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  1. I’d lean towards Mayak too. I don’t think I’ve heard his voice in game, only see his subtitles. Haha Would need to compared those voice sounds
  2. Noobs. lol In solo you get one free revive. (I haven’t played Co-op yet as I’m a noob too) Buying Quick revive Perk Now only gives you faster healing time etc. Look at the Perk tier upgrades in the load out menus for the 3 Tier abilities
  3. Want to give this many many Brains Rad. Excellent work so quickly. Are these all that you have collected? Or have you added some which weren’t from your game? Just wondering if you can add how each one was obtained & also the ingame screenshot?
  4. “Stop the Count! Stop the Count!” Quite ironic week to have controversy in votes. I was willing to concede to the Ultimis @Taccause he is a CoDZ Legend! Congrats on 10 years too mate I’ll try really hard (as my time permits) to be as active as I can over the next few weeks/months. P.S. I’ve only ever received the Cyan robes once before & I had to share them with @Lenneway back in 2012??? Cheers - Downloading BO:CW right now
  5. For PC, Battle.net says “Play at 9pm PT, Nov 12”
  6. In the voice of the great @InfestLithium [Hello Friendos] Been I while since I nominated in UotM. (thanks for the nom nom too) Going to be lazy & not link threads as most of them are linked above. My nominations are ~ @TacFor his PawntakesPawn documentaries @anonymousFor the Life on Mars Thread (I need to reply & give you Brains, such a good read) @caljitsuFor the Multiple Lore threads posted in the last Month @RadZakpakFor his Sage Storybook (What a SAGA) Also will Nominate @Raptfor the awesome replies (& previous
  7. Accessing the Terminal Terminal Commands CD BIN User & Password CIA Server – RLOGIN CIA Alex Mason USER: amason PASSWORD: PASSWORD Alex Mason - MAIL Alex Mason - DIR Adrienne Smith BHarris D King Frank Woods Grigorie Weaver USER: gweaver PASSWORD: GEDEON
  8. Full game changer even though I mostly play Zombies Solo It was great seeing the Beta Lobby showing players on Xbox, PS & PC all together. I’m amazed I didn’t run into any dramas or issues at all. No lag, no disconnects etc. Unlike both BO3 & BO4 betas were I couldn’t even connect to the game (Xbox) Best thing is, I can play on PC without having to buy a copy which needs the upgrade & crossplay access AND I don’t even need to buy a new console 1 month later (or next year if you couldn’t preorder one.) (I also won’t have to buy
  9. Yeah. Now It all makes sense. The Astro is named either a player in your party/game/friend-list or a Treyarch Dev.
  10. *State You can fill in the gap between @Rissole25’s Victoria & @Doppelgänger’s Queensland. My old mate @SaLaD_FiNgErS_HDis from Western Australia (DM me if you don't like this brother) Im in the State of New South Wales
  11. This is what I found whilst trying to research the Tranzit Bus Drivers locations from his quote “Grand Central Station” More “Deep Underground Military Bases” Another underground secret tunnel Track 61 (New York City) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Track_61_(New_York_City) Central Stations Redstone Rocket https://untappedcities.com/2015/02/05/daily-what-the-false-myth-of-the-redstone-rocket-in-grand-central-terminal/ Would’ve been a cool NYC map I reckon.
  12. @anonymous My Thoughts ~ Tatyana (Lubyanka = KGB Headquarters = Omega Agent) Writes Letter to "M" = Misha - ["M" could also be SAM (or EMelia? wishful thinking)] Tatyana Steals Tape Samantha [Stasi Agent (East German Secret Police)] leaves 2 Audio messages for ? (Eddie) Audio messages tell ? to "Go to her (Tatyana's) house, get the package" Sam who is also "working with people in the West" = Weaver / Requiem Encourages ? (Eddie) that Requiem "can help us, help you..." - "your actions will save many lives" (Eddie's redemption) 2nd Audio mess
  13. @83457 I don't think this will work but does it make any difference if you change the THEME? At the very bottom of the home page (or others)
  14. Massive amount of effort in this one @Tac. Massive Brains mate Did you manage to save all of the tapes?
  15. Who’s Who Character speculation to pass time until release. A handful of characters have been shown & some so far, only have names. Who do you, think is Who? Who is “M” (Letter from Tatyana - https://pawntakespawn.com/extractioncomplete) Transcript thanks to @Tac Who is the character that the PawntakesPawn messages are for ? Who is speaking in the PawntakesPawn messages ? (Audio Message https://pawntakespawn.com/extractioncomplete) Transcript thanks to @Tac
  16. Unfortunately there is no-one in the Black Ops 1 credits by that name https://support.activision.com/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?retURL=%2Fapex%2Fmanuals&file=00PU0000004cE7xMAE
  17. (This is me tweeting btw)
  18. PINNAZ

    The Dark Aether

    Great analysis & video @caljitsu When you say (As per the Richtofen quote) "North & South, Dark & Light", do you think this is a reference to "As above, so below" Or more toward the Madame Blavatsky (Helena Petrovna Blavatsky) - Theosophy of The Secret Doctrine (which has been theorised in Zombies since World at War / Black Ops era days here on CoDz.com)
  19. Wow, After 7 Years of making THIS thread, which was a new discovery in TRANZIT of an age old easter egg that pretty much went unconfirmed & unsolved since Der Riese, I think I can finally put to rest the appearence of the "J.D." initials and the word "DELGADO" that appears on the Chalkboard. I stumbled across this BO3 texture (which I think is from Origins Chronicals - i_p7_zm_ori_debris_paper_names_c A List of Treyarch Dev names John "DELGADO" https://www.artstation.com/jdelgado01
  20. Amazing art @Grimmstein As Rad said, your range is incredible. Those two Richtofen’s are my favourite, yet, that Takeo on pencil is something else. I actually thought it was a (fan) copy of the BO1 Reznov images from the Terminal. Mad respect for your talent. @Boom115How about a retweet if it’s ok with the OP?
  21. Welcome back @Intelligence Quotient(Voyager) Hope you’ve been well & going strong. Really glad to see you return mate.
  22. @RadZakpakthanks for adding the other characters quote transcripts during my hiatus. Only just saw your response. I need to find the time to do their audio videos. (Along with all other maps)
  23. Happy Birthday TacticalInsertion @Tac I was trying to be funny & join the comedy but I can’t find the 1st ever post of yours that I think I found. Which was a the Pack-a-Punch Gun names.? Lost to the either. Enjoy, stay safe & I’ll have a beer for ya.
  24. (Sorry that I can't make the player any smaller) Audio can be found here - https://pawntakespawn.com/extractioncomplete Lubyanka Building Audio can be found here - https://pawntakespawn.com/kinghunt Normannenstraße 20, Haus 1 Part of the former Stasi compound in Berlin, with "Haus 1" in the centre Stasi One of the Stasi's main tasks was spying on the population, primarily through a vast network of citizens turned informants, and fighting any opposition by overt and covert measures, inc
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