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  1. Think you’ve gone too deep into the Black Ops Iceberg lore there Rad.
  2. @anonymous I think the play on words of the weapon - "KUDA" refers to a KUDU, a species of antelope. The Pap'ed KUDA = CROCUTA, a "Spotted Hyena". The Prey & the Predator. His twitter handle is "MechaHyena". In SoE, you shoot his boxer picture with the Crocuta & it falls of the wall. (CotD it's the Scavenger & the Hyena Infra-Dead)
  3. I was looking for this thread regarding the Mark Maestas = HYENA / Kuda / Crocuta easter egg & couldn't find it. So Shameless bump nearly 6 years later...
  4. Have people overlooked the ending of the Quest? I don’t see anyone talking about this. Or am I interpreting this different? Valentina didn’t enact “Operation Baldr”, Klaus did. Which means the Director of Requiem did. In the Intel “Vogel’s Letter”, he lists the specific steps to do this. Valentina didn’t send a Warhead into the tunnels portal. Klaus did. So either The Director found the Berlin Lab previously & this letter from Vogel, as he knew exactly what Vogel had planned (or he was the Endstation scientist who snuck back in during the Soviets advance & stole Vogel’s Diary??? stretch theory) It would be funny if the Director & Krevchenko are actually working together to “Trap” the Forsaken.
  5. A portal has been opened... #MauerDerToten arrives July 15th. CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS COLD WAR ZOMBIES – THE STORY SO FAR Berlin, Germany February 2, 1985 “Mauer der Toten” will see Requiem at its most desperate in the war to stop Omega Group, having been captured and tortured at the hands of its leader, Colonel Lev Kravchenko. How did it all go so wrong? How did Omega get so far ahead in the Aetherium arms race? Let’s go back to the beginning, to the point just before our Requiem agents first touched boots on the ground, and revisit the full offering of Zombies experiences available right now. The events of “Die Maschine,” “Firebase Z,” and Outbreak have all led up to “Mauer der Toten,” Treyarch’s newest round-based Zombies map where captured Requiem agents will have to do Kravchenko’s bidding in exchange for their freedom... and their lives. Will you be ready to do anything it takes to survive? Before “Mauer der Toten” launches on July 15, we recommend playing through all the Dark Aether Zombies experiences released so far – including Onslaught and its 40+ Intel drops, available now on PlayStation and coming to all platforms later this year – to fully prepare you for what is to come. Execute the mission.
  6. I haven’t done this one yet but it’s only 3 objectives which you can do on world 1.


    If you modify the weapon, do those kills not count? (Like the daily challenges)
  8. Well, we have some telepathy going on. I randomly typed a message on the CoDZ discord that Naga has some of the same Sak Yant tattoos as the Shangri-la zombies. We both posted the same minute. Freaky... Here’s a thread I made a few years ago about the Tattoos on the Shangri La Zombies
  9. Locations guide Credit to AC Omega for their videos Season 2 “Omega” (video includes FBZ Intel) Artifact - Kravchenko’s Knife Ruka - Missiles Silo watchtower Artifact - Omega Group Patch Ruka - on top of obstacle course (climb rope wall & jump to next pylon) Season 2 Requiem (includes FBZ Intel) Artifact - Specimen (Head) Multiple locations (obtainable from Defend Objective) Artifact - Frost Blast Canister Alpine - Base Landing Ski lift turnstile (on top of) (Parachute from anywhere higher) Artifact - Aetherium Canister Golova - Train Loading (on top of gas pipes) Artifact - Aetherium Crystal Shard Burnt Forest (on top of rock/Boulder) Season 2 Dark Æther (includes FBZ Intel) (Bunny already listed in OP) Artifact - Empty Jugger-Nog Alpine - Bathhouse Roof (Jump from ledge onto roof) Artifact - Cymbal Monkey Toy Golova - Church Roof tower Artifact - Ivan’s Head Ruka - Rocky Hillside Power pole (use Train Tresel Bridge to parachute) Maxis Artifacts Maxis BND Badge Golova - Industrial Park Behind Sandbags on road (near jump pad at edge of map) Endstation Video Tape Golova - Lower East Town Inside yellow house bedroom
