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New Moderator: Welcoming Lenne to the the group

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With the recent departure of @way2g00d as a moderator, we have decided to bring another moderator into the group and with that, let me introduce our newest Green team member... @Lenne


Lenne has been a part of the CoDZ community since Feb 2012, has amassed over 3,600 posts and is always friendly and welcoming which is what made him the ideal candidate to become one of the sites Moderators.


Congratulations @Lenne :)

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First off: I would like to thank the guys from staff as a whole, who have so much faith in me to even give me this position.

Ever since August of 2012 CoDz has been a rather big part of my life and without it I doubt I would have grown so much as a person during the last three years. 

I made so many friends on here and did have the pleasure to talk to some of the brightest people ever... it is unbelievable.

And you know what? I'm gonna try to list all of them. :P

@PINNAZ, @way2g00d, @Undead, @MegaAfroMan, @Matuzz, @Tasha, @ZombieOfTheDead, @Rissole25, @Ehjookayted, @Jolteon, @Tac, @MixMasterNut, @Shooter, @FatedTitan, @Electric Jesus, @perfectlemonade, @Zelkova, @MysteryMachineX, @Delta, @83457, @Reddonkeyham, @punkrockzombie, @Naitrax, @The Meh, @Nightmare Voyager, @TheNathanNS, @Amantha77, @Spiderx3000, @NaBrZHunter, @HitmanVere, @the_clay_bird, @Gaga M Jackson, @Tattoo247, @GameChanger, @RedDeadRiot, @Superhands, @Scoldon and just for the giggles: @ThrowAmonkeyBomb and the whole staff.

I probably forgot some and if I notice someone I will edit this post. <3

Point is I either have spoken to you or am speaking to you on a regular basis and/or you made an impact on me.

I will always be grateful for all of you and this site.

Here's to many more years of awesomeness and a very good work relationship.

Viva la CoDz.

EJ is a girl. :3

Hopefully this post doesn't explode due to the amount of mentions. haha

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Congrats Lenne!


You deserve this promotion, and I think you'll do well in making this site a great place for all.


If you ever need any advice on how to look cool or sound authoritative, feel free to message me any time.


Congrats again, I sort of always had a feeling you'd get there eventually.

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@Lenne Where the F is @Electric Jesus???  Did you take him out to become a Mod?


October 2012 it was practically just you two guys on here calling each other girls.


Now every introduction post will be responded to by a Mod & the rest of the staff can get really messy together on the weekends while CoDz is in your hands!!!


Great to see you in Green my UotM brother! I hope you are doing really well! 


(PS - I wrote this 3 days ago & now your finally reading it!)

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