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  1. lol those cheaters man... I am for now not on CW, friend. Sorry. ;_;
  2. Welcome to the site, you two. I haven't bought the game and it probably looks like I will wait on that as well, but apperantly ray tracing, as King Panda said really is a problem, also on the PS5 just heard that in a video. In a perfect world, they would have gotten at least another 6 months to work this out, but oh well.
  3. Heya everyone, so as you can see, the results are in, the counting is over. We have two new (but also kinda old : P) members who have been chosen to wear the cyan robes. First off, we have @Tac, the man, the myth, the legend who has put a lot of effort into this gig, not only in the last two months, but also for the past 10 years. And he hasn't even stopped yet. Just check out our Youtube channel and I am sure, he will be supporting the forums and this community at least throughout Cold War. I am always so insanely impressed by the dedication you have for this stupid game mode and it's
  4. Heya, Voting phase is now a go. Thanks to everyone for puting out the nom noms.
  5. 3 more days and a couple of hours to go, til the second most important voting phase this week. Just would like to point out rule #1 only three members can be nominated, so @PINNAZ and @anonymousplease edit your posts accordingly. Thanks to everyone who put out nom noms.
  6. I am gonna be nominating good old @Tac first. With heavy emphasis on old, cause he just celebrated his 10 year anniversary on here. Throughout his years and roles on here there have been pretty much three constant things with this lovely brother. His love for this storyline, his love for this community and last but certainly not least his love for LDR's music. haha Oh and of course he has worked on some threads these past two months which turned out great, good old Anon has already linked them. @RichKiller is my second nomination he has created two very good threads, which
  7. Gut Ding braucht Weile. So I am good to read this now asap? Congrats rad Rad. How does it feel to have it mostly done? Bin Stolz auf dich, but more importanly you can be proud of yourself.
  8. As someone who doesn't enjoy many parts of Halloween, the time after it is the best. Happy post Halloween to you as well.
  9. Heya everyone, I hope y'all had a good, save and socially, but not emotionally, distanced Halloween. As promised last month we have are going to have a new cyan member in the next couple of days. As you can read from the title 2 months will be taken into consideration. The month of September and October, so be sure to take some extra time to check on the last two months worth of posts and topics in here. The rules are as followed: RULES: 1.) You can nominate up to three people with your post. 2.) Every nomination needs at least a brief explanatio
  10. 10 years too late, but better than never. edit: Nevermind, I thought you meant crossplay.
  11. Yep, thank you, makes it more organized which is always appreciated. Your work is awesome, so I wanna say thanks for sharing and you stumbling across our little corner of the internet
  12. What a nice surprise. haha Thank you very much for choosing to return. I hope life has treated you well since you have left. Have you also not played zombies since deciding to distance from the community? I am sure you won't have any, but just incase: If you have any questions, be sure to ask right away. Thanks again, buddy.
  13. You know, considering how Shangri La is the best map and Mars is the best planet (aside from ours) Shangri La being on Mars actually makes perfect sense. It is fate.
  14. Same, mate. Glad to have you back and enjoy your stay, however long it might be. Fingers crossed for no technical difficulties in the game and not too much monetization, then we are in for a treat content wise in my opinion. Much love Spiderooo.
  15. It releases tomorrow for me and I just researched there is going to be a "proper" album as well?! Jeez... I am slacking. haha Thank you for the heads up.
  16. @Tac Is it out? I completely missed that, if that is the case.
  17. UB40? Ewww Schlager is the only or at least one of the few genres I despise. haha I got the Wilsen record I already told you about and Kanye West's "ye". Thinking of getting the new Gorillaz record coming up this month on vinyl, but haven't decided yet.
  18. 1. Thank you for being back, it was always a pleasure to interact with you. 2. Great to read you have been doing so good. 3. The next time you decide to leave for an extended period of time, let us know. Glad to have you back, if you have any questions be sure to ask them.
  19. Gotta say the light german accent might also be an indicator for this theory. Unless I am just hearing things wrong, which is entirely possible.
  20. Alles gute zum Geburtstag Tac. Eat some pasta, get some hugs, dish out some spanks. Do whatever you like.
  21. How many do you have by now? I still only have two. ;_;
  22. Gotta be honest, storywise that was part of the fun for me, back in the day.
  23. Yep he has left the company/has been fired. Whatever. https://charlieintel.com/jason-blundell-has-left-treyarch/59486/ I dunno if they have officially announced who is in charge of zombies now.
  24. This makes me one happy fucking human being right now.
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