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  1. I've played more than 100 rounds several times. I can't say I really enjoyed it. I think I have goldfish brain and think its a good idea all over again. So anyway round 69 is my perfect round.
  2. Welcome to forum freindo. Enjoy your stay, reach out if you need anything.
  3. Happy Berfdai little fella
  4. I've played BO2 on XB1 many times and used the bank without issue.
  5. The warden isn't supposed to spawn when you camp on the gondola. That's one of the perks of that camping spot. I've never heard the sound go off when camping there though, strange for sure.
  6. I fly a lot for work, I have a set of bose quiet comfort headphones, a baseball cap, and sunglasses. No one every bugs me.
  7. Welcome @DescentIntoDarkness, theorize away. Some folks are initially concerned with not having all the intricate story details will result in down votes or negative comments. Here was just talk through it. Its great!
  8. I would say welcome, but you've already been here. So thanks for hanging out with us! ;)
  9. Map Creator: TheFilthySandwich 1. Turn the power on. In this map you will need to build power by locating the parts in three locations. A) The fuse is located on top of the roof in spawn B) The box or panel is to the left of the trial podium C) To find the switch, open the door to the left of the nuke teleporter and it will be on your left as you enter. You can't miss the power symbol on the ground 2. Link the three main teleporters on the top level of the map to the telepad in spawn. You should be able to run there with plenty of time to spare. A) You will a
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