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  1. Got 100 with the original damage Ray Gun
  2. Do you think he ever made....Across the pond
  3. Boom115

    ten years

    Happy Anniversary babe!
  4. I've played more than 100 rounds several times. I can't say I really enjoyed it. I think I have goldfish brain and think its a good idea all over again. So anyway round 69 is my perfect round.
  5. Welcome to forum freindo. Enjoy your stay, reach out if you need anything.
  6. I've played BO2 on XB1 many times and used the bank without issue.
  7. The warden isn't supposed to spawn when you camp on the gondola. That's one of the perks of that camping spot. I've never heard the sound go off when camping there though, strange for sure.
  8. Welcome @DescentIntoDarkness, theorize away. Some folks are initially concerned with not having all the intricate story details will result in down votes or negative comments. Here was just talk through it. Its great!
  9. I would say welcome, but you've already been here. So thanks for hanging out with us! ;)
  10. Its not enough to make it across, but it does help with having to break the ice less.
  11. Alright so I've seen a lot of guides that are sort of correct. I've now verified the correct strategy to get to the secret area. If this is later discovered to be wrong I would be shocked as I've completed it now 8 times on my first try each time. As far as I know this can only be done once per game. Repair the Flinger at the facility Have at least two players move around the perimeter of the flinger (don't run and it does not require all players in the game) Circle the perimeter 6 times The player that is last in line will be flung into the secret area Swim into the cavern. Once your health drops on 50 pull out your specialist (this will return you to full health and give you armor HP as well) As long as you didn't get lost you are there. If you don't click the boat to get back you will eventually be teleported automatically
  12. I would actually like an series within aether. When MOTD came out it wasn't intended to be linked to the greater story. It was self contained with its own lore, and thats great. This would allow story elements to be included in the map without carrying the weight of 10 years of story. I don't know that the theory community would love it, but hey that's just my two cents.
  13. I'm still holding a minuscule level of hope that we will get DLC5 with ZC2 (even if it does take place in the dark aether). They could add in a ton of lore including making most of the areas Group 601 facilities.
  14. Boom115


    Ey get out of our clubhouse!
  15. Find all 4 of Pablo's sock puppets around the map. Locate each puppet and hit it with a snowball 1.) Samantha - Sunken Path - On the rock in front of the fire, on the broken boat, on jagger rock on the coast 2.) Eddie - Lighthouse - Level 1 on post out window, Level 3 on conduit outside of the window, Level 4 on the broken stairwell 3.) The Margwa' - Geological Processing -on top of machine, on top of electrical box in the dark corner, on the shelf containing 115 samples 4.) Fluffy - Sun Deck - on the zipline crane, on the speakers, on the smoke stack Find 3 blue flame campfires around the map Each fire is a soul box (10 souls each). You have completed it when the fire has been put out. 1.) Beach (Original CotD spawn) 2.) Boathouse 3.) Frozen Crevasse Collect the Spleen 1.) Enter the cliffside facility, head to the upper catwalk (adjacent to geological processing 2.) There is a tank holding Pablo's spleen. Break the glass with your gun and quickly collect the spleen on the ground. 3.) Once collect, you will begin to hear a timer sound . You must return the spleed to the hermit before it gets too warm (If you fail, you can simply go back and pick it up again and try again). You cannot walk directly to the lighthouse, you have to periodically enter the icy water to reset the timer. So, pick it up, run to the zipline down to spawn, take it in the water and cool it down, then take the zipline up to the lighthouse. The hermit will lower down yellow snowballs and all snowball locations on the map will now be yellow. The yellow snowball is a one hit kill on zombies until round 35.
  16. 1.) In the Arena there will be a red portal across from where you originally spawn into the map. Have all players interact with it in order to be teleported to the Boss Fight. Waves Waves of Tigers and numerous Gladiator zombies will come at you. You must kill them. After all the Gladiators and Tigers have been defeated the Fury Elephant will come into the map out of a huge gate. Shoot the side armor off of Fury in order to destroy it. When her armor is destroyed you must shoot Fury in the face until it dies. After Fury is defeated you will hear numerous audio quotes. After some time the black Wrath Elephant will spawn out of the other huge gate. Kill Wrath the same way in order to complete the boss fight and have the cutscene play.
  17. 1.) Have all players stand behind metal grate in the back of The Pit for approximately 20 seconds. There will be a gear noise when everyone has stood on it. A lock down will begin, you will be forced to kill multiple waves of zombies and special enemies. 2.) When you have finally killed multiple Blightfathers and picked up a key at the top of the grate.
  18. 1.) Nine blue symbols will spawn in the underpart of the map. Shoot the following symbols at these specific angles to get all of the symbols to glow. When you shoot them correctly the symbols will stay blue forever. The Pit Danu Tunnel (Jump and shoot) The Crypts
  19. 1.) You will now be given an unlimited specialist weapon. Survive multiple waves of gladiators
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