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  1. Spider3000

    IX Easter Egg Solved

    So, Milo and his team have become the first in the world to complete the IX Easter Egg and receive the ending cutscene. Here it is. So what do you all think? Certainly some interesting events have transpired, though they may not mean much as we know the characters aren’t physically there from the intro cutscene.
  2. Spider3000

    2 things that interested me about the voyage.

    Maybe because they consider IX to be the “main” map of the game. It’ll probably be the one to have the most consequences for DLC after all, at least in terms of the Chaos Story. This makes me wonder if Voyage’s ending cutscene will lead directly into IX or leave some room for other stories, like Classified.
  3. Spider3000

    Blood of the Dead Pack A Punch Guide

    The PAP machine moves around the map every few rounds. I’m not sure where all the locations are, but there’s one in the first power room by spawn.
  4. Spider3000

    Zombies patch/hotfix/tweak notes thread

    I’m glad to hear this. Jug is not needed anymore, although I believe a Speed Cola, Double Tap replacement would do wonders. Especially Speed Cola. LMG’s just aren’t very viable now.
  5. Spider3000

    IX highest round

    I don’t know if it’s the Zombies themselves or just the sheer number of them + other enemies. Either way, by like round 15-ish I feel it does start to get very hectic, which IMO is a bit too early for things to start going balls to the walls crazy in a Zombies match.
  6. Spider3000

    IX highest round

    21 has been my highest round on this or any BO4 Zombies map so far. Was not expecting it to be this hectic at all, but it’s a good change of pace from BO3 which was far too easy. I’m hoping Treyarch will add in some form of getting extra health though or at least dial back the aggressiveness of the Zombies a bit.
  7. Spider3000

    Classified Intro Cinematic

    Okay, so this map is definitely set after Shang and before Moon then. A bit disappointing, would’ve loved to have seen what the rest of Ultimis got up to post-Moon.
  8. Spider3000

    Analysis: Classified Cover Art

    Sure, here it is: https://blog.activision.com/t5/Call-of-Duty/Treyarch-Zombies-Director-Jason-Blundell-on-Call-of-Duty-Black/ba-p/10775346 “as time went on, we had to solve the question of where did that sit in the big story? And to do so we had to write a lot of assumptions. "Okay, this is what happened." And we've been using that to educate the decisions we've made in the storyline, but we've never actually told the story of, "Why were the zombies in the Pentagon? What did that have to do with the major storyline of the game?"
  9. Spider3000

    Analysis: Classified Cover Art

    The map very well could be post-Moon for the characters but it can’t be post-Moon for the Earth itself. Blundell said Classified will tell the story of the outbreak of the Pentagon prior to Five.
  10. Spider3000

    Red Dead Redemption

    Yeah I won’t be getting RDR 2 at launch but I’m sure it’ll be great like all Rockstar games. I agree about it being overwhelming though. I don’t really like the sound of your guns rusting, or Arthur getting dirty and growing a long beard if you don’t take the time to shave and bathe him. Also, do your horses testicles really need to shrink in cold conditions? I think there’s a point where games can become too realistic to the point of where they can become unenjoyable but I’m hopeful Rockstar won’t fall into this trap.
  11. Spider3000

    Trophy leaks, PAP Solved & More!

    Ooh, a Magmagat, now that should be fun. Glad to hear the Retriever and Spork are returning too.
  12. Spider3000

    Red Dead Redemption

    Oh wow, I had no idea it was a year. Yeah I can imagine that would’ve sucked. I think Rockstar would be pretty silly to throw away an opportunity to play as John Marston again. He was very well liked by fans of course, and it’d be a bit disappointing if we exclusively played as Arthur.
  13. Spider3000

    Which map will you play first?

    Agreed but Blood at least is implementing new areas and a new story into the map. It’s looking like Classified will be a 1:1 remake but is apparently going to tell the events that lead to Five, so it’s not exactly a Chronicles situation. Regardless I’m very pumped about having four maps at launch. It almost makes up for a lack of campaign for me.
  14. Spider3000

    Which map will you play first?

    I think a lot of long time fans just miss the good old days and like the nostalgia of old maps (myself included). It’s hard to tell whether IX or VoD will be classic maps, but it is interesting that the most hyped DLC of BO3 was probably Zombies Chronicles. Honestly I think the only map that BO3 offered that could be favourably compared to older maps is Der Eisendrache.
  15. Spider3000

    Red Dead Redemption

    Oh yeah, definitely. Console exclusive deals are still no good and apparently all RDR 2 DLC multiplayer or otherwise will release 30 days early on PS4. At least for Black Ops 4 it’s looking like there’ll only be 7 days early DLC.

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