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  1. He did mention he was pursuing a career in journalism, or politics. Best of luck to him, I have always enjoyed him.
  2. Hi all, its been a long time.


    Im kinda craving the original Five, and looking for serious distance runners to go 40+ tonight.


    I shall be on 12ish tonight EST, but will try to sooner.  My PSN is a12yr_old_virgin.   


    Hope to see you, someone, anyone.


    BTW good luck to everyone in 2018.

    1. anonymous


      No PS, but I wish you good luck. Five indeed is a map I should play again soon

  3. Hi, I'm Gaga M Jackson, for those who never seen me. Been playing NML lately, and let me set the scenes for you. You get all the right bounces and get 2200+ before the first buzzer. You get a few more bounces and get 4500+ after the first grenade and clean up, right at the the 3rd buzzer. Do you: A. Bitch I'm on a hot streak, let me be a bit more aggresive because this could potentially be the difference makerten do I get lucky like this? Why play it safe for another 200 game? B. Bitch you got a bit lucky, stay within yourself because you are already ahead. Be a bit more conservative and ride this out. Be greedy and you will end up six feet under. Play it like you have always played it. Whenever I do A: I knife that crawler when I knew shouldn't have, I shoot the M&S a bit too quick, I make that turn when I should have gone straight ahead, or I get a bit too blast heavy good chance to knife that crawler. After a beautiful start I somehow turn it into another 180-220 game. Frustrating, but that's NML. I wouldn't want it any other way. It's the ultimate challenge, like that hot blonde you always wanted to make out with. and die prematurely. Whenever I do B: After that great start I somehow decide to play like I'm pussy whipped. I make another loop just to make sure all spawns are in, I skip a good firing chance because I was swiped 6 seconds ago, I look left and look right then left then right and miss a good chance to knife that crawler. After a beautiful start I somehow turn it into another 180-220 game. Frustrating, but that's NML. I wouldn't want it any other way. It's the ultimate challenge, like that hot blonde you always wanted to make out with.
  4. I keep receiving notifications whenever Pinnaz and Naitrax post.  Cant get rid of the notifications and its filling my mailbox quick.  HELP!

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    2. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Go to the person page, you'll see the following notice, click this and then change the notification settings.

      You can also unfollow them but changing the notification settings is the easier option if you want to keep in touch with what they are doing.

    3. PINNAZ


      Why are you following me Jay, Ya creep! :Throw A Kisss:

    4. Boom115


      It's a new feature from the all Nai and Pinnaz update. Pinnaz background coming soon.

  5. Who do I need to sleep with to get considerations?
  6. NML was arguably the greatest game mode ever created. I recall playing NML endlessly trying to get better, taking baby steps from PAP to jug to telepad. NML was the ultimate barometer for your zombie skills, with intensity from begining to end. NML prepares you for the actual game, and vice versa. With this, I will make effort to up my current score. NML lives on.
  7. Who do I need to sleep with to get considerations?? Or is it PayPal transaction?
  8. "I need to bully because I'm smarter than everyone else." "I can say what I want because I'm special." "Why can't you understand my point?" Bullying is the product of over confidence and sense of achievement. We all do it at some point, intentionally or not. There is also a fine line between horsing around, and bullying your friends. It is often unavoidable from the bully's point of view until someone mentions it. Its also subjective to the person being bullied. Friends can take name calling from one another, until it goes too far in the receiver's acceptance. Its mostly how you view it, and how others view it. New members, don't let the seniors bully you. Just because he or she has a shiny medal or affiliations with the site, doesn't mean you should bend over for them. But don't start a debate if you don't have the means to defend your ground, as you will likely be stampeded. If all else fails just tell everyone your dad works for Activision and your brother is a world class hacker.
  9. Just want to say hi. Have not played zombies for a while, thanks to Clash of Clans. I'm officialy addicted to it.

    1. creepertrent


      what is your clan?

  10. Not sure if I'm entertained or confused. Who the hell is what??????? My head is exploding

    1. ZombieOfTheDead


      Lol, that's the problem with setting this up.

    2. Lenne


      At least Last stand wasn't in MW3. :3

  11. Hard to disguise myself being ugly teal......

  12. Nice post dude, I'm glad to see you put much thought and effort into this idea. However, I get nervous when people use all cap, I feel like you are yelling at me. "WHAT IS THE NEXT RANK AFTER SHOTGUNS!!!!!"
  13. I'm sorry, but this is poorly organized and written. MOTD and Origins are by far the toughest maps in BO2. I say that because so much could go wrong before your ultimate set up. Is it a coincidence that those maps were done by the same team? I guess not.
  14. Mr. Jay