  10. So General Carver “C” to Doctor Grey “G” Nice Work @RichKiller & Coldstone
  11. As usual, WIP Will break down their names, roles, Factions and where they are mentioned (for obscure characters) Characters of the Dark Aether Story PawntakesPawn Operators Commanders Uranverein (Uranium Club) / Projekt Endstation Red Army (WWII) Office of Requiem / CIA Maxis / BND Omega / KGB-Spetsnaz Dark Aether Dimension Vietnamese Zombie / Enemy Type Elder Gods / Giants / Overlord Onslaught Government Officials Civilians
  12. Congrats to all of you legends. Every single one of you is well proven & been a pleasure to be associated with over my time here on CoDz. P.S. @83457 I'm super stoked that the mods / admin gave you the recognition you deserve. I have always enjoyed your super detailed forum posts & quirky exploits, bugs, tricks & tactical threads you have found or posted. Hope you are doing well over this time. (Wish I could enable you to have a decent internet connection, system & game so you could play these last few titles) Much love to you all.
  13. Post some screenshots of what you have spotted in the trailer
  14. The Trials computer number matrix cipher maybe completely separate to these two Intel texts.
  15. @CapnTeej After reading @gorgorroreply, That Intel title is surely ~ "I @N#B%D! O% [email protected]#& IS ANYBODY OUT THERE [S T E]= are missing characters] Which leads me to Intel # 3 - "Day 13,773" = LEET SPEAK "LEET KEYBOARD FINALLY FUNCTIONAL" I'm almost certain Intel # 1 & 2 are written in a form of "LEET" Just need to work out the corresponding characters for the answers
  16. @CapnTeej I randomly came across your post on reddit before as I was scrolling "new content" Which made me revisit this thread just now. Saw my name as the 1st word on your post hahah. I actually haven't taken any notice to the appearance of the screens in Dark Aether so not sure on that. From what I gather, these images are just the science behind the Particle Accelerator? The "POOL" is on one side of the room. And the "RECHNER STARTEN" = Start the Computer"? is on the other side of the room. Take notice of the in game hint pop-up when you press these buttons to start the accelerator, they are both different descriptions. You turn the power on, but pressing the other 2 buttons activates the Anomaly. I don't think these have anything to do with the 2 Dark Aether Intel messages. Nor the Number cipher which is shown on the Trials Maschine
  17. @CapnTeej Here are the Particle Accelerator Room Computer Screens if you're interested. i_mtl_p9_zm_ndu_machine_computer_screen_01_c Translated ~ ARBEITSVERZEICHNIS = LIST OF WORK Override akzeptiert - Akt HT6 = Override accepted Act HT6 - Akzeptiert = Accepted Verweigert = Refused VERLASSEN = RELY NeuerName = New Name i_mtl_p9_zm_ndu_machine_computer_screen_02_c Translated ~ i_mtl_p9_zm_ndu_machine_computer_screen_03_c Translated ~ i_mtl_p9_zm_ndu_machine_computer_screen_06_c Translated ~ i_mtl_p9_zm_ndu_machine_computer_screen_07_c Translated ~ i_mtl_p9_zm_ndu_machine_computer_screen_08_c Translated ~ i_mtl_p9_zm_ndu_machine_computer_screen_09_c Translated ~
  18. Legend! Thanks for adding all of these for us that aren’t “exclusive”. Didn’t realise “Eddie” was named ingame (Punks aren’t Pacifists)
  19. Transcripts taken from @RadZakpak threads ~ Die Maschine Preseason Intel Die Maschine Season 1 Intel Dark Aether - Pre Season Intel Document - Day 1,108 Dark Aether - Pre Season Intel Document - Day 2,873 Omega - Season 1 Intel Document - Khe Sanh Site Maxis - Season 1 Radio Transmissions - Shared History / Old Friends Projekt Endstation was only the beginning. https://twitter.com/Treyarch/status/1349061081369608194?s=20 Omega Group will stop at nothing. https://twitter.com/Treyarch/status/1349423470204100609?s=20 Outpost 25 is calling. