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  1. Got 100 with the original damage Ray Gun
  2. Do you think he ever made....Across the pond
  3. I've played more than 100 rounds several times. I can't say I really enjoyed it. I think I have goldfish brain and think its a good idea all over again. So anyway round 69 is my perfect round.
  4. 1.) In the Arena there will be a red portal across from where you originally spawn into the map. Have all players interact with it in order to be teleported to the Boss Fight. Waves Waves of Tigers and numerous Gladiator zombies will come at you. You must kill them. After all the Gladiators and Tigers have been defeated the Fury Elephant will come into the map out of a huge gate. Shoot the side armor off of Fury in order to destroy it. When her armor is destroyed you must shoot Fury in the face until it dies. After Fury is defeated you will hear numerous audio quotes. After some time the black Wrath Elephant will spawn out of the other huge gate. Kill Wrath the same way in order to complete the boss fight and have the cutscene play.
  5. 1.) Have all players stand behind metal grate in the back of The Pit for approximately 20 seconds. There will be a gear noise when everyone has stood on it. A lock down will begin, you will be forced to kill multiple waves of zombies and special enemies. 2.) When you have finally killed multiple Blightfathers and picked up a key at the top of the grate.
  6. 1.) Nine blue symbols will spawn in the underpart of the map. Shoot the following symbols at these specific angles to get all of the symbols to glow. When you shoot them correctly the symbols will stay blue forever. The Pit Danu Tunnel (Jump and shoot) The Crypts
  7. 1.) You will now be given an unlimited specialist weapon. Survive multiple waves of gladiators
  8. 1.) 4 electrical circles will appear in the arena surrounding conduits. Players need to kill zombies in the circle using the Kill-O-Watt Pap. 2.) When the poles are charges there will be orbs in the challenge bowls in the center of the arena. All four players will need to interact with the orbs at the same time.
  9. 1.) Have all players interact with the pedestal in the center of the Arena. Players will be teleported to the temple. Players will need to shoot four screws to raise the ground. Locations 1. Cursed Room 2. Danu Tunnel 3. Odin Tunnel 4. The Collapsed Tunnel
  10. 1.) After are gladiators are killed in the prior step, all players must interact with the obelisk on the top floor of the Ra tower. 2.) Players will be teleported to an alternate version of the Ra tower. The obelisk will flash symbols indicating the order the special zombies need to be killed. (pause or server pause is very helpful on this step) Symbols
  11. 1.) Throughout the map you can find 10 potential spawns for bull symbols. 4 will have symbols in the dame Fire at the Symbol with the fire blast to spawn in a gladiator. 2.) Kill the gladiator to have its soul collect by the Ra statue (can be killed anywhere) Location 1. Danu Altar Room 2. Arena 3. Ra Tower: Burial Chamber 4. Temple 5. The Pit 6. Odin/Zeus Temple Entrance 7. Danu Tunnel 8. Wall near bridge between Zeus and Odin 9. Flooded Crypt
  12. 1.) Have all players stand still on the blue cracks for approximately 20 seconds. You will be teleported to an alternate version of the Danu tower. 2.) All players will have to survive an onslaught of Gas Zombies. To progress, you must shoot the 3 orange pods until they explode. Once all are destroyed you will be returned to the main map. You will receive a max ammo after each pod is destroyed.
  13. 1.) Place the bone fragments, wood shard, and fertilizer in the bowl on the bottom floor of the zeus tower. 2.) After two rounds, the fertilizer will smoke and can be picked up. Take the fertilizer to the bottom floor of the Danu tower and place between the two trees. 3.) After 2 round, the fertilizer will smoke green. Get kills while with a gun pack with Fire Bomb while standing on the smoke. After a few kills, you will see glowing blue cracks on the ground.
  14. 1.) Collect poop from the crow by throwing 3 grenades and running through fire to get negative crown affinity.
  15. 1.) Progress to Round 10 to spawn in an axe throwing Gladiator. 2.) Lead the Gladiator near one of the two pyres in the arena. Have the gladiator throw an axe at the pyre to knock off a wood piece. 3.) Place the wood shard next to the cauldron on the bottom floor of the Odin tower. The shard can be picked back up in two rounds.
  16. 1.) Get the Death of Orion from the side easter egg or from the mystery box. 2.) Place the skull in the grinder found in 3 location in Flood Crypt. Shoot the grinder 3 times with a full charge of the Death of Orion. Collect bone fragments from the grinder.
  17. 1.) Find and collect a skull built into the walls a pilars. The skull can only be found after opening PaP. Activate your specialist in front of the skull to release it. Locations - There are 15 possible spawns
  18. 1.) You will need to complete each God's challenger by interacting with the gong at the top of each tower. 2.) Interacting with the gong will spawn in either 1-3 gladiator zomies or 4 zombies tigers. Once killed, a severed challenger head spawn will be available for you to collect. 3.) Repeat steps 1 and 2 in the other 3 towers 4.) Navigate to the temple (bottom of the map) and place the heads on the 4 pikes. After a few moments PaP will be available.
  19. To trigger the easter egg cutscene survive to round 150. Recommend Class Set Up: Talismans/Elixirs (If you have them available) - Frugal Fetish - Reduces cost of the shield. Shield repairs greatly increase in cost as rounds increase. Points will become scarce, this talisman reduces the impact of that cost Equipmint - Resupply wraith fire grendes Arsenal Accelerator - Regenerates specialist weapon more quickly Temporal Gift - Extends duration of Double Points and Instakill Power Keg - Instantly replenishes the specialist weapon Perks - Time Slip (Modifier Position) - Rapidly speeds up recharge of weapons. Stone Cold Stronghold - Can take 2 additional hits when armor is built up and damage within the circle is increased Victorious Tortoise - When the shield is broken it will knock back all zombies Dying Wish - In case you take too manu hits, this perk will allow you to recover without taking a down Weapons - Ragnarok DG-5 Wraith Fire - Starting Weapon - This doesn't really matter. Strife with the operator mod is good for early point building. Strategy - Build Shield in the Weapon Testing Room Train zombies in the War Room: Lower Level until Round 50 Use the ICR Wall Buy and Winter Howl Stop training when you have built up approximately 300,000 points Go to the Weapon Testing room on the lowest level of the map To the left of the work bench there is a pool of blood. Stand in the pool and allow your Stone Cold Stronghold to activate Back yourself into the corner to the left of the workbench Get as many headshots as you can with the shields gun Once the shield comes close to breaking, turn to your left and repair it If your shield does break Victorious Tortoise will knock back the Zombies At this time spam your upgraded Winter's Howl and purchase a ew shield Periodically place down Rags and Wraith Fire Grenages (Use them when you have them) TAKE BREAKS - This strategy is intense and may take you a few attempts to get it right. I would recommend practicing in Custom Game Survive to round 150 and the cutscene will trigger. The game does not end so if you want to go for a higher round return to weapon testing.
  20. 1.) Build the spectral shield Collect the spectral essence (Time Square, Michigan Venue, Library) Collect the cell door (China Alley, Citadel Tunnels) Collect the key from a drop when killing the Warden 2.) Turn on the 2nd Power Switch at building 64 3.) Activate Pack-a-Punch Collect three zombies souls with the shield key Shield blast the volt meter to the right of the PAP ramp on the roof
  21. At this rate I'm assuming Denizens will be the final boss fight.

    1. Inconcievable


      I think we’re gonna need a bigger knife.

  22. Alpha Omega will be available for download on PS4 tomorrow at 10AM PST.

    1. Lenne


      Great, that is 7 pm for me, so I'll probably get to play it on wednesday. ;_;

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