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  1. I'll have a look, I don't have android so can only simulate, can you give me a screenshot of the issue experienced @83457
  2. Amazing work, it deserves a shout out on our social media channels tbh.
  3. @caljitsu awesome work by you and the team, I have promoted this too twitter and facebook for you and pinned and featured here.
  4. Thought of my people over here at codz during this outbreak. Thought you'd all appreciate a puzzle to solve. What is Q.

  5. Sup brother? Signs of life here or what?

  6. Late bloomer here, tail end of BO and then it was BOII. I was always a CoD player but more so multiplayer tbh. I dabbled in zombies from the beginning but nothing serious. Then me and my mates got a team together just for kicks on multiplayer and we were sick of it and played zombies more and more. Thats when I really got into it, roughly 2011. Then, the rest is history.
  7. I’ll look at the font size, I personally don’t see the issue with the font size but others may.
  8. Agreed on both fronts, just about to board a flight, will have a look when I land tonight and get to the hotel. Reply needs a wee outline of sorts and definitely need to be able to collapse latest posts/topics.
  9. As Danny Says, thanks for the feedback, nav issue was a leftover and fixed (thanks @InfestLithium). Fonts fine, might need a wee colour change “maybe” but not much.
  10. @Mrs. Boom stay, we like you better than @Boom115 ????
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