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Everything posted by NaBrZHunter

  1. Yo! He’s one of us! I kept seeing your name in my Discord notifications over the weekend - and I’m just now getting caught up. Welcome to the OG Forums!
  2. NaBrZBunny’s been super into LDR and I’ve been all about Taylor Swift these days, not to mention it’s Autumn, and I always binge Red during this time of year. Whachu talkin bout tho, Willis? Lover’s got some smashing pieces on it. Think you outta give it another go. Try to skip the shyte ones as you go. Heheh I stumbled upon a Spanish pop punk band a little while back called Alfenic, and holy smokes I’ve been hooked. Especially their song “No Estamos Solos” was so good I actually tried to learn to sing and understand it. Managed to pretty much get the chorus down and I can follow the rest with a lyric sheet.
  3. Ayyy, heck yeah! Do hop into the Discord with us too if you wanna brainstorm some ideas, get fact-checks or research assistance!
  4. Agreed, that certainly can be. Above, you’ll see I also cast my vote for Schuster over Samantha - because, despite Sam’s prominence, Schuster’s strength as a character does come across rather strongly. Again, my argument though, was that Peter was pitted against Maxis. LOL! WAW Maxis, one of the most complex and thorough characters in the storyline. I see the argument clearly, and as a die hard fan of Peter, myself, it was not the easiest vote to cast, especially since we as a community are often preferential towards the more mysterious characters even over the more transparent ones. But if his mystery carries so much weight for me, I believe it should be a less *weighted* factor in the matter of my vote.
  5. @The Meh Negative, I am delineating between him as a character and his story. Someone can have a tragic or powerful story and be a weak, ineffectual, or even wicked individual. What better time to discuss this than while Joker is in theatres? The challenge was to choose the better character. For all we know, Peter was a war criminal. Don’t get me wrong. If you think I take issue with the lore of Peter McCain, well...heheh...you don’t know me. Eh, Tac? The point is, as a character, he does not have the depth that Dr. Maxis does.
  6. Peter is a favorite of mine, but as a character he hardly has anything we can go off of except for Alpha Omega which was, yeah, canon, but far too silly to tip the scales for me. Peter’s *story* is what gets me.
  7. Gott dam I see how most people voted, but Dr. MTX should not have come that close. LOL! GGs.
  8. Worthy champions, and congratulations so eloquent and just! Huzzah! Don thy golden robes, ye ancient ones! @GRILL @DeathBringerZen @Electric Jesus!
  9. 1. Schuster vs. Maxis Hard hard call. But my vote goes in favor of Schuster for several reasons, especially consistency of character Samantha doesn’t hold a candle to Schuster in this regard. Schuster is always believable, sincere, and deep, while simultaneously being a highly conflicted character. That being the case, he is complex in a way few characters in the storyline are. Sam, on the other hand, has switched sides, changed accents, and blown Apothicons in two with her hand like she wants to be a planeswalker or something. I love her character, but Schuster takes this one. Anyway... Winner: Schuster 2. Masaki vs. Handsome Takeo is an easy takeaway here for me, for one, I don’t really play the mob maps, so I wouldn’t know Billy Handsome if he picked my pocket in broad daylight, and two, because as with all ultimis characters, I love Takeo’s veiled complexity. Winner: Masaki 3. Briarton vs. DeLuca Again, I know little of DeLuca, but that’s beside the point because I’ve always had a fondness for Misty, especially in the context of her relationship with Marleton. She is a somewhat flat character, as Tac stated, but her potential for development is there. Winner: Briarton 4. Maxis vs. McCain Maxis, easy. He’s a highly conflicted character, torn between his love for his child, his work, and his ambition. All of it burns and he gets to watch. His is a tough, dark story. What I like about Peter, however, is his story and the mystery surrounding it, not so much his character. Winner: Maxis 5. Dempsey vs. Marinus Dempsey is a moody character, and I appreciate a glimpse at his younger self. Marinus, however, has been a fulcrum if controversy and should be dead. Winner: Dempsey 6. Stuhlinger vs. Dr. MTX Stuhlinger. I don’t even need reasons. There is literally nothing - NOTHING to like about Dr. MTX. He was inserted like a drug into CODZ in order to sell “divinium.” Stuh, meanwhile, is a real character Winner: Stuhlinger
  10. So we’re saying there’s oxygen on Mars’ moons?
  11. I wouldn't think so, considering they drove them in Ascension, no?
  12. You finally made it! Welcome, you’re already one of us - always have been, really. Welcome to CODZ!
  13. Ohhh, my bad, I thought this was a research resource! My stupid. I'll bookmark this for the weekend!
  14. Good resource! Thanks for putting this together!
  15. Brains to you, my dude! This is a concise, but solid breakdown of the distinction, and I actually needed the update, myself. It’s comforting to know that GK, Giant, DE and ZNS are OG fractures, too. I’d like to plot this out on paper at some point.
