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  1. Hi all, its been a long time.


    Im kinda craving the original Five, and looking for serious distance runners to go 40+ tonight.


    I shall be on 12ish tonight EST, but will try to sooner.  My PSN is a12yr_old_virgin.   


    Hope to see you, someone, anyone.


    BTW good luck to everyone in 2018.

    1. anonymous


      No PS, but I wish you good luck. Five indeed is a map I should play again soon

  2. I agree our scores were less than desirable. We actually only had a few tries each and could have easily done much better with a little more coordination. Bottom line was, I laughed so hard during our games I couldn't even concentrate. Fun will trump anything high scores you guys toss up. Good luck to the xbox team.
  3. Hello contestants, welcome to my Thanksgiving Tournament. Lets sum up some rules: * Xbox vs PS3 * Best of 5 * Post scores after completion, as many tries as you can muster up, best scores only. * One first room challenge, map of choice. * One mustang sally AND set wall weapon/location challenge of choice * One no power challenge of choice * One Nacht challenge * Tiebreaker, if necessary, NML kills. Happy Hunting yall. Good luck Xbox, but you are going down!
  4. No worries my friend, work comes first. I do wish you a fun traveling holiday. Mr. Rizzy, I have not seen you on PSN much, do you have a chat app? I'm on Kik, ID is jayghf1978. I'm thoroughly available throughout the week starting Tuesday night, so message me whenever you are ready to go. We still have to decide on the challenges, stay tuned.
  5. Excellent Ms Anonymous, I leave it to you and Mr. Spidey to arrange playing time and challenge myself and Mr. Rizzy. Chicago was beautiful. I was in there twice in the last months for work but found time for some leisure. Thanks for trying. Im just a bit saddened the forum is slow. Its like visiting your old high school and found it is now a brothel. I hope everyone the best. Great times. Thanksgiving is this Thursday. Generally the festivities start around Tuesday and run through Sunday. Its a great
  6. Haven't heard from any Xboxers, not sure if they are still committed. Anyone on PS3 want to join me and/or Mr. Rissole for some classic zombie slashing? Comment here, if no one else responds I guess I have no option but to post my nude photos. Happy hunting yall.
  7. Hello contestants, hope all is well and sunny. With the election finally over, we shall have more time to get this thing rolling. Are you guys comfort with the current ruling at this point? We shall do a best of 5, with each side picking 2 challenges. We will agree on a 5th challenge by either vote or spectating suggestion. Now we need to know if the xbox party ok with team challenges. If availability becomes an issue for you guys than maybe we could consider solo challenges. Any spectacular comment is welcomed, unless it's Trump or Hilary flame. Thank
  8. Thank you all for participating in our fun event. I want this to be an exciting and dramatic event for all of us, including any spectators. Looks like everyone is ok with 360 vs PS3. What we could do, is do a best of 5 or best of 7. Each side will decide on a few challenges for both sides. The tiebreaking challenge, will be decided by votes. We shall post screenshots as proof and decide a winning side. Maybe we could convince Undad to give us "Bad Ass Thanksgiving Bowl" medals. Everyone wins? Any comment or recommendation is welcomed.
  9. First of all, I apologize for calling Ms Anonymous a gent. careless mistake. And to Mr. Smok3y, awesome if you do find your PS3, Rizzy and I would love to join you. We are only mostly nights on EST. Catch us if you can.
  10. First of all, thank you. Thank you deeply for your selfless contributions in the last 3 years. Thank you for your financial sacrifices, your time and effort in moderating, and your deeds as a quality member. We could have easily evaporated 3 years ago, if it wasn't for you. I would extend the thanks to all staff members in the last three years, I could only imagine how difficult it was for you guys. Secondly, I'm sorry. I always thought you were unfairly entrenchred into this savior situation. For years I complained about the business structure and the sustainability. I'm so
  11. I always go back to Five, just to get into zombs. Its always been my favorite map and I can never get tired pf it. Its like that great movie or book you cant seem to forget.
  12. Welcome to to Thanksgiving Tournament my CODZ gents. The current roster consists: PSN: Mr. Jay, Rissole25 Xbox360: Smok3y, Spider, Anonymous. We could do PSN vs Xbox challenges. We could each try different challenges and best of x winners. If Rizzy and I lose I will donate cash into the forum fees.
  13. I hear some handsome dude was trying to organize a Thanksgiving themed tournament. Best to check it out..... www.callofdutyzombies.com/topic/183717-thanksgiving-tournament Anything he touches usually turns out great, so I would not miss it. Lets make CODZ "Great Again."
  14. Hello Smok3y, thanks for joining in, we will ensure you have an unforgettably wonderful experience. What platform are you on Mr. Smo3ky? Rizzy and I are both on PS3, and our gaming schedule is quite similar. In fact, he and I can play together for hours and not speak a word but still maintain a perfect understanding what each other wants to do. He's my good twin, he's better looking and better gamer, but I have the edge in brains and penis size. We could try anything, really. I'm open to first room challenges to M&S challenges, or anything you guys dial up. Or
  15. No one is on anymore. How about the two of us do something fun?
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