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ_sppbngUr/ The Dark Aether breaches are spreading... https://www.facebook.com/Treyarch/posts/10157739499432724 Omega Teleportation System https://twitter.com/Treyarch/status/1349785074598780928?s=20 The Dark Aether story continues https://twitter.com/Treyarch/status/1349763401560383488?s=20 SEASON ONE: RELOADED With the site of “Projekt Endstation” destroyed after investigating the Dark Aether anomaly in Poland, the Requiem response team led by Grigori Weaver now turns its attention to the latest outbreak site, codenamed “Firebase Z.” The next chapter in Black Ops Cold War Zombies begins on February 4 as Season One continues. Watch for more intel from Treyarch in their 115 Day celebration blog today and tomorrow! “FIREBASE Z” ARRIVES FEB. 4TH IN ZOMBIES Some news is just too good to wait until 115 Day. THE DARK AETHER STORY CONTINUES Just when you thought the next chapter in the Dark Aether story was coming in Season Two... we’ve got one hell of a surprise for Zombies fans. Today, we’re unveiling the title and launch date for the next Black Ops Cold War Zombies map: “Firebase Z” will arrive during Season One on February 4th, free for all players. With the destruction of the WWII-era “Projekt Endstation” site after investigating the otherworldly Dark Aether anomaly in Poland, Requiem now sets its focus on the latest Dark Aether outbreak site: Outpost 25, known by the code name “Firebase Z.” We’ve got plenty more in store that we can’t wait to share in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for details. INTEL INCOMING ON 115 DAY In addition to today’s launch of Zombies Free Access Week, the new Cranked mode, Onslaught Raid, and support for the new Wakizashi sword in Zombies, we’re celebrating 115 Day tomorrow on Friday, Jan. 15th with new “Firebase Z” details, plus additional updates to expect when the map launches. In the meantime, keep an eye out for other intel out there... you never know what you might uncover. CELEBRATING 115 DAY January 15th is upon us once again, and we’ve got plenty to celebrate with the Zombies community! For those unfamiliar, January 15th (or “115 Day”) is a special time when we take a moment to share a preview of what’s to come in Zombies, showcase some of our favorite creations from the community, and throw in a little 2XP to top it all off. This year, we decided to kick off the festivities a little earlier than usual with the launch of our first-ever Zombies Free Access Week, new Cranked mode, the addition of Onslaught Raid, and support for the new Wakizashi sword in Zombies. But that wasn’t all. “FIREBASE Z” UNVEILED Yesterday, we revealed the title and release date for the next chapter in the Dark Aether story. “Firebase Z” will arrive on February 4th during Season One, free for all Black Ops Cold War players. Today, we’re excited to debut the official logo and new narrative details for our next Zombies map. In less than three weeks, “Firebase Z” will introduce Zombies fans to an all-new location set in the jungles of Vietnam, along with new characters, new enemies, new gameplay mechanics, and much more. And, in keeping with Zombies tradition, a badass new Wonder Weapon awaits. Now – without spoiling too much – let’s get into the story so far. REQUIEM VS. OMEGA Dimensional breaches continue to open around the world. As both Omega and Requiem work in the shadows to ensure the secrecy of their discoveries, the greater public remains blissfully unaware of this deadly new arms race between East and West. As the two sides continue to study the Dark Aether dimension and the Aetherium Crystals found within, each strives for an advantage over the other in the ongoing Cold War. The bad news? Requiem has fallen behind. Omega Group’s newest research outpost represents their resounding successes in harnessing Dark Aether technology for their own gains. Equipped with an on-site dimensional gateway, they’ve acquired the ability to send soldiers and other “conscripts” into the Dark Aether to harvest Aetherium Crystals straight from the source. As a result, Omega Group’s scientific breakthroughs in the last several months have far surpassed anything Requiem could have imagined. DESTINATION: OUTPOST 25 With the destruction of the “Projekt Endstation” anomaly site in their wake, Grigori Weaver and the agents of Requiem turn their attention to a far greater threat: a new Dark Aether outbreak site in Southeast Asia. After learning Agent Maxis has been captured by Omega Group, Weaver deploys