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  1. What Buried tells us about the Dark Aether || Theory by Anonymous
  2. We now support the following languages. English (US) German Italian French Spanish If your native language us one of these, you can select this from the language menu and the default system language will change accordingly. Topics/Posts remain the same language they are typed in but we will do our best to get some editor translations available.
  3. Have a look at the guide we have put on YouTube, I have time stamped the link to the start of the mimic step after speaking to Dr Peck.
  4. Ditto, I was pleasantly surprised to see a good written walkthrough.
  5. Out of the admins own pockets (most of the time). We do obviously generate Adsense money from the adverts we show but most people have an adblock in place anyway and we don't have that annoying popup asking you to disable your adblocker to view the site. We do generate money from our YouTube channel as well but there is a lot of costs involved with creators just to put a video on YouTube (mostly time). The forum software also has costs for the renewal and continued support/maintenance releases, along with added applications and plugins (not all of them are free). So we
  6. Did you know, you can sign into callofdutyzombies.com by a number of different methods? Even if you have already registered? It will link the accounts if the email addresses are the same. Logging in with Discord for example, will link your user details here with our discord channel, for example if you're a Donor here and have the donor title, it will automatically link to your profile on our channel. Did you know, you can customise the site to a degree, to what suits you? The above is the main user menu, the option on the right is t
  7. Also available directly on our YouTube channel
  8. Also available directly on our YouTube channel
  9. Complete Firebase Z EASTER EGG GUIDE! | Call Of Duty: Cold War Zombies DLC1
  10. Apologies, link wasn't visible due to permissions to everyone. Now sorted.
  11. As you all know, we have a our YouTube channel and the team create cracking videos for the channel. Which you can find directly on the following link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtx80X_TyHatsyzke12s2DA We have also now added a new section to the site, which is accessible from the main menu, which gives you access to all of these videos directly on callofdutyzombies.com https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/videos/ All of our videos from all of our playlists, accessible without leaving the site. We looking at the API op
  12. Firebase Z EASTER EGG CUTSCENE | Call Of Duty: Cold War Zombies
  13. One perfect map - Der Eisendrache
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