    I could not disagree more. As a killing weapon it may be the worst due to ammo amount, but as a training weapon and getting out of jams weapon it is far superior. In fact, I only use the wind staff in the earlier rounds, and move on to ice or fire once the spawns pick up.
  15. It's everything, really. A solid comparison would be movies. The best selling movies are often family oriented. If you include everyone in your plans, you will likely have better receptions. It's also the reason why the best movie ever made, Show Girls, was not rated high because it was made to satisfy a small group of the population. Treyarch knows they will need to please not only the gaming guys, but also the story guys and still have new features to draw the multiplayer people and the general gamers.
  16. Hello, I'm the boring guy. Not doing a sexual pun today, due to protests. I still play zombies. I still play on occasion to up my scores. I still play, to quote unquote, "get better". It's not always easy. No matter what map you choose to play, you are constantly updating your strategy and execution to how you play. What seems to happen more often, is the additions of what not to do. Each time you go down, it's like for two reasons; poor execution or poor strategy selection. You either sneezed and took your eyes off, or that your strategy may need further tinkering. If you think about it, it's the Thomas Edison theory. Each time I fail, I almost certainly add to the list of things that do not work, or need to be avoided. Some of the notables: Do not sit and watch after a nuke. Zombies will still slap you around for a while. Same goes with the staff kills, except for wind staff. Do not double knife, it has been mechanically built into the game that you will die. Do not knife kill if you don't want a nuke, because it only happens when you don't want it. Do not forego jug for Bowie, you are not Chopper. Do not do the unnecessary moves just to look good. Do not shoot the robot with just one shot, you will miss and he will stomp you. Do not rush into killing. Do one more lap to ensure safety. Do not revive in a corner, or without a clear path to safety. Do not stay in spawn of Origins after 4. Do not upgrade the staffs using anything others than wind. Do not play chicken with the Panzer, unless you have Boomhilda. Do not assume there is another unharmed zombie available. Do not take a quick break before getting ready for next round. It will happen before you are ready. I'm done. Heading back to work. Enjoy your Thursday.
  17. My biggest thing is make it co-op friendly. To me the biggest difference in gaming experience between the 3 zombie games is the difficulty of good co-op games. While BO1 made major strides to improve gaming mechanics over WAW, BO2 took a major step back with many of the "solo attractions" and "co-op penalties". To truly be successful and addictive as a game, you need to take a page from multiplayer and understand that it is the gaming actions interacting with others that will keep others buying your product.
  18. Nah, NML was great, but the idea can only survive so long before it gets old. There were many in game challenges throughout the series, but Treyarch hit the jackpot with NML. Other little tidbits and shenanigans were mostly annoying whilst being challenging. I actually think if they tinker grief they can hit another home run. I just don't know what they could tinker with.
  19. Yes and no. You see, this is all part of the marketing strategy. Certain actors are exclusive in a specific genre, while others can be chameleonish in their performances. While the boring guy can be as extreme in any of the categories, he could also be none of the above. He is so brilliant that even when he stinks, you question your comprehension and your judgement before you suggest he has lost it. Is he as smart as Einstein? Or dumb as Einstein?
  20. Mr. Jay


    After fooling around with all four staffs, I will say that the wind staff is the only true "save your ass" staff of the four. Although Ice, Fire, and Lightning staffs have more ammo, they do not kill fast enough on contact. I lost track how many times I go down 5-10 seconds after a charged shot not killing zombies. Not the wind staff. It immediately and quickly sucks the zombies into a tornado with a charged shot, or it sends zombies flying with a regular shot. The regular shot need to be close quarters to be effective, but good enough to save your stinky ass. Another advantage of the wind staff is that it is one of the easiest to obtain. At any moment, any round, you can get the staff parts given you have the patience. No monetary necessary and no special skills needed. Upgrading is also the easiest to complete. No special notes, weapons, or other inconvenient tasks to perform. You can still go down with an ultimate staff, unless you have the wind. It is the easiest to obtain and upgrade, and the best to save you from downs. Wind staff, the is the Jay of staffs.
  21. Mr. Jay

    CodZ Staff

    Why would you want to be a staff member? You volunteer your time unconditionally. You donate your hard earned cash when necessary. You read every single post, good or bad, to moderate the content. You have to show your maturity regardless how you really feel. You never get the true replies anymore because every civilian is trying to kiss your behind Anytime a hobby becomes a second job, the novelty and entertainment value greatly depreciates.
  22. Hi, it's the boring guy. I'm sitting in the Infiniti service department today. Really came in just for oil change, ended up agreeing to State Inspection, new brakes, cabin and air filters, wheel alignment and tire rotation, as well as other services totaling $900. I'm what they called a mooch. Whenever I visit a mechanism they make me bend over. Here is a very simple concept, yet no-one talks about; explosions happen if you dick too much. I play with randoms a lot, and seen just about everything. Over time I slowly become a dick. I rarely spend unnecessary points to help the team. I barely execute the plans others agree upon. I never put myself after the team's best interest. I will kill your crawler if you take too long too often, especially if you do that to check insta gram or Facebook. I often wonder alone camping where I'm most comfortable. Was playing Town the other night. Was mostly camping by M14 while the others camped by QR. I kept them alive for the most part, but on round 19 just could not get anyone in time. I never thought I was such a dick, until one guy pointed out the above mention traits. They all quit not because I failed to revive them, they quit because I was not a team player. You play this game long enough, you learn to minimize mistakes and prolong your survival. Often times, that come at the expense of everyone else's we'll being. I always try to revive, but I get more conservative as the rounds progress. Playing as a self lone wolf, often rub off others to alienate you, leading to unforeseeable massive destructions. Here is a quick warning; don't play dick too much too long, messy explosions will follow. Thanks for reading. Enjoy your Monday.
  23. I think you might be over thinking it, as Mitchy pointed out. Activision wants to make money, and having a third developer doesn't change theie agreement with the previous two makers, but allow them the extra timeline to follow through, theoretically better product for the same $$$. But your points are excellent, that having to wait an extra year is great. Hardcore zombie players will continue to play classic zombies, no matter how many new games available until the next zombies. I haven't played anything other than zombies since BO1, and that is unlikely to change. I know there are many others like me, that are still looking to up their highs. After all, you can't really defeat zombies, you can't only try to survive longer. That's the ultimate addiction and why we keep going back.
  24. Whoever was in charge of the back stories in BO2 needs to be terminated and sent to Syria. For the most part the BO2 stories were uninteresting and bland. The character quotes were generic and uninventive. Whether it was planned in advance or not, Treyarch need to really recreate the story and wow us in the game to get our full support.
  25. Wow! I feel special with my own personalized bio. Thanks to whomever.

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    2. way2g00d


      That cracked me up! Grats Jay.

    3. Mr. Jay

      Mr. Jay

      Thank you gents of the Midwest.

    4. GRILL


      It was I who penned the bio ;)

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