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  1. Anyone else wanna raid area 51 and chill

  2. Richtofen Cosplay nearly complete. Progress pics over in Chicken Sandwich land.

  3. Carpenter for President 2020

    1. anonymous


      I always used to think the announcer screamed "HAMMER TIME" instead of "CARPENTER". Guess I'm not that good in English

    2. Boom115


      Not my president. 

  4. Leaks are for Geeks

    1. Lenne


      For the weak geeks.


      Also get a profile pic, please and update your signature and tell me what an amazing woman I am. ❤️

  5. George A. Romero has died. Where would we all be without him.

    1. Inconcievable


      Don't worry, he'll come back next round.


      ...if only... that just sucks.

    2. NaBrZHunter


      We will always have him with us...unfortunately. He never goes away for more than a couple rounds. ;)

  6. Bus Route B literally just got confirmed I'm dead

  7. I made it to 37, was about to finish up the easter egg, but apparently if you enter the boss chamber without a gas mask the fumes insta-kill you. I was a lil mad, but managed to finish the egg by 31 on another go, and killed myself right after.
  8. Congrats my love. You win; I'm a girl. You are officially wearing the pants in our relationship. :3
  9. They should change the AW Paladin to the Goodyear blimp, except it says "GoodGame" because it's GG once you got a Paladin. :D

  10. Just a lil mistake: atomic weight refers to the average sum of the weight of the protons and neutrons, factoring in isotopes for that given atom. So for 115 it would be closer to 230 although we wouldn't know exactly. 115 would be the atomic number, which just refers to the number of protons, which is not a variable number like neutrons. (If it was just a typo I'm sorry for the mini lesson.) Still, great read! Buried was such a cliffhanger (well, two) and I'd like to see that world at least END with a bang. Hopefully this re-writing doesn't magically "tie up loose ends" because that's a loose end we really ought to tie up ourselves.
  11. Preach it brother. As an american, I am going to disregard your opinion in favor of imagining you dancing in lederhosen on the other side of the mic when we chat. I really doubt this is going to be Pay-To-Win anyway. They have emphasized through all their interviews that they kept the simplicity of zombies intact. No XP system would break that, so i am assuming it is just going to add versatility to gameplay. It's not really a competitive game anyway, except for grief, so I doubt it will be like "race to level 50 so you can roll into a game invincible on round one." I'm sure the Double XP stuff will let you get stuff faster, but i doubt that the "stuff" that you get will uproot the zombies we know and love. Treyarch themselves said in their recent appearance on that Sony interviews with creators thing that the inspiration for zombies and the core element has always been that Cooperative defense is always the most fun co-op in their opinions. Key word: defense. This has always been a constant in a game where you can't win, but they are definitely not gonna give you a full loadout on round one. I trust that XP, whatever it does / unlocks, will add to the experience without killing the simplicity of it, and won't turn my friends who are higher levels into OP killstealing whores.
  12. 3 and 4 have the same blade but a different hilt. 1 doesn't have the same blade at att. Notice how you can see through it at the top? It's a split blade like a bi-dent style, (think halo energy sword) while the other jagged stone one is a solid piece. That might just not be too visible on 3 because of motion blur, so i can't be sure, but the hilts do look different in 1 and 3 as well.
  13. I don't think it's "confirmed" that the Shadow Man is the announcer. I assumed he was just an additional character with spoken lines. We've had that before with George for example. The zombies have yellow eyes after all. I think it looks like a mix of hell stuff and things known to be in the main dimension (samantha for instance) so I'm thinking it's more of a literal "hell on earth." Like it's in the real world (sam's world) but with hell stuff spilling out into it, to actively "hunt" the characters in their own world. As for the box itself, we've seen BO3 guns AND WaW guns in players' hands so far. The normal wooden mystery box usually only has a single era's guns primarily. The only 2 boxes with that much diversity thus far are MotD and Origins, so I assume the box will be one of those, or made to look fancy in a new fitting way.
  14. I do really love this idea. Every playthrough would legitimately be unique. And there are so many clever ways they can power up a starting pistol. Even the concept behind M&S is mind blowing. Still, one thing I'm not sure of is altering the base pistol. The Mauser was effectively identical to the 1911 in terms of damage and ammo count, but if you could have (for example) a revolver as a starter, with higher damage but lower ROF and ammo count, or on the other end a burst fire pistol that has more ammo but less damage per bullet. I feel like treyarch would be obligated to pull that kind of thing, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I thiiiink I want it?
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