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  1. oops didnt mean to hit submit on the topic until I was done but yolo here we are Hello all, Tac here. On September 24, as part of the Wave of Attack portion of our viral, we got plenty of interesting information. Below is what PawnTakesPawn.com/EXTRACTIONCOMPLETE looks like once you've entered the proper information, steps to which can be found in Part Three of this linked post. Let's get started on the first of four parts! The most interesting part of this note to me is the third paragraph, "Not all such endeavors end so well."
  2. Part Three has been updated with today's viral. I will go edit Part Two tonight as I have figured out how it was done.
  3. Oops wrong thread I posted on. I haven't updated this in a while but that changes soon
  4. Was wondering what the figure on top of the computer was from, but alas it is Kaboom! Nice.
  5. To me HAARP is most closely associated with weather control and Nikola Tesla theories, but a close second is mind control in the Group 601 tower vein and similar theories on Russian towers. And yeah @83457 considering HAARP wasn't actually created until like the 1990s, it appearing on a note in Der Riese to me just means we can take this in almost any direction we want as a community.
  6. All the Warzone Zombie Royale mode quotes:
  7. Bump because of course it still holds. And wow a name I haven't seen in a long time, how could I forget about the September 2012 UOTM winner, aloha @JakeDuck!
  8. all other opinions are ofc wrong including mattzs and rad
  9. Added the above quote to Black Ops Cold War from this link: https://www.treyarch.com/game-intel/2020/08/Black_Ops_History_Mason
  10. Hello all, Tac here. We have been given what I think are snippets of the new Treyarch Warzone map, as well as some mechanics and vehicles. And leaks have added further (fair warning, many Warzone leaks will appear in this thread and only indicated right before the sentence). But really, I am just looking for feedback on what y'all want to see. MAP VEHICLES █████████████
  11. Currently all these dates are listed on Treyarch's homepage, https://www.treyarch.com/. On the right side of the homepage are game markers that you can click and they are seemingly setting some of the narrative they want us to remember.
  12. Hello all, Tac here. I am posting the timeline from Treyarch's website here on CoDz. I intend on eventually having this page list out the various multiple endings to Black Ops Cold War and how they lead to other games, but for now it will just be some info from their site. World at War - 7 intel Black Ops - 14 intel Black Ops Cold War - 0 intel Black Ops II - 12 intel Black Ops III - 1 intel Black Ops IV - 1 intel
  13. Haha no worries, yeah the birds I think are by far the strongest evidence in favor of PNG as I don't find the cipher related, and likely is stronger than Manchuria. But to me they are both so highly circumstantial that at least for the time being I am hanging my hat on Manchuria as I think it fits more with the story. Like I said my big hangup is the birds but otherwise I feel ok about manchuria
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