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  1. I thought I told y'all to not touch anything while I was gone.

  2. "My Brother's Keeper" Wow, definitely sounds intriguing. Could Richtofen have a brother? Or is this referring to another Richtofen from a different dimension? "The one must be erased" seems to imply the latter.
  3. Hahaha, good work guys. I'll be sure to be present for the next episode, everyone!
  4. Jimbothy is the best. Remember, kids, you can take down a MOAB with a Javelin.
  5. The question marks have been around since the map came out for WaW. They haven't meant anything yet as far as we know, and it seems they carried them over for the loading screen remake.
  6. Why do you think The Giant would have achievements in the first place? I don't believe Nuketown had any and it's basically in the same boat as The Giant.
  7. All I want are WaW remakes! Give me Castle, Upheaval, and/or Revolution and I'll be set.
  8. Man, this trailer has me pumped. Damn near as much as the original Der Riese trailer got me. Definitely a confusing map for now, but I'm sure we'll find out its secrets soon. ;)
  9. Meh, at this point it should have been expected. I mean, I personally expected this to happen to moment I pre-ordered my fridge.
  10. So, the Xbox store has confirmed that the Season Pass will contain The Giant as an added bonus, similar to Nuketown Zombies back in BOII. I can imagine the map will available separately shortly after release for about $4.99 or so. Definitely good news for people who didn't want any special editions, regardless. :) Source
  11. You know you've been away for a bit when THIS is how you find out. Congrats Lenne! Welcome to the team!
  12. Happy to see the new policies being in place now. Hope this encourages more content around here (and less annoyed members ;) ).
  13. Nice theory, but I thought it referred to the fact that they still have to kill zombies, despite being in a universe that may or may not be their own.
  14. Damn shame, really. I had a lot of hope for this. Not because of the egg itself, but rather the implications it had for other possible secrets that we've yet to unearth.
  15. This is fantastic. Makes me wonder what else we've missed. SHOOT THE HADES EVERYWHERE
  16. When @Covert Gunman and I played the game back in June, it looked fantastic. These YouTube trailers and screenshots do not do the game any justice in terms of the graphical quality. The game looks great in-person.
  17. I've always wondered why they changed the selection picture. Makes me wonder if there's anything on Ascension that we might have missed since they changed it.
  18. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's just a compass. I don't think there's anything special about it.
  19. I managed to pre order one through EB Games on their website, so I should be fine. However, last year, they didn't get as many AW Special Editions in stock and my pre order ended up getting cancelled, so I'm a bit anxious to say the least
  20. I doubt that each character will have a different ability. Pretty sure Treyarch doesn't want to do anything that could make people favor one character over another, gameplay wise. I'm sure each weapon just has different characteristics to differentiate themselves from one another.
  21. I would love that just for the fact that George wouldn't be there.
  22. Thank you for noticing the similarities between the "alien" and the Lovecraftian Eldritch horros. Anyway, it's obvious Syndi knows something that the general community does not. I mean, he's basically their new way of advertising along with other CoD YouTubers. The pyramid definitely bears a resemblance to the ones found in Shangri-La and the Moon loading screen. So, firstly, the "Ancient Astronauts" theory is the idea that early civilizations received aid and visitations from extra-terrestrial beings (aka aliens). In regards to Zombies, this goes with the theory that the MPD was created on the Moon via aliens. This could mean that the power and the entrance to Agartha were created by these super beings. Secondly, the Shangri-La pyramid that we see getting transported between the Earth and space. What does this have to do with the AA theory? Well, like I said, it's entirely possible that although Shangri-La was in all actuality a Group 935 base, it could have had some link to these extra-terrestrials in the past. I'll admit, my knowledge of the lore being Shangri-La is poor, so I don't really have much else to say for now. But really, I don't think that there's a link between SOE and these "Ancient Astronauts." At least, not yet.
  23. Yes, it appears to be the new PaP camo. Reminds me a lot of the original Der Riese version. But, even if this isn't the new camo, it certainly looks kickass.
  24. Have hope! Worst case scenario is that we have two solid maps to play with until the first DLC.
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