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  1. I misunderstood your response - I admit, I’m not the most imaginative zombies player. XD gimme guns and lemme run. And I never pick up launchers, though I guess they’re good this time around. In the meantime, I’ll leave you to your sulking. You deserve to be able to sulk for once, you perpetual ball of sunshine. XD
  2. :Sigh: I guess we'll see how I feel after I've finished my hunt. What's so hard about training on this map? Nuketown's a great area (in fact, it could be considered 2 great areas) the generator room is great, and has 4 escape routes, and the starting area is pretty good. The litmus test for a really playable map for me is one with 4 usable training areas. Not seeing what AO is missing in this department? If you want to camp, there are definitely a couple places you could try, but camping is more dependent on offensive and defensive resources and not so much map layout, right? How many hours did each of you put in? Could it be that you just didn't give it much of a chance?
  3. Also, I have big issues with file transfer. For some reason, any clip I create that's more than 10 seconds in length gets corrupted and will not survive the move to a PC via flash drive, and PS4 doesn't offer cloud storage like Microsoft does via OneDrive, so I had to upload the PS4 clips to YouTube just to get them to my PC.
  4. Welcome to the site! Good on you, getting those Easter eggs all done. Definitely get those BO1s under your belt eventually, but in the meantime, join us for some theory discussion!
  5. It’s been a couple days of grinding and I can officially say...I completely disagree with you now. Saying this all in good fun. The genuine experience of exploring it dark and learning it all in a vaccuum is making me more and more fond of it. Of course, I’m not a high-round player. I play for feel and story, so I can’t very well judge high round quality. But in those two areas, it’s really been enjoyable.
  6. The interface on PS4 is slower, less intuitive and efficient, and generally less accessible. I love the controller, and game quality is great, but it just isn’t as far along as Xbox in functionality.
  7. @Boom115 That is so true. And not only did this rip the carpet from under the feet of the primary fanbase, but PlayStation as a console just isn’t even as good as Xbox. So it’s not like buying a PS4 is apples to apples with buying and XB1. This was honestly just devastating.
  8. Sadly I don’t have my 360 right now, but I could send you the files. All you need is a USB drive and it works on a solo match.
  9. I have a noclip USB mod you could use that works on Xbox360. I think I’ve tried to get that one before, but I can’t remember.
  10. Samantha doesn't need an MPD anymore. Once a simple child, a "woman scorned," as Dr. Monty once pointed out, a surprising element has given her power that she never was meant to possess...and this time, it wasn't an atomic element, but something much more powerful. "NS" is Neilsborium 107 - but that doesn't matter. I'm referring to nostalgia. This element of human thought, like Element 115, is incredibly powerful and can be used to influence mass numbers of people, and like 115, this can be used for good...but it can also have disastrous results. Since the beginnings of the Call of Duty Zombies mode, expectations have increased with every new map developed: Nacht Der Untoten featured almost nothing, and the potential for growth was infinite, yet Verruckt only gently stepped that level up. Shi No Numa blew the lid off, however, introducing elements that had only been imagined prior to its release, and the pressure was truly on. From Der Reise onwards, this amazing growth trend continued...until it suddenly changed. It reached the point that the level of complexity was overkill, the easter eggs stopped making sense, and the story became so convoluted that often, theorizing felt pointless (I'm looking at you, Multiverse). So what happened? I believe we stopped appreciating the little things. In days long past, the nostalgia pool was small - a virtual puddle. Creativity could still run wild, and new mysteries could develop without the need for an attempt at a mindblowing cameo or plot twist involving a beloved character. Inspiration came from the real world around each map, each date and time at which they supposedly occurred. An easter egg, meanwhile, might be a somewhat practical series of steps, accompanied by entertaining dialogue that led to the acquisition of an item or achievement of a small goal: those Easter Eggs are still beloved today, and are often to root of the nostalgia that we now feed off of. On the bright side, I feel that Classified and Alpha Omega have made a truly genuine attempt at rediscovering that balance of simplicity, outward thinking, and small, exciting discoveries. A great example is the audio reel reference to "Operation Stapler." This type of outward reference to real world events (Operation Paperclip) is the kind of thing that feeds that creative pool, and once upon a time, even made the line between reality and fiction hard to discern. How many of you wondered, long ago, if the Waffenfabrik Der Reise was a real place? What about the Fly Trap? Now, what about Operation Stapler? The point is that not everything needs to be tied together. Dempsey and McCain don't need to be old friends to make the story interesting. Russman and George Barkley didn't need to be former coworkers. Peter didn't need to be brought back to life, and Pernell, if we're honest, really didn't even need to be the head of Broken Arrow. Furthermore, not everything needs to be mind blowing or extravagant. In a day and age when Marvel rules the theatres, and epic, tearjerker endgames are a daily occurence, the temptation is to follow suite, creating superheroes and supervillians whose powers emminate from their empty hands on command...but Zombies has never been a superhero story. It’s been one that might be explained via some fun, albeit stretched, pseudoscience. Powers came from the weapons and tools each character wielded - it is Call of Duty, after all. As a final thought, think about LOST - the TV show that so many of us know and love (or hate, or love to hate): the one thing you can't deny is the fact that, although it is long over, there is still so much to know, so many questions to ask, and that keeps us intrigued, and keeps us studying both the show and the real world for more clues. But tying nostalgia to nostalgia can lead to stagnation...so I'm begging the writers at Treyarch to look back outside the extant lore of zombies, and restore the complex simplicity of this mode and story that we all love. There are ways to fix this. Please keep trying. With love, NaBrZHunter
  11. I'd say give it a little while. We need at least one patch. I wish they would make crawlers easier...
  12. Great observation on the VR11 similarities! You might be onto something. Time to start talking about, what was it, “Building 87” again? I would point out one thing though - the zombies who are brought back by the VR11 didn’t necessarily ever lose their souls. Going back to WAW SNN, we know that zombies still contain the trapped souls of their dead. And perhaps, although it is maddeningly annoying that Peter is brought back from the dead after hanging for 20 years in a jungle surrounded by bugs, birds and maggots, the idea that he could be brought back just the way the VR11 did is at least consistent. However, that was also a game mechanic. I would like to see some pseudoscientific limitations on how that works and a better explanation for how that kind of effort worked on Peter McCain especially considering, after 20 years in that environment, nothing but bones would be left.
  13. @RadZakpak “For M, who started me on this journey,” is a mystifying thing...and if M is Monty, that would be...frustrating. Richthofen and Schuster were the ones who started the matter transference research, and Maxis essentially hijacked it from them after dismissing its practical potential. Unless that’s Richtofen’s prototype, and HE’S dedicated it to Monty. But that wouldn’t make much sense considering how unhappy Monty seems to be with 935’s 115 research.
  14. @ZombiesAteMyPizza! I’m tempted to get indignant! jk, I really appreciate your appreciation of old Five. Just to be sure, though, you know Pentagon Theif and the politicians are excluded from this for story reasons, though, correct? This isn’t a remake/remaster as much as it is an entirely new episode of Aether zombies. I can’t speak to the dialogue, though. I’ll have to play a few more 4-person matches and feel that out. Like I said, though - I applaud your appreciation of the older map. I caught some “what the heck” back during BO3 because I stuck to my guns, saying BO1 Moon was better than anything that followed. XD
  15. Hmm...could probably start around 5 PM on Saturday, run 'till 1, and resume at 6:30 Sunday and have it done before noon. lol! Goals set, fingers crossed.

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