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  1. Ten years ago, a legend was born. This site is as lucky to have you as you are to have it. I’m so thankful for that forum ethos. I never expected, joining it, to be learning as much about life as I did about Zombies, much less meeting one of my BFFL! Here’s to the future, whatever it brings, and all the ways we can continue to share the experience of CODZ with the community. Congrats Tac!
  2. Extra rotten brains to you, friend! The sysadmin in me asks the question - how does something like Aether exist prior to Tag and not be crucial to the normal functionality of the universe such that, once it is removed, the universe is able to carry on unshaken?
  3. Oh shoot! Thanks for the heads up! I may need to get on and crank out some Divinium!
  4. Oh my. This would be amazing - I can't wait! I will absolutely be reaching out! @Boom115 HOW DID I MISS THAT? MORE BOOM ART!
  5. Oh yeah, honestly, rules are best when read, but at the same time, applied common sense usually suffices - so read as you go, don't feel like you need to memorize them all before jumping in with the rest of the gang. EDIT: OH yes, by all means, dump away! I'll be sure to quietly tip 'em the right direction if ya need me to.
  6. Welcome aboard! Hmmm...tips...well, I guess you'll find mostly that CODZ focuses pretty strongly on civil discussion and decency towards all members, new and old. Here's the Code of Conduct - good first-time reading to get you familiar with the olde forum ethos. And on that note, welcome to the family!!! Honestly can't wait to see your art (should you choose to share!) @cluelesshas also done some great art recently, (def gonna use your thumbnail soon bud!) and I love the thought of having more artists congregate here! Code of Conduct Here's a quick guide to the forum ATM:
  7. Welcome back, IQ!!! Been a hot minute! You were a pretty active name out here when I first joined, so I always wondered what became of you - but I’m glad you got the break! Have had to take several (shorter) ones myself, and they are truly good for the soul. We try to keep the place ship-shape and healthy, and I’d like to think we’ve done a good job. Also thrilled that you’ve been enjoying Rad’s PDT seasons! What a time!
  8. Thanks for the update, friend!
  9. Yes!!! You’ve returned! It pretty wild how decisive this season was. I was saying before release, depending on what we get, I’m all-in or all-out. Looks like Imma be all in. Here’s to an epic new season.
  10. OMG I LAUGH. Is funny. Happy birthday, my brother, @Tac!!!!!
  11. It’s a fair question, I’m curious what all we said at the time as well. I believe it’s an audio file (if it was a call I recorded.) I’ll have to look through my archives and get back with you.
  12. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening to the far-reaching ranks of CODZers! I hail you with this message, and beseech thee: attend! Over the last few months, the CODZ YouTube team has been working hard to grow the CODZ Community's visibility in the YouTube sphere, with aims of bringing more attention, and passionate zombies fans to the forum and Discord discussions. Our ambition as administrators of a channel on behalf of this ancient and storied forum is to find a balance between recognizable leadership that will be recognizable to new visitors (currently the cast of *Podcast
  13. @Slade! You look like hammered shit! LOL That freaking meme.
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