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  1. Great to see some users names turning from orange to white. Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy!

  2. Boom115

    Zombies patch/hotfix/tweak notes thread

    The hellhound speed is a significant drop, they can't touch you at a mild sprint.
  3. Boom115

    The Shadowman in Blackout

    Can't wait to see his wing suit :D. I was kind of hoping for the apothicon version of him.
  4. Boom115

    So... Podcast der Toten?

    @Flammenwerfer We get it you're popular 😝.
  5. Boom115

    [LEAK] About Max Ammo's in BO4

    How about that drop animation too? Me likey!
  6. Boom115


    Definitely a new room. Also Brutus leaves a key drop, interesting mechanic.
  7. Boom115

    Classified / Hopes and expectations

    Here is the sexier version of the map art
  8. @FelipeB350 Hey there friendo, welcome to the forum! You are in the right place to find team mates. You can add your gamer tag here >> https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/groupfinder/ , if you just want to get matched up. If you went to meet some folks before you play with them be sure to introduce yourself >> https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/3-introductions/ Let us know if you need help with anything around the forum! -Boom
  9. Boom115

    [BO1] Perish V1.1.0

    Very cool, I'll give it a downloadski!
  10. Boom115

    Trophy leaks, PAP Solved & More!

    I've followed some of his content. He normally only released info if the source is significant.
  11. Post buttons are fixed. Lenne was spamming too much and crashed the internet.

  12. Also if you don't, you're getting Russman'd. Muhahahaha

    1. Spider3000


      Oh shit I’ve been Russman’d. Might just keep it anyway, he was the best part of the TranZit story afterall

  13. Boom115

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    He has risen
  14. Boom115

    How we all doing?

    We kept your spot warm for you, welcome back!
  15. Boom115

    It's been too long...

    Welcome back to the forum!

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