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  1. 1. Alone takes this one because, frankly, having scarcely listened to either, I do know I enjoyed Alone, but not so much The Well 3. 115 vs The One Such a hard choice, but I have to give it to The One for being the song I credit with my interest in the depth of the Zombies storyline. Powerful song. 4. Shockwave has drilled itself into my soul. Despite spending weeks worth of hour making a video on it, I still love it. “Abracadavre is a song about questioning what death actually is. That’s what that is. Abracadabra is the idea that death is magic...that’s the...the one time it’s said in there -that’s what the entire thing is about, and the rest is questions based on that one line. And...that’s another thing that I wrote right in the middle of a night where I felt like I was the only person in the world, and I had to assume that the characters in the story were going through something similar because they’re dealing with people who are coming back from the dead, and - what actually is it? What is death? No one’s come back from it, no one can tell us anything, and that’s what it’s about.” -Kevin Sherwood
  2. Moon is a god teir pick. What's your Twitter handle? Oh, and drop an intro while you're here! We'll give you a S/O on Twitter. Lotta people saw that tweet. Only one has figured it out. Nice work. XD
  3. Hey, we were there back then too! Always glad to see more of the Old Guard emerging! Hope to see you around the site and Discord!
  4. NaBrZHunter


    Welcome to the OG zombies community @BtB! Tell us a bit of your story!
  5. Hey @chyna Latour! You a longtime zombies player tho?
  6. Let’s gooo @Gravitei, you’re a kindred spirit, thanks for emerging from the shadows! Always happy to hear your thoughts on the story, and thanks for hanging around!
  7. Welcome, David! Zombies and friends is the language we speak around here! Def take a look around the threads, and be sure to join the Discord!
  8. Hahahaha @PINNAZ, spittin facts. Sorry for the delayed response! All this love is really humbling. Thanks for all the kind words, friends. Y’all are the biggest reason I stay around.
  9. Thank you, Hells, Lenne, Boom, Infest. It is a distinct honor, that y’all would even have considered this in the first place. I’ve always looked up to y’all and the standards y’all set for this community, and I only hope that I will prove to be the same for others - keeping the CODZF spirit alive and well. I’m nothin without our fantastic media group, though, so here’s to a fantastic 2021 together, and as long as we have the guys we have, I can’t imagine how we could go too far wrong.
  10. Welcome aboard! What’s your area of expertise?
  11. Dude I have considered getting Ghosts a few times - this is a great, detailed breakdown! Thanks a ton!!!
  12. Wow. You could hardly have been more flattering. I love Weaver’s character too. @clueless
  13. PLEASE NOTE: Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is available to preload on all currently available platforms as of today. Pre-loading for PlayStation 5 will be available November 12th. RELEASE INFO For all current gen Xbox and PlayStation players, Black Ops: Cold War will be releasing at 12 AM, Friday, November 13th in all regions except in North America (US, Canada, and Mexico) Central Standard Time, and Pacific Time where it will be available at 11 PM and 9 PM respectively, Thursday, November 12th. Cold War will be available to PC players at the times displayed on the map below: For full details, please see sources: Charlie Intel, Call of Duty
  14. Ten years ago, a legend was born. This site is as lucky to have you as you are to have it. I’m so thankful for that forum ethos. I never expected, joining it, to be learning as much about life as I did about Zombies, much less meeting one of my BFFL! Here’s to the future, whatever it brings, and all the ways we can continue to share the experience of CODZ with the community. Congrats Tac!
  15. Oh shoot! Thanks for the heads up! I may need to get on and crank out some Divinium!
  16. Oh my. This would be amazing - I can't wait! I will absolutely be reaching out! @Boom115 HOW DID I MISS THAT? MORE BOOM ART!
  17. Oh yeah, honestly, rules are best when read, but at the same time, applied common sense usually suffices - so read as you go, don't feel like you need to memorize them all before jumping in with the rest of the gang. EDIT: OH yes, by all means, dump away! I'll be sure to quietly tip 'em the right direction if ya need me to.
  18. Welcome aboard! Hmmm...tips...well, I guess you'll find mostly that CODZ focuses pretty strongly on civil discussion and decency towards all members, new and old. Here's the Code of Conduct - good first-time reading to get you familiar with the olde forum ethos. And on that note, welcome to the family!!! Honestly can't wait to see your art (should you choose to share!) @cluelesshas also done some great art recently, (def gonna use your thumbnail soon bud!) and I love the thought of having more artists congregate here! Code of Conduct Here's a quick guide to the forum ATM: As far as operational practices, whenever you can get in the discord, feel free to ask any questions you have; browse the forums here for topics; if you have any theories, topics you're passionate about and want to discuss in greater detail, just dive right in and write one up! General Discussion is a pretty safe bet for anything Zombies - theories, discussions, artwork, etc: https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/70-general-zombies-discussion/ Here's the developing forum for Black Ops Cold War Zombies: https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/308-zombies/ And one for general Cold War topics: https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/307-general-discussion/ This here is the Asylum - a prestigious forum for thoroughly-researched and in-depth theories. You don't need to be a long-time member to write a qualified post! If your topic is involved and in-depth, you'll fit right in: https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/73-asylum/ Lastly, if you're wanting to write about a particular map from a previous game, here are the forums for previous games - just drill down to find the map you want: https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/300-previous-cod-titles/ There's an off-topic forum for any non-zombies topic, art or otherwise: https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/14-off-topic/ Hope that helps! If you ever need help, feel free to ask anyone wearing Green or Red - mods and admins, we're always happy to help out!
