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    The State of Zombies

    Great point, and one that I forgot to mention - Unfortunately, the internet & sharing within the community is half the problem. (double edged sword) Everyone wanting to be "First in the World!" to complete a Main Quest completely kills the replaybility of this game. If no-one shared what the Quests steps are, this game could go on forever without Easter Eggs ever being found. Instead, we now have a game where the Side Quest is discovered within days. But in BO4 - There is no reward/ingame bonus. It is Game Over! (apart from Classified, but I'd never play another round ever again) People crying that there is no content/replaybility is bullshit. Play the maps without any clues or hints. They would still be playing the game now. But there is no Youtube content to create because everything is discovered (supposedly). That is why it's not re-playable. That was patched in. Changing the gameplay mechanics after launch really pisses me off. I wish they just got the balance right before they launched the game. Sure I'm all for after launch balancing, but adding the extra health bar, adding Speed Cola, nerfing common Elixir cooldown times, having Zombies die out! (they changed that from 5 minutes to 10 minutes, you won't even create a crawler until round 25ish). And in BO2 & 3, they kept changing the zombies mechanics (hit speed, die out & respawn) multiple times after launch. I f*cking hate that they change the core mechanics of what made Zombies. Solo EE steps are pretty much against you. BotD steps require you to be pretty much stationary. That doesn't end well in Solo Zombies. I feel like they haven't incorporated the map aspects into the Main Quests since BO1. Sure some steps do incorporate the map, but some are just irrelevant. BO1 quests told a story (literal audio triggers). I can disprove that statement on multiple steps/maps since though. I just don't think they have fully replicated that since. Thanks for your reply @JJMFP, as you mentioned things that I wanted to post about.

    The State of Zombies

    Double post as this isn’t related to my experience is a suggestion. • Completing Main Quests on Casual difficulty. By allowing this, it opens the game up to casual, less experienced Zombies players and even players like myself who play mainly solo & want to progress & get better. (Not having supersprinters on Round 5) This enables replayability endlessly. Let players complete the steps on a lower level & experience a main quest Easter egg. Players can learn the steps & get better, then attempt it on normal (or higher difficulty) Maybe time gate it to a month after community completion etc. Where no extra rewards such as XP, calling cards or Achievements/Trophies are gained This should be enabled when the Authenticity System is enabled (should of been at launch) I don’t understand why even small story Easter eggs such as radios/audio triggers have been taken out of the casual difficulty. This just cuts access to a lot of the casual player base. Being able to build the maps “Wünder Weapon” on casual without starting the Quest is a great addition as getting the WW in BO3 required starting the main quest. +1 for this gameplay balance. Having Custom Mutations & even the 4 options of difficulty are one of the best additions to Zombies gameplay. Disabling the in game Easter’s Eggs almost makes these options pointless. Replayability is what the community are screaming for @Treyarch.

