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  1. In a previous treatise, “The Nature of the Aether,” I explored the concept of the Aether and how, with the construction and proper configuration of a Matter Transference Device or MTD, it could be harnessed and used for the to displace objects and persons in spacetime. However, it must be noted that an MTD is powered with consumable Element 115, and therefore, has limited capabilities, and even more limited terrestrial fuel supply. Often confused with the MTD, the MPD (Moon Pyramid Device, by our best estimation) is the subject of this treatise: an ancient Vril machine discovered in January of 1940 by Dr. Edward Richtofen in his first attempt to teleport a human subject: namely, himself. Hidden in a cavern on the Moon, the MPD had not been encountered by any other known human generation, but seemed to be armed in such a way as to find a pilot for itself and unleash its Aethereal capabilities. While documenting his discovery, Dr. Richtofen attempted to carefully touch it, receiving a static shock upon doing so. Furthermore, he observed that it sounded hollow, and soon began hearing what he perceived to be voices. It was shortly after this that Dr. Ludvig Maxis, the operations administrator and head of staff at the Group 935 Der Riese Waffenfabrik facility in Lower Silesia, Poland, adopted Dr. Richtofen’s MTD concept, and had a mainframe and three terminal MTDs constructed, but was not successful in his attempts to teleport living subjects. He observed: “The test subjects have survived teleportation but are currently unresponsive to commands and cannot be controlled.” In later logs, he can be heard shouting commands at a zombie, yet receiving little cooperation. Perhaps it ought to be noted that Dr. Richtofen, who had been mentally unstable and hearing voices in his head since his discovery, acted as Maxis’ personal assistant for these experiments, and was responsible, it would seem, for configuring the MTD per Dr. Maxis’ orders. Yet, willing to sacrifice his reputation as a competent scientist, he repeatedly sabotaged Maxis’ attempts by incorrectly configuring the MTDs, resulting in the destruction or zombification of the test subject. There are two potential motives we may consider based on what we know, the first being that he wanted to delay the success of the Der Riese MTD project to avoid Maxis taking credit for the discovery, or perhaps to reduce the possibility of him discovering the MPD as well as Richtofen’s secret research facility on the moon, which was under construction at the time. On the other hand, he seems to have gleaned a good deal of information from the voices in his head in regards to the purpose and capabilities of the MPD, and deliberately configured the teleporter to produce the first zombie, preparing the world for his ultimate takeover, a plan he intended to enact when Dr. Groph, his top scientist at Griffin station, discovered how to power and open the MPD. Sometime after mid-September, 1945, Dr. Schuster, a longtime colleague of Dr. Richtofen, now serving as Dr. Groph’s assistant scientist on the MPD project, killed a lab rat in the vicinity of the MPD, causing a glass chamber to rise from the floor at the front-right corner of the device, and indicate that it had absorbed the energy from the rat, and would need more to be fully powered. The scientists informed Richtofen, who sent test subjects and prisoners to Griffin Station to complete the process, an act that appalled Dr. Groph, yet he dared not refuse. In late 1945, the MPD was fully powered, and the pyramid’s four triangular shields were lowered, ready for an occupant. Dr. Richtofen declared that he would return to Der Riese from his secret communication outpost known as Eagle’s Nest and enact “Protocol 935,” sabotaging one more experiment by Dr. Maxis, this time involving his daughter Samantha’s pregnant dog. On this final occasion, dog disappeared, yet did not appear at the mainframe, rather, after some delay, reappeared in the terminal chamber aggressive and deformed amidst a ball of electricity. Samantha, confused and traumatized, ran into the teleporter to release Fluffy, and Maxis followed, attempting to stop her. Richtofen seized the opportunity, locking them inside, properly configuring the device, and teleporting them away. Where exactly he expected them to go is uncertain, as, in the opening transmission from Kino Der Toten, he seems surprised at the outcome. Arriving on the Moon, meanwhile, Samantha panicked and ran into the open MPD, which accepted her and closed, giving her control of Richtofen’s dream machine. Now, based on Samantha’s ability to use the powers of the MPD to heckle Richtofen and destroy Griffin Station and the Group 935 facilities, that learning how to use it is similar to DNI learning, where the occupant essentially “downloads” the knowledge as long as they are intimately linked to it (ie, Richtofen being the first to touch it, ergo, establish a connection, and Samantha being the actual occupant). Based on a variety of quotes from Sam and Richtofen throughout