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  1. Lenne

    Classified Highest round

    Post your highest round on Classified. I'll make sure to make a little leaderboard after we get a couple of replies. 🙂 ❤️
  2. Lenne

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    Zombies Hangman~ Test your might! _ _ _ // _ _ // _ _ _ _ Incorrect Guesses (0/6) : Hint(s): Scoreboard: 1st: Slade - 238 1st: Lenne - 238 3rd: way2good - 201 Electric Jesus - 140 Nightmare Voyager (ripperino) - 134 The Meh - 116 ETEl2NAL407 - 100 Tasha the noob - 93 Delta - 68 Naitrax - 58 Rissole25 - 48 MurderMachineX - 46 Undead - 44 Chopper - 34 Cheesegrater28 - 32 Tac - 30 PortlyLlama80 - 22 Reddonkeyham - 20 Jake Duck - 16 wesleykg00 - 16 Silv3r Energy - 16 RequixEclipse - 14 83457 - 12 Anonymous - 12 zombieman9 - 10 XAvengedLullabyX - 10 OverWater17 - 10 RaidDzn - 10 PINNAZ - 8 nayrc - 6 jiipee95 - 6 unlawfully inacurate - 4 Ooka - 2 RiftRunner001 - 2 ZombieDreamerDan - 2 CrubZee - 2 BriggzyJ97 - 2 TheNathanNS - 2 Mr Swifty - 2 RZArazorSHARP20 - 2 Señor Festo Lithium - 2 JJMFP - 1 Rules: Guess the word/phrase correctly without any letters = 10 points Guess the word/phrase correctly = 2 points Stump the field (6 incorrect guesses) = 6 points One incorrect letter = 1 incorrect guess One incorrect word(s) = 2 incorrect guesses You may only guess up to 2 consonants or 1 vowel at a time Host adds hint after 4 incorrect guesses Numbers must be spelled out After 6 wrong guesses the person who did make the last guess gets the board If after two weeks, the person who is meant to be posting a board doesn't, another person is allowed to take their board and continue the game.
  3. Post your highest round on Blood of the Dead. I'll make sure to make a little leaderboard after we get a couple of replies. 🙂 ❤️
  4. Lenne

    Formula 1

    Unbelieveabwoah. @Matuzz we should celebrate. I am so happy right now. :')
  5. So apperantly there is going to be the first couple of tweaks made by Treyarch this sunday on the 14th October or maybe today and because there are only three things that will be tweaked, as far as we know I figured I could make a zombies patch notes hub: So in the first tweaks from sunday the 14th october we will see: Increased player health in Casual, Normal, and Hardcore Difficulty in Classic mode by 50 points. Balance adjustment to rate at which players earn points. Balance adjustment to Tiger attacks. Balance adjustment to Hellhounds (spawn radius, speed, and frequency). Balance adjustment to Hellfire Special Weapon. Reduced cost of shield repair and replacement. Resolved an issue where some players experienced a crash in the Laboratory. BotD and Classified have now been combined into one playlist The Treyarch Authenticity Stamp will be introduced next week along with leaderboards October 15th Just a UI error has been fixed when losing internet connection during a split screen game. October 17th Treyarch fixing the (Easter egg) crashes October 20th More fixing in regards to high round crashes and Easter egg games Fixed an issue where in game xp notifications were appearing Improved pathing for enemy Zombies Addressed instances of Zombies Challenges displaying incorrect completion requirements Addressed an issue causing a delay before players could activate consecutive Special Weapon melee attacks Addressed an issue causing a slight delay before players could pick up a Power-Up Addressed issues with Camos not properly applying to weapons Addressed issues with several Camo Challenges not displaying the correct unlock requirements Addressed instances of Pack-a-Punch Camos not appearing on specific weapons Addressed an issue where the second part of the boss battle occasionally wouldn’t trigger properly (in IX) Addressed multiple issues with overlapping voiceover lines Addressed an issue where players were not earning Nebulium Plasma in Custom Mutations Addressed several stability issues when using different Custom Mutation options
  6. Lenne

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    Cornelius Pernell 🙂
  7. Lenne

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    M, D, please.
  8. Can anyone explain this? We weren't meant to see the xp we were earning for ending the round cause those notifications don't pop up anymore. 😞
  9. Lenne

    IX highest round

    Post your highest round on IX. I'll make sure to make a little leaderboard after we get a couple of replies. 🙂 ❤️
  10. Lenne

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    O would be nice.
  11. Lenne

    IX Easter Egg Guide

    Great post! Thanks a bunch. 🙂
  12. Lenne

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    There is no U on the board or wrong guesses. Or am I blind? :S
  13. Lenne

    talisman rarity

    Yeah I agree. Just today I had to play a round 50 game just to get 75 thingys.
  14. Lenne

    Official Black Ops 4 Zombie Stats Thread

    It's not friday yet, but it has been a week since I started playing.
  15. So usually I would post this via a status update, but we've disabled those, because we want more traffic in the Forum itself. Good ol' R* is at it again and even though they seemingly ignored Niko Bellic's birthday, I can't be mad at them for too long. I am pretty sure most of you know of Red Dead Redemption, I personally adored every second of it, back in 2010 and after 2 delays, we'll (hopefully) get it this october. I wasn't really on board with the sequel (it is actually a prequel though) til the new trailer dropped today. I am really curious to play this. Have any of you played the 2010 game and are you looking forward to this one?
  16. Lenne

    IX Wonder Weapon Guide

    I did know there was a ww, but not how to get it? Is it worthwile?
  17. Lenne

    IX Wonder Weapon Guide

    I would have never found this out without a guide. x)
  18. Lenne

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    ^^ sometimes I question my sanity... and sometimes it replies. Gimme a U as in U are amazing. :3
  19. Lenne

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    S, V, please.
  20. Lenne

    Blood of the Dead highest round

    Actually got to 52, but my game crashed. I leveld up a good amount as well, so I was quite sad, but luckily it somehow "saved" my progress up until 50. 🙂 I used my own, safe, but very slow strategy for this the only thing that could stop you are dogs spawning right in your face and crashes. haha
  21. Lenne

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    Ka-Boom A please.
  22. Lenne

    Overpowered specialist weapons

    I somewhat agree they are a bit too good especially when you concider you have to do nothing but use them to level them up. I suggest just having them be used once per round. But I like how fun they are to use. 🙂
  23. Lenne

    Missing theif

    So does this map have a proper side quest egg or not? I am reading mixed opinions on it.

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