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  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Treyarch changed their socials banner (23/24th May) with this image; Titled: Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1793639683370708992/pu/pl/Ou4OThJtLJvwaQmo.m3u8?
  2. @anonymous I think the play on words of the weapon - "KUDA" refers to a KUDU, a species of antelope. The Pap'ed KUDA = CROCUTA, a "Spotted Hyena". The Prey & the Predator. His twitter handle is "MechaHyena". In SoE, you shoot his boxer picture with the Crocuta & it falls of the wall. (CotD it's the Scavenger & the Hyena Infra-Dead)
  3. I was looking for this thread regarding the Mark Maestas = HYENA / Kuda / Crocuta easter egg & couldn't find it. So Shameless bump nearly 6 years later...
  4. Accessing the Terminal Terminal Commands CD BIN User & Password CIA Server – RLOGIN CIA Alex Mason USER: amason PASSWORD: PASSWORD Alex Mason - MAIL Alex Mason - DIR Adrienne Smith BHarris D King Frank Woods Grigorie Weaver USER: gweaver PASSWORD: GEDEON Mail Directory Files . Bowman USER: jbowman PASSWORD: UWD Mail Directory Files JFK USER: jfkennedy PASSWORD: LANCER Mail Directory Files Jason Hudson USER: jhudson PASSWORD: BRYANT1950 Mail Directory Files John McCone USER: jmccone PASSWORD: BERKLEY22 Mail Directory Files Turner USER: jturner PASSWORD: CONDOR75 Mail Directory Files L. B. Johnson USER: lbjohnson PASSWORD: LADYBIRD Mail Directory Files Helms USER: rhelms PASSWORD: LEROSEY Mail Directory Files Ryan Jackson USER: rjackson PASSWORD: SAINTBRIDGET Mail Directory Files Kain USER: rkain PASSWORD: SUNWU Mail Directory Files Richard Nixon USER: rnixon PASSWORD: CHECKERS Mail Directory Files Brooks USER: tbrooks PASSWORD: LAUREN Mail Directory Files Walker USER: twalker PASSWORD: RADI0 (Zero not an O) Mail ================================= Directory Files Raborn USER: wraborn PASSWORD: BROMLOW Mail ================================= Directory Files Bush USER: vbush PASSWORD: MANHATTAN Mail ================================= Directory Files DREAMLAND Server – RLOGIN DREAMLAND Bush USER: vbush PASSWORD: MAJESTIC1 <-------------------Screenshot--------------------> Mail Directory Files z_dr1 derriese1.pic z_pent1 govtafterhours.pic z_theater3 kinoalley.pic z_theater1 kinofoyer.pic z_theater4 kinolobby.pic z_theater2 kinoscreen.pic Robert Oppenheimer USER: ROPPEN PASSWORD: TRINITY Mail Directory Files TWalker USER: twalker PASSWORD: THANKSDAD Mail Directory Files Zombies Related Files ~ Zombies Related Files ================================= Zombie Related Images .pic
  5. Yeah. Now It all makes sense. The Astro is named either a player in your party/game/friend-list or a Treyarch Dev.
  6. Unfortunately there is no-one in the Black Ops 1 credits by that name https://support.activision.com/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?retURL=%2Fapex%2Fmanuals&file=00PU0000004cE7xMAE
  7. Wow, After 7 Years of making THIS thread, which was a new discovery in TRANZIT of an age old easter egg that pretty much went unconfirmed & unsolved since Der Riese, I think I can finally put to rest the appearence of the "J.D." initials and the word "DELGADO" that appears on the Chalkboard. I stumbled across this BO3 texture (which I think is from Origins Chronicals - i_p7_zm_ori_debris_paper_names_c A List of Treyarch Dev names John "DELGADO" https://www.artstation.com/jdelgado01
  8. Notes & Ciphers Edward Its Time Kill Maxis Using the Coded Text found in the book “History of Secret Societies” by Arkon Daraul (written in 1961), the text can be Deciphered to read “Edward – Its Time – Kill Maxis” History of Secret Societies – Arkon Daraul "Edward Its Time Kill Maxis" Note – Walkthrough ================================= Americium-243 – Calcium-48 "...is produced by bombarding an Americium-243 nucleus with a Calcium-48 (20Ca48) nucleus. It then decays after further decay a meta-stable isotope is formed. This leads us to believe that transference of matter is indeed possible, and even the re-animation of b..." Location ~ Automobile Garage "Americium-243 – Calcium-48" Note – Walkthrough ================================= Side Effects of using 115 "side effects of using 115. The power is undeniable, but who can use such weapons without themselves turning" Location ~ Automobile Garage "Side Effects of using 115" Note – Walkthrough
  9. @Boom115 @Hells Warrrior @InfestLithium

    How can I mute @S.O.P.H.I.A.?

    I use the new content button & it’s just spam posts from that news bot. 

    I set ignore posts, but it only hides the content, not the actual thread topic. 

    Whilst I understand the reason for the usage.

    I am not Maxis.

    I do not like SOPHIA

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    2. PINNAZ


      @Hells WarrriorSophia’s post still appear in my “All content” feed

    3. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Yeah, I created a custom stream for 

    4. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Yeah, I created a custom stream for you as temporary solution.


      Do you still have that? 


      If not follow topic in site news, on holiday just now.

  10. @Lenne

    Lieber Lenne,
    Glückwunsch, gute Arbeit.
    Alles Liebe vom CoDZ



    1. Lenne


      Guten Abend, Pinnaz. Are you gonna watch the F1 documentary? (Or whatever it is supposed to be? I can not wait for the new season to start. :3

  11. How are you Pinnaz. Long time no talk. Let's get some cod games going. Are you still around on psn?

  12. How good is training on the Groom Lake Tele Pads again!!

    Pack-a-Punch, then Fire Sale after 3 rounds. Quadruple PaP for more power!! Loving it

    Easy way for higher rounds!

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