Moon and the other BO1 maps, we can gather that the MPD is capable, first of all, of mind control if the target is weak enough. Being technically dead, the fundamental neurological system of a zombie cannot be controlled by the undead individual itself when targeted by the MPD’s Aether-based signal. The effect is further amplified in both living and undead targets depending on the concentration of 115 in their system. These factors support the belief Richtofen sets forth in log entry 1472 on September 10, 1945: “I still have not had any luck reprogramming the live specimens. Dr. Maxis believes that the key to unlocking the human mind will be more easily discovered on someone who isn’t dead yet. I am not convinced.” We find this further reinforced in the cases of not only Richtofen and the voices he hears, but when the MPD has Samantha, a human occupant, the signal is seemingly amplified further, so that Tank, Nikolai, and Takeo are also able to hear her, as well as others who have been exposed to large amounts of 115, Dr. Yuri and Dr. Gersche of the Ascension Project for instance. Dr. Yuri, like Dr. Richtofen, is one of the few cases in which a living human experienced mind control-like symptoms, having been weakened by bitterness and vengefulness. However, once his betrayal of Gershe is complete, he comes to his senses again, reinforcing the idea that the living, cognitive human mind is less susceptible to manipulation that an undead. Yet another example is Samuel Stulingher from Black Ops 2. Having been a part of “The Flesh” he has ingested 115 and therefore has a higher concentration of it in him system and is therefore able to hear Dr. Richtofen, and more inclined to follow his commands. In the case of the undead, however, being completely incapable of logic or empathy, there is nothing to resist the commands of the MPD’s occupant, which, as has been discussed throughout the community in the past, would explain the zombies not eating their prey once down, unless the signal is stopped or interrupted. Edit: @Abel! has suggested in a recent post that the zombies are not and cannot be controlled by the occupant of the MPD, however, in addition to the zombie eye color changes contingent on who occupies the MPD, the following quotes leave no question: When he swaps souls with Samantha, Richtofen celebrates, "I WILL CONTROL THEM ALL! I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL! But not before we finish the game." Both Sam and Edward refer repeatedly to the zombies as 'minions' and 'puppets.' When overwhelmed by a hoard, Samantha says, "show some respect! Don't you remember who I am?" She is also known to say, "it was more fun when I was in charge." And reinforcing this connection between the MPD and the undead is Samantha's warning, "don't kill the Zombies! He [Richtofen] just gains power when you do." Unless inhibited by a contestant entity (ie, the Maxis-Richtofen feud of BO2), the occupant of the MPD has large amounts of control over the Aethereal energies, not dissimmilar to a broadcast tower transmitting by use of radio waves. This capability allows the controller to displace objects and, as we saw with the N4 in BO2, consenting persons, in the spacetime continuum at will, in addition to providing the green power ups we all love so much. Being the provider of these objects, the controller may also reward or put a price on them, making them unattainable unless those demands are met. However, contrary to some theories, the controller of the MPD cannot manipulate time itself, or physically manipulate objects in time. Some certain objects can either be dropped or removed, as seen with the power ups and mystery box. The limitations of this ability seem to be similar to a 3D printer, only capable of manifesting designs which have been uploaded to the device’s database. In other cases, it is worthy of note, some objects heavily contaminated by 115 are also displaceable. In fact, one might imagine a repository of tools, weapons, and artifacts collected and kept available for use by the controller of the MPD. We see examples of this in Samantha’s inability to stop Richtofen during his quest to gather the various artifacts needed for his grand scheme, as well as being helpless to keep from being replaced by him in the MPD. Richtofen encountered the same encumbrance in BO2, needing the assistance of the N4 to help him exterminate Maxis from the Griffin Station computer network. Perhaps the final known power possessed by the controller of the MPD is the ability to transfer their consciousness into a target. This target can be either undead, as in the case of Richtofen’s fate when Maxis defeats him with the N4’s assistance, or living, as was seen with Richtofen’s possession of Stulingher, which, as we saw, may not work out exceptionally comfortably for the target or the controller. If you took the time to read this 1500 word treatise, thank you, and congratulations! If you have anything to contribute that I have forgotten, let me know, and I will definitely consider adding it in, provided it has strong support.
  2. NaBrZHunter

