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  1. I should probably update this... I wonder if the site has even changed
  2. Hello @Jonnym00n welcome to the forum! We have an ongoing thread about this so feel free to hop in and join the conversation there:
  3. I got to 25 with @NaBrZHunter, b_doogie, and @WaterKH last night and it was real fun. Went down so many times tho ugh. Someday I shall be better lol
  4. The game is out my friends, perhaps not for all of us but for some. So, of course, it's feedback and opinions time! This thread is intended as if developers are reading it and you are providing critical but constructive feedback (don't be afraid to say nice things either!), so please keep it professional while letting loose in whatever direction you want. Per usual try not to just rant about something if you haven't played much of the map and only really seen gameplay. Anyway, let us know what you think!!
  5. Tac

    ten years

    Hello all, Tac here. October 20, 2010 was my first day on this forum, right before Black Ops and quite near the beginning of my comprehensible life (26 now this month). Sometimes that doesn't seem very crazy to me and then other days it seems simply incredible, I've made as close of connections to people on this forum as my closest IRL friends (and fuck off if you sneer at that like it can't be true). Per usual I feel I've thought about this post a lot as it approached but as I've come to create it, I'm more at a loss for words than expected. Real quick on that point I want to shout out @Ehjookayted for the way he was able to speak to and rally the forum. I have expressed this many times before but, for me, this CoDz Forum is home because it taught me how to think as a young man. During all the free-flying theory days of BO1, debates on this forum were raucous but the thing that held it together was knowing everyone really just wanted to get as close to the truth of the story as possible, which I sense again in the CoDz community today. With so much of the early story seemingly leaning into real history, which I don't claim is better or worse but just that it's where I have a bias, we kept each other grounded in what we actually saw in-game and then everyone would run wild on the rest. There were great debates over whether maps were out of order for example, or grand ideas on how to incorporate random things we see in a map because so much of the story was untold. Everyone had their ideas and what we now call headcanon, but what the story offered me was a way to debate contested points with a respectful community and learn to reflect on how I thought about facts, even if just in the zombie universe. But anyway to a point within that, it wasn't just trying to get to the bottom of the story, it was caring about the people in this tightknit community. The site was and is mixed with incredible personalities that help it move forward. Harkening back, having MMX just ruthlessly call someone out for what he believed just couldn't be the case transformed the whole zombies community by the end with his four hour story video, but the forum never collapsed over abrasive personalities it helped move it forward. I am proud to say I was one of the few that stuck with him til the end of his project, debating and arguing almost just for the sake of it. Dunno where I'm going with this but don't gatekeep how people should interpret events in the story and let people just theory-craft and throw shit against the wall (CoDz is the home of Samantha ffs!) as Treyarch is constantly rewriting this work of art, try to find the best in people (which @anonymous does best here), and be positive. A negative community will go nowhere.
  6. cross play/cross gen is top tier
  7. Two people I know have them. Joshwoocool has every single tape with the numbers (https://www.youtube.com/user/Joshwoocool) and then the acct I linked about, I think Nehpets, has V1 versions of all tapes. And thank you pinnaz!! I want to do this for all of them, should get easier as the time ranges move into the future too.
  8. As far as I can get on tracking down every clip from the 1961-62 PTP tape.
  9. First off, I completely agree it is Samantha and am now simping hard for her. All hail my queen. People also claim Samanatha's lullaby plays in the trailer but I'm not much of a song person so I can't comment. Others also mention in the opening cutscene when it shows the 1983 date, it has the moon reflecting and when she ends the phone call with Weaver she looks up at the moon. Second, in the discord someone had the idea that Eddie would finally "get his turn" (origins cutscene reference) and be of real influence in this game/universe. Because he carries over from BO4 but seemingly isnt supposed to because all their souls are supposed to be destroyed or killed or whatever, his very presence may end up being a real problem. So I have started thinking he'll show up eventually. Interesting her sentimentality in the trailer to losing a friend, who knows what that is about?
  10. I found this line from the 3arc blog post really interesting: "At the same time, a Soviet-led division and rival to Requiem, the Omega Group, enters the fray. The Omega Group also has a keen interest in studying and harnessing the unexplained events and anomalies manifesting around the globe." So to this point it seems it may not be isolated to the new Nacht, whatever that even means. As Cal and Rad have said they consider Nacht special in the universe so perhaps not expect something very similar, but they're certainly laying the groundwork for traversing the globe imo. That almost makes me think of the Fracture Jaw stuff they've been promoting, which afaik are American internal debates about using nukes in vietnam (and deploying miniature nukes there) but didnt actually happen, so I really wonder now if that's related. I suspect maybe it's different, was going to say Nova or something but that's what Kravchenko was up so given it's late I can't remember anything right now. Gonna think more on this thread
  11. facts That's truly amazing I'm so happy for yall, let us know when you name her Samantha. I mean when you have a name also facts, glad to see you around. Home is home! Can't wait to kick off the new season with you
  12. *spoilers, he says for the discord bot* I really wonder in reference to Sam's comment on this happening before, like does this relate to her old Aether memories (a strong possibility) or that it happened in say Vietnam in 1968 or something (related to Perseus's last known action because the 3arc intel says he acted with Kravchenko in Vietnam). Quick thing I don't think the second image is showing of the location marked in red Also we did post it but it was TGR who referenced the Bay which is interesting. Pinnaz points out it may be DOA3??
  13. oops didnt mean to hit submit on the topic until I was done but yolo here we are Hello all, Tac here. On September 24, as part of the Wave of Attack portion of our viral, we got plenty of interesting information. Below is what PawnTakesPawn.com/EXTRACTIONCOMPLETE looks like once you've entered the proper information, steps to which can be found in Part Three of this linked post. Let's get started on the first of four parts! The most interesting part of this note to me is the third paragraph, "Not all such endeavors end so well." There are three different directions I take this quote: 1. We have seen in both the original Black Ops campaign trailer and Black Ops Cold War instances of Vietnam-era helicopters being shot out of the sky. On a previous part of this day's viral we get directed to /VCHARLIE which displays a document related to the Black Ops campaign mission Victor Charlie, basically a recap, and the opening sequence of that mission is Mason's helicopter crashing. Perhaps this is the/an example of the helicopter endeavor not going well. This seems highly likely given Treyarch threw Victor Charlie in our face on this same day's viral. 2. They may legitimately be referring to historical aviation accidents. We know according to Treyarch Adler and his team are interested in the Iranian Hostage Crisis in the waning days of the Carter Administration ahead of Reagan's inauguration, which made me think of the rescue mission Operation Eagle Claw. In April 1980 the Carter Administration determined it would attempt a hostage rescue from a base in Iran known as Desert One but in the process a helicopter crashed, killing eight US servicemen and an Iranian civilian, all while not extracting the hostages. In this sense, /EXTRACTIONCOMPLETE is not exactly what happened, as implied by the note. Arguably this incident and the handling of the Iranian situation generally lost Carter the election and gave our Cold War protagonist, Reagan, the election. 3. Alternatively, this is foreshadowing something else entirely. The transition made in the second paragraph from helicopters to general scientific and human ingenuity could then be broadened to the "Cold War experiments" inside Zombies, as described on Battlenet. Next, we get a note from Tatyana to M Main points of interest - Developing situation at Lubyanka - Found something in Archive from the War that shocked them in recent days -- maybe found the image of Morasko - Collegium; Deputy Chairmen want ground operation - M and Tatyana
  14. Part Three has been updated with today's viral. I will go edit Part Two tonight as I have figured out how it was done.
  15. Oops wrong thread I posted on. I haven't updated this in a while but that changes soon
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