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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

The countdown has finished, Firebase Z has arrived!

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  1. Who is hyped for DLC 1? Looks like it's going to be a decent map, what's everyone's thoughts?
  2. Doing grand, like everyone else is just now - day by day, lockdown by lockdown. I haven't even touched a game of zombies in a long time. I lost interest during BOIII but I'm still open to getting back into it. We'll see.
  3. Welcome aboard, hope to see you around.
  4. Hey All, We've been doing a lot of thinking in the admin team recently, myself @Boom115 and @InfestLithium on how we continue to grow and utilise the talents that we have on the team. What do we want to achieve and what are our goals (more to come on this). Our YouTube channel and the content creators have been doing a fantastic job and we are greatful to them for the work they have been doing. This particular person has also been doing a great job with the moderation on the site, Discord, YouTube, Twitter etc. and as a result of this we have promoted @NaBrZHunterto t
  5. We’ve changed this to 1 post in introductions. We’ll update the relevant messages. Once you have made 1 post introducing yourself, the forum opens up. Hope to see you all join and contribute.
  6. Welcome to the forum, nice to have you here. Lots of info around get contributing and enjoy
  7. Welcome, hope you like what you find. Great group of people should you need anything just give the team a shout.
  8. Dragging up old posts or replying to old topics to increase your post count is 1: Against forum etiquette 2: Against forum Code of Conduct Neither of you have really post pumped, please be aware I' am watching for it and I will delete posts and I will issue warnings when and where required.
  9. We have made some minor permission changes to user groups, which impact the following user groups "guests" and "New Member" only and are now restricted from certain forums. New Members need to contribute a minimum of 5 posts before these sections open up, this is now in action. This is to drive more user registrations but mainly to drive more user interaction. Guests are restricted until they sign up and then make a minimum of 5 posts for these areas to open up.
  10. If you so wish, you can now add stock images to any post, simply by selecting other media, import a stock photo From here, you will have stock images displayed, you can then select from the available options using the relevant search terms.
  11. Resurrecting old posts (this one is 7 years old), is frowned upon. Please refrain from doing so. Create a new post should you wish to discuss a topic.
  12. Let's find out @Ehjookayted did you? How about you @Jolteon?
  13. I'll have a look, I don't have android so can only simulate, can you give me a screenshot of the issue experienced @83457
  14. Amazing work, it deserves a shout out on our social media channels tbh.
  15. Late bloomer here, tail end of BO and then it was BOII. I was always a CoD player but more so multiplayer tbh. I dabbled in zombies from the beginning but nothing serious. Then me and my mates got a team together just for kicks on multiplayer and we were sick of it and played zombies more and more. Thats when I really got into it, roughly 2011. Then, the rest is history.
  16. I’ll look at the font size, I personally don’t see the issue with the font size but others may.
  17. Agreed on both fronts, just about to board a flight, will have a look when I land tonight and get to the hotel. Reply needs a wee outline of sorts and definitely need to be able to collapse latest posts/topics.
  18. As Danny Says, thanks for the feedback, nav issue was a leftover and fixed (thanks @InfestLithium). Fonts fine, might need a wee colour change “maybe” but not much.
  19. @Mrs. Boom stay, we like you better than @Boom115 ????
  20. Test topic for discord integration
  21. Always good to see an old user @83457, pretty much in the same boat as you.
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