    The History, Traditional Powers and Known Uses of the MPD

    AHA, @InfestLithium, touché! That explains it much better. I kinda wondered about the timeline there, I stand corrected.
  3. NaBrZHunter

    The History, Traditional Powers and Known Uses of the MPD

    Top-notch intel and theorizing @anonymous! It has always interested me that the activity within then DE MPD is almost more ghostly and subtle than in the original Moon. That would make sense, considering how Samantha is very possibly only in one universe. Perhaps the original, and presumably, trapped inside Richtofen’s body, though the point at which Richtofen returns again is still uncertain. I have to agree, however, that the idea that all the BO3 maps are fracture universes absolutely makes more sense now. I would think that “absolute power” is a conditional term that refers to its absolute power over *certain* things, to begin with. As far as the Apothicons having been defeated by the Keepers, if you refer to the first Great War, that was prior to the MPD (if I recall correctly - not to be captain obvious). But mostly I would support the idea that “absolute power” is a conditional statement, especially since what constitutes power is contingent to the circumstances.
  4. Black Ops IV is finally in full swing: You’re stocked up on Monster, G-Fuel, and Pizza, and you’ve got your stream up and running. Pro tip: for optimal bandwidth usage, don’t watch “Man In the High Castle” while streaming, monitoring your own stream, other streams, and the chat. In the meantime, here are some basic things to keep in mind as you hit the grind running: 1. Get Rest I know, it’s almost impossible to sleep. And I say this after pulling and almost complete all-nighter before a 10-hour workday! I promise: I will try harder. For sleep we must - we'll be better off for it! A well-rested mind is more alert, your reactions are quicker and more accurate, and your thoughts are more thoroughly processed. 2. Stay Hydrated You’ll perform better and longer in all you endeavor it do! Water is the best option for this - yes, that precious H2O. At a very minimum, remember that you are best hydrated when your drinks DO NOT contain caffeine. 3. Use Caffeine Strategically Don’t waste your Trauma Kits, your perks, or your caffeinated drinks. Space them out strategically for both your own health’s sake as well as for maximum effectiveness. 4. Eat Well Your brain needs food. Recharge with a solid meal. It only takes 8-10 minutes at a minimum 5. Take Breaks (yeah right) Stretch; breathe; and focus on objects at farther distances. a) Stretching is good for your muscles. Good posture is important, but sitting for hours straight is never good. b) Breathing is important for cognition and muscle and everything else. Relax and breathe. c) Focusing on objects at a distance helps relax your eyes. Don’t underestimate the strain you’re putting them through. 6. Be Careful on the Road If you drive to work, school, or anywhere else...be aware of your state. Don’t drive exhausted. It can be as dangerous as driving badly drunk. Take care of yourself, don’t be narrow minded about the importance of your destination. Your life is more valuable. Also, such awareness is considerate of others. And last but oh never ever least: 7. Be Kind We’re all here to win; but most of all we’re here to have fun. In a world of very different people, we all share at least one unique thing: we LOVE Call of Duty - especially when Treyarch is running the show (as much as I have loved the works from Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward, I must be honest). So just remember, we ARE a global community. Win magnanimously, lose graciously, and play for the love of the game. Dangerous alone. Unstoppable as a team. Let’s go start a war, people! NaBrZHunter
  5. NaBrZHunter

    Surviving Black Ops IV: A Battle Plan

    That’s awesome to hear - I’m hearing lots of opinions but very few complaints from the community. I believe it’ll be a good year. I really don’t understand why they keep making it harder to make crawlers, though. BO3 was so tough.
  6. NaBrZHunter

    Official Blackout Feedback Thread

    Check out Xclusive Ace on YouTube. One of the best and most professional in the pub stomping business.
  7. NaBrZHunter

    How do you like the multiplayer?

    Hehe. Me. Pro. A man and his dream. ☺️ lol My two cents are inbound this weekend! Hitting the grind on Multiplayer tonight!!!
  8. So folks, we know these studios are already hard at work on future games, and while we're all hyped for SHG and WWII, we can't forget that Treyarch is conjuring up some more greatness. That being said, based on our experiences over the last 4 Treyarch titles, 2 alternate studio Zombies takes, and one forthcoming, let's start compiling our suggestions for Treyarch.
  9. NaBrZHunter

