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  1. Boom115

    **LEAK** Revealed Easter Eggs & Important Info

    Not sure how I feel about the dlc leak. I guess just all mythology is real in the chaos universe. That’s a lot to chew on. Also 4 additional characters. Don’t know how they would expect us to make any emotional connection to these characters. I’m still going to take it all with a grain of salt as it seems odd that they would leak classified storylines to qa testers. CEOs don’t leak their business strategy to the guys in the mail room. Terrible analogy, but you get what I’m saying.
  2. Boom115

    All BO4 Zombies Prestige Icons (So Far)

    I think the Phoenix is easily one of the coolest. I think it should have been a higher prestige. Ah well, back to grinding towards those shotguns!
  3. Boom115

    I'm playing again

    You can open it up and then double back for the dog head.
  4. Boom115

    I'm playing again

    Easier to run through the catwalk on round 1 with sprinting zombies than round 6.
  5. Boom115

    Classified Easy Round 100+ Strat & Fast XP

    Tons of xp in this one as well vs running traps. Nice one!
  6. How bout that Classified easter egg!

    1. PINNAZ


      I reckon it’s there. All the clues are in the audio (Punchcards/Film Reels/Radios/Phones/Wisps)

    2. Boom115


      Remember all the cut content from Rev? Hoping its not a repeat.

  7. Boom115

    Dark Ops Challenges

    It is if you don't go through the catwalk and just run new industries until round 20. I got it there yesterday. I should probably learn how to play IX one of these days...
  8. Boom115

    Dark Ops Challenges

    I've been stuck playing a lot of solo so I've actually been working towards completionist achievements. Now trying for the dark ops challenges. Some have already been discovered! I wanted to compile a list so we all know what we should be working towards. Let me know if there are any I have missed. Pack-a-Wallop - Double pack a punch every weapon Rush on the Bank - Spend 50,000,000 points Dodgy Devil - Get to round 20 in Classic without being hit Perkless in Prison - Complete the main quest on Blood of the Dead using zero perks Sands of Time - Complete the main question on IX in under 100 minutes Perk Maestro - Activate every perk modifier Sea Legs - Complete the main quest on IX with no downs Put to the Quest - Complete all 3 main Easter Eggs (on disk maps) ? ? ? ? ?
  9. Boom115

    Blood of the Dead highest round

    82 and lost connection...Thanks Magma Gat!
  10. Boom115

    Missing theif

    So this has been floating around... *spoiler maybe
  11. Great to see some users names turning from orange to white. Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy!

  12. Boom115

    Zombies patch/hotfix/tweak notes thread

    The hellhound speed is a significant drop, they can't touch you at a mild sprint.
  13. Boom115

    The Shadowman in Blackout

    Can't wait to see his wing suit :D. I was kind of hoping for the apothicon version of him.
  14. Boom115

    So... Podcast der Toten?

    @Flammenwerfer We get it you're popular 😝.
  15. Boom115

    [LEAK] About Max Ammo's in BO4

    How about that drop animation too? Me likey!

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