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  1. Monty nearly beaten jumps down the ice slide in the lighthouse where he finds a plane is waiting for him on the other side of the mound. He manages to take off and feels safe for a moment...Suddenly he smells smoke spewing from his engine...He blacks out from the quick drop in altitude. He awakens next to the wreckage of his plane. In the distance he sees endless waves of Richtofen, Tank, Tak, and Dempsey sprinting at him. Fade to black.
  2. Welcome back, nice to see you!
  3. Coming to realization that I have to wait longer than everyone else...
  4. I just recently got into some of the Chaos maps as I'm going through and completing the Easter Eggs just in case they hit us with some sort of an Super EE requirement. I figured I would make a quick guide since AE got very little love on the forum. This guide has been out for a while and I did not make it, but I figured I would make it available on the forum. Obtain Dormant Hand hidden around the map. There are 20 location spread across both areas of the map. After you activate the trial go visit the Oracle and she will give you one of the following clues. 1) Shieldbearer's Fountain 2 ) Shrine of Wind and Sky 3 ) General's Column 4 ) Purple Blossoms 5 ) Fallen Statesman 6 ) Where the Arrow splits the Road 7 ) Where sorrow flows beneath 8 ) Chaos of the Treasuries 9 ) On the broken bridge 10 ) Top of the Center of the World 11 ) Chaos of Venom 12 ) Workbench of Hephaestus 13 ) Wheel of Water 14 ) Where the Serpent snared the eagle 15 ) Steps of Flesh and Bone 16 ) Where the mighty Titan points 17 ) Golden Taurus 18 ) Beneath the watchful gaze of Zeus 19 ) Barque of Gold 20 ) Where Sorrow washes over
  5. I don't know off hand, but if you press select and the progress circle doesn't appear than you won't be able to do the egg.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Feel free to add me (GT: Boom115), I play often.
  7. You'll have to move up the timeline. Confirmed that its September.
  8. I doubt this is the case, but what if Eddie was Rictofen from R's endgame. I know its mentioned that he is from another dimension, but that would be a fun twist.
  9. So everyone is assuming this is Victis (which is probably the safe assumption). I noticed a few differences in the image that didn't align with what is in BOTD. The heart rate monitor is facing the wrong direction and the machine or vent on the far left is not in BOTD. Could this be just an art choice or is this somewhere different. Treyarch changed their profile image to this 935 logo. Some have speculated that this since the numbers are missing that is could be the group 601 logo (https://t.co/Dfdio3xXGX?amp=1) of course we have seen this before.
  10. Lenne this thread is only for music that was popular in 2011. Get it together! Anyway, who is loving this new song Party Rock Anthem?
  11. Congratulation @ZombiesAteMyPizza!, amazing work last month!
  12. This was driven by Craig actually, just making sure he properly credited . Azzid hasn't logged on in over a month, not sure what he is up to. Hoping he is well.
  13. We recently decided in chat to remove Admin from the UOTM running. The goal is to keep our morale down. Plus Danny is bastard anyway .
  14. Welcome back friendo!

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