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Everything posted by Lenne

  1. I hope it is well optimised as in no glitches, no crashes, not taking up 100 GB out of the box and another additional 100 further down the line. I expect nothing of the above, but I do expect a fresh start with some great new ideas. If some form of zombies is in there, don't do aether, don't do chaos, do something new, Treyarch. I also want a sick soundtrack and basically a great mix between WaW and BO1 in regards to campaign and in MP I want some good maps with no safe spaces.
  2. ? hope is a dangerous thing for cod zombies enthustiasts like us to have, but we have it... we have it ? (hopefully funny) musical references aside: This years CoD is a bit late in terms of it's reveal. I hope everything is going somewhat ok with the peeps at Treyarch.
  3. Dunno if that were to be allowed, since Rad, would have to deal with Activision/Treyarch then. . . Great job you are doing, Rad I am looking forward to reading the book in full. : -D
  4. Heya, always nice to see you check in. But have we played the same game with BO4? Pretty much every single viable high round strategy involves heavy camping. Same with BO3. Especially in BO4, cause some round after 55 the zombies run even just as fast if not even faster than you, haven't gone for such a high round in a hot minute, so that is why I am unsure. Camping also is way faster to get to round 100 to with. Quite frankly it bores me to death, shooting a rocket launcher at my feet every few seconds, I don't see how that can be considered more fun, than actually moving around and putting yourself at least in a bit of danger.
  5. Ahem... Fortnite ? jk maybe Old man, the emojis are repariert.
  6. Training really was the goto mechanic back in the old days and games. These days in BO IV and a lot in BO III as well it is camping. It feels like they never really nailed a middle ground for a whole game, which bothers me. Everyone has a different taste, but with the zombies games it is for the most part either this or that. Me personally I love training, cause I feel like it is more challenging than camping with a rocket launcher (BO4) or an overpowered gun (Ice Staff Lightning bow) of course there are always exceptions to the rule, but all in all, I think when you only run a train infront of the lighthouse in call of the dead for instance, then I can see why a lot of people say it is boring and what not, but you have to push yourself out of your comfortzone as well from time to time and try some new rooms/areas, maybe then you will view the trainings mechanic a bit differently. But I am biased as hell. Also hope my words made sense, my brain is melting. Regardless: Welcome to the site @Luke Nolin I hope you will have a good time on here, however the duration of your stay will be on here. :)
  7. This new Fiona Apple Album is pretty much what the doctor ordered for me.
  8. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the remake to rule them all. Absolutely loving this one. : ')
  9. I've been wanting to post this, ever since you made this thread EJ: Bitch, we are the game. :P jk ily
  10. Yo, @anonymous you got a VR Headset? :P
  11. Lenne

    Everyone Okay?

    Much love, brother. Truly is a difficult time, but there are little rays of sunshine just like your post right here, which make me think that everything is not lost. <3
  12. Lenne

    Thank You.

