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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

The countdown has finished, Firebase Z has arrived!


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  1. I think I saw the Blood of the Dead ending cutscene where Richthofen (I’m assuming the one from Origins?) gets left behind and bled dry..kinda sad but not really lol Destiny 2 became free a few months ago when Activision stopped funding Bungie, they only make you pay for he current DLC, and when that becomes old, is available for free and so on. Its sort of like CoDz, in the regard you’d never expect so much juicy lore and back story. The story starts 4.3 billion years before our Earth is formed, and reaches about 20 thousand years into the future where the game takes place, with ton
  2. The mobile game is actually pretty good, of course they shove advertisements down your throat every time you log in, but the graphics are pretty clean, and there is controller support so I can use my ps4 controller. I also play on an iPad so it probably give me an advantage. the shinonuma map is strange, there is a way to teleport to the zombies map where we mercy kill Takeo (old me would be ashamed I’ve forgotten the name of a zombies map ?) but just a couple rooms for the Easter egg. Whats everyone playing now? Treyarch hasn’t made another CoD since BO3 right? I’ll probably get the
  3. Nice to see all the names! I remember everyone, as I lived on here for years haha. I’ve read into some of the newer story....man they’re getting technical with this time travel thing, I’ll have som,e major questions I can tell. awesome to see everyone though, how’s everyone liking the mobile game? I was pleasantly surprised, and seeing we can explore nacht a little further is cool too, I’ve almost got my fire axe skin but I’m about lvl 35 so I’m not playing like I should.
  4. Kinda, I came here to see when the nacht map was releasing for mobile haha Looks like. I have quite a bit of reading up to do since BO3....hope the story has gotten better, I kinda stopped having interest once dragons showed up lol good to see you though lenne, I’ll be around from time to time!
  5. I take a few years off and I don’t recognize any names ? who ARE you people? ?
  6. If is story based, I hope there is a NML option or area because zomvies is only fun to me when it's an endurance trial, I can run through Resident Evil 2 in a little over an hour, I love the game but I dominate it because it's the same thing, easily remembered so I can speed run. With zombies, I may not even reach my record level because nothing is the same as far as the enemies, when a max ammo drops, dog rounds ect ect...
  7. I had the staff get locked in yesterday, super f'n annoying. They took out the dog glitch in Kino, not suprising being it's built from scratch but I was sad to see it gone. That may have been the first time the dogs had a fair chance in years lol Also sort of unrelated, but has anyone been having trouble with their weapon skins? Sometimes mine stay real blurry, like when you are waiting for a match to start in a multiplAyer game, but it never fully loads, bothers the crap out of me.
  8. Fast mags are a must, everything else is just icing on the cake.
  9. 39 on ascension with PAP mark2 and icr. I didn't add extra PAP to my rifle either, just kept it for points. This was on a 4 player game, where two playes left by round 20
  10. A similar occurrence happened to me with the Panzer, turns out, he dropped in at generator 5, and I had not opened either entrance so he just stood there and let me kill him. The next one spawned in normal and exacted his revenge for killing the other helpless one lol
  11. Hey all, pretty simple, straight forward topic. Basically list any and all bugs you have found in any of the new zombies Chronicles remade Maps. To keep things easy to find, list your console, then map name, then the bug. I have only found one, and it doesn't always happen but I've got it to work 3 times now. Ps4 Origins Using the "Undead man walking" gobblegum on origins will freeze the Templar zombies on top of their spawn points, they even stand like their basic model (feet together, arms at 5 and 7o clock) which makes it easier to charge those generators. I'd like to
  12. I'll say oNE thing, it sucks dying on NML now and having to watch the loading sequence and be sent back to the menu. As far as everything else, no complaints!
  13. Ever closer to playing some chronicles, an hour and 20 minutes, strange that I'm more excited to go in theater mode and comb the maps than I am to actually get high rounds.  Oh and also be high rez fat Nikolai! 

  14. They called it a "love letter" to their fans, so hopefully it doesn't cost anything, but I'd pay them just for taking the time to rebuild the maps, and all the story they gave us.
  15. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! So his name IS the Avagadro. I particularly like the part about Gershe and Yuri, having only play Gorod a few times, I had no idea what happened to either of them, kind of cool to have closure on the pentagon theif, just Yuri mixed with dark eather correct? Also strangely happy to see Victus is alive. Hopefully this isn't finished because I read everything, but feels like there should be more. Also, not the slightest mention of Nightmare mode, so that shuts me up on thinking there was a connection with the God's and Goddesses
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