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    All BO4 Zombies Prestige Icons (So Far)

    @Blurryface Still looking for Master Prestige

    The History, Traditional Powers and Known Uses of the MPD

    Ever noticed the exact copy of Tranzit Pack-a-Punch room from the FIVE labs? Even the outer zombies spawn rooms (through the boarded windows) are the same. Good spot on the MPD room. Never really noticed that. Somewhere it says about the room being built by the Americans? (or was it Groph & Schuster?)

    Call of Duty Zombie Labs now canon?

    This pretty much confirms CoDz Labs is made by the Americans. Hope we see more of this included somehow. Dr. Richtofen made the Monkey Bomb, that’s why it says “Does not work on Hellhounds” Dr. Porter is American. He created the Ray Guns & having the Codz Labs logo on the blueprint confirms that it is an American Facility. Was so hoping there was the American MPD at Groom Lake but maybe it is in Nuketown. Pretty certain there will be another Zombies Nuketown & we see the UFO 115 Extraction Drill. In one of The Giant radios, Maxis talks about a Nuclear Explosion of some sort. That radio seems to be from a different story arc / dimension. It doesn’t sound like the others. Perhaps has something to do with the 115 Extraction at Nuketown. Also the Pilot in the loading screen & the TV audio from Die Rise from that pilots perspective about dropping what seems to be a bomb. (I haven’t listened to it for a long time) from 0:50

    Classified Ending FOUND!

    It would’ve been soo good for Scottie or Steve to get that Cutscene. (Pretty certain they are brothers?) Steve is a multiple WR holder for NML. A Cutscene at Hanger 4 should’ve been his. Hahah.

    Classified Ending FOUND!

    As much as I hate glitching, especially to be “Worlds 1st” what can you do. Activision are the Publishers, I think this can fall back on them. Its like a book that unintentionally has pages missing, yet is released as a final copy. I await how Treyarch responds to this. PlayStation owners have questions that need to be answered as they are the exclusive/optimised platform. I have BO4 on both Xbox & PC and have only had a few crashes/errors from the start. They both still have lots of weird glitches that occur, but not outright crashes so often. This is what I consider should’ve been the “Cutscene” (not sure who got the highest 1st though) This is a legit high round player Player: scottiei3
  6. Below are the 7 Punchcard Audio Logs from Groom Lake Station Chief Cornelius Pernell. After all 7 Audio Logs are played, you can go to Groom Lake, throw a grenade (or explosive device) at Hanger 4 and a message from 'Tank' Dempsey will play. (1 per round - you must teleport away & then come back. 5 messages in total) Transcripts were taken from COD Wiki & edited by me Punchcard Audio Log # 1 Punchcard Audio Log # 2 Punchcard Audio Log # 3 Punchcard Audio Log # 4 Punchcard Audio Log # 5 Punchcard Audio Log # 6 Punchcard Audio Log # 7 Dempsey Messages After all 7 Audio Logs are played, you can go to Groom Lake, throw a grenade (or explosive device) at Hanger 4 and a message from 'Tank' Dempsey will play. (1 per round - you must teleport away & then come back. 5 messages in total)
  7. I’ve been thinking this for the last 2 weeks. I just cannot get it out of the Mystery box. Just keeps giving junk. Too many wall weapons in there. My my idea was shooting some of the Government logos. Mainly the DoD & CIA. There are so many different logos around the map. The arbalest was used in VoD for a new EE. not sure what that led too?

    IX Easter Egg Guide

    Mad post @Pasta. I’ve been constantly playing Classified & haven’t really played the other maps. your post is going to be sure helpful. Al the pictures make it really clear. Cheers in advance for when I start learning this map.
  9. There is a blue print of the Nova Crawlers showing their DNA changing from that of the Pigs.
  10. Yeah I’ve made a video for that. Just haven’t uploaded it. Been away all week with work The intro cinematic shows so many things as people have pointed out. Winters Howl Vodca Bottle Richtofen straightening the portraits Takeo with Nova 6??? Arrow pointing at Nikolai I also noticed the other day it shiws Samantha clearing the Debris.
  11. I also believe that if a Main Quest exists in Classified, all the hints are in these massages. There are are a few key words that are used. Ideas as I have (but haven’t tried) are shooting certain government logos (there are heaps around the map & many variantions) CIA, DOD, etc with Winters “FURY” or the Rocket Launcher. (PaP launcher name means “bow & ARROW”. The words Arrow & Fury are mentioned in these audio logs. Also so he mentions that he spent most of his time “in this room” & E115 was stored in it too. Where is this room? one of the radios tell how the FIVE outbreak occurred. An employee let the gas into the A/C system.
  12. PINNAZ

