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  1. do you still use this forum?

  2. I just checked the android store to see if there was an app released by treyarch... 

    We're reaching here. 

  3. Sorry my computer is in ruin and I hate using my phone for this stuff. anyways. If you've seen Milowaffle's latest video, he has this idea that Gersh hasn't arrived at this facility yet. I think that it would be awesome if time manipulation served a major roll in this map. Likewise, my only other parting word is that THIS DLC is pretty much our LAST chance to see the N4. (Please skip the "They died" and "They never existed" Nosense. Gersh is still here and etherial... ) I think it'd be super cool if through time manipulation, Gersh / Yuri meet their demise or happy ending, depending on their use to us, The N4 show up, along with the Ray gun M2, and via time manipulation, the ending of buried changes so SOMETIMES Evil richtofen is inside of Samuel's head, and other times he's in a zombie. I just... SEE this amazing idea and I think it would put a MUCH nicer bow around the N4 and their story. Maybe even we could discover why the N4 ended upnwhere they were, how Maxis's diary got into Samuel's hands, how Marelton survived the world-shattering nuke, any sort of backstory on Misty, and one of the MANY Russman questions. Of course we still have the other things to work alongside as well, being dragons and killing Nikolai...
  4. You have to throw or use all your grenades and repeatedly knife a zombie, it will slow down to a standstill.
  5. Babysitter plants are also good, but they take 3 rounds to set up, it's a good idea to plan ahead, but it is an annoyance that can't always be priority. And yeah, widows wine knife, SORRY forgot to mention that.
  6. OK, so my computer got smashed for reasons I will not go into (did NOT involve raging, it involved CARS) so I just got back to the site. Hello everyone! Either-way, for those solo-ers out there, you'll find that ZNS is a hell of a map, and it's REALLY hard to do everything you need to... Here's my step-by-step process to doing this. The first few rounds are about maximizing points. You should know the drill, 3 shots then knife. For added assistance, plant seeds but DO NOT WATER THEM. Even if you CAN get to the blue water, the water-less plant rewards will typically give you something you can use, here's the list ranked in usefulness of items I know of. -Locus -Shiva -MR6 -XM-98 -Zombie (more points) -Grenades Either way, earn at least 1950 points and head on over towards the plane trap, there you will find the pharo on the wall for 700 (that's factored in already), buy it, but be sparing with ammo, it runs out fast. This gun is cheap, and it's ammo moreso, but it still takes out thrashers 10x faster then the RK5, shiva, or Lcar9. While you're here, take not of the skull alter, and remember it's number. From there you'll want to open up the way to the blue water, from here on out, it's not a bad idea to use a seed every now and again for a reward plant. Dont' bother with the upstairs area just yet, but keep 750$ handy in case the spider round comes. If it does, you're going to want to drop everything, grab/take some water to the generator in lab A, and use it to lower the cage and harness the spider (if it's the last spider, you can lower the cage again to get the max ammo). Also, don't forget the sheild part and gas mask part found under under lab A (likely on a wall near the kuda or a barrier) and behind the plane trap (Hanging on the inside of the downed plane, or on a rock near the box spawn) Earn some more points and eventually you SHOULD have enough to make it over to the skull area and get quick revive. Now here's where the guide gives it's first real tip: DON'T DO THE SPAWN RITUAL. You're going to want to save that for later. See, there's an order I use: Plane, Zipline, Kt4, Spawn. I do this SPECIFICALLY, because of the order of the challenges. The first skull will only spawn zombies and is the easiest, thats why we do the plane area first. While it may not look it, that plane area is crowded and while zombies in it are easy, it's another story if you're fighting spiders who actually attack you, or a thrasher, or both, along side it. Spawn is arguably the EASIEST place to do the skull, SO I save it for last, even if I have to give up my 500$ reward for doing it, it's better if we think long-term. Now, challenges wise, your pretty self-decisive of it. Personally if I get -Kill 30 zombies attracted to plants -Kill 3 zombies as they are mutating or -Kill 8 spiders with spores I'm somewhat concerned. Most everything else is quite easy to accomplish. Don't feel pain if you consider restarting at this point. It's better to retry now then 2 hours from now when you need the last masamune part. A lot of the challenges are plant based, such as "eat a fruit" or "get a power-up from a plant", and to that I've got to say: Get used to whole-map training. The challenges involving spores are relatively easy and simple. The kills using traps is straightforward as well, and I should mention, even though they don't give points, the zombies in skull-rituals, and the spider-cocoons will also work for these. The really easy ones are that of "Shoot 5 spores", "Destroy 5 spores with grenades", and use a spore to breathe underwater. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: This is a bit off topic, but DON'T try to get the spider weapon AND do this, be fully committed to one or the other. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Open up the next door to Lab B (We want to open up just about all the way through both labs, the green water area is up to you. You will need to eventually, but if you do now you'll have access to the ICR-1, green water, and second gas mask part.). Make sure you grab the second sheild part, then make sure you have this whole list: -Both generators running. -1000 points for the last door -A GUN that's stronger then the pharo. I recommend a kuda, or ICR-1 which is available in the green-water area. There will ALWAYS be at least ONE transforming zombie behind the door when you open it. If you need one for challenges, it's your guy. Continue on, and make sure you have ammo in your pharo, it will be useful as it's expendable ammo can easily take on the zombies in the power system. Now, based on how many points you have you have a few options: Either open up the way to the last sheild part by the AA gun, or buy juggernog. DO NOT try to do any more rituals or anything without one or the other, preferably juggernog is the more ideal item to have if limited to one. I also find it easiest to build the sheild (which commonly breaks) in Lab B, but the Gas mask goes in lab B (as it breaks, but not as often). Speaking of which, you're going to want to buy open the door to the room with the last gas-mask part which is located in the power room. This is also the next ritual you should do. Now that you at least have a sheild and a decent weapon, taking out the spiders alongside zombies is a sitch. You'll want to open the way down to the KT4 room, as well as the water-logged tunnels where you can find the second KT4 part located at the bottom. More importantly, you can do the thrasher ritual here. While doing this, I find that many times if I've saved a zombie and made him a crawler, a thrasher won't even spawn and I just have to deal with zombies. From this point on, you can return to spawn and do the final ritual, as well as the keeper ritual to get the Skull of Nansapwe. Imediantly after, you should go into the bunker and reveal, IN THIS ORDER: The plans in the area by purple water supply. The elevator hole. And finally (to which many times I have NOT made it in one go, but many others I have) the wall in the water-logged tunnel. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, the next focus you need, which is good because you've gotten 2/3s of it already, is the final KT-4 part. Simply run some zombies in the green-water area to get the glow-stick thing. To recap, you should now have the KT4, Good weapons, Juggernog, a Shield, A gas mask, and the skull of nansapwe. First priority is the Massamune part. Go ahead and get some rainbow water and start watering the plant in the cave. If you're lucky you'll start on a normal round, then a spider round will commence, and you can finish before too long. Second thing to worry about is your challenges. Can't go down to the blue-115 stick area until you can shock the panel, and you can't shock the panel if you haven't done ALL of your rituals. It can be whole rounds before this is done, but it could be done relatively quick. Last thing to worry about is the spider. It's an easy boss, just watch it's legs to see where it's about to flatten, then use the KT-4 ONLY on the spiders. With any luck you'll be collecting the venom part AND free widows wine with this. NOTE: Beware, the round can sometimes change if you take too long. Don't rely on the spider being done on ONE round only. It might be worth getting a green plant to hold a zombie. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now the main easter egg is composed of 3 steps: -Use anywhere but here: This should work 100 percent of the time by THIS point in the eastere egg, if not, it's no biggy. -Get an AA bullet: This is going to be the hardest task. I've found best results come from plants that've been shot with the Massamune as well as blue water 3 times. There's no secret trick to this: Just get it. When the plane actually comes make sure the gun is LOADED, then fire and hope you get lucky with the timing. If a zombie starts to annoy you, use your knife to slow him down tremendously. -The zipline of hell: This thing is OUTRAGEOUSLY buggy and CAN Ruin your game. Reguardless to if you've got a quick revive, falling off the zip-line in the wrong place is PERMANENT death, no if-ands-or buts about it. I find it best to wait till you can't see the side of the box any more, then melee. Sometimes the trigger is holding back on the control sticks as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you can do all that, you've made it to the boss room. You should only keep your Masamune out and spray it from time to time. It not only offers a killing pool for spiders, rouge zombies, and thrashers, but ALSO gives you a speed boost to make training easier. For a perk set-up, I can only say one thing: DON'T bring mule kick into here. If you lose your masamune, you are DEAD. You can recover from a down, NOT a loss of your only working weapon. Likewise, don't be smart with the game either. Yesterday I tried to down myself while the KT-4 was upgrading to the massamune, when I got up and grabbed my gun, samantha's laughter got me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And that's all my tips and tricks for a solo easter-egg run. I did mine today by round 29 using everything in this guide. Hope it helps!
  7. It's relative. Dempsey quotes it in the giant. Exposure to 115 causes his memory to slip and causes him to rage at richtofen. Simply put, Tank gets angry, Nikolai gets drunker, and Richtofen loses his grip on reality.
  8. Cool. A round 50 easter egg. Not exactly zombie Hitler but hey, I'll take what I can get... (Which isn't a high round on a map I don't have so...)

