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  1. It was on my first high round Blood of the dead game, I originally went in to get to round 50, but decided to play until I die, but then it crashed somewhere between 55 and 50 I turned the game back on and saw that I was at 50 for blood on the leaderboard, even though I haven't reached 50 before. So I just put 2 and 2 together. Treyarch get's a lot of shit, but at least they did that right this season. haha
  2. On the other hand though. Them putting lootboxes with the tier progression and the (overpriced) Pass is just really showing that Activision doesn't care about maintaining CoD in a healthy state. You know they are past milking the cow, at this point they are scrapping for every single little piece of meat they can get off the bones.
  3. Lenne

    Formula 1

    Bring me 115!
  4. Lenne

    End of Chaos Story for BO4?

    I think it is good. As far as I understand it, the chaos crew will be back next season as well and right now I am just craving more Ultimis stuff. Aufgeschoben ist nicht aufgehoben. 😛 As in we will get more chaos stuff in the next season. All in all I gotta say though, I don't really have anything against the chaos crew or it's story.
  5. Can't believe it's been 7 years since I signed up for this site. Thanks for being there for me throughout the good and the shit times. ❤️

  6. Lenne

    Where to run?

    And how is fighting with the blight father in there?
  7. He is refering to Blackout. On the bottom right there is the location Ghost town.
  8. Lenne

    Grenade Talk

    He means the bouncing betties. Okay so I haven't tried them out in a hot minute, so maybe they've been nerved, but the wraith fires kill beyoned 40. Other than that I have only really played around with the claymores. Recently I tried my luck with acid nades, but I don't like those at all.
  9. You are a heaven sent, RZP. ❤️ This makes me insanely happy.
  10. Let's say you get disconnected or crash at 52. All your progress is still safe from up to 50. Kinda like invisible checkpoints at least every 10 rounds. But I agree always online junk blows eggs.
  11. Lenne

    Where to run?

    I only do the poop deck pap area. I don't feel comfortable anywhere else.
  12. It is "Beast" in 1337 speak. He is one of the good ones though. Good guy Treyarch, now if they could only fix the crash problem...
  13. Lenne

    Killing Hell Hounds = -50 points??...

    I noticed that as well, but have no explanation for it. Gotta say this new point system seems a bit dodgy.
  14. Touché! ^^
  15. So basically the cod community these days is the equivelant of a spoiled brat.
  16. You are the responsible one in this relationship. 😛
  17. In what regards? But you are right, the suply drop stream or whatever it is called is a joke and the Black Ops pass almost costing as much as a new game is dumb, but all things considered I happily pay more to get more and never expect to get new content for free. I just don't get it for the Black Ops season we had to pay 60 bucks for the game and additional 4x 15 bucks. It is just insane how map packs got sold for 15 $/€ and almost nobody seemed to care. Activision just handles this whole show in a really bad manner and they always have been doing that. I just think it is strange that it took folks almost 10 years to notice that.
  18. Nope, CoD3 which was Treyarch's first main CoD game didn't get any praise from the community most of it just stayed in CoD2. Furthermore CoD4 pretty much outlasted WaW as well, cause now let's be honest WAW was mechanically a reskin of CoD4 and the gaming industry just got a taste of a new era in the shooter genre and didn't want to go back to WW2 so soon. Only with Black Ops people did tend to stick with Treyarch. Also nope, Sledgehammer joined the CoD team back in 2011 with MW3. Joining forces with IW. (Edit: They joined before that of course, but MW3 was their first adventure in this show of shit. ^^) The black ops games up until now also got a good amount of love, but there were also a good chunk of folks who hated those games. Just look at our friend, @83457. 😛 Gotta keep in mind that the CoD community is huge and not every fan is an 11 year old sheep. They are just the loudest.
  19. Lenne

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    Got a hint.
  20. Lenne

    ~Zombies Hangman~

  21. Post your highest round on Voyage of Despair. I'll make sure to make a little leaderboard after we get a couple of replies. 🙂 ❤️
  22. Lenne

    ~Zombies Hangman~

  23. Lenne

    Call of Duty Zombie Labs now canon?

    Can you read my mind?

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