    The State of Zombies

    Where to start. Critics all across the board. I have Xbox (Prestige 4) & PC (prestige 2) versions. I have mainly just been grinding Classified for Weapon & XP levels. (Whilst 2XP was enabled) Positives - #1 - Diverse maps & atmospheres Only played the other maps a handful of times, but I must say they are all really good & all are unique. They are great launch maps for all types of play styles. Being in the Arena on IX, while the crowd is chanting & you have full affinity is such a great experience of Zombies atmosphere. Crossing the Blood of the Dead Bridge for the first time is probably the most captivating experience I have had in Zombies. The atmospheric sounds are astounding. Not knowing where that bridge leads to and then coming to the end, seeing Brutus & his quote triggers “Alcatraz, welcome our guests” I honestly couldn’t believe they could put that kind of emotion into COD Zombies. (I paused the game for a few minutes thinking “how f*cking good was that!” #2 - Gameplay balance - The Zombies team really have been focused on “balance” for this game. I think that has been a main priority across all aspects of gameplay. The game seems a fair bit easier with having basically Jugg from the start (Yeah they changed the health from 3 hits to 4 within the first few days & I freaking hate how they change zombies mechanics multiple times after launch with a passion). Additions of a special weapon & also Elixers (nerfed a few days after launch too) give you a few extra lives. Using “Anywhere but Here” & the “Special Weapon” have got me out of spots where I would be downed or it would be “Game Over”. I have walked to round 40+ & ended the game as that was my hour-2 hour playtime. I think I would struggle going back to BO1 Zombies where 2 hits (without Jugg) or 4 hits would be game over time. Most people probably would. Con’s - #1 on my list would be that - Completing the tedious steps of a Main Quest = GAME OVER! I dont understand why Treyarch would do this? Yeah the quest follows the narrative of the story, but ending the game with nothing more than??? XP?, no reward? A calling card if you complete it a certain way? (No downs, no perks, within a timeframe). People have been trying to complete these Side Quests in the lowest round possible. they have managed to complete these within Round 1. And Treyarch choose to finish this with a “Game Over”. That is a real concern & probably why people say there is no content or Replayability. Do Treyarch not want people to play the game after completing the “Main Quest”? #2 Con/dislike - REWARDS Rewards for grinding/playing the game are all purely cosmetic. Calling Cards, Camo, Facepaint. All complete garbage rewards as (apart from Camo’s) YOU CANNOT SEE WITHIN THE GAME!!! This type of cosmetic seems to excite the younger generation & has been popular in games for pretty much 10 years but never so more than with games of the last 4-5 years. Complete useless rewards are these cosmetic rewards. All Perks for completing a Main Quest may have had its day, but at least that is some reward IN-GAME & not just a “Game Over” #3 Con/dislike = STABILITY (I don’t have too much to complain about here, but...) BO4 has been the most flawed game from launch that I have experience/witnessed. This game was not finished for shipping. A hard copy disc consisted of a 50-60Gig install. That then required a 50Gig day one update. That Cleary shows this was not ready for shipping. They presumably launched a month earlier to combat Red Dead 2, but they should have launch 1 month later, as people may have been ready to play something else after RDR2. My experience has been OK. I have had a few game breaking bugs such as teleporters not working on Classified, visual glitches (not game breaking) I have had maybe 10 crashes on Xbox, all at rounds below 15. Theatre even crashes the game. I have had 3 crashes on PC. All of those were within launch week. Not to sound as a complete console war fanboy, but I find it funny as f*cking h*ll that the majority of stability issues have been on PlayStation. The console that has exclusive rights & which this game should be optimised for. Majority of the big Youtubers probably play on PlayStation & this would contribute to their lack of interest in BO4 Zombies. (I was so hoping that the CWL games would bluescreen to highlight this issue) Biggest disappointment of BO4 Zombies - That there has not been 1 single public post regarding BO4zombies since the “The Race” live stream which occurred at launch where Mr Blundell was on stream. Apart from the announcement of “Operation Zero” the other day, which actually was posted on the Activision/CoD Blog, all we have gotten are patch note updates on Reddit. That is truely unbelievable. And my biggest disappointment is that this game coincides with the 10 year Annivesary of CoD: Zombies. The special edition of the game he game comes with a “10 year puzzle” & yet, even on that 10 year weekend since World at War launched, what did we get? An ex play tester that leaked nearly everything that hadn’t been found yet in BO4 Zombies. That truely was a circus of events that weekend. Treyarch didnt even celebrate this milestone or acknowledge Zombies that whole weekend. (As a player since OG CoD on Xbox & a discoverer of Zombies in WaW, that’s truely heartbreaking) It seems, if they acknowledge nothing, people will forget about it and there will be calm after the Storm. Celebrate your game Treyarch!!!
  4. User posted spam link in your quote. Please report