    Dark Ops Challenges

    I haven’t tried it yet. But Classified with bots camping in the top floor elevator. Youve got good guns & the Mystery box in the starting floor
  13. PINNAZ

    Missing theif

    @anonymousThere are sound file quotes for what I would believe are the end cinematic.
  14. PINNAZ

    Missing theif

    I have come across a fair few googles. Perhaps used at later step in the EE? Theres also some signs that say something like “Safety Googles must be warn”
  15. PINNAZ


    Mind if I add the audio files for each of these later Festo?
  16. PINNAZ

    Classified Audio/Quotes

    These are temporary placeholder videos as they do not contain file names Some files may be missing and/or mixed up All Character Quotes are now posted (excludes End Cinematic Quotes) Black Ops IIII Zombies: Classified Intel (Radios etc) Black Ops IIII Zombies: Classified - Dr. Edward Richtofen Radio's Black Ops IIII Zombies: Classified - Samantha Maxis Black Ops IIII Zombies: Classified - Dr. Ludvig Maxis Black Ops IIII Zombies: Classified - Samuel J. Stuhlinger Black Ops IIII Zombies: Classified - Dr. Edward Richtofen Character Quotes Black Ops IIII Zombies: Classified - 'Tank' Dempsey Character Quotes Black Ops IIII Zombies: Classified - Nikolai Belinski Character Quotes Black Ops IIII Zombies: Classified - Takeo Masaki Character Quotes Black Ops IIII Zombies: Classified - Pentagon P.A.
  17. Edit - I just did this on PC (1st time Xbox) & can confirm interacting with the back office spawns 5 dogs after 1st knock. After 4 or 5 knocks, Sam tells you “He said leave him alone” That spawns a shit tonne of Nova Crawlers who can drop power ups. (On PC I got $ & towards the end a Double points. lf really lucky you could prob get 7000-8000 if you get a Double points at the start) Method ~ If you open up the back office area (from spawn) & go to the far left office (next to Brew Machine) you can knock on the door & get Audio messages saying not to disturb etc. Do this 4 or 5 times & on the last one Sam will tell you “He said leave him alone!!!” Then about 1000 slow Nova crawlers spawn. I knifed them all & had 6600 points with 1 walker zombie still alive. All on round 1 Pic from beginning of Round 2
  18. PINNAZ

    Classified Project Skadi Easter Egg Guide

    Project Skadi = Project Winters Howl https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skaði In Norse mythology, Skaði (sometimes anglicized as Skadi, Skade, or Skathi) is a jötunn and goddess associated with bowhunting, skiing, winter, and mountains. Skaði is attested in the Poetic Edda, compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources; the Prose Edda and in Heimskringla, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson, and in the works of skalds.
  19. PINNAZ

    Classified Audio/Quotes

    The Punchcards Audio also explains what happened the OG crew after Moon. The US somehow managed to bring their bodies back to earth??? I’ll make separate videos for those “intel” radios. As personally I didn’t know what Audio went with what. Now I’ve found them ingame I know
  20. PINNAZ

    Classified Audio/Quotes

    All Classified Character Quotes are now posted (excludes End Cinematic Quotes)
  21. How good is training on the Groom Lake Tele Pads again!!

    Pack-a-Punch, then Fire Sale after 3 rounds. Quadruple PaP for more power!! Loving it

    Easy way for higher rounds!

  22. Still Downloading BO4. 

    Thanks for the “while you wait” message Xbox!!!!CA77609E-BB6B-4D8C-B047-2CA89419D15E_zps


    1. Lenne


      My download took 12 hours. :S

  23. PINNAZ

    Classified Intro Cinematic

    Welp! That was only to Pack-A-Punch!
  24. PINNAZ

    Trailer Hypuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Kinda off topic but I saw this comparison somewhere the other day. Prob on just a coincidence because of the Jacket & white shirt with big collars. But the character description of “Master of Seduction” fits with the Tomb poster. Storylines arent connected though are they?
  25. PINNAZ

    Trailer Hypuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Richtofen’s Vials are empty at the start of the vid. Halfway through they have blood in them. Also like how Richtofen rips up the Icarus drawing showing how it gets torn/scattered in MotD. Interesting what the lava ball is too. As this is an artefact like the Vrill device.

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