weapon to be called to be in the game, so if you want to use, say, the fire staff with a fast-mags attachment (somehow) you set it up, then when you get the fire-staff in-game, it comes equipped with fast mags. The key is that the custom map calls this weapon. Again, this is just an idea of mine that's not properly formulated yet and definitely not executable by myself. Just a thought though.
  12. According to some the super ee is going to be patched in once the game releases on xb1 and PC. That could explain why the images didn't change. Also: The zombies community right now:
  13. Somebody.... Had better get that EFFING super easter egg done, and TELL ME that there's a better ending then THAT. 8 Years of hidden clues, HARRPS, nazi technology, cthulu rituals, ciborg russian zombies, blowing up the earth.... How... How can it all end like this. No lesson learned, no proper foretelling of the future or what happened. No betrayal, no fucking insight to shit. Just this bullshit character we were introduced to vaguely practically a year ago, who has gone from a nobody, to the guy who controls perks, to fucking god I guess. NO backstory, NO practicality. Then wtf is up with SOPHIA? A character who was brought up MAYBE ONCE in bo1, now is the key to killing the shadow man and ending the apothicons? Meanwhile a key character like richtofen practically stays silent this whole run?! Then just Primis? Primis didn't fail! Primis just fucking appeared at the end! Oh yay, our reward for all that was.... we got to become templars? Nikolai wanted to return to his family, to which, all of them had. The children are no longer safe, they're non-existent. They disappeared with the apothicon sun! Holy FUCK I'm pissed. I could write a better ending for that in a MARGWA HEART BEAT. I swear... There better be a hidden wave gun somewhere on this map......
  14. I just checked the android store to see if there was an app released by treyarch... 

    We're reaching here. 

  15. After listening to this the other day, I think this song would be a better fit for SOE. I mean in SOE we have a star, the law, a fighter, ect. and in the song, the shepard of fire is the shadowman leading the "weak". I don't have the lyrics in front of me and I can't really access the song right now to listen to it, but I'll try to update this thread later with my full analysis of the lyrics.

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