    Hey, Silver. First and most importanly I wish you the best life you can possibly have. Glad to read that you are doing good these days and I will cross my fingers for you it will stay good. You deserve it. People like you are the reason I haven't thrown myself infront of a train, of course I don't know you, but I feel like I know important parts of your character, soul and life in general and if we knew each other in real life, I am pretty sure we would be good friends. I am a bit sad to see you go, but also insanely happy that you move on on your own terms. I will never forget you and I hope you won't forget us either. Stay strong and stay awesome. -Lenne
  13. I go missing in my Sleep from Wilsen. I wanted to pick a record, which I don't own physically yet. Otherwise I would have maybe picked A Rush of Blood to the Head or Viva La Vida... or In Rainbows from Radiohead. I dunno. Haha don't need to do that. I will remember this record being my first one for all time.
  14. Hello my dear friends I hope all of you are having a good day. As you can see, the poll is closed and the winner is the everlasting well of knowledge @caljitsu. However we have decided to give @Bench_Appearo and @EricMaynard the robes as well, cause of their mighty contributions to the project. I think we can all agree it is well deserved to have you guys as our first triple User of the month and again thank you for this awesome contribution not only to this forum but also the community as a whole. <3
  15. Would you say it is worth it for a solo player as well? I tried zombies in spaceland out briefly, but the map layout was too frustrating for me and had basically no time to really learn it. So if you say it is good for the lone wolfs as well, I am going to give it another chance. Hope you are doin good, DBZ! :)
  16. Nice! I'm gonna get a record player at the end of this month, also already have my first vinyl. :)
  17. Nice write up, Anon. Personally I'd say do BotD next and then AO and Tag der Toten. After you have played those maps, you should certainly give the chaos maps a proper chance as well. My personal favorite out of those is Dead of the Night. Have fun discovering Bo4's maps. And be sure to give is some more updates as you go along. :)
  18. Heya, congrats to everyone on the list! Voting phase is now open. You know the drill.
  19. Would love to know the reasoning behind this. But it probably is just: "We don't wanna take the spotlight from the Ghosts DLC season. I am glad though they decided to release ZC further down the line. Thanks for the post.
  20. I nominate: @caljitsu because of the amazing work he and his fellow comrades put into this: And because of this thread and video over myah: My second nomination goes out to our user of the year @RadZakpak for his character conversation of Blackout thread (honorable mentions go out to the other threads of the same kind, which haven't been posted in February.) His thread on the classified PaP camo is also awesome and of course thank you for the fun wonder weapon braket finale thread. My third and final nomination goes out to @anonymous for his never ending output. The order of forgotten mysteries, a topic in regards to future maps and a thread about the good old Vril-ya. What is there not to love? Thanks to all three of you. Sorry for not being as active as I would like to be, but I got my spleen on you!
  21. Guten Abend, meine Freunde. I hope all of you are doin good. there has been a request to bring back the (somewhat) monthly celebrations again. So I figured, since we had a good month with great posts being put on here, it is worth a shot. I would have also done it a week earlier but sadly, the site hasn't been on my mind as much. Forgive me for that. Regardless, I want to welcome all of you to the year 2020 and I hope your first two months of said year were a strong 8 to a light 9, cause let's face it: Life is never a 10/10. Haha The rules are as followed: 1.) You can nominate up to three people with your post. 2.) Every nomination needs at least a brief explanation and a couple of links to posts and topics made by the user you want to nominate. 3.) Do not nominate yourself. 4.) The voting poll will not be edited in any way, regardless of request, so think your vote through before doing it. 5.) Admins can't be nominated. You will have 5 days for nominating until the 6th march at 7 PM CET. Even in the event of me not formally closing the nominations at that time, any nominations after 7 PM CET will be ignored. Voting will last another 3 days (the 9th of March) Until 7 PM CET as well. Past winners: October 2019: Project KMR September 2019: KronoriumExcerptB August 2019: ZombiesAteMyPizza! July 2019: Boom 115 June 2019: Anonymous May 2017: Blurryface March 2017: RadZakPak & Anonymous July 2016: AetherialVoices June 2016: Spider May 2016: DragonGJ March 2016: anonymous & shirtlesservice February 2016: NaBrZHunter January 2016: Ragdo11706 December 2015: Tac November 2015: Kill_All_Monkeys October 2015: NaBrZHunter September 2015: Shooter August 2015: Lenne May 2015: Amantha77 June 2015: RequixEclipse April 2015: Chopper March 2015: ZombieOfTheDead February 2015: Nightmare Voyager January 2015: Black Hand Smith December 2014: Stop Mocking Me0 November 2014: Undad October 2014: The boring guy September 2014: the_clay_bird August 2014: GRILL July 2014: InfestLithium & ETEl2NAL407 June 2014: Jolteon May 2014: Naitrax February 2014-March 2014: DeathBringerZen January 2014: Hells Warrrior November 2013: 83457 October 2013: Boom115 September 2013: Samara & Slade August 2013: TheBSZombie June 2013-July 2013: RequixEclipse May 2013: FatedTitan April 2013: Flammenwerfer March 2013: GRILL February 2013: InfestLithium January 2013: MurderMachineX December 2012: PINNAZ & Lenne November 2012: Electric Jesus October 2012: punkrockzombie September 2012: Jake-Duck August 2012: MyLittleHellhound July 2012: Rissole25 June 2012: PerfectKhaos May 2012: MixMasterNut April 2012: BlindBusDrivr March 2012: way2g00d February 2012: Superhands January 2012: Ehjookayted December 2011: Tom852 November 2011: OstonedshooterO October 2011: LiamFTWinter September 2011: Phillips455 August 2011: Faust July 2011: TacticalInsertion June 2011: MrRoflWaffles May 2011: xAvengedLullabyX April 2011: cjdog23 March 2011: xXDaRkLeGeNdSXx February 2011: DigitalShadowZZZ December 2010: Graffiti Skys November 2010: Mikeh12 October 2010: Undeadwolfy September 2010: RedDeadRiot August 2010: AlphaSnake <3
  22. ayayayayayayayayayayaayyayaayayyaayyayayayayaayayayay Paris with spleens covering everything. you and me mate... you and meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  23. Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  24. A tiny bit. haha The Scharfschütze winning is good though. It is a fun gun. :3 As always, Rad thank you for doing these.
  25. It is for discussion mainly but also has a bit of everything, while not being fully utilized. That is how I would put it. For me personally this site is like a second home I can go to, whenever life is a bit too much, then I just read what the folks are posting, or I participate myself. Of course it isn't what it used to be in terms of activity, but I will always think fondly of this place. I'd even argue the quality of the posts has increased compared to 8 years ago. But truth be told it is a bummer some of you (I am just going to assume you are not the only one @KeredNomrah69) feel like this site suffers from an identity crisis. That might even be the case, but I personally don't view it as that. Thank you though, for checking in and no matter how long you will stay this time, I hope it will be an enjoyable stay for you.

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