    Analysis: Classified Cover Art

    Quick breakdown of the image. Welcome back to the original Moon timeline. We’re coming home. 1. The face is Sam’s. We all know that. 2. This is post-corruption Sam, no question. 3. We’ve seen this face before. Remember, the Moon in my eye? 4. These are inevitably linked, as we know from the Chronicles timeline that Sam from the Ultimis timeline is the one who reaches out to Maxis in the Primis timeline. (Correct me if I’m wrong, but this makes the accent fiasco even worse to contemplate.) 5. Moving down the image, the lightning bolt clearly outlines a Nazi crusher cap, over a gaunt face, which most likely is meant to depict the spirit of Ultimis Richtofen inhabiting the body and mind of Sam inside the MPD, per his Grand Scheme. 5.a The possibility that it is Maxis is there, as Maxis committed suicide while standing beside the MPD in order to enter Griffin Station’s computer network. I emphasize, however, this is unlikely. 6. The MPD is clearly just below the lightning 7. The faces on either side of the neck are those of the Ultimis crew, which are confirmed to be the crew who we will play as in this map. 8. If pt. 5 is true, this means that the face of Richthofen is more specifically that of Sam in Richtofen’s body. This would mean that our Classified crew is actually Sam, Tank, Nikolai, and Takeo.* 9. The teleporter in the lower center of the image is, notably, a MK1 model, if you will. Der Riese/Der Eisendrache. Transposition of the teleporter model thanks to @Boom115. 10. Noteworthy is the fact that we also know that a MK1 teleporter is actually located on site at the Pentagon in Black Ops’ “Five.” Starting to piece it together yet? All signs point to a post-Moon map, with Sam and the remaining 3 going there via teleporter following the Big Bang. Guys, this is the missing link between Moon, the Victis arc, and Nuketown. I love you, Treyarch. * @Spider3000 has made the informed observation, below, that, “The map very well could be post-Moon for the characters but it can’t be post-Moon for the Earth itself. Blundell said Classified will tell the story of the outbreak of the Pentagon prior to Five.” He supports this with a relatively clear statement from Jason Blundell: “...as time went on, we had to solve the question of where did that sit in the big story? And to do so we had to write a lot of assumptions. "Okay, this is what happened." And we've been using that to educate the decisions we've made in the storyline, but we've never actually told the story of, "Why were the zombies in the Pentagon? What did that have to do with the major storyline of the game?"
  10. NaBrZHunter

    Analysis: Classified Cover Art

    I’ll add this to the OP.
  11. NaBrZHunter

    Analysis: Classified Cover Art

    Oooooh...good point. Piece of intel I missed. Hm.
  12. NaBrZHunter

    Airing Grievances.

    We have tried so much over the years, massive involvement with social media, and I used to work full time on our YT channel while I was unemployed, (GK Cipher series) and it was probably the biggest growth and viewer activity spurt we’ve had in years, if ever. But without someone fully dedicated and properly equipped (which I am not), and have fresh ideas and a dynamic, familiar personality, it withers out. Not to mention, there’s a whole other situation with that which I will leave to @Hells Warrrior to disclose at his discretion. @InfestLithium has made more investment in this site than you can imagine, and I dream that someday it will be resurrected and he will be launched to the head of the most vibrant Zs community on the internet. But he’s only one man, with his own life, which will undoubtedly finally drag him away as it has the rest of us on the staff. Because at the root of it all is a fundamental change in internet culture. The age of long-winded theories and fanfic is long gone. We don’t have the time or resources to compete with the YTers, who Activision is paying room and board with early access to the game every year (credit to them - they worked very hard to get where they are), and meanwhile Reddit feeds the modern need for forum, and in a format compatible with the modern audience. I have been working on ideas for CODZ since BO3 and it’s always that we don’t have the money, manpower, or means to resurrect. It’s nothing short of a tragedy. And as far as the old staff sticking around...it’s not that we’re trying to take up space. Full disclosure, I keep hoping I’ll have a chance to contribute...but life has eaten me alive, and I am just desperately trying to salvage slivers of it as it hurtles by. In the end...it’s just a game. Though this community is so much more. All good things come to an end - and I hope this isn’t the end for CODZ, but if it is, we have to be real and dignified about it. As long as y’all have the zeal to fight, fight on. I will be cheering you on.
  13. NaBrZHunter

    Neros ring, Green smoke.