Requiem’s strike team to infiltrate the facility where she’s reportedly being held: Outpost 25. Against all odds, Requiem forces will infiltrate the outpost to rendezvous with an Omega Group informant, save Samantha Maxis, and above all else, survive the new horrors that await them in this abandoned research facility. In the coming weeks, we’ll have more “Firebase Z” story details, new intel reveals, and the official gameplay trailer to share in the lead-up to launch. In the meantime, let’s dive into the additional content coming to Zombies as Season One continues. NEW PERK: TOMBSTONE SODA (FEB. 4) As we may have not-so-subtly hinted on New Year’s Eve, we’re bringing a seventh Perk to Black Ops Cold War Zombies alongside the launch of “Firebase Z”: Tombstone Soda. “But Treyarch,” you ask, “what’s so new about Tombstone?” Thanks for asking. Great question. When deciding on the next Perk to introduce to Zombies, the design team reviewed the full history of every Perk and ability from the past that centered around death, and ultimately rolled them into an incredibly useful Perk for Black Ops Cold War. Tombstone Soda is all about manipulating and cheating the consequences of death, and you’ll need it against the forces waiting for you in Vietnam. Unlike its first incarnation in Black Ops II, the new-and-improved Tombstone Soda will now transform the player into a shadow within the Dark Aether after being downed. In this shadow form, you’ll be equipped with weapons to help give you a fighting chance to revive yourself. However, if your health is reduced to zero while in shadow form, you’re dead. Fortunately, Tombstone’s benefits only get better from there. Each Perk comes with its own set of upgradeable Skills in Black Ops Cold War, and this one’s no different. By investing Aetherium Crystals into your Tombstone Perk Skill, you’ll unlock the following upgrades: Tier I – Shadow form can regenerate health. Tier II – Increase downed duration to 60 seconds. Tier III – On death, drop a Tombstone stash that saves your weapons, equipment, and resources. You’ll be able to grab a can from the Tombstone Perk machine in “Firebase Z,” and you’ll also find it in the Der Wunderfizz machine in “Die Maschine” on Feb. 4th. When in doubt, just remember those timeless jingle lyrics: Rest in pieces, down for the count... NEW SUPPORT SCORESTREAKS AND INTEL (FEB. 4) February 4th will also bring two new Support Scorestreaks to call in against the undead: the devastating Artillery and always-satisfying Napalm Strike. When the action gets a little too hot, head over to the Crafting Table and turn the heat even higher. Ahh, we love the smell of crispy zombies in the morning. And of course, a new Zombies map means new in-game Intel. Keep an eye out for new audio logs, documents, radio communications, Dark Aether dispatches, and artifacts hidden throughout “Firebase Z” starting on Feb. 4th. You never know what you might find. Friendly reminder: if you haven’t discovered 100% of the in-game Intel hidden within “Die Maschine” and Onslaught yet, now’s the time to complete your collection before the story continues! "With an IQ of 179, Peck shows exceptional intelligence..." "There are few as loyal to the motherland as Ravenov." "She is not to be underestimated." If you've been dying for hi-res wallpaper of the official #FirebaseZ artwork, we got you. Mobile: http://bit.ly/FBZ-Mobile Desktop: http://bit.ly/FBZ-Desktop Retina: http://bit.ly/FBZ-Retina Become an Aethernaut today! Inspired from Original " Soviet Propaganda. Yuri Gagarin" Spot the difference: Firebase Z edition. How many can you spot? Stay alert! Teleport approved materials ONLY! Don't let this happen to you! Firebase Z Trailer | Season One | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War Autopsy report. Behold the latest breakthrough in Omega weapons development: the R.A.I. K-84. The energy of the future. Surviving “Firebase Z” – A Guide to the Newest Black Ops Cold War Zombies Map WWW.CALLOFDUTY.COM From intel on the map’s main areas to strategies around the two new Support items and Tombstone Soda Perk, this is a mainly spoiler-free guide on what you need to know about “Firebase Z.”
