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  1. Yo! He’s one of us! I kept seeing your name in my Discord notifications over the weekend - and I’m just now getting caught up. Welcome to the OG Forums!
  2. NaBrZBunny’s been super into LDR and I’ve been all about Taylor Swift these days, not to mention it’s Autumn, and I always binge Red during this time of year. Whachu talkin bout tho, Willis? Lover’s got some smashing pieces on it. Think you outta give it another go. Try to skip the shyte ones as you go. Heheh I stumbled upon a Spanish pop punk band a little while back called Alfenic, and holy smokes I’ve been hooked. Especially their song “No Estamos Solos” was so good I actually tried to learn to sing and understand it. Managed to pretty much get the chorus down and I can follow the rest with a lyric sheet.
  3. Ayyy, heck yeah! Do hop into the Discord with us too if you wanna brainstorm some ideas, get fact-checks or research assistance!
  4. Agreed, that certainly can be. Above, you’ll see I also cast my vote for Schuster over Samantha - because, despite Sam’s prominence, Schuster’s strength as a character does come across rather strongly. Again, my argument though, was that Peter was pitted against Maxis. LOL! WAW Maxis, one of the most complex and thorough characters in the storyline. I see the argument clearly, and as a die hard fan of Peter, myself, it was not the easiest vote to cast, especially since we as a community are often preferential towards the more mysterious characters even over the more transparent ones. But if his mystery carries so much weight for me, I believe it should be a less *weighted* factor in the matter of my vote.
  5. @The Meh Negative, I am delineating between him as a character and his story. Someone can have a tragic or powerful story and be a weak, ineffectual, or even wicked individual. What better time to discuss this than while Joker is in theatres? The challenge was to choose the better character. For all we know, Peter was a war criminal. Don’t get me wrong. If you think I take issue with the lore of Peter McCain, well...heheh...you don’t know me. Eh, Tac? The point is, as a character, he does not have the depth that Dr. Maxis does.
  6. Peter is a favorite of mine, but as a character he hardly has anything we can go off of except for Alpha Omega which was, yeah, canon, but far too silly to tip the scales for me. Peter’s *story* is what gets me.
  7. Gott dam I see how most people voted, but Dr. MTX should not have come that close. LOL! GGs.
  8. Worthy champions, and congratulations so eloquent and just! Huzzah! Don thy golden robes, ye ancient ones! @GRILL @DeathBringerZen @Electric Jesus!
  9. 1. Schuster vs. Maxis Hard hard call. But my vote goes in favor of Schuster for several reasons, especially consistency of character Samantha doesn’t hold a candle to Schuster in this regard. Schuster is always believable, sincere, and deep, while simultaneously being a highly conflicted character. That being the case, he is complex in a way few characters in the storyline are. Sam, on the other hand, has switched sides, changed accents, and blown Apothicons in two with her hand like she wants to be a planeswalker or something. I love her character, but Schuster takes this one. Anyway... Winner: Schuster 2. Masaki vs. Handsome Takeo is an easy takeaway here for me, for one, I don’t really play the mob maps, so I wouldn’t know Billy Handsome if he picked my pocket in broad daylight, and two, because as with all ultimis characters, I love Takeo’s veiled complexity. Winner: Masaki 3. Briarton vs. DeLuca Again, I know little of DeLuca, but that’s beside the point because I’ve always had a fondness for Misty, especially in the context of her relationship with Marleton. She is a somewhat flat character, as Tac stated, but her potential for development is there. Winner: Briarton 4. Maxis vs. McCain Maxis, easy. He’s a highly conflicted character, torn between his love for his child, his work, and his ambition. All of it burns and he gets to watch. His is a tough, dark story. What I like about Peter, however, is his story and the mystery surrounding it, not so much his character. Winner: Maxis 5. Dempsey vs. Marinus Dempsey is a moody character, and I appreciate a glimpse at his younger self. Marinus, however, has been a fulcrum if controversy and should be dead. Winner: Dempsey 6. Stuhlinger vs. Dr. MTX Stuhlinger. I don’t even need reasons. There is literally nothing - NOTHING to like about Dr. MTX. He was inserted like a drug into CODZ in order to sell “divinium.” Stuh, meanwhile, is a real character Winner: Stuhlinger
  10. So we’re saying there’s oxygen on Mars’ moons?
  11. I wouldn't think so, considering they drove them in Ascension, no?
  12. You finally made it! Welcome, you’re already one of us - always have been, really. Welcome to CODZ!
  13. Ohhh, my bad, I thought this was a research resource! My stupid. I'll bookmark this for the weekend!

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