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    If you modify the weapon, do those kills not count? (Like the daily challenges)
  2. Well, we have some telepathy going on. I randomly typed a message on the CoDZ discord that Naga has some of the same Sak Yant tattoos as the Shangri-la zombies. We both posted the same minute. Freaky... Here’s a thread I made a few years ago about the Tattoos on the Shangri La Zombies
  3. Locations guide Credit to AC Omega for their videos Season 2 “Omega” (video includes FBZ Intel) Artifact - Kravchenko’s Knife Ruka - Missiles Silo watchtower Artifact - Omega Group Patch Ruka - on top of obstacle course (climb rope wall & jump to next pylon) Season 2 Requiem (includes FBZ Intel) Artifact - Specimen (Head) Multiple locations (obtainable from Defend Objective) Artifact - Frost Blast Canister Alpine - Base Landing Ski lift turnstile (on top of) (Parachute from anywhere higher)
  4. You stripped me of my Robes @Lenne Kicked me outta the house I’ve been Hoarding in! I’d like to add my nomination of @Carnage Evoker Doing great work posting all the Onslaught Intel & the phenomenal content for the wiki. Congrats to the other nominees to. GG!
  5. Yes this is the IRL location
  6. So General Carver “C” to Doctor Grey “G” Nice Work @RichKiller & Coldstone
  7. As usual, WIP Will break down their names, roles, Factions and where they are mentioned (for obscure characters) Characters of the Dark Aether Story PawntakesPawn Operators Commanders Uranverein (Uranium Club) / Projekt Endstation Red Army (WWII) Office of Requiem / CIA Maxis / BND Omega / KGB-Spetsnaz Dark Aether Dimension Vietnamese Zombie / Enemy Type Elder Gods / Giants / Ove
  8. Congrats to all of you legends. Every single one of you is well proven & been a pleasure to be associated with over my time here on CoDz. P.S. @83457 I'm super stoked that the mods / admin gave you the recognition you deserve. I have always enjoyed your super detailed forum posts & quirky exploits, bugs, tricks & tactical threads you have found or posted. Hope you are doing well over this time. (Wish I could enable you to have a decent internet connection, system & game so you could play these last few titles) Much love to you all.
  9. Post some screenshots of what you have spotted in the trailer
  10. The Trials computer number matrix cipher maybe completely separate to these two Intel texts.
  11. @CapnTeej After reading @gorgorroreply, That Intel title is surely ~ "I @N#B%D! O% [email protected]#& IS ANYBODY OUT THERE [S T E]= are missing characters] Which leads me to Intel # 3 - "Day 13,773" = LEET SPEAK "LEET KEYBOARD FINALLY FUNCTIONAL" I'm almost certain Intel # 1 & 2 are written in a form of "LEET" Just need to work out the corresponding characters for the answers
  12. @CapnTeej I randomly came across your post on reddit before as I was scrolling "new content" Which made me revisit this thread just now. Saw my name as the 1st word on your post hahah. I actually haven't taken any notice to the appearance of the screens in Dark Aether so not sure on that. From what I gather, these images are just the science behind the Particle Accelerator? The "POOL" is on one side of the room. And the "RECHNER STARTEN" = Start the Computer"? is on the other side of the room. Take notice of the in game hint pop-up wh
  13. @CapnTeej Here are the Particle Accelerator Room Computer Screens if you're interested. i_mtl_p9_zm_ndu_machine_computer_screen_01_c Translated ~ ARBEITSVERZEICHNIS = LIST OF WORK Override akzeptiert - Akt HT6 = Override accepted Act HT6 - Akzeptiert = Accepted Verweigert = Refused VERLASSEN = RELY NeuerName = New Name i_mtl_p9_zm_ndu_machine_computer_screen_02_c Translated ~ i_mtl_p9_zm_ndu_machine_computer_screen_03_c Translated ~ i_mtl_p9_zm_ndu_m
  14. Legend! Thanks for adding all of these for us that aren’t “exclusive”. Didn’t realise “Eddie” was named ingame (Punks aren’t Pacifists)
  15. Transcripts taken from @RadZakpak threads ~ Die Maschine Preseason Intel Die Maschine Season 1 Intel Dark Aether - Pre Season Intel Document - Day 1,108 Dark Aether - Pre Season Intel Document - Day 2,873 Omega - Season 1 Intel Document - Khe Sanh Site Maxis - Season 1 Radio Transmissions - Shared History / Old Friends Projekt Endstation was only the beginning. https://twitter.com/Treyarch/status/1349061081369608194?s=20 Omega Group will stop at nothing.
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