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    10/16 Game Update

    General General stability improvements and crash fixes. The Featured playlist tiles for Multiplayer and Blackout have changed today. This is part of the regular rotation of Featured playlists – more details to come on how Featured playlists will work in Black Ops 4 in a separate update. Blackout 100-Players Duos is now the Featured playlist for Blackout. Quads playlist is now 88 maximum players. We’re continuing to update various game settings to ensure the best experience for all players across all platforms and modes. Multiplayer Playlist Updates TDM playlist now supports parties of 6 (was previously 5). Featured playlist changed to Heist. Custom Games Custom Search and Destroy games will now correctly conclude after one team wins 6 rounds total, fixing an issue where custom games previously ended at round 7. Miscellaneous Addressed a crash caused by earning multiple Medals in a match. Zombies Addressed a UI error caused by losing Internet connection in split screen. PC-specific Stability Improvements Fixed a crash occurring during initial boot of the game for some users. Fixed a crash when disconnecting from a Blackout match. Fixed a crash occurring when managing multiple windows simultaneously in Blackout. Fixed a crash when browsing unlockable Items. Fixed crashes occurring when changing texture quality. Fixed a performance issue when changing Clan tags. Improved handling of “Out of Memory” errors. Additional stability fixes listed in today’s update from /u/TreyarchPC: https://www.reddit.com/r/Blackops4/comments/9oqgsd/call_of_duty_black_ops_4_pc_updates/ Zombies Addressed an issue that caused Hellhounds to exhibit some very... un-doglike behavior in Zombies. Miscellaneous “Object View Distance” setting now properly renders objects further on “High” than on “Low” in Blackout. In addition to the topics listed in our previous updates over the past week, we’re currently tracking the following recent topics: Zombies Easter Egg Quests We’re aware of some instability issues currently affecting the Easter Egg quests, and will address these in a major update coming soon. Thanks for your patience. Multiplayer Audio We’ve seen some reports of audio volumes in Multiplayer not sounding quite as expected, particularly with footsteps. We’ve passed these onto the appropriate teams for evaluation. In the meantime, please be sure to try out the different custom presets in our Audio settings under Options to find a mix that works best for you. PC Hellion Salvo Crash PC players will currently crash when equipping the “Hunt” weapon camo and Fast Lock attachment on the Hellion Salvo launcher. We’re fixing this in an upcoming update – in the meantime, please avoid using this camo/Attachment combination on the Hellion Salvo to prevent crashing. Teammate Names Disappearing Some players are reportedly seeing their teammates’ player names disappearing temporarily during MP matches, making it difficult to tell friend from foe. We’re investigating this as well. Xbox One Deluxe Edition Items We’re aware some users are still having trouble accessing their Shadowman and Classified content consistently on Xbox One, even after manually downloading the items. We’re continuing to investigate to see what can be done on our end to solve this.
  2. In the new update released today, duos have been bumped from 88 to 100 players. Quads have been dropped from 100 players to 88, presumably because of the stuttering some (many?) players were experiencing. Here's a the rest of Blackout-specific updates but I recommend looking at the whole list I linked: - Fixed a crash when disconnecting from a Blackout match - Fixed a crash occurring when managing multiple windows simultaneously in Blackout - [PC] “Object View Distance” setting now properly renders objects further on “High” than on “Low” in Blackout What do you think of these changes? I can't wait to jump into duos!
  3. I think it would be cool if they made a map on the Titanic, ooooh or maybe they could bring back the Ultimis crew and TOTALLY SHEDS LIGHT ON FIVE! Would love a battle royale mode, but who knows maybe all that is too much to ask for For real though, based on your old responses, how do you all feel about the game?
  4. Piggybacking here, a friendly reminder to all that I absolutely never follow is please don't drive and talk with people about the game! As much as it may not seem like it, your next response on the site or discord server can wait until you get to your destination! If you feel you must be engaged in the conversation, maybe just consume instead of contribute. Find a way to be safe people!
  5. Got my first solo win! I went Construction from the beginning and final circle ended up being there, but I had some panic attacks working my way down https://1drv.ms/v/s!Atrfe_1EdyT5gV8FbwEkHUONtLHe
  6. Oh man that would be awesome. I forgot what Vondy said about Nero in the Game Informer interview but that would be cool too. I'm so curious what these challenges will be to get the characters. Things like 'use the war machine to unlock battery' make sense to me but how for the zombies characters? Hopefully more than 'kill x amount of zombies in Blackout'. Or maybe that's not a bad thing idk
  7. Wait isn't the Pentagon Thief Yuri??
  8. Oooh this is the kind of thing I'd annoy people with back in my day. It shall return
  9. This is truly mother trucking incredible. I cannot contain myself right now. These visualizations give me LIFE
  10. Howdy Clay! I think mine will be Classified. I'm all about that Pentagon setting
  11. I have two videos to share from the beta. The first one is me having a solid combat axe throw, but the second is an absurd throw by a teammate that I can't put words to. I think @GRILL even makes a cameo in the beginning of the second video Upload Studio 92.mp4 Upload Studio 93.mp4
  12. Hello all, I am Dr. Tac. I will be your therapist today, please sit down on that comfy couch and hold this controller . Just answer my questions as truthfully as you can. Your significant other (Treyarch) may actually be listening in on us right now, so let them know how you feel. How are you and Blackout doing, are you spending a lot of time together? Which stage of the relationship are you in? What's your least favorite thing about them? Is it the way they make loud noises even if they're far away? Do you feel like sometimes they put up Level 3 armor and you can't get through to them? Maybe sometimes they're just a bit slow? What do you like the most so far? Maybe they let you take the truck to get large red grocery crates whenever you want. Rumor has it they'll finally let you get a new backpack so you don't look as dorky to all your friends and family. Whatever it is, tell me.
  13. Blackout is right around the corner and I figured we could all use a dedicated place to post our fun and/or impressive moments! Please follow the Code of Conduct and try to limit the self-promotion, BUT POST AWAY AND LET'S HAVE SOME FUN WITH THIS!!
  14. It would be great if the original crew wanted back in on PDT, but if they didn't want to surely the podcast could still return with a different cast right? I think it would be a great mission and would be interested in joining. Go podcasts!
  15. Wait, how come the things like Post Ranks, Hot Topic, Storyteller, Introduction, 115 Day, etc, are all going away?
  16. This is how I feel as well. I think it would be interesting to be in a deeper part of the Pentagon. Maybe Zombie Labs stuff haha? Also, what @anonymous said. GIMME DA BACKSTORY BB
  17. Do you have a link to that? I don't doubt you but I've missed a lot and would love to see that
  18. Woot woot!! Should be fully updated now. Thanks to @Monopoly Mac, @Lizizadolphin, @InfestLithium and @BlindBusDrivr for participating in transcription!
  19. So our lads at Treyarch just tweeted a Zombies timeline after the reveal with JCbackfire: In that tweet, they provided an interactive DESKTOP-ONLY web page containing vital information, Keeper language, and an interesting map of how our crew traveled. There are so many different elements to look into with it, that I will keep updating this thread with all new pieces regarding the lore from each map, important events, and what the Keeper language translates to. (Image source: u/zzFuzzy on r/CODzombies) https://www.callofduty.com/zombieschronicles IN THE BEGINNING AGARTHA FRACTURES DIMENSION 63
  20. I believe @Lizizadolphin and @Rissole25 got that one! I've heard there's another one in the Origins area, but no one who's looked has found it.

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