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  1. @RadZakpak I'm super excited to see how this pans out! I love that you're dissecting it into installments of [basically] the games in how we perceive them. Should be totally easy to understand and follow, especially with your writing prose. ?
  2. Chapter 2 really has that enticing imagery going on...and I'm a sucker for medieval imagery. Also, noticed an error in Chapter 2: Just being a little grammar Nazi zombie, that's all.
  3. I saw that little burn in there, don't think I didn't catch that, haha. But seriously, first FIVE chapter was awesome!
  4. Gotta say friendo, your writing has vastly improved since you originally started. It's like having a Camaro but upgradingto an Aventador - glorious reading, and very succulent on the imagery/narratives! Also, your backstory insight on the characters without over doing it is incredible. Can't wait to see how you transition FIVE and Ascenion! ?
  5. What a way to end this off! Love the Morg City story. Just a few minor irks though: Chapter 6 has some missing words and errors grammatically from the beginning to middle of the chapter. I'm on mobile and can't flip back on forth, so excuse the hastiness. Also, Jessica Rose performed at the Black Lace Burlesque but it keeps being written as the Ruby Rabbit. The Ruby Rabbit was actually the "strip club" of Morg City whereas the burlesque is where Jessica performs/the lounge where each of the featured stars meet up for the first time before being cursed. Regarding Chapter 7...not sure if that's where the reporter dies (the alley). While it does make up for the suspense most definitely - and oh boy did you really make that a climatic buildup by the way - we know the reporter's corpse is instead found in the Footlight District in one of the shop windows. I guess the cursed version of Morg City we play in changes the location of his body, but I wasn't sure if you had that in mind when depicting where the reporter would die at?
  6. I think the easiest way to compare is to match the accents of the Mobsters to the Reporter. Because if we know the mobsters to have been based in SF and acknowledge their presence in Morg City, that would evidently link Morg City near the SF area no? The mobsters' voice actors probably didn't put too much emphasis on accents - just used their normal, but slightly more abrasive, dialect.
  7. Compeltely in love with the Morg City stories! Really pulls you into the limelight and premier of the city before becoming corrupted. Fantastic storytelling as always, @RadZakpak! I do have a question about Chapter 2 of it: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/story/morgcitych2/ I know @PINNAZ found the "Cursed" promo image Treyarch made to be the Chicago skyline, but I was curious to see as if Morg City were also based around Chicago? In this chapter, it seems like Morg City was within vicinity of San Fracisco. While it only make sense because the MotD mobsters were based in SF, I just wanted clairty on if you thought that same thing when making the two cities within close proximity?
  8. New Rave in the Redwoods theme is now available! Select background at top bar to get your groooove on.

  9. Finally, now we're getting into Black Ops territory. The best part. (Also, like the MTD/MDT reference!)
  10. Question about Chapter 12: fFor the Fly Trap to activate, didn't it take a PaP'ed weapon to start the event? I could be wrong though since I only remember the BO remastered classic maps...not sure if a grenade worked in WaW.
  11. You magic, little, wicked queen.

    1. NaBrZHunter


      C'mon, take a spin!

  12. Apologies for anyone trying to contact me via Skype! I believe my account was hacked and thus have to attempt to recover it. :(

    1. Lenne


      Looks like you are not the only one though. 


      Hope it gets sorted. <3

  13. Alright friendos, no more playing games. Updates and new things coming your way.

  14. No Man's Land challenge! Round 11 on the Mystery Routlette challenge? Not bad, but now onto NO MAN'S LAND https://www.twitch.tv/codzlive via @Twitch

    1. anonymous


      Im too late, its offline. Will it be on the youtube channel?

  15. Definitely looks like an inspiration from it! You kinda get the feeling that Treyarch wanted to revive the One Inch Fist from "Origins" but didn't know how...until now. And considering that they take inspiration from many films, there seems to be no secret that they wanted to aim for a design like this. While this device probably doesn't open a portal per say in Zombies, it really delivers in power and will 100% be utilized for the Easter Egg. Great connection!
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