  19. Welcome back, IQ!!! Been a hot minute! You were a pretty active name out here when I first joined, so I always wondered what became of you - but I’m glad you got the break! Have had to take several (shorter) ones myself, and they are truly good for the soul. We try to keep the place ship-shape and healthy, and I’d like to think we’ve done a good job. Also thrilled that you’ve been enjoying Rad’s PDT seasons! What a time!
  20. Yes!!! You’ve returned! It pretty wild how decisive this season was. I was saying before release, depending on what we get, I’m all-in or all-out. Looks like Imma be all in. Here’s to an epic new season.
  21. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening to the far-reaching ranks of CODZers! I hail you with this message, and beseech thee: attend! Over the last few months, the CODZ YouTube team has been working hard to grow the CODZ Community's visibility in the YouTube sphere, with aims of bringing more attention, and passionate zombies fans to the forum and Discord discussions. Our ambition as administrators of a channel on behalf of this ancient and storied forum is to find a balance between recognizable leadership that will be recognizable to new visitors (currently the cast of *Podcast Der Toten Season 5* - @RadZakpak, @Tac, @Mattzs - and our latest individual producer, @Thor) and most importantly: a channel that communicates a true sense of the community and group-creativity the has been the heart and soul of CODZ Forums for over 10 years. Many of you have been so supportive of your team over the last year, and that means so much to us. If you have any feedback on the projects we have worked on lately, or ideas or topics you would like to see discussed, addressed, or portrayed please feel free to reach out to me over PM, and let's continue this collaboration. A few things that we'd like to venture towards: FEATURED ARTWORK! For those of you who have the skills and desire to do so, we'd love to see your artistic creations, whether handmade or digitally rendered! This is something we'd like to occasionally share on the Forum, YT and Twitter to bring into focus the talents and variety of our members. SKIT IDEAS! This is one I would LOVE to do more of, especially to meet up with CODZers in-game to record and capture a broader representation of our community! GREAT MOMENTS in zombies! Get us a FREAKING TALENT ROLL of your in-game skills, either in multiplayer or zombies, that we can show off! Blow our minds and we'll have to sit down and record a chat with you about the experience. It's almost time for a new season, and this time, we want as many of you along for the ride as we can manage. Thanks for reading, and hope to hear from y'all! @NaBrZHunter
  22. @Slade! You look like hammered shit! LOL That freaking meme.
  23. Translated from a spontaneous Discord discussion, to a formal post... Treyarch's Chaos hit me wrong, straight out the gate. This pun may have been intentional. I think the biggest problem with Chaos for me is that I have no interest in an occult-centric, slasher, shock-based, body-horror first person shooter. I'll admit, I don't much like the human body being degraded into a prop intended to inspire horror. Aether Zombies, on the other hand, felt...tasteful (with the exception of the Alcatraz Maps, and even Origins to a certain extent, which were much more akin to the Chaos style than to Aether). Even Shadows of Evil felt more respectful of the Shi No Numa "The One" Zombies philosophy than those two, and I think the reason will become clear. The zombies in Aether inspired sympathy in me from the first time I heard Kevin Sherwood and Alena Seigman's The One, and seeing the zombies themselves, however grotesque, was never horrifying as much as it was saddening. Perhaps melancholy. Chaos, however, takes people and converts them into disgustingly twisted props, and uses them as objects without regard for the value that they had as our kind - as unique people. I find that oversight...not scary, spooky, or thrilling, and certainly not inspiring...jusy kind of stomach-turning, and even a bit angering. I'm thinking particularly of the intro cutscene to IX, the mystery box design (boy am I glad I passed up the collector's edition) and that black ooze of humanity everywhere. I'm not going to play a game where the aesthetics are simply designed to disgust and disturb. For some reason, Treyarch feels bad at that particular style. In contrast, consider something like From Software's Bloodborne and Wizards of the Coast's Magic the Gathering: Shadows Over Innistrad and Eldritch Moon. These games - a Role-Playing Game and a collectable card game, respectively, manage to use this horrific, body-twisting, mind-warping atmosphere REMARKABLY well: presenting horrific versions of people, designed to disturb and even frighten the player, yet done in such a way that they actually tend to inspire the same sympathy I feel for Aether zombies. It's hard to say what the difference is, except to generally say that these games' (MTG, Bloodborne) Lovecraftian take has depth of character, while Chaos felt like nothing more than gratuitously bloodthirsty objectification of people. Whether it was a mad Father Gascoigne crumpling at the sound of his family's music box (above, I prepare to strike down a heartbroken man), or that horrible Orphan of Kos, weeping as he stands over his dead mother, and stares longingly at the sky (below), far from objectifying the horrors that these games depict, they take these perceived monsters...and humanize them. The result is heartbreaking...but it's beautiful; and as we experience the story, we begin to question ourselves, our lives, and those perceived "monsters" and "enemies" that we are told surround us every day, and we're gently nudged to empathy. This is what Bloodborne (an RPG), Magic the Gathering (a card game), and Treyarch's Call of Duty Zombies: Aether story share in common. And this is what was missing in Treyarch's Call of Duty: Chaos Zombies and Sledgehammer's Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies, in which the enemies we face are just that: horrors; monsters - nothing more or less. Lock and load, it's time to kill. PS: The irony of a lyrical reference to The One in Chaos: Dead of Night is not lost on me.
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