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  1. Ah, you mean Handsome Squidward. Same here. For reals tho, this is big news. Definitely going to main Shadowman.
  2. Ohhhhh man. PDT. Podcast Der Toten. CoDzcast. When I first pitched the idea to Grill, FT, and Festo, it seemed great. We all had free time around to call each other on Skype and get things rolling. The forum was alive with theories, speculations, and just general discussion that we felt that everything would just flow nicely. And for a long time, it did. We got support from the community, we got various guests on the show (including RadAustin and Milo (that one didn't go as well as we hoped)), and we got a nice following. Eventually, however, like Grillboy stated above, it proved to be too time-consuming. We all started petering off, as we got busier and busier. I was in college when we started it, but after I moved back home after that year I had little to no private space. It also didn't help that the ways we recorded the cast itself proved to be troubling at best. Combined with a lack of discussion available after a while, we all just sort of...stopped. We tried to get it going again and again and again, but it never went beyond discussions on Skype. However, back to the topic at hand, it would be fantastic if we could get the crew back together again. Revamped and ready to rock again. A Primis Podcast, if you would. But, it would all depend on our availability and wanton for success. I myself have had a difficult time trying to find free time in my day to browse CoDz. It's mostly the reason why I stopped coming back sadly. But I'll discuss that at a different time. Thanks for expressing interest in a project so near and dear to my heart. It's definitely something to consider. -Shawn, aka Flammenwerfer, aka Flappinweiner, aka WERF
  3. Man oh MAN does this bring my hype levels to an all-time max. What a stellar intro cutscene.
  4. I thought I told y'all to not touch anything while I was gone.

  5. What an excellent idea. Can't wait to start the hunt this Friday.
  6. Excellent work, guys. Truly. These ciphers being solved is nothing short of spectacular.
  7. You're right, I'm sorry. I took things a little personally there. All I can tell you is that the staff are currently discussing the policy, but right now, we do not consider the Comic Con video to be a leak.
  8. A few things: 1.I personally don't consider it a leak. It was shown to the public, and wasn't meant to be a secret, just a "Comic Con" exclusive. A leak would be something that someone found internally through dubious means and was not meant to be seen by the public eye. Comic Con is not a super secret thing that excludes the public. Anyone can go to Comic Con. Therefore, if anything, it's the Comic Con committee that disallows these videos, but not Treyarch. At least, that's how I view it. 2.The staff and I have been discussing the policy for a few weeks now, actually. Times have changed since it was put in place and ever since the whole MOTD EE incident, we've wanted to keep those kinds of leaks off the site. Leaks that have been reported by reputable sources, however, are a different story. But things aren't official yet, so you'll have to wait on a word about our decisions. And please Lenne, don't try to tell me that this isn't a jab at us. We've determined that this isn't a leak. If you're still confused, feel free to send us a message.
  9. Yes, you can discuss the Juggernog Edition of Black Ops III, including its contents.

  10. I have to say, I'm not the biggest fan of GTA V. It just got so...bland for me so very quickly.
  11. Still being worked on. Module isn't compatible with the current board software. At this point we're just waiting on the developer of the Award app to update it to be compatible.
  12. Goodbye, deuces. Hello, three bar thing.

  13. Be on the lookout for new articles on the front page.

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