    The similarities to SOE are glaring. It’s interesting to me that’s Shaw appears to be dressed like Richtofen but looks uncannily like a frailer, older Shadow Man. Interesting, especially considering how TSM is a shape shifter, so there’s nothing to say he actually looks the way he appears in human form.
  14. Let’s get ready to kick wrinkly ass, folks!
  15. NaBrZHunter

    Medal Request Topic

    I don’t request a lot of medals...but I’m pretty hyped that, as of tonight, I’m coming for that 115 Divinium.
  16. NaBrZHunter

    What We Want: Treyarch Zombies 2018

    @GRILL!!! M'dude! Good to see you, and what an reentry! (Cue monkey round warning.) You came blasting in here like a freshly PAPed Zeus' Cannon on Round 50 with 3 players down! What a speech - bravo! Could hardly have been said better. Amen yessir huzzah and hallelujah!
  17. NaBrZHunter


    The first is 2, will be 3 by the end of this summer.
  18. NaBrZHunter


    Haha! No worries, it's actually an old school gaming "thing." Was in use before I even knew what an Xbox was. It means "we owned (the) other team." But is often used to express excitement about any kind of desired outcome or occurrence. As for me - I've picked up my guitar again this year and began filling in learning gaps that I never filled in the past, as I historically play by ear. Learning technique and theory right now with the goal of being proficient by the end of the year. My contract at my current company ends in June, and whatever happens will be exciting, as I am first of all hyped to be heading for a full year of employment, and that day will either mean I renew my contract (most likely), go permanent, or move on to bigger and better things. We'll see when we get there. I turn 24 this year, but I don't wanna think too much about that. Before that happens, though, my second daughter is due to be born. Wow. Didn't think I'd be that "dad CODZer" with more than one kid that quickly. Time flies...and now I have been here since Advanced Warfare. Crazy soup. Other than that, I wanna do big stuff this year. Maybe take a major road trip. For sure aim to play some hardcore woodsball paintball. Hype! Real TDM! And of course the constant pursuit of knowledge, and increase in faith. Whatever happens, this year will be one for the books. Thanks for asking!
  19. NaBrZHunter

    CODZ Cameo on Shadow Sanctum Database

    The Shadow Sanctum (shadowsanctum.net) is a database of resources for fans of the classic radio/comic/television master of darkness, The Shadow. Last month, Call of Duty and CODZ Forums made a cameo in the pop culture database in an entry discussing the parallels between Shadows of Evil/The Shadow Man/CODZ timeline anomalies and The Shadow. See the entry "Call of The Shadow" at: http://www.shadowsanctum.net/interactive/interactive_tidbits-misc.html Tip: Ctrl+F/page search for Call of The Shadow, or any relevant keywords, i.e., "Call of Duty." Shoutout to @PINNAZ for being the first to identify a parallel in his thread, linked below:
  20. NaBrZHunter

    CODZ Cameo on Shadow Sanctum Database

    Actually, I submitted the details to the owner of the site and she added the entry. No, the site's contents only pertain to The Shadow lore. "The Shadow, a mysterious character who aids the forces of law and order, is in reality Lamont Cranston, wealthy young man about town." -Radio Show Introduction AKA, The Shadow: Master of Darkness.
  21. NaBrZHunter

    Holy Emperor Fredrick Bararabossa

    Nice research, dude. Classic caliber!
  22. NaBrZHunter

    So who is getting WWII on release?

    I did - so far, a great game. Jumpscares are a little overdone, Zombies guns are a bit too weak, and it is nearly impossible to make crawlers, which is infuriating. Other than that, it's been amazing.
  23. NaBrZHunter

    What We Want: Treyarch Zombies 2018

    The duplicate thread has been merged with the original.
  24. NaBrZHunter

    What We Want: Treyarch Zombies 2018

    Not a problem at all, this is an open suggestions thread. All valid suggestions are welcome! New suggestion from me: Please standardize these wall weapons: the MP-40, AK-74u, STG-44, M14 and Olympia are good, balanced weapons that are well loved, fire-tested (no pun intended), and simply a part of the Zombies atmosphere. Please patch them into BO3, especially The Giant, and include them as the staple wall weapons in future games. Also, unless there's a fun exception like Shadows, Origins, or Mob of the Dead, please standardize the M1911 starting pistol again and patch it into The Giant.
  25. NaBrZHunter

    What We Want: Treyarch Zombies 2018

    Wonder weapons should not necessarily be OP. The Ray Gun: makes crawlers on relatively low rounds The Wunderwaffe has 3 (5PAP) in the magazine. The Thundergun has 2 (4PAP) rounds and cannot be reloaded until both have been fired. The Babymaker is essentially makes a few Zombies instakill, but you can still be damaged. Wave gun is probably the most OP, but has very limited ammo, but the zap gun is extremely balanced. That is the way wonderweapons should be. Not an obvious choice. You should have to struggle to decide whether to take it or not and then make a gamble.

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