  9. Here's a new one: Nessy. In zetsubou no shima, capture a picture of the beast:
  10. Sadly, I don't trust IFW as far as I can throw them.... Not in space.... I DO NOT think this will go well, and I've got exo-zombies two in the back of my mind.... I think extinction, I think "survival" mode (MW3/AW), and I think "Nope".... Likewise, for expense reasons, I will not be buying this game.
  11. Let's not be absurd. The map IS ridiculously glitchy, but hopefully that will pass. Asside from that it's one of the harder maps in BO3, in a good way. Personally I'm hoping for a harder map in DLC 3, and then DLC4 can be a wild card. But come on. It's not as bad as tranzit.
  12. Splash is also really good to partake in the main central arena of sniper-cock-blocking. Rise is also a good place to try this out. I can't speak for the DLC 2 maps however...
  13. Considering that the only way to even read the code is a complex process of extracting information from a PS4.... I'm going to go with data mining was NOT how the easter egg was solved. Even if they really wanted to. It was less then 24 hours before the easter egg was solved. They couldn't datamine that at THAT speed. It's more likely people just F** around with the mesmerize function all over the map after they saw what it did in the keeper's room. That's 50% of the easter egg right there: Just mesmerizing everything with the skull. Then they just started smacking things with the electric sheild, which we knew we could get from the achievements, and that's how they found the zipline in solo, then worked out how to do it in Co-Op. The AA bullet was likely luck. And the actual aircraft was pretty freaking obvious. And the last cog, gotten by "anywhere but here"ing was caught on footage to be luck. [
  14. They should add it just for people who bought the seasons pass in an update. Right now the customizables (proper term, or at least better then upgrade) are randomized. If they add weapon kits, the weapons can be set accordingly, and possibly be added to previous maps. Which would explain the razor back in the DE trailer.
  15. Are there? I don't know because I don't have the map, but from memory and from footage I've seen I've yet to see tripmines or the wallbuy in ZNS.....
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