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  1. My current hypothesis is this teaser is related to Warzone and either a new map or changes to the current map are coming. Almost Fortnite style in the sense of an in-game event changing things, so this may be related to the inaccessible bunkers around the map. Maybe a nuke goes off or something!
  2. JGB BABY! Never heard of Alistairs Bad Decisions so no comment
  3. I think Black Ops 1 is my favorite on personal experience grounds, but Black Ops 4 for the visuals. Absolutely love that back image even if I'm not as into Chaos.
  4. I was so disturbed and distraught and disgusted with some previous results that I had to sit out the last couple brackets. But I'm back with a vengeance. 1. This one is so tough for me. I wanted Ultimis Takeo to be what Nikolai became, so I am jaded by my person dream for the character. But that probably isn't the best way to vote, so Ultimis Richtofen. 2. Maxis Original just for the nostalgia. I never game Primis the time they deserve. 3. Lordy you people are predictable. Richtofen and Takeo again?!? I'm sitting this one out. 4. Ultimis Niki for sure. No contest babyyyy
  5. Once I made the decision to cut music out of my life I narrowed my only artists to Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift, so given the new Swift album is no bueno I live that Lana life :)
  6. Tac

    Earbuds or headphones

    My personal policy is that in the morning I use my earbuds and the afternoon I use my headphones, because after I shower in the morning I will get helmet head with normal headphones (where it indents your hair and stuff). So I can't help you there, but it's the city baby, you be you!!
  7. But how can we separate the story from the character?
  8. Welcome to the forum, we are glad to have you! Which part of the story most interests you, do you feel?
  9. Yo anon any chance this thread can be formatted a little, maybe by character?
  10. The beauty of our community, to me, is how many of us were in this position when we all found each other. Happy for the three of you and hope you're doing well <3
  11. You're testing me here Rad but: 1. Samantha Maxis given a community member thought early zombies were saying “Sam” which started the whole thing. 2. Ultimis Takeo because ultimis.. 3. Dunno anything about these characters really, but Sal because everyone loves Mob and Misty seems like a flat character. 4. WOWOW you’ve really got me here. I think Peter because that character has captured me so thoroughly since the Shi No Numa introduction, just hearing the name sends shivers across me body. So OG. 5. Pablo Marinus because old lore > new lore, but I’ve always got love for the crew! 6. BO2 was my least played/understood so even though I don’t like how Monty’s story turned out, I choose dat british boi @Monopoly Mac @NaBrZHunter @Mattzs we all waitin on ur responses

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