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  1. @anonymousAustralia Has been mentioned in the Zombies Universe Magazines inside the Tranzit Bus Station
  2. @Boom115 @Hells Warrrior @InfestLithium

    How can I mute @S.O.P.H.I.A.?

    I use the new content button & it’s just spam posts from that news bot. 

    I set ignore posts, but it only hides the content, not the actual thread topic. 

    Whilst I understand the reason for the usage.

    I am not Maxis.

    I do not like SOPHIA

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    2. PINNAZ


      @Hells WarrriorSophia’s post still appear in my “All content” feed

    3. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Yeah, I created a custom stream for 

    4. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Yeah, I created a custom stream for you as temporary solution.


      Do you still have that? 


      If not follow topic in site news, on holiday just now.

  3. Noms closed already? I’ve been away on holidays the last 3 days. Hey @Lenne, if we can stretch our friendship, can I ask that @anonymousis added to the poll real quick??? Unforgotten Mysteries is one of my favourite topics. Anon is a pleasure to chat with regarding any topic. Thanks for keeping the forum alive for the past forever. Thanks for my Nom too Lenne, completely forgot that I had even posted any threads this year. Feels like I’ve only been back for the last 2 weeks.
  4. “The Hanford project has requested access to all research regarding the MPD reconstruction project”
  5. DE Cipher solved by @Tac Could this match up?
  6. I wonder if that’s what the orbs are on the Nuketown loading screen? (Also present on Shangri-la loading screen) Mercury orbs / balls?
  7. Maxis was telling us his contingency plan to rescue Samantha, way back in Der Riese. “If we are to overcome this obstacle we need to increase the frequency and size of the experiment. To this end, I suggest we find not only a regular supply of 115, but that we also find a larger conduit to channel the energy. Our operatives in America have informed us that the US have a large supply of the element at the Nevada base, so time is of the essence if we are to stay ahead of them. This cannot be done if you cut the budget; nor can it be done if you insist on pressuring us into action before we are ready. I am of course available for discussion of the matter but in the meantime, I will continue with the work here and try to win this damned war. Signed etc. etc. Doctor Maxis.” From 1:43. https://youtu.be/NthxjAyP81o Looks like the larger conduit channeling the energy to me
  8. Perhaps the meteor at Shi No Numa really is the origin of both the Red Shard & Blue Shard? “Broken Arrow was experimenting with something they took off the Japanese. Something Division 9 had”
  9. The 3 inputs panels at the bottom of the Broken Arrow MPD require - - Vril Device - Black Egg - Focusing Stone Another panel requires - - Red Elemental Shard (Which Richtofen has from Blood of the Dead) The 3rd Panel requires - - Blue Elemental Shard (which Broken Arrow or Victus have) Red vs Blue Richtofen vs Maxis Apothicons vs Keepers
  10. The Dome structure has the same insulation panels as the walls surrounding the Teleporters in Der Riese. This structure houses the US MPD.
  11. Well, yes. I loosely mean they are using the vast supply of 115 at Nuketown to power this MPD. They have built this enclosed structure over the site which houses their own built MPD (or APD as people are saying) just like they built the Moon Bio-Dome. Also in the comics, Broken Arrow have this Crystal which is at the heart of the Extraction Drill. Broken Arrow call their “outbreak strain” - The Bios
  12. The MPD is powered by the 115 Extraction Drill. The US have built a Super MPD on top of the Nuketown site in the hope of controlling Sam (as said in Classified) - They have built a dome shield structure over the Moon MPD too. - Schuster is Piloting - The MPD opening Maxis has helped the US build it (115 Extraction Drill picture in Origins) so that he can free Sam. This MPD is inside the Dome structure of the Nuketown 115 Extraction Drill. Classified: Punchcard Audio Log # 2 [Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII Zombies]
  13. I guessing this image is from the opening cinematic.
  14. Will Great War Richtofen enter the MPD?
  15. Just appreciate a good ol' shit post / shit meme from the other side of the world. I found the certificate image & that cracking Rictho clapping hands pic, thought I'd make a congrats meme to someone. That congrats was you. Shit Meme, for a Lenne
  17. P.S. @Lenne I found the Certificate image & that mad Richthofen Pic & thought, LENNE GETS A MEME!
  18. @Lenne Lieber Lenne, Glückwunsch, gute Arbeit. Alles Liebe vom CoDZ
  19. @Lenne

    Lieber Lenne,
    Glückwunsch, gute Arbeit.
    Alles Liebe vom CoDZ



  20. Was just going through my recent activity (which has been absolute zero) and saw the thread regarding the mysterious “Kustover Posten” or whatever it’s meant to be. But it’s pretty much covered in that thread I guess. Looking forward to it @anonymous
  21. Miss the Black Ops EE’s. The steps were hinted & the clues could be found in the map like mini Easter Eggs. Especially Call of the Dead. The 4 torn, coloured & numbered pieces of this Aztec map (as mentioned) scattered around the map. (I swear I posted all of this in the CotD Zombies Library, but they are no longer in there? Must’ve rolled back to a previous time? I still have it all on a Word doc) So small & hard to find. I think this EE step was solved without even finding these pieces? The 4 paintings in the Lighthouse room showing the locations of the radios which where for a later step also. This is another great “Unsolved Mystery” topic & I don’t think it has ever been complete my decoded. I think it mainly was used to point out the “End of the World” which we later saw happen with the completion of the Moon EE. I always presumed Moon happened on the 21st Dec, 2012 as this legend assumes too. (Not sure if that’s correct it the Official timeline?) This is the complete picture with the 4 torn pieces put back into place Similar image. @Schrödinger posted a link to above Torn Paper - Yellow 2 Torn Paper - Orange 7 Torn Paper - Purple 6 Torn Paper - Blue 4 This is a folder of all images relating to this Aztec Map http://s856.photobucket.com/user/callofdutyzombieslibrary/library/Black Ops/Call of the Dead/Aztec Calendar
    1. Lenne


      Guten Abend, Pinnaz. Are you gonna watch the F1 documentary? (Or whatever it is supposed to be? I can not wait for the new season to start. :3

  22. There is a whole list of songs (& variations) for getartabs here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/artist/kevin_sherwood_31316 there is even a free app too Im a drummer so it’s all jibber jabber to me
  23. Saw that all Call of Duty games were on sale on Xbox (I think?). Didnt realise I never bought Chronicals. So went to have a look and it is $45 Australian. Wow. You can buy BO3 with Chronicals for $48! In MotD Brutus voice - “Not This Time!” They milking these remakes.
  24. It’s December. And it is HOT (in Oz) Merry Christmas to you @Blurryface All the best for the future and safe travels CoDZers.

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