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  1. It may be WarZone related, and @The Meh found some info that may refer to British protocols, so there's some indication of a false alarm; however, a reference to a numbers station on the 10th Anniversary of Black Ops, knee deep into the viral season? I'm holding onto hope.
  2. lright team, let's get to work. We've got intel inbound from the WarZone. Maybe a good place to start is to take it back to the BlackOut numbers station. Otherwise, maybe it's in WarZone similar to the way the Infinite Warfare teaser was in Nuk3town. Modern Warfare Patch Notes - Suspected Treyarch Teaser at the bottom: https://www.infinityward.com/news/2020-05/MW_Patch_Notes_May_18 UPDATES The dots/lines at the bottom of the post are UI flair, and are included in previous MW Patch notes. Confirmed irrelevant. Thanks, @WaterKH, @Greer In WarZone: Phones are now ringing and bunkers are now accessible Phones: Bunkers: Discuss and document, calling especially on @Tac @PINNAZ @WaterKH @certainpersonio @Lizizadolphin @PreferredWhale6 @Nieno69 @oxin8 @RadZakpak @anonymous @caljitsu @RichKiller @Chopper @Boom115 @InfestLithium @Schrödinger @Spider3000 @AetherialVoices @Lenne @The Meh @KronoriumExcerptB @PotatoForHire @MixMasterNut @EricMaynard @Amantha77 @Monopoly Mac @Naitrax @[email protected]_Appearo @Covert Gunman @DeathBringerZen @GRILL @83457and SORRY FOR THE SPAM folks, but that's a start.
  3. 1. 31-79 JGb-215: why the heck is 6969 tacked in there? LOL! Am I missing something? I love the mystery surrounding this gun, especially it’s EE-focused existence. I have never really been a RGMKII fan, however. 2. I love the Sharfschutze. It takes the earliest of prototypes and actually demonstrates further work done on it that does not feel stretched or desperate. I have no regard for Chaos. :P
  4. This was mindblowingly complex. For now, I want you to know I appreciate it, and am mindblown. Pahahaha I love it. But true to the trope, leaking evil in a can.
  5. Naw, it's fine, this is pretty open-ended, but we can for sure take it back to the topical thread. lol!
  6. Hey, you did it! This is an ancient and well-honored tradition, as you may have seen. Again, welcome! World at War is always a good one to have on the list, though I cannot recommend BO1 highly enough - truly the greatest age of Zombies development, as BO4 bore witness to, featuring the return of 2 (debatable 3) BO1 era maps.. All the same, good on ya! Same for me as far as Mobile. I was underwhelmed by the MP mode...I kinda just shredded, but in the end, found myself to be the loser, as my phone is always nearly dead after a couple matches. LOL! But the SNN remake was EPIC, and we had a hot debate about the bees radio found therein....I still believe the odds of it being canon are quite compelling. Zombies brought me to COD and has my heart, but MP stole my brain...and you ain't kidding, that FAL....ooooh babyyy, been layin waste with the thing as of late. Takes some work to get used to as well, so I respect your taste! At any rate, if you ever want to get caught up on zombies lore, community legend, strategy and gameplay....welcome to CODZ Forums, and welcome to the family.
  7. BTW, you should drop us an intro! Welcome to the original zombies forums! https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/3-introductions/
  8. LMFAO Introduction gold. Especially the 11/22/2013 performance patch.
  9. That's amazing. That might be enough to make me wanna download that garbage game again. XD I only with WAW was still around. There were some wonderful noclip glitches in that game...ahhh good times
  10. @Tattoo247 Whether from long-past interaction or legendary post activity...this is a name I know. Good to see ya again.
  11. Yo! He’s one of us! I kept seeing your name in my Discord notifications over the weekend - and I’m just now getting caught up. Welcome to the OG Forums!
  12. NaBrZBunny’s been super into LDR and I’ve been all about Taylor Swift these days, not to mention it’s Autumn, and I always binge Red during this time of year. Whachu talkin bout tho, Willis? Lover’s got some smashing pieces on it. Think you outta give it another go. Try to skip the shyte ones as you go. Heheh I stumbled upon a Spanish pop punk band a little while back called Alfenic, and holy smokes I’ve been hooked. Especially their song “No Estamos Solos” was so good I actually tried to learn to sing and understand it. Managed to pretty much get the chorus down and I can follow the rest with a lyric sheet.
  13. Ayyy, heck yeah! Do hop into the Discord with us too if you wanna brainstorm some ideas, get fact-checks or research assistance!
  14. Agreed, that certainly can be. Above, you’ll see I also cast my vote for Schuster over Samantha - because, despite Sam’s prominence, Schuster’s strength as a character does come across rather strongly. Again, my argument though, was that Peter was pitted against Maxis. LOL! WAW Maxis, one of the most complex and thorough characters in the storyline. I see the argument clearly, and as a die hard fan of Peter, myself, it was not the easiest vote to cast, especially since we as a community are often preferential towards the more mysterious characters even over the more transparent ones. But if his mystery carries so much weight for me, I believe it should be a less *weighted* factor in the matter of my vote.
  15. @The Meh Negative, I am delineating between him as a character and his story. Someone can have a tragic or powerful story and be a weak, ineffectual, or even wicked individual. What better time to discuss this than while Joker is in theatres? The challenge was to choose the better character. For all we know, Peter was a war criminal. Don’t get me wrong. If you think I take issue with the lore of Peter McCain, well...heheh...you don’t know me. Eh, Tac? The point is, as a character, he does not have the depth that Dr. Maxis does.

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