  16. Dang! From 2012! Rock on, and welcome back! We’re still kickin out here!
  17. Love this idea, man. I'll be following along.
  18. Ah, yeah, there were some BO3 clutches for sure, but Countless times I got downed because I tried to shoot a gap between a train and a rock or something on ZNS for instance, and I’d have 3/4 a body’s width to shoot, but those zombie models were hard as granite, and when they set their feet and windmilled, you couldn’t do a 180 twirl and make them adjust just enough to move and let you slip out, bloody but alive. This video actually showed a good example of that on Der Eisendrache. The only way out is to blast a hole. Also, perks: I can survive substantial rounds without perks now. Eventually, they become necessary, but for a long time they are optional. He def wouldn’t have had some of those clutch moments without the perks, which, obvious though that may be, we’re talking zombie spawn and pursuit mechanics. I’ll bet anything you’re more knowledgeable on the subject, but I’m really gonna have to get in 30+ game here and see if I can’t bust some moves. Probably just make a fool of myself, but I won’t share those clips.... 😉
  19. Your head hurts from all the brains you're getting. I never read that stuff before. I am mindblown. And amused. That is a hilarious list.
  20. It’s so weird, I feel like I’m playing a different game from the rest of y’all. I train 30 runners on the right side of Classified’s Computer Room, not to mention the server room or even just the office area without breaking a sweat. In BO1 and WAW though, the zombies had insane reach sometimes, far more often than in BO4, I feel like. I’m genuinely confused as to why my experience has been so different - and don’t get me wrong, BO1 is the best Zombies of all time. WAW is ever beloved - it’s not like I’m a newcomer. I can’t remember how easy or hard BO2 was, but BO3 was the devil incarnate. For some reason, BO4 has been just all love for me. XD
  21. This is an epic thread. I must point out that the Berliner Fernsehturm’s presence in Kino is a glaring oddity you might add here.
  22. I actually disagree. This was completely impossible in BO3, which was infuriating, but I’ve had some insane close calls in BO4. If you jiggle now, the zombies move, so I’ve even gotten out of certain death scenarios several times.
  23. Whoa, there's a lot here I need to catch up on, but from the earlier posts discussing galvanism and the potential 115 has for interfering with the nervous system were fascinating. A few bullet point theories come to mind: 1. It seems to me that 115 overloads the sensory neurons of living test subjects, and when properly calibrated, can actually dull pain receptors while increasing the rate of healing, with memory loss as a side effect due in part to misfiring neurons and in part to deprivation of sensory input, because with a loss of pain comes a loss of sensory pleasure as well. Without pleasure or pain serving as mental milemarkers, nostalgia decreases, and previously programmed memories are not as easily re-minded. Bodily functions continue due to the depth of programming (45 years of walking, talking, and taking shits is harder to override than memories of loved ones and life back home). On a related note, perhaps this is why Richtofen is so sexually disordered, being a borderline necrophiliac and whatever you would call someone who is turned on by non-sexual inanimate objects like guns and tools. LOL! 2. In the case of a corpse, the 115 re-loads the central nervous system, but the neurons have already broken down and can no longer be re-synced with the occupying life force. It seems to me that neurons are that messenger between a conscious nervous system and ones' life force. This would explain why Dr. Lehman's use of gaseous 115 (presumably Nova 6) was effective in creating a controllable zombie, as the test subject was alive at the time of the dosing, and after death, reanimation followed immediately, effectively stabilizing decomposition and maintaining the neural activity. This would also explain why the APD and MPD are capable of controlling zombified beings, essentially bridging the gap between a consciousness (the controller) and the rogue nervous system (the zombie). Furthermore, this explains why controlled zombies never stop to eat their prey: it's the controller who actually selects and pursues the targets via the zombies. The controller is "rational," not animalistic and uncontrolled. Taking this crazy theory even further, it explains why killing zombies gives the controller more power. Think of the controller as a single programmer with a command line interface, but limited processing power. The controller programs the shattered neural systems to follow her will, essentially to "run her program" (kill Richtofen and his minions), and she can do so in bulk. As zombies die, that frees up processing power for her to reallocate to new zombie targets. Once the program is installed and running within the hijacked neural system, however, each zombie becomes a signal repeater which can multicast the program to more targets using electromagnetic radiation emanating from the overloaded neurons. This explains why outbreaks are local, and zombies spawn ahead of you and around you as you run. The zombies pursuing you are radio transmitters. Fuckin creepy if I say so myself. Back to work now. LMAO
  24. I think this is where most people fail to see it the same way I always have. One of the biggest things that looped me into the Aether story from all the way back in WAW was the false front it wore. The characters were slaphappy and goofy; Sam was batshit crazy and evil, but under the stairs at Der Reise, someone was weeping. Someone hung themselves in an office...only their feet were visible. A bloody teddybear haunted the facility. Richtofen was maniacal as a playable character, but when you discovered the radios, you heard an entirely different man in the recordings, and questions were raised. What happened to Richtofen? Why is he suddenly a psychopath AKA "The Butcher?" What happened to Sam? She didn't deserve this. Why did Nikolai seem sad and lonely somehow? Dempsey never got to go home again; Takeo was fighting for honor, waging a lonely war, serving his beloved emperor, who would never see or appreciate him. It was that subtlety of story that grabbed me and keeps me around. I feel like it wasn't entirely lost in BO4, but again we haven't had much chance to see more of it be developed. Though I would point to a quote by Nikolai about always getting abandoned, "it is old tradition," he says. It brings to mind, as things often do, his fate in the original Der Riese trailer. Really sad... I was so so saddened by the first look at The Giant, and by the time Dempsey died, I think I still hadn't accepted the multiverse. But I'm with you - there are a hundred million of these characters. Why should I care? The multiverse robbed BO3 of its impact.

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