  20. @Castun50There is a sub-forum for Onslaught. @Carnage Evokerhas posted all the Intel in 2 threads
  21. @Castun50 PS has Intel in the Onslaught game mode. The Omega Intel Calling Card is not complete because more Omega Intel will be added in future Seasons. Notice there are tabs for Pre-Season, Season 1 etc. If you have all Intel for each season then you are up to date. The calling card / challenge will available to unlock in later on
  22. WIP. Posting as a draft to update ~ If you can read any of the graffiti or find the IRL images, please post your comment & I'll add it to the OP ~ Some of the large rectangular textures only use certain parts & the rest is faded out. I've included the complete texture rather than cutting it. ~ There is an ALAMY (Stock photos website) watermark on one of the textures meaning that some of the larger rectangular graffiti textures may just be IRL stock images. Massive Credits to the following for the discussions on Discord ~ @SilasBlackfyre @Dizzie Bonkers @Carnage Evoker @Humphrey @PoppaQuad And who else have I shamelessly forgotten? GRAFFITI OF YARD Yard Wall - Outside Living Room (Bunny Door) From Left to Right Top to Bottom i_t9_decal_graphics_ndu_large_graffiti_converge_06_c i_t7_decal_signage_54i_graffiti_15_c i_t9_decal_graphics_ndu_large_graffiti_converge_12_c i_t9_decal_graphics_ndu_full_body_evil_pink_bunny_c i_t9_decal_graphics_ndu_large_graffiti_converge_01_c i_t9_decal_graphics_ndu_large_graffiti_converge_04_c i_t9_nt6_decal_graffiti_spraying_02_c i_t9_decal_graphics_ndu_life_from_death_c What does a skull with roses symbolize? The skull represents life and death while the rose represents beauty and love. Together, the skull and rose tattoo symbolize a struggle between the beautiful and the ugly in times of evil versus good. i_t9_decal_graphics_ndu_large_graffiti_converge_02_c You can see this alamy watermark in game. Found in the YARD next to the "Bunny Door" i_t9_decal_graphics_ndu_gun_and_rose_r Image of a PTRS-41 / Simonov anti-tank rifle (Nacht WaW & BO1 ) A reference to the broken Tank with pierced armor which requires repair in a step of the side quest Could also be a reference to the Scoped Kar98k found in the cabinet of Nacht der Untoten? (WaW & BO1) i_t8_mad_decal_graffiti_spray_05_c i_t9_decal_graphics_ndu_large_graffiti_converge_11_c i_t9_nt6_decal_graffiti_flower_c i_t8_sta_graphics_graffiti_07_c i_t9_decal_graphics_ndu_large_graffiti_converge_05_c i_t9_decal_graphics_ndu_devil_head_c i_graffiti_los_angeles_01 (Yellow "Los Angeles" on side of stairs) i_t9_decal_graphics_ndu_large_graffiti_converge_07_c Yard Wall #2 i_t7_sky_decal_signage_graffiti_01_c (Raven) i_t7_sky_decal_signage_graffiti_01_c (Death_Strike) Kings Crown i_t9_decal_graphics_ndu_no_death_c i_t9_decal_graphics_ndu_astronaut_c OMEGA OUTPOST BEDROOM LIVING ROOM (Bunny Door) MEZZANINE PENTHOUSE CRASH SITE
  23. Congrats @NaBrZHunter Admin worthy. Just have to put up with the other 3’s shenanigans.
  24. So Vogel & Kurtz entered the Dark Æther. (Also shown in V cipher # 2)
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