    The Last Classified Cipher Discussion

    “M” probably means Monty, but that’s obvious & hopefully not the case. I was thinking/hoping it could refer to an alternate Maxis but the SoE cipher (“M is interested in these worthless beings”) might not fit. On the contrary, it could refer to Ultimus Maxis trying to develope the Zombies = Worthless Beings? Kinda off topic but still relevant are all The Giant radios. There are 2 versions of Maxis speaking in these. The most interesting radio I find is the furnace radio where a Maxis states that “The Children have left the house” & “The Radiation from the Fallout” Waiting to see what this means in future maps as I don’t think this has been show previously? 0:37 mark (not trying to plug my video, this is the reason I make them for reference) I also really like the theories/posts above. GJ.
  6. This is one thing that I have looked over this many times. To no avail. If Kustover Posten is what is said, I assume it is a made-up concentration camp. Closest thing i have found is Groß-Rosen (Gross Rosen) http://www.riese.krzyzowa.org.pl/?lang=en&ref=glossary&rt=algross https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gross-Rosen_concentration_camp It is said that the workers who built the Komplex Riese Tunnels in the Owl Mountains came from these concentration camps.

    All BO4 Zombies Prestige Icons (So Far)

    @Blurryface Still looking for Master Prestige

    The History, Traditional Powers and Known Uses of the MPD

    Ever noticed the exact copy of Tranzit Pack-a-Punch room from the FIVE labs? Even the outer zombies spawn rooms (through the boarded windows) are the same. Good spot on the MPD room. Never really noticed that. Somewhere it says about the room being built by the Americans? (or was it Groph & Schuster?)

    Call of Duty Zombie Labs now canon?

    This pretty much confirms CoDz Labs is made by the Americans. Hope we see more of this included somehow. Dr. Richtofen made the Monkey Bomb, that’s why it says “Does not work on Hellhounds” Dr. Porter is American. He created the Ray Guns & having the Codz Labs logo on the blueprint confirms that it is an American Facility. Was so hoping there was the American MPD at Groom Lake but maybe it is in Nuketown. Pretty certain there will be another Zombies Nuketown & we see the UFO 115 Extraction Drill. In one of The Giant radios, Maxis talks about a Nuclear Explosion of some sort. That radio seems to be from a different story arc / dimension. It doesn’t sound like the others. Perhaps has something to do with the 115 Extraction at Nuketown. Also the Pilot in the loading screen & the TV audio from Die Rise from that pilots perspective about dropping what seems to be a bomb. (I haven’t listened to it for a long time) from 0:50
  10. PINNAZ

    Classified Ending FOUND!

    It would’ve been soo good for Scottie or Steve to get that Cutscene. (Pretty certain they are brothers?) Steve is a multiple WR holder for NML. A Cutscene at Hanger 4 should’ve been his. Hahah.
  11. PINNAZ

    Classified Ending FOUND!

    As much as I hate glitching, especially to be “Worlds 1st” what can you do. Activision are the Publishers, I think this can fall back on them. Its like a book that unintentionally has pages missing, yet is released as a final copy. I await how Treyarch responds to this. PlayStation owners have questions that need to be answered as they are the exclusive/optimised platform. I have BO4 on both Xbox & PC and have only had a few crashes/errors from the start. They both still have lots of weird glitches that occur, but not outright crashes so often. This is what I consider should’ve been the “Cutscene” (not sure who got the highest 1st though) This is a legit high round player Player: scottiei3
  12. I’ve been thinking this for the last 2 weeks. I just cannot get it out of the Mystery box. Just keeps giving junk. Too many wall weapons in there. My my idea was shooting some of the Government logos. Mainly the DoD & CIA. There are so many different logos around the map. The arbalest was used in VoD for a new EE. not sure what that led too?
  13. PINNAZ

    IX Easter Egg Guide

    Mad post @Pasta. I’ve been constantly playing Classified & haven’t really played the other maps. your post is going to be sure helpful. Al the pictures make it really clear. Cheers in advance for when I start learning this map.
  14. There is a blue print of the Nova Crawlers showing their DNA changing from that of the Pigs.
  15. Yeah I’ve made a video for that. Just haven’t uploaded it. Been away all week with work The intro cinematic shows so many things as people have pointed out. Winters Howl Vodca Bottle Richtofen straightening the portraits Takeo with Nova 6??? Arrow pointing at Nikolai I also noticed the other day it shiws Samantha clearing the Debris.

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