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  1. Thank you for the recommendation! Just finished Leon’s playthrough today, so when I’m done Claire’s I’ll definitely check out the rest of the series.
  2. Resident Evil 2 Remake. Never played a RE game before, but wow I’ve gotten quite a few scares during this. Definitely recommend it to anyone looking to scratch a survival horror itch.
  3. Spider3000

    End of Chaos Story for BO4?

    Why do you think this is what happened may I ask? I would’ve thought the plan was always to have 2 maps per story in the DLC season. Although I expected them to be spaced out so as to have 1 Aether map in one DLC, and a Chaos map in the next.
  4. Spider3000

    First new Black Ops Pass content drop

    Right, I’m in agreement. I have no problem paying for the standard game and season pass. But when it comes to Blackout in this climate, I think it probably is in their best interests to go F2P at some point in the future. I have to imagine having both Fortnite and Apex as F2P competitors can only be hurting the potential revenue and player count for the mode. I just had to laugh when I heard supply drops were added into BO4. I honestly thought the big AAA companies would be kinda done with loot boxes post-Battlefront II, but alas here we are.
  5. https://twitter.com/Treyarch/status/1096598529525628928
  6. Spider3000

    First new Black Ops Pass content drop

    Hasn’t that always been the case? 😛
  7. Spider3000

    Official Blackout Feedback Thread

    I think Black Ops 4 was probably the most blatantly broken CoD game at launch. That game was not at all ready for the October release date and it showed. Treyarch as a whole can be pretty sloppy on certain matters. I mean, it is an absolute joke that the Gorod Krovi Easter egg has still been completely broken for the last 2 years. As for Blackout itself, I don’t want play it often, but I do think it is a pretty solid entry into the Battle Royale genre. It’s a bit disappointing that Activision couldn’t compromise on perhaps making it free, because it looks like Apex Legends may be a bit of a problem for it now.
  8. Spider3000

    An opinion about CoD's developers and the herd

    Extinction is the Dark Souls of CoD (in a good way) and no one can change my mind on that. I think what Zombies needs, and perhaps CoD as a whole too, is a long break. If the rumours are true with IW’s next game being MW4, then I kind of find it hard to believe it’ll launch with Zombies, instead of some Spec Ops mode. And this could very well be my confirmation bias talking, since last I checked CoD is still the best-selling game year after year, but it does feel like a lot more people are beginning to experience burnout. Hell, even the YouTubers are starting to move away from Black Ops 4 onto other games. So yeah, maybe a change in annual releases could be helpful.
  9. Spider3000

    First new Black Ops Pass content drop

    Mainly in regards to how post-launch content is handled almost exclusively across the board nowadays. CoD’s competitors (BFV, Fortnite, now Apex Legends etc) are all either F2P or have a free Live Service in place. Honestly, this can all be traced back to Fortnite. If that game hadn’t been the most successful the industry had ever seen, then the method of releasing 3-4 DLC’s with a season pass would probably still be the norm. Personally, I have no problem paying for map packs. So much effort goes into the Zombies maps alone that I feel that my purchase is worthwhile.
  10. Spider3000

    First new Black Ops Pass content drop

    Eh, AAA games were a lot different then compared to now. With games like Fortnite and such the business model of being F2P, with a whole load of optional cosmetics definitely seems to be the most profitable when done correctly. I can understand why there was an outrage when the Black Ops Pass was initially announced. CoD seems hellbent on holding onto this outdated method of releasing DLC’s, while many other publishers seem to have forgone it completely.
  11. Spider3000

    An opinion about CoD's developers and the herd

    I was around 12 when I properly got into Zombies and at that point the mode was already a couple years old. I have to say a big part of the fun for me was watching YouTube storyline videos (which looking back were nearly all incorrect), and discovering the events for myself and drawing my own interpretation. Chaos on the other hand is obviously taking a more straight forward approach to storytelling. Which is fine, and is definitely more palatable for most people, but I do have problems with it. I think it was a big mistake to make DLC 1 a prequel to Voyage. It ruined the momentum of having two maps with these new characters, and then dialling it back a bit to have these other characters instead, who were just killed off anyway. Regardless, I agree in that a new storyline is needed and it’ll be good to see Aether get a (hopefully) satisfying conclusion. I just hope with that out of the way they’ll be able to make a new memorable story and cast of characters out of Chaos.
  12. I’m in the same boat as you, in that I never played any of them either. Although I briefly played GoW 3 when it was up for grabs on PS+ a couple months ago but it wasn’t for me. The combat in this game is vastly different, and pretty fun if only a bit repetitive at times. I’d definitely recommend picking it up if you see a good deal on it.
  13. Just bought God of War yesterday, becauae it was on sale on the PSN store. Have been enjoying the combat and characterisation a lot so far.
  14. Spider3000

    The State of Zombies

    Hmm, PaP being complex doesn’t really bother me, except for on certain maps (TranZit and Shadows like you mentioned) but I can understand why casual players have a problem with it. I don’t necessarily think people should be grateful that a feature like PaP exists. It hasn’t been around for the whole of the mode, but it’s been there since Der Riese so it isn’t really far off it. And the fact of the matter is, for the longest time PaP (and power mind you) were as simple as flicking a few switches. Like I said, I personally don’t mind it but I think it’s hard to argue against Zombies being less and less inclusive to new/casual players (perhaps starting as far back with BO2). And while they have been trying to dial it back, with easier difficulties and mutations, I would say the mode is still pretty complicated and uninviting to newbies in general.
  15. Spider3000

    The State of Zombies

    This is such a good point, that I’ve seen barely anyone discuss. I remember my friends and I wondering earlier on in the year what Treyarch would do to celebrate 10 years, and we jokingly suggested another Nacht remaster. But nope. Not even a 2XP weekend. Kind of depressing really to gloss over something so worthy of celebrating.

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